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Purpose of these websites; Education

These three websites seek to answer the education debate (as websites they have baffled many people) Should education be free ? or at the other extreme should a student leave University (degree or post masters degree) with $50,000 or more, as a personal debt in their early 20's. They are also to promote free speech and all points of view. Often having reached that age, debt level and education stage many ironically change track and careers as they realised they had made a mistake. The answer is a child's education should begin with their parents (who are not a brick in the wall) and both possibilities of free education and paying are options. If a child were to digest the contents of these two websites before they were 10 or 12 years of age they would be advanced enough to step forward confidently and choose their subjects at 14 years of age having guessed what they might like to do as a career or what they may not wish to do. (family businesses are an exception, but not every child may  wish to follow on in the footsteps. Working 10 months and studying in the summer months is also traditional) Many older cultures did not expect a person to realise their ambitions until they were 26 to 30 years of age. Today we expect a child or young adult to know roughly what they intend to choose whether it is academia or a trade in their mid teens. Then from 14 years of age they begin to choose examinations and university and accumulate the resultant debt. This is aside from the pressure of the examinations. Many of the subjects are weak in any case. The two websites also cross reference the different subjects to show how different subjects are connected. They also add the media itself as a layer of education, and hopefully they also add a sense of wonder, mystery and awe at the world we live in. There are instances on these websites when that possibility should dawn on people. Each chapter can be read on their own also.The websites are aimed at the ages of 6 to 16 and for the very young they are slow and deliberately composed. The elderly also prefer large text. As such they are best read on a large screen, the subject matter will still be relevant in 20 years time.Children can absorb levels of education beyond the current system and 'common core' education in the USA is considered dire. The websites are a self contained University and/or a small 'Yeshiva' in certain chapters. (That study will be continued in the facebook page named in the book advertised "the uncreated creator" and a new blog to be listed in the future) (Parental education proceeds alongside school education which could begin later at age 6 or 7 yeas of age. Parental guidance only slightly advised here)

Child slavery has also increased despite the communication's revolution, yet so has the potential ability to end it, instead of passively accepting the situation decade after decade.Many victims need to re-learn how to think critically. If Children aged 6 to 16 can be trafficked and bought and sold, then they can receive an alternative education (even it is mistakenly considered advanced for their age or too stark) in order to learn about the real world and avoid and defeat such problems. As a quick guide to these two webpages see the first 5 paragraphs in the adjacent website sonas

These two websites also represent a promise made to a very brave, bright and incredible Child who has now passed away, but who loved life and learning, and whose faith was way beyond her years, despite her ailment. Born with a terminal illness she survived miraculously and happily for years, but she could not attend school (nor her friends) but believed (in the afterlife) she would live forever. She was also a blessing to her parents and she died at the age of 9 after surviving 7 extra years.

Millions of children (and adults) do not attend a school of any description



Chapter 1


The Two website images above

Both images above are taken from William Blake. The first is the Hymn 'Jerusalem' which Blake originally composed as a Poem and a part of his 'Jerusalem the Emanation of the Giant Albion' and is associated with it although it was actually composed as part of 'Milton a Poem' Both were prophetic books. It was the original protest Poem.

The imagery is often associated with Glastonbury and the imagery of Aarons Rod which budded when it was planted in the ground at Glastonbury. After the persecution of the Church in Jerusalem from Ad50 forward, St Phillip and many of the Nazarenes came first to France and then to Albion. Joseph of Arimathea one of the 12 sent from France to Britain and Ireland reputedly took Aarons Rod to Glastonbury where it stands today. A part of the original tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil from Eden, this however remains as legend. Moses also carried it into Egypt as the staff which guides the Sheep. (Exodus 4;2) It also replaced the Rod of Asclepius (Greek) and the Cadeaus of Hermes (Egyptian). Hermes Cadeaus became Moses Bronze brazen Cadeaus or serpent which was worshipped by the Israelites until the New Covenant (brazen = bronze and made from Copper and Tin) Aaron also planted it between the tribes in Israel where it budded Almonds as proof of the exclusive right of the Tribe of Levi (Levites, Book of Leviticus) to be priests (Cohanim see Numbers 17) This is the analogy employed in Glastonbury. At this date therefore the Levites (under Joseph of Arimathea's budding staff) would have spoke P or Q Celtic (Irish, Welsh or Scottish) as Latin and English and French came later.

Whilst many state these stories are myths they are nevertheless used to validate the Greal stories which are also linked to Glastonbury. (Auturus and the Chariot of Ursa Major, the Great Bear, the precessional zodiac above the north pole)

If Joseph of Arimathea the Uncle of Jesus Christ is a myth then so is the Greal. A proven historical character Joseph of Arimathea, then Jesus Christ must also be a real person. These connections to building Jerusalem are often employed by those who were in Exile from the original Jerusalem and who wished to build the 'New Jerusalem' wherever they reside. These have included Europe Britian, France the USA and Ireland. Today the area is celebrated with a festival and its ancient neoliths and megaliths and dolmens signify a parallel. Albion is also the original name of England which came into existence (England) 850 - 900 years later.

William Blake was also a member of the Royal Society and the Rosicrucians and his most famous image is the Ancient of Days with measuring compass. (not a lightening arc as is often thought) It is important to show this picture as building Jerusalem is a reference to Solomon's Temple (described as the Temple of Temples) and to build you required a measure and a measure had to include at least two of the following axis or distances of the earth.

1. The polar radius 2. The mean radius 3.The equatorial radius 4. The circumference of the mean Earth 5. The circumference at the equator.6. The diameter and radius of the Moon and the Sun. The metre is based on base 10, whilst the yard / foot are based on base 12. (10 tribes = Israel, 12 tribes = Judah, Levites and Israel) = A twelve tribe nation.

The following books are an indication of William Blake's meaning. You can click on them to access further information.

A book influenced greatly by the above and many other books is below.

(Chapter 1) EU, Rome London Israel

This chapter and website in general is the background to a book of two chapters, allowing further research if required. The first chapter is in the PDF above (EU, Rome  London Israel). The Book is entitled 'The Uncreated Creator  A middleway consideration of the Temple' and is available as an EBOOK worldwide for the minimum price allowable. The Second chapter and subchapters The Temple, Zionism, Zion, the Ark of the Covenant, with the Third chapter containing two subchapters The Truths and The War in the Heavens.

This is the third edition of this book and discussions of its contents through conversation, email or social media has led to a deeper exploration of the issues. It is essentially the same book but has allowed disputes, opinions and problems which have existed for centuries (or much longer) to open up. This book allows this accumulated feedback to enter into its script, and many technical problems which were left slightly incomplete or merely suggested to allow a wider discussion.

For all those who bought the first edition and do not want to re-purchase you can join facebook at and discuss any issues (and see topics relating to the first book edition) with many people and find further information. It is priced to be as cheap as possible and to allow publication as cheap as possible. The information on the facebook page is for people who cannot afford to buy a book (possibly 1/3 of the world) or who do not have apps or technology for sufficient periods of time to enjoy such luxuries. If so they can enjoy some of the books information within the photo albums for free, including also the 'look inside' section of the Amazon book. As such it is presented in this manner. The bibliography is also published in the facebook page the sources of which are as broad as possible. The book is a panoramic view of the Temple in Jerusalem and also the surrounding theology and faith which is of course many thousands of years old. The sources are numerous and designed to be as wide as possible.

These two websites are ancillary to the book and they are to provide background information to it on questions people always ask or inquire into and which often distracts from the main topic, although they are pertinent issues, and interesting subjects in themselves. All of the information is factually correct, which should shock people as the world of history, politics and economics and human suffering is beyond bearing for many countries and communities worldwide. The websites are compiled on old fashioned word press which is often difficult to complete (you may notice)

The book and ancillary websites (and not every chapter in the websites will be of interest to all) are amateur but are educational and enjoyable subjects in what is a fascinating and interesting topic, and they allow further research. It is not fiction, and many people within the facebook page have contributed in some way or other but it does not pretend to be all encompassing. The rest of the explanation is within the books introduction (the Amazon 'look inside') which is also free.

(Cover) Dominus Flevit Church on the Mount of Olives overlooking Temple Mount in Jerusalem

An alternative link is available here

As mentioned it comprises two further chapters with seven subheadings. Chapter 1,   1) The Temple.  2) Zionism  3) Zion  4) The Ark of the Covenant. 5) Sacred Geometry    Chapter 2    6) The Truths.  7) The war in the Heavens.

The first subheading  ‘The Temple’ is slightly technical in order to introduce aspects of sacred geometry and other subjects as it progresses. Sacred Geometry, Zion, Religion, History, Esoteric beliefs, Ancient Megaliths, Astro-Archaeology and Astro-Theology are all included, and it examines theology, history and politics as taught or as perceived. The Book works best in IPAD or the Free Kindle reader.

The book can be considered an introduction to the very basics of theology and political theocracy, and as such it will guide you through the subjects which are varied and exist today as they did thousands of years ago. It combines Western thought which includes 'Pre-History' and Greek (Hellenism) thought, the Cabala, Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Evangelicalism, and finally Hebrew and Messianic Nazarene theology and Zion, and can be considered a basic course into those subjects, which were once revered and an integral part of Western Culture. Two new authors in December 2015 are added, for their insights into theology and history.


30% of the money raised form the book will go to a charity named within the and and/or ‘competition’ Tab.

The two websites here will allow ideas and views to be researched further which has been their aim since they were produced.

One area which is has caused conjecture concerns the period of history from 1800 bc to 1400 bc to 70 ad. The book the uncreated creator looks at this period and the wider history and the tribal movements and kingdoms. One reason for this is Egyptian history is chronologically in dispute. As Egyptian history and its chronology sets time periods for every other nation on earth then the archaeological record seems to be also problematic (real discoveries and evidence do not match the chronologies) This video / documentary called 'Patterns of Evidence Exodus' (netflix) or trailer here and discussed here on national television is without doubt exposing the efforts to hide Egypt's and Israels history from the public. It is interesting that the documentary maker began by trying to prove the Exodus has no proof (for example)

The Patterns of Evidence; Exodus documentary is available here also as an MP 4 FILE or once again on Bitchute also It is very important as the Egyptian Archaeological Record is deliberately out of Sync (a huge cover up and fraud) in its Timeline (as also the earlier Sumerian King Lists from where we derive the Red Headed Pharaohs ) and as it is used as a yardstick and marker for history, all other nations history is also out of Sync, keeping the confusion on nations histories and timelines in perpetuity including Israel's (via academia and peer reviews and television etc) 

The history of Israel is interwoven with these tribes. King David and Solomon ruled United Israel (the two olive trees) Solomon did not pass on Davids line of Judah, but another of Davids sons Nathan. David's line was through his son Nathan to Mary, whereas Joseph is traced from Solomon. John the Baptist was Josephs cousin and the uniting of these two lines of Judah from different streams, meant John the Baptist a Levite, was the real High Priest of Jerusalem who was descended through the Aaronic bloodline. Moses was also a high Priest of the Levites. Judah was the Messianic line. Solomon married Pharaohs daughter in the Book of Kings (1 Kings 3; 1) and in the captivity of Israel centuries later many left Israel never to return. Cleopatra of Egypt and Cleopatra of Jerusalem were likely one and the same person as although Herod & Herodias chose to escape to Rome and then France and not Egypt, he (Herod) had previously been in alliance with Cleopatra, and he also produced children (Herod / Phillip etc) with her. The Benjamin line of Herod and Cleopatra are a separate line than the children of Cleopatra produced with Marc Anthony and Caesar. (the actual fathers of these children are disputed between all 3 possible fathers or more) Then as today noble families intermarried and this was also the case with David and Solomon who had many sons who in turn look back to their famous ancestors down the centuries. David had 8 sons (the Messianic line of Jesse and all of Judah) Today the line of Jesse or Tree of Jesse is depicted in Church windows, tapestries and books, and many churches depicted wood carvings of the split oak of Jess's line. (from Cymru in Wales, although these carvings and windows are found everywhere). Central to the debate is; if the Messiah is a past person then the line is fulfilled, if a future person it is yet to be fulfilled

Joseph of Arimathea is supposed to have travelled to Britain and to Glastonbury. Legend has it that he planted his staff in the ground and it budded into bloom. This legend would signify Levitical authority as the staff would be the staff Aaron and Moses carried (Aarons rod in 1446 bc) before and after the Exodus. The Joseph of Arimathea legend predates the Saxon invasions of Britain/ Albion (as Joseph of Arimathea was the Uncle of Jesus Christ 2 bc - 28ad ) and the Celtic tribes then under Roman rule (except Scotland and Ireland) populated the Island at this time and since. Within generations of the Saxon invasion new teachings were recognised  Druid teachings now include (in retrospect) different views on the history (by Isabel Hill Elder among other views) of the migrations.

David's father was Jesse (and today Judaism still speaks of Jesse's son) Jesse's father was Obed and his Mother was Ruth (Matthew 1,5) Ruth was a Moabite who were descended from the Children of Lot most of whom were destroyed at Sodom and Gomorrah.  Lots daughters slept with their father and produced a son called Moab and the other produced a son called Ben Ammi who became the father of the Ammonites (Genesis 19, 36) Ruth was a Moabite. Her father in law was Elimelech from Bethlehem called Judah Bethlehem (Ruth 1,2) and a Eprathite or a person from Bethlehem which is also known as the House of Bread. The words Eprathite and Bethlehem are interchangeable as one and the same place. Elimelech was described as Judah Bethlehem a Eprathite family. Ruth was married to Mahlon whose father was from the tribe of Ephraim. 
The controversy arise as Eprathite is taken to also mean from the tribe of Ephraim. The Ephrathites were also known as a specific family within the tribe of Judah. David's grandfather should have been Mahlon. Ruth was not descended from Judah but when Mahlon died she married Boaz who was of the tribe of Judah, their son was Obed the father of Jesse, father of David.

Boaz married Ruth but allowed the land and names to be left in Mahlons name. Ruth 4 verse 9. "Then Boaz announced to the elders and all the people, "Today you are witnesses that I have bought from Naomi all the property of Elimelek, Kilion and Mahlon.  I have also acquired Ruth the Moabite, Mahlon's widow, as my wife, in order to maintain the name of the dead with his property, so that his name will not disappear from among his family or from his hometown. Today you are witnesses!"

David was from the tribe of Judah (Obed & Boaz) and the line of Judah twice descended down to Joseph and Mary and to other branches the descent is multiple.  Joseph, s father was called Jacob (Matthew 1 ; 16) who descends through Solomon. (Luke 3,23) tells us Mary's father was named Heli (who was Josephs father in law) descended through Nathan the brother of Solomon 1 Chronicles 3;5 and Solomon replaced the line of Uriah the Hittite/Cain formerly of Canaan. Judah's line descends twice. Christianity cites the genealogy through the marriage of Joseph and Mary Joseph re-united the lines of Judah and Ephraim.  And this is the intertwining mystery of Judah / Ephraim which I believe paves the way for Ephraim to become the head of "Israel" allowing both to be United. (Ruth procured not just wealth and security, but also a heritage and pedigree from Boaz) meaning David was from Judah twice on both lines. A Lion from the tribe of Judah and from within the tribe of Judah. Inner and outer the uniting lines of Israel and Greater Israel.Two Houses which are United through the Messiah (Mashiach) Elimelech was from Bethlehem, David was from Bethlehem and the Messiah would be from Bethlehem. (The House of Bread) and in 2012 a seal (bulla) was discovered in a archaeological dig. Bethlehem was according to this seal an Israelite city. The reason this is important is  it is claimed by some that the tribe of Ephraim is the line of the Messiah as opposed to Judah. Judah's  line is the Messianic line and has many strands. 

David said he was from the tribe of Judah see 2 Chronicles, 28 verse 4.  (Ephraim or this portion of the tribe was within Judah or the House of Judah in Bethlehem where David was born. Jeroboam was also from the tribe of Ephraim but the tribe of Ephraim did not accept David as the leader of israel but Jeroboam. This division marked the separation of Judah and the ten tribes)

America or Britain are either Ephraim or Manasseh in theology politics (or vice versa as the debate continues. Why is explained in part in chapter 3 on this page below) ) The tribe of Dan is ascribed to Northern Europe. As these tribes replaced Dan and  Levi towards the the final lists (The Levites becoming a separate tribe of Priests without land) whilst Dan and Ephraim are then missing in the final lists.Ephraim it is suggested becomes Israel or the ten tribes (hence it is not in the final lists) They left Egypt early (after 400 years instead of waiting the 430 years) and many were slaughtered and returned or were lost. 10 survived according to the Sefer haYashar or book of Jasher.(chapter 75)  They were later in Canaan hence 10 must have survived. Ephraim was brother to Manasseh who in the biblical book of Joshua (Joshua was from the tribe of Ephraim) became a half tribe with 2 tribes Gad and Reuben (2 and a half). Areas of modern politics can be placed upon these designations. Ireland was the first land mass to be populated (after the 'disaster'  when the ice retreated in a north east direction. Northern Scandinavia still has this ice) hence its neolithic and megalithic tombs are more primitive and migratory on the west going to the east showing (and the Scottish Isles) show a West to East migration into Scandinavia and round to Northern Europe. They are older in the West. Joseph of Arimathea arrived before the Saxon (which includes Germany as Isaac sons) invasions. (for many information see the end or all of chapter 3 in this page below). The other reason for the chronology or early or late Exodus dates is in the following video  at 14 minutes fwd  or watch all (for also the identity of the Egyptian Pharaoh of the Exodus)

The Book of Kells (currently located in Trinity College Dublin in Ireland) displays the four evangelists and uses the symbols found in Irish literature which taken from the Biblical book of Numbers chapter 10. The Lion, Eagle, Bull or OX 
and the last symbol the Man  (the OX or Unicorn or Rhinoceros which is wrongly translated as a "Unicorn" from the Hebrew קַרְנַף  "reem" actually translates as  "Rhinoceros unicornis" a wild Ox with two horns or one horn and a large nose. The extinct  "Elasmotherium sibiricum"  or "Giant Unicorn" was a large Rhino ) The Unicorn really does not exist but it looks better on Heraldry and Coats of arms. Encamped around the tabernacle of Moses, the forerunner of the Temple in Jerusalem these four figures are unusual as they are 1. biblical figures, they were 2. middle eastern and 3. used by early Christians in the Book of Kells. Lion = the tribe of Judah.  Eagle = the tribe of Dan. Man = the tribe of Reuben. Ox = the tribe of Ephraim. These figures were also the same description of Ezekiel's Cherubim in Ezekiel chapter 19 verse 9. The Messianic belief arrived in Ireland even before (Ireland's first Christian High King) King Cormac Mac Airt in 180 ad to 200 ad. These four standards had three tribes each = 12.

Why mention Ephraim and Manasseh at all ? They are central to a future prophecy (whether you believe in it or not) concerning the Middle East and Israel, which has not occurred as yet, although and/or however many prophecies have transpired over the last 100 years and the last 70 years especially, hence the increased interest. Much of the information below (some of which is repeated as you read for clarity or discernment in what is a difficult subject) can assist in discerning events as they unfold, or if they unfold as believed.

Ephraim is the tribe represented by the bull or ox in the Book of Kells. (see above) from which clan they originate in Britain, England, Scandinavia, Scotland, Ireland, Germany France or Wales (etc) has a bearing on future prophecy.

Today Israel is experiencing its biggest return or Alliyah in its history. Some of those  still exiled (Orthodox) suggest they cannot return until the Messiah returns first and the criteria for a return (in-gathering) are the verses in the bible at Daniel 9, (which in its years of time ended on 33 bc) the 3rd Chapter of Malachi,  and Isaiah 53 amongst others, and that his return would or should be before the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 ad. Other  Orthodox Jewish practitioners have returned already and live within Israel, whilst Nazarene and Hebraic followers of the Messiah say the Messiah has returned already, hence Israel can exist and can exist now anyway. All three would recognise the future third Temple, which will also appear regardless of which view you hold above. Ezekiel chapters 40 to 48 are a future time and event, and a Temple will appear in Jerusalem. 2 Chronicles 30, 1 – 5  (Hezekiah) explains that even though events are out of synchronisation or seemed incorrect to some, they occurred anyway (and their order returned thereafter, yet the Temple was first dedicated in 2 Chronicles 29) Judaism is not changed when the Messiah returns, it is fulfilled (and only then) and it is still Judaism with a Messiah who is present. It is not a changed religion or a new religion but the Messiah will change it by being present.

An early book of the migration of the lost tribes of Israel was "Celt, Druid and Culdee" by Isabel Hill Elder who inherited a watered down version of the first wave of Messianic believers who came to France and Albion (Britain, Wales Scotland and Ireland at Tara as alo 600 years before where the 'House of Jesse' (at the time of Jeremiah) or King David was already known and wider Europe) only a few years before and after the Temples destruction in Jerusalem in 70 ad. Messianic Christianity and Levitical priests (the Almond tree blossoming is the flower on the Menorah and Aaron's rod of also Joseph of Arimathea, not the Glastonbury Hawthorn tree. Glastonbury also has Almond trees and it is the first to bloom in Israel) and Nazarenes arrived over the next 100 years.  Some carried a stone with them. Mary the mother of the Messiah for example has connections to the Culdee church, and she is reputedly buried in St Albans in Britain, although there are more locations mooted than St Albans.For further information see chapter 5 below near the end. A new 3rd website will discuss these issues in greater detail The Sovereignty of Nations


Tracing the migration of the tribe of Ephraim (who appears in the Book of Kells and in Scripture) is of avid interest to millions of people worldwide, academia, politicians and theologians.Tracing who is not from the Tribe of Judah, Dan (who is not central to the future prophecies of Israel) Ephraim, (who is central to future prophecies ) Manasseh and Benjamin is intertwined within the tribal movements of the Europeans, the tribes of Northern Europe and the Middle East and the Saxons, British and Irish as nations. The Covenants exist and still exist today. Prophecies were given to individual tribes and also to Israel as a whole. Bloodline disputes existed in Rome, Spain and London. Judaism and Christianity believe the Messiah / Moshiach (a past or future person) will rule all bloodlines from the Davidic line (Judah / Ephraim) hence it cannot be from the Benjamin tribe (or Dan or Manasseh) 

The future prophecies of Israel are within these complex identities and histories. The next Chapter adds to the search and debate and is also of benefit  to anyone interested in history. The famine in Ireland caused a great disturbance in its history, today its books are as follows. 

Those lost are: The Cuilmenn; the Saltair of Tara; The Book of the Uachongbhail; the Cin of Drom Snechta; and the Saltair of Cashel. 

Those surviving 68 include: The Annals of Tighernach; The Annals of Ulster; The Annals of Inis Mac Nerinn; The Annals of Innisfallen; The Annals of Boyle; the Chronicum Scotorum; the Annals of the Four Masters; The Book of Laws and 'many books of genealogies and pedigrees.  Although many books are lost parts are quoted in other European volumes, and their genealogies cross reference perfectly back (to also the table of nations) to the Irish books.

The Brehon laws or Book of laws which resemble Torah and its agricultural laws and laws for trespass and property extend back to the Ollamh Fodhla (or Olav, a learned Druid or Judge) a title which was in existence in 950 - 930 bc (King David) and also 583 bc (Zedekiah Jeremiah, Tea - Tephi, Zarah & Pharez) The Tuatha de Danaan translates as the Tribe of Dan who were Judges in the land in the Bible (see Genesis 49, 16) and whose original symbol was a Scales for weighing Justice. Tea tephi married King Eochaidh II who appears in the Irish King lists. The Olav could also be a King or Lawgiver/Judge and the Irish Book of Laws were codified by High King Cormac Mac Airt who is an ancestor to the current Irish King the "O Connor Don"  who still meets with the Council of Irish (Chief's of the name) and the Council of Scottish Chiefs  (Chiefs of the name) or the Scottish Clan System  and with the British peerage and European nobility. 

The British system was first codified by King Alfred. A Saxon King in Albion/England was Alfred the Great, (849-899 ad) and he was the only King in England to be called Great. He was tutored under the Celtic church monks as he spent time in Ireland in his youth, where he also learnt poetry and Brehon law and undoubtedly met the monks and druids at Clonard in Meath. (which grew into a vast seat of learning near Maynooth) Alfred codified new laws, (Law codes or deemings) and the Nobles agreed. These new laws allowed the common man under common law similar to Brehon law to be considered equal. They helped defeat the Danes as the indigenous (as opposed to the Danes) Celts, Jutes and Frisians would not fight without them. They are directly inspired by Brehon laws and the Old Testament (which were linked for thousands of years previously, under the Druids, until codified by Cormac Mac Airt in the 2nd century ad. Alfred recognised Albion in his writings. The laws also include German/Saxon (Saxon = Isaac) customs, and the New Testament. They were for all men, including fair and just Coinage and debt laws. The search for Lost tribes is a Global debate.

For more information see the chapters below in reference to theology of the new and old testament, and others issues such as also the history of Britain, Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales and Europe and USA (see also; A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations – Part 1 by Professor W A Liebenberg or here on goodreads which has all volumes or here all volumes ) in the lost ten tribes books within 17 volumes, so far, and in the lost ten tribe books. And all research in this area is valuable. The volumes quoted here are numbered 1 - 17 called "A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations" are researched by Georgians themselves. Professor Lela Tsitsuashvili, David Ben Melekh (David Jirkvalidze ) and others, and the research team are experts in their field overseen by Professor W A Liebenberg who are mentioned in volume 1 and all 17 volumes)







Chapter 2

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The History of the Celtic / Saxon / European tribes



Tracing the Celtic and Saxon tribes is a difficult task, combining this with Lost tribes is made difficult in research and explanation as the authors Stellar and Yeatman point out (in their book "1066 and all that") this is their quote below, highlighting the complications of the five invasions of Ireland (the five Gaelic tribes) 

Quote by Stellar and Yeatman  ' The Scots (originally Irish, but by now Scotch) were at this time inhabiting Ireland, having driven the Irish (Picts) out of Scotland; while the Picts (originally Scots) were now Irish...and vice versa. It is essential to keep these distinctions clearly in mind ! '

This frustrated but humorous example displays why the tracing of Irish Scots British history (and American and Canadian therefore) is so difficult.

Recent facts reveal that the builders of Stonehenge (which is situated in Wiltshire in Britain 2 miles from Amesbury) came from West Wales  (or here) The people of West Wales were in fact the same people (not the same tribe. Tribes were began by one or two people who gave their tribal name to a clan, and the clans were collectively ‘a people’) as those people in East Wales. ‘Wales’ in fact used to include Cheshire within its boundaries, but before this the people of Wales were the same people as people in the rest of Britain.  The stones of Stonehenge came from Wales also taken there by the people who spoke ‘ P Celtic’ instead of ‘Q Celtic’ a language spoken all over Britain also known as Albion just as Scotland was named Alba. The theories on p and q celtic rarely mention however that these differences in language between Scotland Wales and Ireland  and Manx originate back to five tribes known  as the Partholanians, Formorians, The Nemedians,(who grew out of the Tuatha de Danaan) the Firbolgs, the Tuatha de Danaan and the Milesians who all understood each others language but which became colloquized over centuries and gradually became distinct. This is related in the Book of Invasions also known as the Leabhar Gabhala, the Chronicum Scoturum, (which has a long introduction until the Chronicle begins) the History of the Kings of Britain, Beowulf and many more like them. Scandinavian tribes such as Denmark are a part of the Tuatha de Danaan, who travelled from the middle east through Scythia (all were Scythian tribes) into Europe and Germany along the Danube into Scandinavia and Ireland and Britain. All five tribes inhabited Britain and still do. Another theory asserts Stonehenge was removed from Wales and rebuilt in Wiltshire. (by Merlin who may also have been in Ireland )Yet other legends state Stonehenge wasdismantled in County Louth Ireland and taken to Britain. The stones were themselves mystical and the Tuatha de Danaan brought many stones from Falias one of four legendary cities,  (Gorias, that is in the east; and Finias, that is in the south; and Murias, that is in the west; and Falias that is in the, north)  A new Stonehenge has been discovered next to Newgrange in Ireland.  In 2015 the details of a ‘superhenge’ was revealed at Durrington walls near Salisbury plain.It has similarities with Carnac in France.  The Saxons built many Celtic forts as you will discover as reach the end of chapter 2. The peoples of Europe and North west Europe had a common culture with competing political aims and countries, but an ancient culture with very close connections to Sumer, Egypt and Israel. (The Scots)

According to research (see; A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations – Part 1 by Professor W A Liebenberg or here on goodreads which has all volumes or here all volumes ) in the lost ten tribes books within 17 volumes, so far, and in the lost ten tribe books with its 17 volumes ( volume 4, page 29 or here ) The area of the  Caucasus  mountains referred to in Jeremiah 51, 27 as Minni and Ararat and Ashkenaz (to the extremes of eastern Turkey or east of the Black sea) on the border of Armenia but which was once in Armenia (and which borders Azerbaijan) is the home of the Scythian's who also occupied the whole of Europe. Ar is the root of the word Aryan. The Gali or Gael originate from Georgia which is this area of the black, and before this from Israel. Niall of the Nine hostages gave his heirs reign in all of Europe as did Ugain Mor ( a vast empire) and they are descended through the Scythian (Scots tribes) The Scythian's controlled all of the trade routes between the east and west from their black sea position and were very powerful, occupying all of Europe but also intermarried with the Amazons, and the lost ten tribes came to reside in one of their areas east of the black sea. Dolmens are mentioned in Jeremiah 31, 21 and they mark routes all over Europe, Britain, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and also France and Germany. Ossetia  is a neighboring country in this black sea area and there are many   ( here is its flag and its people  or here ) and it is a region of Georgia. Ossian (Oisin) is a Scottish and Irish name and one shared with the Cimmarian   / Greeks (volume 6 page 43) Jason's Argonauts sailed to this region in Ossetia / Georgia, and it is an area which employed the hides of sheepskins to catch Gold particles in streams and rivers. These fleece's were then hung on trees to dry and later shake out the gold. This is the  legend of the Golden Fleece (vol 8 page 37) This region was also known as Colchis before it was named Georgia.The Georgian records also state Christian were in this area by 35 ad. The adjacent small country of Abkhazia has the red hand or Irish hand in its flag. Ireland's independence day is January 21st 583 bc which is the day Tea Tephi (Odhbha) was crowned Queen of Ireland. The day celebrates the music, mysteries and geometry also of the Harp (of David) which is explained at the very end of the adjacent website. It is also the red hand on the flag of Ulster. Georgians are genetically related to German Saxons and Scandinavians (volume 9 page 34, and the Scythian Scots are related to the African Berbers (volume  9 page 37 - 39) (the Irish annals record the five invasions of Ireland by the Scythian's) The Huenenberg is also close to Saxony and the home of the Sax Coburgs who came to Britain and is the name with Windsor of the Queen of England. Brexit is in part (the City of London is a free trade institution) a move away from histories which wish to destroy the origins of the European tribes you can read the history of the Brexit debate from February 2016 in chapter 3 below. One of the main routes of the lost ten tribes came via Europe and the Danube through Germany (see "A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations – Part 11" which is also on Amazon" )

Dolmens, cairns and stone megaliths or even neolithic stone constructions are mentioned in the bible (see Genesis 31, 44 - 47, Genesis 28, 18 22, Genesis 35, 7 - 14, Exodus C 24,4 & C 20, 25, Job 8,17, Duet 27 1 - 5, 1 Samuel 7,12, & 2 Samuel 18, 17 - 18, Jeremiah 31, 12 & 31, 20 - 21. Proverbs 22, 28. The megalithic yard is mentioned in the book of Jubilees 4, 17.   Jeremiah 31, 21 instructs Israel to set up markers and high heaps to mark the way. Even to the outer isles as in Jeremiah  31, & Isaiah 11,11.In Wales Hu as Cymry or Cimmerian who married into the Scythian's was one of the outer isles. The area around Georgia had an Albania (in the east) as well as an Albania in the west (west of Greece looking into Italy) and Albion was the old name for Britain, as Alba was the old name for Scotland. Stonehenge has 10 stones and 2 stones, (= 12 tribes) and  a skeleton found there originated in Switzerland. a type of Stonehenge is found at Gilgal in Israel ( Gilgal Galeed in the Golan heights see Genesis 31, 44 - 47 & 2 Kings 2, 1 & Deuteronomy  11,30) and was the first camp of the Israelite's and had 12 large stones of 12 tribes. Joshua 4 , 9 and 20 - 24. The book of Jubilees is the study of stars and measures, and Abraham of the Chaldees (the astrologer priests) would have been familiar with all the night planets and stars. Years went from 360 days to 365 days after 722 bc. Stars and planets were  not worshiped (Deuteronomy 4, 19) but were plotted and recorded by these monuments as the main tabernacle was the Tabernacles of Moses and eventual temple of Solomon.  (see "A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations – Part 11" published 2015/2016, which is also on Amazon, and see the pdf 1, 8 or 9 paragraphs down or so compiled by me in 2001 ) The Irish records mention all of the above and the more established history on the Celts in the next 8 or 9 red paragraphs and further. An area less considered is the Irish famine in which two million people starved to death, many in front of their own relatives over months. As a cause of rebellion and desired independence it was a tragedy which could have been prevented. The lines of Zarah (and Pharez also called Perez) would also have been effected in the famine and many genealogical lines were broken and a great deal of history lost, aside from the devastation and grief. Iberia originated in Georgia / Armenia in the east from where the Scythian's traveled (from the land of summer) 

This history is also explored at the end of  this chapter (near the end) in greater detail under the heading " The Hueneberg Celtic Saxon city" in Germany.

One reason (the main reason amongst many) why tracing a nations history is so difficult is the Egyptian Chronology which is out of line with every nations chronology around the world yet it is the academic standard, therefore all chronologies are wrong or confused in comparison to the archaeological record.The Irish Scots history also faces this problem although it has names and tribal migrations which are intertwining over many centuries. As mentioned above in Chapter 1 the video / documentary called 'Patterns of Evidence Exodus' (netflix) or trailer here and discussed here on national television is without doubt exposing the efforts to hide Egypt's and Israels history from the public. It is interesting that the documentary maker began by trying to prove the Exodus has no proof. Efforts are made to hide Israels history and therefore the ancient history of every nation from the public, and from the Exodus to Herod's 2nd Temple. 

The Patterns of Evidence; Exodus documentary is available here also as an MP 4 FILE or once again on Bitchute also I

See also the incredible work by Bill Cooper "After the Flood" (and Genesis 10) which took 30 years to compile by entomology.  The reason this is relevant concerns the Kings list here which shows the Irish, Scottish and British Royal lines. In it the bible verse at In Ezekiel 21 verses 26-27 it says "Thus saith the Lord GOD; Remove the diadem, and take off the crown: this shall not be the same: exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high. I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until He come whose right it is; and I will give it Him."  The research is confirmed by 30 years of study from University lecturer Bill Cooper (but see also Chapter 2 above) and his book After the flood which traces all the King lists of European nations including Celts, Anglo - Saxons, Jutes, Friesians, Danish, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and the Eight shires of England (Heptarchy) (see here also again) and wider. An exhaustive entomological puzzle pieced together over decades. e.g. The Irish King lists   and the Anglo-saxon lists 

(To repeat) Egypt's 'middle Kingdom' 2000 bc also known as the 'middle bronze age' documents the exodus and all events. Yet because they cannot find this archaeologically in the earlier 'later bronze age' also known as Egypt's 'new kingdom' 1400 bc to 1000 bc it is claimed there is no evidence ? (dating methods are also questionable) all of Israels history is known and documented and is kept away from the public mind. The only remaining question is this mistake / deception, deliberate or accidental (questioning dating methods which have proven unreliable and in error is considered blasphemous, but which have dated living material as 20,000 years old by mistake see chapter 2 and chapter 4 above) Egyptian chronology places Ramesses (or Ramses) in the wrong era of Egyptian history around 1250 bc - 1400bc, when it is obvious (using the traditional dating methods at least) he lived 400 - 800 years or so earlier in 1600 bc to 2000bc . Archaeology actually proves the Exodus and the bible, but the chronology is out of sync and either Ramesses date moves back or historical evidence moves fwd to earlier dates. Questioning the dating methods is the solution and is the cause of the problem. After this date the chronology aligns from 950 bc to date. Since every nations chronology is aligned to the Egyptian chronology they are also incorrect consequently. Moses defeated a Pharaoh thought to be Ramesses. (This is repeated below in other chapters)

Where was the Kingdom of Iberia (Hibernia) the Celts. Iberia derives from Eber (Hebrew) brother of Eremon. (from Ireland to Spain and Portugal) At the end of the previous chapter Isabel Hill Elder suggests the Blessed Isles were kept as a repository for knowledge to be revealed at a later date. Tara in Meath (the whole complex which stretches from Westmeath to the coast and from Kildare to County Louth) was considered the finishing school of learning by schools of education all over Europe. The Welsh druids left Wales in the Roman invasions, (from Anglesy in North Wales known as Ynys Mon and returned at a later date ) and crossed over to Tara. The Scottish Druids and Irish also met at Tara 

Eber and Eremon are genealogical lines to the following; (it is claimed the the genealogies were forged, but they cross reference over generations and milenia with European Royal Houses and their genealogies. From them you can ascertain which direction migrations traveled)

"As the Milesians were the last of the ancient colonists ... only their genealogies, with a few exceptions, have been preserved. The genealogical tree begins, therefore, with the brothers Eber and Eremon, the two surviving leaders of the expedition, whose ancestors are traced back to Magog, the son of Japhet. The great southern chieftains, such as the MacCarthys and O'Briens, claim descent from Eber; the northern families of O'Connor, O'Donnell, and O'Neill, claim Eremon as their head. There are also other families claiming descent from Emer, the son of Ir, brother to Eber and Eremon; as also from their cousin Lugaidh, the son of Ith. From these four sources the principle Celtic families of Ireland have sprung "

The following videos which show the History of the Gael. The seafaring Phoenicians (who worked for Solomon and fought with him against the Philistines) and the Celts as 'Iberia' into Spain, Britain, France and Portugal across Europe and into Germany and Scandanavia and the Danube and north into the Don river from the Middle East. Accounting for all the people and the tribes movements would be impossible but the following varied and sometimes opposing views can assist. Barry Cunliffe 'Who were the Celts'  & The Lost Tribes of Israel.  &  Origins of the Celts, Saxons and European People.   &  History of the Phoenicians.   Other genealogies and maps and notes below add to the search which is supplemented by being able to personally visit many of the sites and areas listed below. 

PDF 1 below on the left hand side publishes material on the Scythians, Scots / Irish origins.  There are 2 pdfs the second PDF 2 is a book 'Ireland the land of the Pharaohs' written in 2005 by Andrew Power. It follows at the end of these narrow paragraphs (for your reference) which add material relating to both pdfs, and also to the book in Chapter 1. For further reading on the Scythians read; Rolle Renate 1989 'The World of the Scythians' Universityof California Press,  or Piotrovsky Boris 1987 ScythianArt Aurora Art publishers,  or   Rice Tamara, T 1957 The Scythians (Ancient Peoples and Places) Pub by Frederick A. Praege  or  The 'Chronicles Of Eri' by Roger OConnor,  or  Caspar Meyer, 'Greco-Scythian Art and the Birth of Eurasia'



 The Scythians, Irish, Scots, Welsh and Anglo Saxons Celtic Origins PDF

Newgrange, Scythians Celts Prehistory and Genealogies. Research compiled in 2001 by myself which outlines the origin of the Scottish and British tribes (British tribes who are not descended from Brutus) from the Irish tribes in the West to East migration from Ireland. The Irish (Scots) King Lists are here 

The Anglo Saxon King Lists are here  (and see Bill Cooper's book 'After the Flood' )

Having spent many months in Greece and having sailed from Greece to the Ukraine (page 167, 168 & 169, or 25,26 & 27 in the PDF to the right hand side) you can visit Odessa and travel to see thee Mounds which are the same as those in Ireland. Since one of Ireland's oldest books 'the Book of Invasions' or Leabhar Gabhala in Irish states those who came from the middle east did so from Israel via the Caucasus mountains into Scythia, Greece and Northern Spain (the Basques and Galicia) and it proves they are accurate accounts of real history.



The picture above forms part of the debate on tribal migrations (which as explanation is part of the reason the tribal migrations and history is so detailed and long as you proceed especially in the segment on Greece & Sparta and the Irish Scots British Saxon histories) . Tamar or Scota. (Newgrange has been adapted and improved since 3500 bc fwd) This includes  King Davids line through Pharez (line of Jesse, the Messianic line, although all tribes are important)  An overall summary on Tephi queen of Tara. (book review    and book) including the argument of Spain and Britain over Gibralter, (the Golden or Red Lions etc) yet this is also weighed against the dispute of Ephraim and Judah and Benjamin.(which are left out of the debate) 

Those simply interested in the obvious route of Megaliths from Scotland/Ireland and Britain through Europe  to the Middle East can follow the routes as they read through the chapters. Those that follow the 'Scarlett Thread'(i.e. descended through Zarah whose wrist was identified with a Scarlet Thread, and whose relatives in part rest at Knowth in County Meath, and the dates of these histories are also disputed) and the journey from Israel to Spain and Eastern Spain (Zaragoza)  Barcelona, and/or Castile  the Ancient Kingdom of Castilla (dates again are disputed) to North Western Spain to Ireland. You will note that political and spiritual preferences are a big backdrop to a view or conclusion. The ancient megaliths at least provide a neutral history as they are followed from their origins.

Ireland was divided in two, then four and then five (see further in the chapter) yet regardless of which county or province was Ard Ri, Ireland was United for much of its history.

The long history of Europe and the Middle East is complex but worth studying and following. Detailed migrations exist in many old volumes and histories, rarely is a combination of them merged and laid out with the geometry and building / astro - archaeology accompanying them. For this reason and it is free to the reader, it can seem long, involved and difficult as you proceed, but it is worth pursuing (and many researchers and views contribute) to uncover a greater history (story) of our lands

This chapter helps those interested in the search for the builders of the incredible and sophisticated early structures, who were they ? and where are they now ? The motivations for studying the vast literature on the movements of early tribes are political, anthropological and theological. Many however simply wish to understand the amazing constructions which are astrologically aligned and/or astro-theological in design.Complex studies of history can be summarized as near as possible for narrower purposes and these few paragraphs are as brief, but as in-depth a view as any you will find. Following the obvious and incredible neolithic and megalithic constructions is a useful tool to discern which authors, academia and theories are the most accurate.   In Ulster the tribes of Scots, Irish and British are simplified names. The British are descended through the Nedemian line (Nemedius- Macha – Fergus Leathdhearg- Briation- Maol = British, Nemedian or Nemid's name means 'sons of heaven' ) the Scottish Picts are descended through Partholan and Cruinthne (for both of these lines see page 171 also numbered page 29 in the PDF) The Picts settled north Scotland as named by the ScYthians (Scots) whilst Briation- Maol settled south Scotland (now known as England) and became the British. Britain spoke Welsh which is known as 'P-Celtic' orBrythonic Celtic shared with the Cornish and Breton people still spoken in Brittany today. Saxon (the sons of Isaac as Isaacsons) built Celtic forts in Germany and wider into Switzerland. The indo-European languages, the root of Celtic (P & Q Celtic) mixed and changed slowly. Latin was spoken in Britain as was French for 400 years in the Middle Ages all combined to become the English language. It changed but much of the population remained the same. 

This chapter also examines the movements of early tribes around the globe (and can also be assisted by Chapter 4). This includes the fascinating history of the Irish / Scots. It is also examines the movements of the tribes of Israel and the 12 tribe nations development of history in many cultures. An exhaustive subject but one which begins with a quotation by (amongst others) Flavius Josephus states that the ten tribes which were now located beyond the Euphrates. (Assyria as Asia)  This is where the bible said they were located, (II Kings, 17,23) Moving north and West from Israel To understand the movements of the Israeli tribes, intermixed over many centuries, some of the tribe of Reuben settled in Norway, but the tribes of Gad, Naphtali, Reuben, and one-half the tribe of Manasseh were carried captive into Assyria (II Kings 15:29, I Chronicles 5:26) in 721 bc. The Norwegians who also became the Norse, Northman or Normans of France and Normans of Sicily in Italy. The Phoenicians arrived from Canaan/Israel and the Danes became also the Vikings in Norway and Sweden and wider. The tribe of Benjamin from Israel settled mainly in the south of France after the destruction of Jerusalem especially in AD70. Migrations of Israeli tribes had continued from this date up until the birth of Christ (ben Jesse) With them came the new 'Nazarene Christians' who intermarried with the tribe of Benjamin and Judah. Herod the last biblical King of Israel (which in AD 20 comprised the tribe of Judah (the olive branch) who were separate from 'Israel as the ten tribe Olive branch' (two olives trees on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem represented the two halves. The North = Israel, and the South = Judah. Incorporated with the remnant of Judah in AD 70 at the destruction of the Temple were the tribes of Benjamin and Simeon the last tribes of the ten tribes to remain in Israel with Levi after the Babylonian captivity .The apostles (see James) however wrote to the '12 tribes', and perhaps therefore only 8 were actually missing ! Jerusalem was at the centre of the 12 tribes) The two tribes of  Ephraim & Manasseh become a new 13th tribe. The Celts then and the Anglo Saxons, Normans, Jutes and Danes also resided in Germany (not just Norway, Friesland and Denmark and Holland) The Mounds and Tumulus are the same, only the language changed. (see towards the end of this chapter also)

The Phoenicians were a mixture of different tribes including Sumerian/Mesopotamian people, over time they became the sea faring peoples, a port(s) of many tribes who also intermarried with the Crete Minoans (who were not Athenian Greek),and mentioned in the bible as also descendants of Mizraim (Egyptians) as the first tribe of Philistines brought up from Egypt. The history is complex but recorded in many sources. Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron and Gath (West Israel) were known as Philistia conquered by David and Solomon, they were later tribes of Philistines They were separate from  Palestinians who were Arabian.(Esau Edomites who were 'disinherited by God' which states (in the bible) God hated Esau/Edom, but this pertains to this particular descendant).The Palestinian covenant was actually called the 'Land Covenant' as Palestine did not exist it was called Canaan. This covenant forbid Idol worship which today, Thousands of years later would include Islam in these Jewish scriptures. After the Islamic invasions Canaan became Muslim, until it was re-conquered by Christians, and even as late as 1976 'Palestinians'  (i.e. Yasser Arafat and Fatah, in a vast rape and murder spree) killed 40,000 Christians in Lebanon, at Damour.  Gaza has also been in the news recently in the war with Israel.

It is often doubted that tribes could travel large distances and maintain contact to their original starting point and to their final destinations across the known world. Without modern communications and satellite maps it is considered unlikely. Yet take Poland and the Jewish community. They suffered under Stalin and Hitler (left and right until Lech Walesa) and their origins are often linked to the Persian Mesopotamian era, perhaps dating back to the captivity and before (1200/1100 ad & 800/700 Assyrian capture & 580 ad Babylonian captivity periods) and certainly to the second Temple destruction in AD70. These routes of the Radhanites Jewish Merchants are supposed to be mythical yet they are known today and still exist. French and Poland Jews and many settled in Greece from Persia. Their vast network displayed here.(WORLD MAP) Scythian migrations follow similar routes and origins (all five invasions and characters with them understood the next waves Gaelic language after many hundreds of years in-between the five migrations, states the Leabhar Gabhala)

The idea of 'Palestine' arose when the British Mandate to establish a new area or country separate from the old Ottoman empire was temporarily introduced. Once it was established and Jewish immigration was underway (which had begun in the 1920's) its use was defunct. In 1945 and fwd new Jewish emigrants landing from the Mediterranean shore found the area nearly all the way to Jerusalem deserted. In the same way Canaan became Israel and Judea.Early agricultural Kibbutz are one of the most successful ventures in history, this continues today. The eventual capture of Jerusalem in 1967 meant the country was small, surrounded by many much larger hostile countries. and this is still the same today.Counteracting this Jordan by simply switching its flag to a slightly different flag (see later) sent thousands of new settlers into a new 2nd named Palestine, breaking previous treaties, but conversely it now admits Palestine and Jordan belong to the Jews (see below). Jerusalem in western ttradition is very old and Rome without it would not exist (and vice versa in the contemporary era)

The Romans under the Emperor Hadrian in 130 bc, (In 363 ad Emperor Julian gave permission for the ruined Temple to be rebuilt, and in earlier centuries Roman soldiers protected Jews and Christians in the Holy land and wider) named Palestine, as they re-named Temple Mount 'Aelia Capitolina' and dedicated its Temple to Jupiter. Palestine or Philistia was named by the Romans in 130 bc as they wanted to destroy the Temple, the current Temple is a Mosque. After this circa AD70 Rome reverted to calling Israel Judea and Galilee. It was also a route to Goshen and was conquered by David and Solomon. When Rome named Judea, Palestine in 130bc, the word Palestine is derived from the Hebrew word Peleseth (or Philistia) and referred to the South Western strip only now known as Gaza. Muslims and Islam took a further 700 years after Christ to come into existence, hence Islam Arabia is not Philistine/Palestine (Judea + the then 10 tribes = Israel) nor was it totally Jewish but a strip of land apart, but promised to Israel in the land covenant. Herodotus wrote of Philistu and the Greeks had developed a sophisticated civilization/democracy, their leaders becoming Greek Pharaohs, the Spartan army and Athenians would later conquer all of the middle east and wider under Alexander the Great from Macedonia including Jerusalem and defeating the Philistines in Philistu. Beginning with the battle of Issus, and defeating Egypt and then Persia. Hebrew was translated into Greek yet as with all languages, some finer points were lost in translation, however the first Greek and Hebrew Christians even after Pentecost and the Temples destruction managed to exchange ideas (Philistu refers to people who were not Arabic people in the Greek language) The Assyrians, referred to Philistia or Philistine which with entomology became Palestine from the Hebrew word Peleseth. Judea / Samaria was also used for the whole area by other historians. To give an example 'London' derives its current name from Londinium after Roman settlements in AD50. Ludgate a part of Londinium was named after the Celtic God Lugh, Londinium was sacked by Boadicea the Celtic Queen who was British in that she spoke "P-Celtic" Brythonic as do the Bretons and Picts and also in Galicia in Spain. This tribe (Boadicea's ) was also given a Roman latin name of Iceni ) The British also named Judea, Palestine for a period from 1922 to 1947 (during which Jewish tribes returned from all over the earth) after Britain defeated the Ottoman Turkish empire under its international legal mandate, when in 1947 it reverted to Israel. Since then the history is as follows   Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the West Bank., and the opposing view     The ACTUAL Truth About Palestine in response to Danny Ayalon     but    Israel captured the  Sinai Peninsula from Egypt in the six day war  in 1967 also Gaza, the Golan Heights, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and held in 1973 in the Yom Kippur war.

After this land was returned for peace to Egypt. The land's oldest name is Canaan  (after Cain)  as mentioned Palestine derives from the Bible word Peleseth where Philistia was located. Biblical names and other authors/sources names for the land include the Land of Israel, Greater Israel (Eretz Israel) and Kingdom of Jerusalem, Judea Samaria and the Egyptians and Israel also named it  Zion (Zionists travel and live there) Therefore the spiritual debate (as Jordan is now annexed to Israel) is between Greater Israel and Gaza. Israel is set to  expand  to its greater size, and many Muslims recognize Jordan is not Palestine including Sheikh Ahmad al-Adwan who states Allah gave Israel (including the West Bank as there is no Palestine) to the Jews, and this (and this includes Jordan) . Theologians (political or spiritual) see this initial expansion as part of a future (which could be soon) and further expansion on the return of the Messiah (past or future person) In the interim the land of Greater Israel is to be Israel's current size. The contemporary legal case for Israel is considered here. Whilst the ancient City of David (which has seen objections to its archaeological excavations for many decades) is uncovered exactly as described in Torah.

The Real flag of 'Palestine' (Palestine has never existed as a state)t derives from Philistines and 'foreigner' ( 'Peleshet' in Isaiah 14, 29 -31 in Hebrew). The Phoenicians who assisted (from Tyre) King Solomon build the Temple were half Jewish and they used the area as a port The Romans copied it as a nickname, and Pope Paul V1 in 1967 and Pope Francis in 2014 have said Israel has a right to exist. The term Palestine was remade in 1922 to distinguish it from the Ottoman and Syrian empires, who were defeated by WW1  and as a temporary measure for settlement to bring forth Israel and Greater Israel. From 1939 the real of Palestine became the current flag of Israel and it was removed in 1945 when Israel was born. The current Palestinian flag is an invention of Jordan which is the same flag as Palestine without the white star. The one state solution in Greater Israel is currently underway as the debate continues.(see chapter 3) The wider debate concerning the head of the church (in the western Judeo - Christian tradition) was acknowledged by both of these Popes as the Messiah (a past or future person) which is as close to agreement on the subject the west could arrive at.

Another flag of "Pelishti (Palestine)" dating from 1759 which is simply the Roman latin name of the land of foreigners or Pelishti cites the land of Judea and Israel. which is the United Israel flag Rome produced. The top left of the picture shows a flag which displays this designation and carries the 12 standards of the 12 tribes of Israel  and which covers the land known as Gaza. Julius Caesar had private and personal motivations to recreate or support Israel and this history is also intertwined in the fate of Rome and Israel. 

(Jan 2016) A part of the problem or real solution is Christians or Jews (or both) living in Gaza and the wider Judea Samaria (Israel) are from their faith automatically "Israel". The Catholic news agency which preaches on the book of Nehemiah (500 bc to present day during which time Islam invaded northward in 600 - 700 ad fwd to the present day) also acknowledges Nehemiah Chapter 2 verse 19/ 20  (11 - 20) which points to the fact Islam and Esau is not a part of the Greater Israel (see chapter 3 below on safe zones in the wider greater Israel) project as a multi faith state but Arabs are allowed as part of a Jewish one state as a Jewish state in its entirety, or outside of Jerusalem or if they convert. The palestinian authority should be allowed to collapse.This is why Jerusalem belongs to the Jews or Christians alone or their God alone both spiritually and physically.

The re-writing of history in the middle east is astounding. Judea Samaria & Idumea was named by the Roman generals in 6 AD. Overall it was named Judea to combine Judea, Samaria and Idumea lands Idumea was Edom a land outside those designated to the 12 tribes of Israel (but not Greater Israel or Eretz Israel) but generally settled by the tribe of Reuben and Manasseh whose lands include Jordan today. Judea is Judah's lands which extend into Gaza and south. Palestine was not named or designated as a land in 6 AD but Judah was. It was also not designated as Palestine in the first Council of Jerusalem in AD 50 (which was a purely jewish council of messianic Christians with new Christians from all over the world following Shavuot / Pentecost) nor in the council of Nicea in 325 ad, nor following the Jihads from the Gulf states and Mecca into Jerusalem from 615 to 700 and until today. In 350 ad approx the Septuagint translation of the hebrew bible recorded by 70 contributors and scholars does not record Palestine (yet the egyptian version of history translated recorded by one earlier dubious Egyptian priest is preferred today even in archaeological texts ? The Hebrew old and new testaments still exist)  When Jerusalem was recaptured in following the council of Clermont in 1095 and by Geoffrey de Bouillon in 1099. From 6 AD to 1099 (and until today) it was/is known as the Holy Land. The Council of Clermont in 1095 was convened following the destruction of churches and synagogues (by the Islamic Turks who were christians first and then invaders) in the Holy land and which had combined with Jihad slaughter and mass murder of the indigenous populations in the middle east by Islamic terrorism which is the same today. Palestine is a fictional creation of Jordan in which Yasar Arafat slaughtered Christians and Jews.

Allowing for debate (and many do not accept these histories, yet are often unaware of their own history, and accept them or not, royal lineage's and houses are built upon them ) between Gaza and the Greater Israel expansion can raise the issue (and the mystery and purpose of the 'Palestinian covenant' which real name is the Land covenant) of  Zarah and Pharez (Judah the 4th son of Jacob/Israel was the father of Zarah and Pharez), and Joseph the 11th son as described in the Book of Genesis chapter 38:27-30 and of the coat of many colours. The separate Tribe of Dan the 5th son. Josephs house became two as Ephraim and Manasseh. It is important to recognize this history as many of the Phoenicians went west into Scandinavia and Ireland, Britain and Europe. The tribe of Dan went with them in some reports. 

Gentiles' inherited an in-between stage or . and this word originally meant 'foreigner' in Hebrew but cannot be applied to the line of Zarah and Pharez, hence the problem persists. They were to convert or accept the Torah before full inheritance, not the other way around. If they intermarried with the Phoenicians, this resultant genealogical lines are not 'foreigner'. David married Bathsheba who was possibly gentile as was Ruth, (in the bible) Eshter (of the bible) married a gentile, but they had to remain in Torah and become Israel. The line of Tea Tephi is not disputed as she appears in the Annals of the Four Masters also known as the  Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland. Daughter of King Zedikiah who was the Grandson of Josiah or Yoshiyahu. The Chronology is in dispute, scroll down to the Tea Tephi section near the end. If you have read this far you will note this chapter begins with the genealogies and chronologies of the five tribes of Ireland (and the book of invasions) and Scotia /Scythians

Read it in parallel with the genealogy and chronology of Tea Tephi, Zarah, Pharez, and Tamar. Here is some of the background in "THE STORY (in brief) of Tephi, queen of Tara and Gibraltar. (daughter of king Zedekiah of Jerusalem, from the line of king David who slew Goliath)"   In these genealogies lie the history and disputes of the Irish and Scots (who are the same) the Welsh and Britons and Scandinavians and Europeans. Tea Tephi was a Jewish princess, adopted by an Egyptian Pharaoh and after sailing to Ireland was made queen of Tara in County Meath. The European Royal houses claim descent along these lines. Some lines reach back to Phoenicia, and current day Gaza, or Israel.(which are one and the same) Ireland was and is its own country. It is not often cited that inheritance and disinheritance are not just genealogical but also by faith, the lack of which seems to have changed genealogical lines lines and dates. 

Chronologies and Genealogies can be forged, but more often they were preserved exact, and copies made to prove claims, hence a line often faces new information which was previously preserved with honesty and with purpose.For those who have never considered this information before and are skeptical remember Rastafarian's (who are apparent and familiar and their travels are well known and accepted) claim descent back to Israel and Judah. Many who dis-believe such claims often listen to reggae music and dance, yet have no idea that they are celebrating their line to Israel or Israel. Rastafarian's claim their descent through Solomon and Sheba and Israels migration to Ethiopia and to Solomon's mines, over 3000 years ago. An example of this is here. (although the tune celebrates a Rwandan queen, the 'mansions' of Rastafarianism includes the 12 tribes of Israel mansion who accept Yeshua as 'Mashiyahch' ) The tune invokes a journey from Ethiopia down the Nile perhaps, as the Nile originates in Ethiopia, on into Egypt and across into Israel. (For further information see the adjacent website and chapter 4, and half way down the 'History and Struggle for Tibet & Nepal' and following on in the next paragraphs the China/Tibet & African / Ethiopian problems )  Also here and notice the word 'Selah'. This word occurs in numerous biblical Psalms, and of course it is remembered by the Ethiopians from where Rastafarianism originates. Rastafari in the strictest sense would chant a psalm without intoxication of any kind. Davids Psalms use this annotation Selah. It was not meant to be sung/spoken as part of the Psalm but when inserted it denotes a rest or pause between paragraphs or lines and means 'to think upon it' or 'reflect upon the words'. (a musical pause which could last 10 minutes) 'Selah' then denotes that the musicians play for a while, until the singing (recitation) of the biblical Psalm is continued. The Celts composed (the Fili) long poems which also required musical accompaniment. Psalms have the same quality.The practice today is simply to speak a psalm but not an individual or collective practice in singing.

The 'Ma - iti' tribes of Africa built Megaliths in Zimbabwe,(i.e. the Nyanga constructions ) which is a also a possible location of Solomon' s mines, see also the eastern Libyans as 'Aethiopians' who migrated into South Africa, whilst Ethiopia states it guards the Ark of the Covenant to this day. The tribes criss /cross all through Africa and wider, and there are thousands of civilizations in Africa which are not documented as completely as they should be. Consider also the great migration, from Norway, Scandinavia in 1500 bc (circa) of the Indo-European Nordics who left Norway at this time (although they also state they came from the east centuries before this and also a tribe named the fair haired 'Guaunches' who settled the Canary Isles near to Africa but who also then appear in South and Central America, and not just by Spanish/Castelian captivity) The Indo-European Nordics went to Kazakhstan and Tibet in 1500 bc. Vast tombs were found in between Kazakhstan and Tibet in China of people with fair / reddish hair preserved in Tartan clothes as the Celts wore. (Kilts etc) similar to the Celts and Scythian s (who traveled East to West following the setting sun, whilst other tribes went East following the Rising Sun, the megalith builders had consistent design features ) but who were they ?

There are many tribes who claim descent, the Chinese Kaifeng Jews for example. China of course has its own pyramids set out in the same Orion design as Giza in Egypt, and they are larger, built by the white Uyghur tribes who are related to the Scythian's.(the earliest tribes went east following the rising sun, others west the setting sun) The Uyghur tribe who inhabited China at the same period thousands of years ago, some found their way to Tibet. All tribes have their own music.



Sparta, Greece, Troy and Scythia and the 'found tribes' of Europe.(in Navy below)

As mentioned and to repeat tracing the Celtic and Saxon tribes is a difficult task, combining this with Lost tribes through Greece and the Middle East is made difficult in research and explanation also as the authors Stellar and Yeatman point out (in their book "1066 and all that") this is their quote below, highlighting the complications of the five invasions of Ireland (the five Gaelic tribes) and other areas of research and history in this area.

Quote by Stellar and Yeatman ' The Scots (originally Irish, but by now Scotch) were at this time inhabiting Ireland, having driven the Irish (Picts) out of Scotland; while the Picts (originally Scots) were now Irish...and vice versa. It is essential to keep these distinctions clearly in mind '   

(of course it is almost impossible to keep it mind, especially if this is not your first language)

Greece and Troy or the Trojan war became the catalyst for the foundation of Europe and the European Royal families. The participants of the war are generally described by their Hellenised names (Greek names) without delving too deeply into their pedigree or lineage. A central character in Greek history is Danaus who is named with Cadmus. Danuas (or the tribe of Dan, who are not found as a tribe in the book of Revelations but are replaced by Ephraim / Manasseh) founded Argos the rivals of Sparta  in the Greek Peloponnese peninsula. He also founded Troy (also known as the 'Troad' re-discovered by German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann in 1870 ) Danuas and Cadmus resided in Egypt and they were brothers and kinsmen of the 12 tribes of Israel which left Egypt in 1379bc. ( see also the historian Hecataeus of Miletus) Before the Exodus from Egypt many tribes who had waited for a sign (promised to them after 400 years of captivity or in other versions 430 years of captivity) known as the 430 years mentioned in the book of Exodus 12:verse 40, and the 400 years of Genesis 15:verse 13. Ancient books and historians from different backgrounds and ages and motivations all cite these origins above.

Tribes which assumed a 400 year captivity, left when the 400 years came and went, without a sign and these tribes include the tribe of Ephraim, the Gaels and Danuas and Cadmus and others who left at different stages, unwilling to wait for 430 years as was suggested. This theological debate forgets that the tribe of Ephraim left early and were killed (not all it is suggested some survived and migrated elsewhere) when they took the Northern route to the promised land from Egypt. Moses left later after 430 years by the Southern route to Canaan. One theological suggestion is the disputed 30 year difference was to signify the future Messiah from his birth (400 years) to his death (430 years) The Greeks are also mentioned in the book of Judges by Eli at this time in Greek history, as they were known to the inhabitants of Israel as brothers. (Josephus records this in the book of Antiquities) It is interesting that the early Irish records describe the panoramic view of the Exodus (The Scythian Gaels) as they left Egypt. (perhaps even before the the tribe of Ephraim but that tribe may be counted as being a part of the 5 Irish invasions as described in the Leabhar Gabhla or Book of Invasions) many Scythian's (a name given them later) joined with Moses, others returned as described in the Book of invasions which anyone can read. For further reading see the "The Annals of the Four masters", (or here) or the "Chronicles of Scotland". A prophecy states that Israel will become Ephraim (as the new Israel or the head over Israel of ten tribes) United with Judah. For those who have never heard of this theocratic political background to the advent of Europe, it will seem strange or unusual but nevertheless it exists as a discussion, debate and dialogue.

(As mentioned in chapter 1 Ephraim as a tribe left Egypt early (after 400 years instead of waiting the 430 years) and many were slaughtered and returned or were lost. 10 survived according to the 'Sefer haYashar' or the  Book of Jasher. (an ancient historical book proven accurate see specifically  chapter 75)

Many ancient authors employ names which when translated into other languages the names change over time, but which are the same name (i.e John = Sean in Irish or Jean in French) bear this in mind as you read through the paragraphs (see again and also the historian Hecataeus of Miletus. Miletus was named after Mil, one of the five invasions of Ireland's leaders cited in the book of invasions) Dan (the first tribe member) carved the White horse into the British hills in Wiltshire, but which would have been known as Albion or Cymru (Wales) in the Gaelic speaking world into which it was carved. The White horse was also mythical in Ireland. Note chapter 2 below which shows the Saxons (Isaac sons) lived in Germany as "Celts".(see the end of this chapter) Brutus eventually went to Albion from Troy after the war ended, but the Welsh had already termed "Brit or Covenanters" from their ancestor "Briaton Maol" (others state the term Brit derives from Brutus of Troy) who came from Ireland under the tribe named Nemedians, one of the 5 Gaelic tribes described in the book of invasions. "Nemedian" means the sons of Heaven  "Briaton Maol" arrived in Ireland after the Trojan war date (he was the son of Leathdhearg, son of Ainin, son of Nemedius Macha circa 1180 - 1145 bc also known as Nemed, the ancestor of the Celts as Britons who landed first in Ireland as this land mass appeared first from the ice sheets. 

They were one of the 5 tribes of the Gaelic tribe of the  five invasions who then went east into Scotland and south into Britain. You will also note the picts as cruithne are through the line of Partholan from the first invasion before the Nemedians. A pre Parthelon invasion (which is the first) by Cesair and 50 woman is also noted in some annals. The Picts travelled east to Scotland and then south and settled in Belgium and France. Picts which arrived overland through Europe joined them in later years. Many of them returned to Scotland at a later date. "Briaton Maol"  was a Gaelic speaking Celt, not 'British'   but the father (the last link is the Chronicles of the early Britons) of one branch of the Irish tribes who spoke "Welsh" (known as P or Q celtic) and settled in Albion now known as Britain. He was Nemedian from that tribe (from Nemed) but his name Briaton became Britain, and people of the other four (of the five) invasions also settled in Britain (Albion) They were also known as the Iceni (in Latin) but who were one of the five invasion tribes described in the Leabhar Gabhla. The Word "Irish" is an anglicised word from Erui /Erin/Eremon see page 61.  Much of this history is difficult to trace but many persistent and gifted authors and professors have traced works over the past 200 years especially to make the history less obscure and now much of it is online. 

Brutus of Troy is noted as having fought his way through a band of Picts in France / Belgium into Albion or Britain where he found people already living and settled in the land. Who were they ? they were the Nemedians, the Tuatha De Danaans who had first arrived in Ireland and settled and then moved into the rest of the land or Albion / Britain all the way to to Dover and the South Coast. Brutus may have founded London as a larger city than the already existing Ludgate. He may have planted the Ludgate stone as Sacred Geometry. Ludgate was named after the Celtic Sun God Lugh who was a Tuatha De Danaan member and this tribe split from the Nemedians. Briaton Maol was also from this tribal split (i.e split into three tribes some who remained and those who travelled around Europe and Scandinavia and into Ireland again) Just as the Jews left Israel and went  into Europe and Scandinavia and wider, they returned to Israel but there was a remnant of Jews in Israel for 2000 years. If any lost  tribe returned it would be the same and perhaps also a remnant would be in the middle east. The origins of the Covenant Man or Berith of the Covenant of God becomes clearer.

France was originally named Tzarfat partially Hebrew through Lebanon which is the route the Gauls or Gaels took from Israel through the North of Assyria. Galeens which became Galatia (Northern Spain / Iberia ) and then Celts. In the book of invasions they are the Milesians or gthe sons of Mil. They also settled in Britain Albion before Brutus and Rome and the Saxons and migrated north. The Vikings were Norwegians or Northmen who settled in France and Europe and became the Normans (1066 and all that) and these tribes became The Merovingian's and Frankish tribes who are mentioned (in modern literature or media) in the film "The Matrix" no 2, and the Da Vinci code. Brutus arrived into these settled areas.

Brutus of Troy (some suggest Brutus = Brit  ish ) arrived much later, from the war in Troy in 1100 bc, where he met tribes who already lived in the land (the records state i.e. the five invasions people) and assimilated with them.The megaliths and neolithic tumlets and tombs like stone henge were already built by the time Brutus arrived. The Firbolgs, Fomorians and Danaans and Nemedians followed by the Milesians built them e.g. stone henge. (These are the people of the 5 invasions of Ireland) Today many tribes and Islamic tribes are circumcised and claim descent from Abraham, and Brutus was descended from the tribe of Judah. When the Brit covenants began, (known as the Welsh Hebrew Covenant) after this, dated to an exact date is the question i.e. the "berith" or covenant man. (British is derived from Berith & ish or iysh = covenant man in hebrew. Ishah = woman) Briaton Maol + ish could be the real origin of this term. Many of the Gaelic tribal names were latinised from Rome adding to the difficulty in ascertaining or tracing lineage. Breton is similar in name to Britain. Picardy in Belgium is also home to the Picts who travelled north into Alba now known as Scotland from Sciythia) 

The Nemedians as the sons of heaven or Holy people split into three tribes and became (one branch) known as the the Tuatha de Danaan or Tribe of Dan. It is important to know that the tribe of Dan left Israel first and left a trail of "Danite place names" which the Israelite  tribes of the Assyrian and Babylonian captivity (in 700 & 500 ad) followed over from Northern Israel and the fertile crescent known as Israel as it flows eastward into Iraq and Iran. This route west and over the Caucuses into the Black sea and Danube area provided a path others followed later. Zarahites ( see the bible and,1 Chronicles 2 verses 1 - 6 & Verse 6) of the "Scarlet thread" are buried at Knowth and other locations in Ireland. 6 of the covenants of the 8 eventual covenants would have been remembered by the Nemedians but at this date in 1100 bc all except  the Davidic covenant and the New Testament covenants existed. As the Harp is symbol of Ireland it is suggested that the Davidic Covenant would have been delivered at a later date, and the Covenants were subject to a two way agreement, and were binding. Calcol (1 Chronicles 2 verses 1 - 6 ) or Kalkol who left the Exodus in the 400 year period (i.e he left early before the main Exodus) settled in Ulster it is assumed. Yet Ulster at that time was not divided and was all Gaelic speaking see chapter 2 below. Ireland was later divided into two with Ulster in the North. Tara became a fifth province after the two fold division was divided into 4 (see later on in this chapter) The division was a tribal division not a partition division.

These 5 invasions (described in the book of Invasions or the Leabhar Gabhala and the Cin of Drom Snechta or Cin fo Drom Snectha 2) of Gaelic speakers populated what we know as Ireland and Britain Wales and Scotland today. This is not mentioned too frequently or with enough accuracy.They also settled in Europe (aka Asterix the Gael / Gaul who spoke Gaelic) The Irish and Chinese records are the best kept records of any nation worldwide. The Greeks and their citadels and city states were descended from the Israelite tribes of the Exodus in 1379 bc and the Trojan war was fought early in the 13th or 12th centuries in the Darda ...nelles (Dara and Danaus are related) near Troy and eventually within Troy. Zarah married Electra / Roma and she is also mentioned in 1 Chronicles 2 verses 1 - 6 & Verse 6. Spartans settled in Alba adjacent to albion. Simeon and Judah settled in Scotland. Irish history and its books and law have not featured too clearly in the historical debate ? but they should. Dara is also similar to the Irish word for oak "Doire". Mac Dara means son of the oak. The town of Kildare in Ireland translates as Cill Dara and means Church of the Oak. County Derry in Irish means Doire or Oak Grove. Oaks were found all over Ulster, Scotland and Britain and Europe.

Greeks kept the Sabbath (Friday 6.00pm to Saturday 6.00pm) and also Circumcision in their earlier history before the knowledge of it was lost in later centuries. Athens was founded by Egyptian tribes (who were circumcised in captivity in Egypt) who left Sais in Egypt (home of the Pharaohs) suddenly, and their first king Cecrops was a Israelite (who also founded Attica) and with Darda (Danuas) and Calcol son of Zerah the Zarahite who married Electra / Roma founded Troy having also settled in the Dardanelles. Pharez (of the Zarah and Pharez line) of the Scarlet thread also featured in the Trojan wars. Darda (Dardanus) was the ancestor of Priam who was Hectors and Paris father, and Paris married Helen in Troy who was a Spartan Queen. Both tribes were Israelite. Tribes which left Troy after the war (1190 - 11 75 bc) formed cities all over Europe and the Irish tribes arrived in Ireland and Britain known as Albion (5 tribes speaking Goidelic or Gaelic, still spoken today by the Irish although it was banned under penal servitude to van damian's land for centuries) until the Romans came although Gaelic continued as a language and until the Saxons in 650 ad. Scottish and Irish tribes include those Israelites from Troy or Greece. Rome or the person Roma (also called Electra) founded an area in Italy, she was the daughter of Atlas also known as Epher or grandson of Abraham also through the line of Tamar and Judah. The city of Rome was founded later by Romulus (and Remus) who were both suckled by a she wolf  (the insignia / standard of Benjamin)

The information below considers the Scythians in light of the chapters above and also a migration of the tribe of Benjamin which occurred 300 to 400 years before the battle of Troy, and which also has a bearing on the battle. The Royal families of Europe originated from events described below.

The Scythians then were a distinct people, they wore their hair long and loose (Dan and the Nazarenes were told to never cut their hair). Their hair was blonde and red or less so dark and they were an Alethic and a warrior people. Some surmise the nearest relatives are the Finnish / Siberian (Sweden/ Estonian/ Scandinavian Irish Scots, but the Scythians also intermarried with the Amazonians) people although they travelled far and enjoyed Greek wine especially. Their history is intertwined with Greece and the beginnings of the European clans.(and worldwide)

The Scythians in their migration became collectively known as Scots (all over the British Isles and Ireland) their Etymology (translation across language's) is described as follows in the following book by; Brewer E.C., enl. ed., 1894. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, p. 1112.

' Scot (is) the same as Scythian in etymology; the root of both is Sct. The Greeks had no c, and would change t into th making the root skth, and by adding a phonetic vowel we get Skuthai (Scythians), and Skodiai (Skoths). The Welsh disliked s at the beginning of a word, and would change it to ys; they would also change c or k to g, and th to d; whence the Welsh root would be Ysgd, and Skuth or Skoth would become ysgod. Once more, the Saxons would cut off the Welsh y, and change the g back again to c, and the d to t, converting the Ysgod to Scot. '

Tracing their movement from the Middle East, across Europe and Greece westward also intertwines with the Israelites and Judah. The long tradition and history of the tribe of Benjamin extends to Priam, the father of Hector (who was killed by Achilles) and also to "Paris" (who married Helen of Sparta) Priam and his son Paris were Trojans and also from the Tribe of Benjamin. After the Trojan war they sent their families to Europe and to France

Sparta was a southern city state of the Peloponnese Island in Greece (next to Arcadia). It is famous for the Spartan army and Leonidas who in 480bc held back Xerxes with his 300 comrades and saving Greece.

This epic battle occurred at the same time Israel was in captivity to the Persians in Babylon. The Greek and Persian wars are linked to Israels captivity and release, across Asia into Greece. The Scythians, also lived in Greece on their travels. Queen Esther in the bible who saved Israel (see the book of Esther 1, 3-22) was in captivity to Xerxes at the time of his military expedition to Greece (see also Esther 2,1 forward) which states 'after these things' etc (i.e. after the Spartan Persian war) Xerxes asks Vashti in his harem to dance for him but she refused (Esther 1, 10-12) whereupon in anger he chooses another wife, and that was Esther who was Jewish (but outside the promised land). She persuades him to spare all the Persian Jews. Cyrus had already granted them the right to return to Jerusalem after the captivity, but many Judeans did not return (Ezra 1, 1-4) Esters uncle Mordecai became the equivalent of the Primemister and he was from the tribe of Benjamin. (Esther 2, 5)

The backdrop to the Spartan war was Gods (Yahweh, or YHWH) desire that Israel awake, and the re-establishment of the Messianic line (Mathew 1,12-13 & Ezra 2,2) or also watch the film '300' & '300 rise of an empire' 'Troy' & also this documentary on Alexander the Great.. 'Skiathos' is a Greek Island near Troy. Purim is a Jewish feast day held in March (in springtime every year on the 14th day of Adar) see Eshter 9,22 to celebrate this new freedom and escape. An earlier war in Greece recited in the Iliad and Odyssey of Homer is the Greek – Trojan War which involved Helen a Spartan Queen who was either kidnapped or ran away with Paris to Troy. Helen was wife to Menelaus, brother of Agamemnon the King of Greece, who did not really want peace with Troy, despite the ongoing peace process.

Some suggest she, Helen was in fact the real Trojan Horse in the story, and the Greek war was formulated by Agamemnon and his God Zeus. This war occurred between 1300/1180 bc (some suggest 1420 bc, around the time of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt) and 'Troy' which has been discovered and is being excavated archaeologically is a real city.Troy was re-built higher many times and archaeological excavations have recorded extensive fire damage is recorded in this period of the Trojan war (it boasted its walls could not be scaled) There are also remarkable parallels to the bible in this war but ! who were the Trojans, Spartans and Persians?

Troy was sacked by the Greeks and a prominent family who claim descent from the Trojans are the Merovingian's who became the Franks and the Kings of France. Godfrey of Bouillon became the first King of Jerusalem in 1099. (not taking the actual title 'King' in respect for Christ or Yeshua) The Frankish Kings claim descent from the Tribe of Benjamin although many from the tribe of Judah also settled in France, who were allotted the Territory of Jerusalem by Moses in the Old Testament (Joshua 18, 20 – 28). The 'Messianic line' (not just a bloodline but a border or surveyed line around the Temple in Jerusalem) is debated in Archaeology.(this line was also the dividing line in the middle of the temple, which also marked the division between the tribe of Judah and Benjamin)

The tribe of Benjamin (in Europe in later migrations adding to political arguments for arguments sake) at this period in 1450 bc committed a heresy to Astarte involving rape and murder of a Levites concubine. (Judges 19 & 20, other dates suggest it was 1375 bc) Shiloh (modern Khirbet - Seilun) is situated 20 miles north of Jerusalem and it was the first meeting place for the 12 tribes before Jerusalem was conquered. A war broke out between the tribe of Benjamin and the other tribes. Approximately 26, 000 Benjamites were reduced to 900 men only by the other tribes (except the men of Shiloh who would not fight) in punishment for the heresy and vile act committed against the Levites concubine. However many could have fled Israel rather than fight as they were cursed not to take Israelite wives, even if they won the battle (the curse could not be retracted). If this is so where could they have gone to? (see the book of Judges 20 fwd) Many speculate they went to the Peloponnese area of Greece which includes Sparta, and also into Troy. The 900 remained and were allowed to take new wives from the Woman of Shiloh.(as punishment to the men of Shiloh for not fighting against the tribe of Benjamin)             'Cursed be he that giveth a wife to Benjamin' ( Judges 21, 15-18) (applicable only to the unknown amount of people circa 1450 bc)

Killing the concubine of a Levite who travelled from Bethlehem to Jebus (Jebus = Jerusalem, had not been named or conquered then) on the way to Ephraim, and worshipping Astarte/Ishtar (Isis), and refusing to apologise or make amends and instead make war against your own nation, brought this curse upon them, and if any left Israel then the curse went with them. Judges 20,35 says 26,000 men were reduced by 25,100 men, but verse 46 says 25,000 were killed? (to allow the tribe to survive many were spared) Were 100 unaccounted for ?  The book of Judges ch 20,v 47, says 600 fled and hid nearby, but they were allowed to return to marry some the Woman of Shiloh. (this accounts for 25,600 or 25,700 men) 200 of these woman (the Woman of Shiloh) were captured to make the remainder of the Benjamin tribe new wives and let the tribe survive. 400 virgins from Benjamin woman were also saved and the rest were killed. Therefore a discrepancy of 100 or 300/400 is shown in the verses and they (these few hundred) possibly left Israel. The curse was therefore not in effect on the remaining Benjamites who survived but it would follow the others who left Israel in 1400 bc them down the centuries. Judah and Benjamin were rivals to the throne of Jerusalem.

Some of the tribe of Benjamin may have settled in Sparta and Arcadia (the Peloponnese Island ) in Greece, if so then it is mooted over hundreds of years some migrated north through Troy and into the Balkans and West into Germany and the then westward, along the rivers of the Rhine and Danube where they met the Scythians and the Teutonic German tribes of Dan. To leave Israel you would have to travel from a port either from Gaza or Lebanon or go North to the Black sea. Phoenicia the coastal port nation (which became Palestine  or 'foreigner' today ) was also where many Danites (tribe of Dan) sailed from as Vikings to Norway and Denmark. Samson was from the tribe of Dan but he was to become a Nazarene.Greece was also settled by 'Danaus' who settled in Argos in the Peloponnese with his 50 daughters fleeing from Egypt and his Royal brother Aegyptus who had 50 sons. Aegyptus instructed (as the King of Egypt) Danaus to give his daughters to them in marriage. He refused and they pursued Danaus who reluctantly agreed to a mass marriage, but in it, he secretly instructed his daughters to murder their cousins in their marriage beds. All but one was murdered as he (Lynceus) had not broken the virginity of Hypermnestra (a daughter). With the intervention of Aphrodite (Roman Venus, who was also the Goddess of Love and Beauty, and the Goddess of Procreation, and Patron of Prostitutes) they (Hypermnestra & Lynceus) eventually succeeded to rule Argos next to Sparta on the Peloponnese. Dan a part of the lost tribes also had a marriage riddle which started a war with the Philistines (the Honey from a Lion riddle) (see also the Book of Judges Ch 14,v 12 fwd) 

These Danaans were also Greek and they also settled in Rhodes and wider travelling throughout Europe and Scandinavia. Their connection to Israel is below.

Sparta ruled over Argos and Arcadia and its codified law may have wider origins

Spartans, the sons of Abraham      and/or  

The route through Palestine (Phoenicia) from Egypt was also traveled by the tribe of Dan and then Westwards. The Peloponnese were mentioned by Homer as the catalogue of ships which sailed for Troy, as was Helen whose face launched a Thousand ships when her husband Menelaus, brother of Agamemnon plotted to bring her back.

With the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in ad 70 and the banishing of King Herod to France (Herod from the tribe of Benjamin) the worship of Astarte (in various names) in France as the mother Goddess continued. The battle for Christianity as having originated in Rome or Jerusalem was also paralleled by the preservation of the Goddess battle. Astarte, Isis or Aphrodite or Venus. The Peloponnese Spartans also revered the Goddess and especially Aphrodite (Aphrodite was cousin to Menelaus, brother of Agamemnon, and daughter of Zeus) and Spartan woman were considered warriors and equal.

The Nazarenes and the family of Jesus as Judah also made for France after the persecutions and the destruction of the Temple in 70ad, but many also settled in Greece (including the tribe of Benjamin which had grown over a thousand years or so from the Shiloh disaster when they were reduced to a few hundred, producing King Saul and later the Herodian line of Kings who reigned in Jerusalem at the time of Christ) Messianic Judaism as Messianic Christianity or followers of Yeshua, is also a battle between Rome, Jerusalem and the worship of the Goddess, Rome was settled and built by survivors of the Trojan war. Romulus (Rome) and Remus  from Troy were suckled by a she wolf. The tribe of Benjamin's Israelite standard is a Wolf. (the bear symbol was not an original tribal insignia) A part of that battle was to claim that Yeshua/Jesus was married and had children. Much of this arises from the misunderstanding or corrupting of the marriage theology which is woven throughout the Old Testament and into the new, the marriage of Cana for example and the speculated marriage of Jesus to Mary Magdalene which produced children. It is little understood that the tribe of Benjamin who were allotted the area of Jerusalem (Jebus) were in fact replaced by the line of Judah, but which in the book of Ezra 4, 1 it is stated that the Levites, Judah and Benjamin were interwoven into the Kingdom of Judah and not the ten tribes of Israel ( 2 Chronicles, 11 1 -14) When the messiah comes Judah would be the messianic line, and Benjamin, if it failed to obey or follow the law would become a part of the lost or non messianic tribes of Israel. Ezra 4, 1, is dated at around 460 – 450 bc and is a remarkable prophecy which came true, in that by AD 70 when the Temple was destroyed the only tribes left were Judah, Benjamin and Simeon (the latter a small number) and the Levites. The lost tribes in all entirety remained (all 12) in small numbers (a remnant) but many of them had been taken into Asia (Babylon / Assyria) in 760 bc and they then disappeared.(where these tribes went to is a part of historical research) The connections to Sparta and Esther and the bible are considered further here

The Messiah could only arise from one tribe, and one tribe or all tribes could made many mistakes to show how an earthly marriage can falter, or an earthly king can falter whereas a spiritual king and marriage cannot. (the real meaning of the marriage of Cana is in part explained by Samson's wedding feast and the honey from the Lion etc, there are many such examples in the bible) The Messiah's marriage was/is a spiritual one.
The Nazarenes lived in Galilee near the place in which the Qumran scrolls were found. This area however had always been a place of refuge from persecution and it was known to the Levites for centuries. Mary Magdalene (of various persona's) was a queen from the Benjamin line in banishment in France through Roman decree, and not from the line of Jesse (David).This line which intermarried with the Sicambrian Franks (who have intermarried with other tribes including Judah since) and which also stems back to the Greek tribes who migrated from the Peloponnese region into Germany, Ireland Scotland and Britain.However, Benjamin is still a Royal tribe from Israel in its 12 tribe nations. (see above) "Godfrey of Bouillion to become the first King of Jerusalem in 1099. (not taking the title King in respect for Christ)"

It is apparent (as mentioned in preceding paragraphs) that tribal migration to China by Jewish tribes (Kaifeng Jews ) was possible as there are Jewish populations in China, this journey was possible just as it would have been in 1400 – 1000 bc for the lost tribes to travel to Asia. The connection to Ethiopia through Solomon and Sheba which led to the migration to Jamaica of Ethiopians is accepted history. As these travels are accepted but others less so should they also be discounted history?
Solomon also built many ships, which in 1 Kings 9,26-28, is described as a Navy, and which in 1 Kings, 10,22 is described as sailing to a colony of Hebrews in Tartessus or Tarshish  which is in southern Spain near Cadiz.The European tribes spread over the known world (Scandinavia, America and the East )

It is therefore perfectly possible that the fair or red haired Scythian tribes traveled from Asia to Britain, Scotland and Ireland. It is true that tribes do not travel in straight lines and often wander back and change course before settling in their ideal chosen location. India also records that the Vedas were composed by tribes which migrated from Asia, Assyria and Iran.(1500-1450 bce) Iran can be spelt Aryan. The lost tribes (the 10 northern Israeli tribes) migrated into Asia into the 'Aryana' in 780 bce approx, which was then populated by people who were not Persians ( Cyaxares, Medes etc) but 'Proto Ayran', i.e. who were Scythians from the Steppes (in Ukraine/Russia) 800/750 bce The protracted debate concerning the Ayrans is they had fair, red and brown hair, and brown, green and blue eyes, as did tribes of the Israelite's. (we have already mentioned an earlier banishment of an unknown number of the tribe of Benjamin to the Greek Peloponnese islands circa 1400 - 1300 bce). As stated India also records that the Vedas were composed by tribes which migrated from Asia and who were accompanied by Priests and Warriors around 1500 bc, and who migrated from the Ukrainian steppes. The 'lost tribes' migration into Asia (i.e. Flavius Josephus states that the ten tribes which were now located beyond the Euphrates. as in II Kings, 17,23) and therefore this area from which they then spread around the world was populated by people who were not Persian in origin.Although they and Scythian tribes later attacked Assyria in 605 bce, this was 180 years after the lost ten tribes went into Asia IN 780 bce. Hence the misunderstanding of the term Ayran. Tribes migrated out to Northern India and Abraham visited their regions, some (see the Vedas) also migrated back to Asia. Abraham and Sarah who fathered many tribes and nations were known in India (Abraham lived in 2100 bce) and the Vedas mention the migration into India by tribes from Asia in 1500 bce. Note the reference to 'spikenard' in the Song of Solomon (1:12; 4:13-14) and in the Gospels (Mark 14:3; John 12:3). This is an aromatic oil-producing plant from India. Abraham (circa 2100 bc) mentioned also in Genesis 13,14, is the father of many nations, Abraham = Bramha. Abraham was a Chaldean (home of the astrologer priests and a Sumerian civilization out of which Egypt grew) from UR and the trade route was established before he was born. Persians and Arabians are descended through Elam/Ismael. The Scythian's also traveled though Greece and Scandinavia. 

Migrating south from Iran over the Hindu Kush tribes poured into India in what is termed the Indo- Iranian / Indo Aryan (also the Medes of Media and Cyaxares tribes which also fought each other) split in 1500 bce, and this raises the possibility that many of the tribe of Benjamin (in the 26,000 or 25,100 who were put to death by the other Israelite tribes) may have survived (unless a full count of all 26,000 was actually taken) and migrated into Asia over the Euphrates and/or to the Greek Peloponnese islands or to north Africa and Spain, but also into India. This first wave in 1400-1500 bce went towards the black sea from Israel, the second into India. This is known as the 'Indo - Aryan hypothesis'. There are those who state that all tribes came from India ( including Tibet and Nepal) as the first tribes to populate the world. The Irish record's (the Leabhar Gabhala and others) state as also the Chinese records state, their tribes entered into lands which were unpopulated, and it is probable tribes migrated into India, into new unpopulated land. If not then a plausible explanation is required (i.e. it is suggested they arrived from the "air" as new tribes on this earth and they populated the earth first. Yet these migrations into this area were Aryan). Yet many tribes and multitudes did not follow routes which are conventionally associated with them. Chapter 4 on this page gives an account of the numerous underwater civilisations which are largely still unexplored. A full exploration would give us a clearer picture of migrating tribes. Fortunately the incredible master builders have left their trace showing a style emanating from a single source (see also chapter 4) with building techniques which align and match across Europe from the Middle East, into parts of Africa, and across the continents to the Americas. (Megalithic, Neolithic and pyramid designs of various era's) Obviously today we can see that Asians migrated into China, Africans into Africa and Europeans into Europe and so on, The Irish have a particular need to trace origins following the disastrous famines in the 1800's, but also because these losses are highlighted against the well documented and preserved ancient history. China also has a very well documented history. 'Isaac sons' or the Scythian s winding journeys are outlined two paragraphs forward.

The Israelites who journeyed into Spain, some of them may also have turned south west (from Asia) into North Africa (and across the Mediterranean sea into Spain) whilst many may turned further south and sought refuge in (as Rastafarianism testifies) Ethiopia or in Solomon's mines (Zimbabwe), Solomon lived circa 950 bce. Locating migrations into Macedonia and Greece gives a clearer picture of the tribes Alexander the great originated from. He started a line of Greek/Macedonian Pharaohs in Egypt which ended with Cleopatra (the Ptolemaic Kingdom, circa 323 bce - 50 bce). As Rome conquered both Judea/Israel and Egypt at this time we have a clearer picture of the people in the time of Christ and the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 ad. The Heroic defense of the Maccabees against Rome (the Maccabean - Hasmonean dynasty) concluded in 63bc, and the Herod line of Kings (which included Herod the Great, builder of the New Temple who was only part Jewish) took power in Jerusalem but as Roman appointed rulers, but new rebellions by Israel ended with the siege of Massada in 70ad. Rome itself was sacked by the Celts in 387bc and the Celtic/Gallic wars lasted from 50 BC to 50 AD, until the Roman Empire was either conquered and/or collapsed between 350 to 600 ad. Israel was re-born in 1948, and Jerusalem was back in Jewish hands in 1967. Israels war with Hamas (n.b. the 'Palestinian flag' is simply the Jordanian flag with the star removed, and like the country termed palestine it was/is a political convenience/deception which is now admitted b yShiekh Ahmad Adwan of Jordan) could expand Israels borders back to Israels full size.Today Israel (which is one small country surrounded by vast Arabian/Muslim lands) and Europe/USA (the Council of Europe and the EU) trade and sustain each other.(i.e. Euromed)

Spain chose to venerate the seven candlesticked Menorah flanked by two Olive trees (Judah and Israel) There is also an interesting graphic novel (and film) called 'The Fountain' which is based upon the Cabala (and possibly eternal life which raises the subject of the 'Messiah' who brings eternal life as Israel awaited) and it is set in Spain and South America.Phoenicia which was a series of small ports (Gaza today for example) had a much smaller population than Israel which numbered hundreds of thousands, but which also had a Navy which sailed from Gaza and 'Phoenicia' around the world especially to Norway (the Vikings or 6 Hebrew kings ) 
From Spain it is easy to reach Britain or Albion as it was known or also Scotland (all of Britain) and of course Scandinavia and Ireland. Jewish tribes would also have reached Germany and Holland or the Scandinavian lowlands. Holland had a large Jewish population which came from Spain and which eventually migrated to London.

The Scythians (Irish/Scots) were from Scythia. The Irish/Scots and British tribes are described in the Leabhar Gabhala (book of invasions) and the King lists.
Scythia is located north of, but also around the Black sea. This is close to Assyria (and Syria today) which is the location where many of the lost ten tribes went into captivity.
The Irish books (Irish king lists also here)  describe their journey to Ireland. 5 separate invasions from tribes who all understood each others language but which later split into P & Q Celtic variations of the language. Welsh is Goidelic and 'Q' Celtic (Ireland in early pre-history was the first land mass which appeared as the ice sheets melted eastward and north) These tribes also make up the populations of America and Canada.

1. Partholan and his ships. (Cesair in some lists arrived before Partholan)

2. The Nemedians.

3. The Formorians (who tried to repel Nemedians).

4. The remaining Nemedians divided into three groups. The first left Ireland and settled in Northern Europe around the Danube, German, Austrian area, and called themselves the Tuatha De Danaan, DAN as a name becomes exceedingly important to those who research the lost tribes of Israel, and /or theologians alike, the second went to the northern most parts of Briton, led by King Soderic, and Britoan-Moal (as the British chronicles states also).The 3rd group named themselves the Firbolgs and went to Greece they returned via Connaught and divided Ireland into 5 provinces. A returning colony of the Tuatha De Danaan eventually subdued the Firbolgs, who were famed for building rounded boats out of skins exactly like the conical made by the Connemara fishermen of western Ireland to this day.

5. Lastly came the Children of Milidh or the Milesians as they later came to be known, and it is still a word which can be used to denote things which are "Irish". They arrived from the Spanish peninsula, and fought against the Tuatha De Dannan and their Druids famed for their ability in the magic arts. Before this they came from the city of Miletus in Turkey and the ruins of that city can still be seen today. Before this they travelled from Scythia. Eber and Eremon begin most of the genealogies we hold today, Keating's history of Ireland shows the genealogy of Eremon from where the name E.I.R.E derives from. From them we can trace the current O'Connor Don who is a member of the Irish standing council of chiefs. Many other names such as MacCarthy, O'Brians, O'Donnell, O'Neill of the Red Hand fame, Egon etc. They regarded themselves as descended from Magog, as did the other settlers whose origins were also from Scythia. Magog incidentally is also a Biblical character mentioned in the Book of Genesis chap 10 V 2 (thought to have been written in 1440BC). 1 Chronicles 1 V 5, (written approx. 580BC), Ezekiel 38 verse 2 and 39 verse 6 (approx. 580BC) and finally Revelations 20 verse 8 from the Gospel of John (approx. 65AD). As a Son of Japheth (Genesis 10) he went northward from the area we know as the Middle East. Whatever the interest in Magog, it is astonishing that two supposed separate cultures have the same patriarchal name as an ancestor. It is also interesting there is a Gog / Magog hill in Cambridgeshire. They are also mentioned in the Bible in the Book of Colossians and they as countless nations (represented) must also have been present at Pentecost in the upper room or round about Jerusalem. The Apostles also journeyed along the Danube in the great commission.

The Scythians are described as fair haired, or less so as red or black haired, with fair skin and as being very mobile and easily able to scale and navigate through the Caucuses mountains and into the Black sea area. From Syria the fair Syrians (just as there are fair and blue eyed people in Afghanistan) as the ten tribes travelled around the black sea. (II Kings 17:23)The links above relating to the Irish King lists describes the five invasions of Ireland and the wanderings of the tribes as one by one they land in Ireland (as mentioned the first land to appear from the ice age which receded West to East and North) and then another criss crossing the route from the black sea west to Ireland. The Nemedians which landed in Ireland (and fathered the British tribes who went East into Scotland and Britain as Wales, split into 3 distinct tribes, one to Germany, Danube etc, one to Britain, and one became the Firbolgs (belly or womb people) who with the De Danaans built much of the megaliths and neoliths we see in Meath in Ireland and Avesbury and Stonehenge in Britain. Germany and Switzerland are also visited and some of them returned to Greece.

The Welsh and the Arthurian myths arise from the Nemedians although every tribe of the five had the tale and Ireland was settled first. Auther which is also astrological as Arcturus and the Chariot of Ursa Major, the Great Bear, the processional zodiac above the north pole. The French Benjamin tribe employed the Arcturus 'Bear' symbol also. Goldilocks and the three bears is simply a way to teach Children Ursa major, minor and Arcturus.(useful in sailing and migration) see also the book of Job 9:9 'Which maketh Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the chambers of the south'.

Finally the Milesians which arrived through Spain and France (Galicia northern Spain) (Picardy France) Just as today many generations of Irish travel to America often they revisit locations where there relatives emigrated to in 1850 etc, so it was then with the Scythians, which you can find nearly an exact parallel with accepted histories and which shows the Leabhar Gabhala is a very reliable book.

The Scythians also made lovers of the Amazons who joined with them.They defeated Darius the Persian King, although some were made captive. They were beaten in battle by Alexander the Great, but he was so impressed with the difficult battle, he asked them to join with him.

A recent discovery of Scythian treasure dating to 600 – 700 ad has been made in London Note it is described as a 'Saxon' gold Hoard. In Germany there is a 'Saxon Sion' in the Alsace Lorraine area, and the people who built these German mounds are named as 'Scythe'. Scythian artefacts have also been found in Shetland and other areas of England and some are dated to BC and the Neolithic era (how did Scythian artefacts which resemble both Saxon and Celtic constructions / art get into England, unless the Book of Invasions or the Leabhar Gabhala are accurate) Some have said that Scythia as a word (from where we get Scot) derives from Scace or Sacea or Issac or the sons of Issac.

Flavius Josephus states that the ten tribes which were now located beyond the Euphrates. (Assyria as Asia)  This is where the bible said they were located, (II Kings, 17,23) and so the Scythians could also have come from this area. This is close to Assyria (and Syria today) which is the location where many of the lost ten tribes went into captivity.Note also that just as the tribe of Benjamin's Israelite symbol was the wolf, the tribe of Zevulon was a sailing ship for navigation (the navy, dating from 1200 bc when Joshua divided the tribes or see Genesis 49,13, that is a lot of ships over 3200 years)

It is also interesting that the Scythians were cited as the origin of the Scots by Robert the Bruce in the declaration of Arbroath in 1320 (second paragraph) they were descended from Fenius Farsaid who made a new language of Ogham (with new vowels and sounds derived from nature, e.g. wind in the trees, water and so on) he (rediscovered) Hebrew, and found Latin and Greek at Babel. This why there similarities with Hebrew of the Galls (Galilee) A Scythian philosopher and astronomer Thales of Miletus (founded by Mil of the Milesians) was considered the fist philosopher of Greece by Aristotle, and other Scythian philosopher Anacharsis advised Pharaoh in Egypt. Scythians made tatoos as did the Picts, and they wore tartan leggings forerunner of the Kilt.

It is impossible to trace every lost tribe or know every wandering but it is possible to know more than is being presented as history today.

Sparta and Greece, Macedonia and Alexander are not legends or myths but real. The Iliad and the Odyssey are real history and the tales, which use symbolism infused around real places and events. When the Greeks could not storm the gates of Tory, (Troy boasted they could not be breached, and Agamemnon who planned to unite all of Greece for decades may have devised a plan in his mind to forge a special battle plan, especially as Zeus had also wanted war. Perhaps Zeus 'inspired' Agamemnon) they (the Greeks) pretended to leave Troy, sailing away on the sea. Poseidon was the God of the sea (and brother to Zeus and Hades, the 3 Gods who divided up creation who believed the world was over populated and its population needed a war to reduce its vast numbers. Zeus invoked Momus and Themis to bring balance to the argument) Poseidon was also the God of many horses (waves as sea-horses manes) . The Greek horse (Trojan horse) was left on the Shore, like Aphrodite it appeared out of the sea. Paris who was abandoned as a child in fear of a prophecy that he would destroy the Kingdom of Troy, hence his death by abondonement would end that prophecy. He survived as he was suckled by a She-Bear, the Bear (Ursa Major, minor and Arcturus as mentioned) being a symbol revered by the tribe of Benjamin in France.(not in Israel as its tribal standard was a wolf) Cormac Mac Airt Irelands first Christian king was an orphan suckled by a Wolf.

Paris was once asked by Zeus to choose between Hera, Athena & Aphrodite. This was to settle an argument caused by Eris who threw a Golden Apple for the fairest into a feast. Hera, Athena & Aphrodite thought they were the fairest; hence Zeus made a test to decide, by asking Paris to choose amongst them. Each choice had a prise to offer him and Aphrodite's prise if she was chosen was Helen of Troy, who was married still to Menelaus King of Sparta brother to King Agamemnon of Greece. Aphrodite was the cousin of Menelaus, and daughter to Zeus (who as mentioned wanted a war but also balance to the outcome) Aphrodite had neglected to tell Paris, Menelaus was still married to Helen. Paris stole Helen away or she left willingly with him, (2 versions) either way it sparked the Trojan War, as related in the Iliad and the Odyssey.

This suited King Agamemnon who wanted Troy to control not only Greece but wider trading routes, which led into Assyria and into the location where the lost ten tribes were located. As mentioned, Flavius Josephus (to repeat) states that the ten tribes which were now located beyond the Euphrates. (Assyria as Asia)  This is close to Assyria (and Syria today) which is the location where many of the lost ten tribes went into captivity.

Menelaus the Spartan king had many lovers beside his wife Helen and it is possible he and Agamemnon contrived the meeting of Paris and Helen with Helen's knowledge, especially as Aphrodite was the Goddess of the Spartans and his cousin,(and Aphrodite offered Helen as her prise) and it was foretold that Paris would destroy Troy. Achilles and Odysseus and a small party of the Greek army had entered Troy in the horse gift and the Greek army returned waiting for them to open the gates. Aphrodite was most revered by the Spartans when she appeared in full battle dress.

Aphrodite born from the sea, with its many sea horses or waves which were ascribed to Poseidon the Greek God of the sea. Helen was the Trojan horse which Aphrodite chose to bring down Troy. 

Achilles had also had an affair with the high priestess of Troy who tendered the Temple in Troy. She was named Briseis with fair hair and blue eyes. Achilles had defiled the Temple of Apollo and after Agamemnon had taken Briseis for his own, he (Agamemnon) related that on second thoughts Apollo had persuaded him to return Briseis to Achilles. The story of Helen and Paris is served by Achilles who in the Temple fought for the heart of Troy and Greece,(hence he is considered the greatest warrior) but he was killed by Paris as he was thinking of her,(Briseis) when Paris fired an arrow into Achilles heel. (as mentioned Ambrosia is the food of the Gods, and Achilles was fed on it as a child and it derives from alchemy, or transmutation or the art of transmutation which in Arabic is 'Al Kimia'. Achilles first stage of his complete transformation occurred when he was bathed in the river Styx and received immortality, before he was fed ambrosia by his mother. The river Styx between earth and the underworld was almost in Hades.(Hades was the brother to Zeus in the underworld) it was the actual 'primordial swamp', only Achilles heel held by Thetis (the Goddess of Water) did not fully enter Hades river Styx. Hence he felt all mortal grief and pain in an instant. He died and was cremated in Troy but had won a battle which only the 'gods' were supposed to win. Paris and Helen in some versions tried for a perfect love in which the 'gods' or politicians,kings and queens could not interfere. Helen in some versions returns to Sparta after Paris is killed in Troy. (Other versions suggest they both escaped). Zeus could only bring balance through mortal hearts of which Achilles was the personification, and a further reason he was considered the greatest warrior.

The Spartans entered Troy and Spartan Helen was the 'Trojan horse', with Achilles defeating the Trojan Temple, but ultimately not defeating the gods (Apollo, the Sun and Hades). The final aspect of the story is Odysseus (Ulysses) long journey home to his family, which was thwarted or assisted by the various Gods. Greece was enlarged but at a great cost.

This great war occurred somewhere between 1300 bc and 1180 bc, the tribe of Benjamin before this period in 1380/1450bc bc committed heresy to Astarte involving rape and murder. (Judges 19 & 20) and some were banished and many were killed as mentioned at the beginning of this essay. (others date  Troy to 1180 bc etc) In 1375 bc Jerusalem was temporarily captured by the Israelites. Samson pursues the Philistines in 1075 bc, the Philistines capture the Ark of the Covenant in 1070bc, Saul the Benjamite king became king in 1043 BC, David is anointed King in 1024bc.
The Exodus from Egypt occurs in 1446 bc, Moses dies in 1406 bc and Joshua becomes Israel's leader, and Israel enters Canaan. The ancient Greeks conduct a war against the city of Troy in order to gain control of the Dardanelles, the water passage between the Mediterranean and Black seas, which opened up new possibilities and routes of trade expanding Greece into which the Scythians and others could pour ( as mentioned again Flavius Josephus states that the ten tribes which were now located beyond the Euphrates. (Assyria as Asia) 

Paris incidentally was also related to Jason who sailed looking for the Golden Fleece, in an earlier epic (around 1480/1350 bc), the Fleece was from a Golden Ram (in the age of Aries, which began some say in 2000 bc or even 1780 bc, following the age of Taurus the bull which the Egyptians worshipped, its horns representing the support of the moon or Isis, we are currently in the age of Pisces. Real events and people accompany the 'myth', the myth does not replace or analogies the event ) The Trojan War  marked the escalating conflicts between the East and the Greek West that eventually led to the Persian invasions of Greece, and the Greek invasion of Persia by Alexander, 950 years before Islam which in 700 ad was essentially only worshiped at Mecca. Mecca was, or is a previous pagan site to the moon God.(crescent and star) The Kabbha stone (rock) in Mecca (which is a alchemists laboratory inside) was originally surrounded by 360 pagan divinities to al -ilah and sin. Sin was the moon god of UR, out of which Abraham was born (first name Abram then changed to Abram+Am as in 'I am'as a new Gd) The worship of the moon god followed into Mecca. The Kurdish tribes do not follow the 'ilah' line.

The battle of Issus  (as mentioned) which Alexander ( see also this excellent documentary on Alexander the Great.) won opened up the way to Israel down the coast to Egypt, and loosed the Persian grip on the middle east, after the second temple period, which preceded the new Israel and the Herodian line and new Temple in Jerusalem and Jesus Yeshua and Pentecost. The worship of the Goddess and other acts however at Shiloh brought the following problem 'Cursed be he that giveth a wife to Benjamin' ( Judges 21, 15-18), Greeks descended from Benjamin would also have known this problem and the problem of inheritance in certain tribal positions of power, it may also have lay in the centre (for some) of the Greek / Trojan war and Achilles war. It is a Greek tale but since the history of Europe stems from these tribes, and the USA, Scandinavia and Canada and wider (New Zealand & Australia) it is a tale for the world. Greece and Macedonia have disputes but the Balkans have seen Ukraine's historic fight, as has Greece and Cyprus.

Today Greece is caught between two points of conflict 1. Unpayable debt. 2. Maintaining its position in Western society. The battle of Thermopylae ( Ὦ ξεῖν', ἀγγέλλειν Λακεδαιμονίοις ὅτι τῇδε κείμεθα, τοῖς κείνων  & Μολών λαβέ ) in 480 b.c.e which was preceded by victory at Marathon years before, and which also again comprised an invading force into Greece, but It was also marked by internal financial treachery within. This internal treachery comprised of weakening nationalist aspirations and therefore a countries defence. Government members were bribed by Persia to denounce the Spartans, and create internal economic conditions which led to disaster. Victory at this battle led to victory at Plataea & Mykale and to the establishment of the Delian league. Ezra (from the biblical book of Ezra) in the capital of Jerusalem between two worlds of east and west amidst this conflict was sent by Artaxerxes from Babylon to Judah in 585 b.c.e. Whilst Persia viewed Jerusalem as a fort or satrap between it and Egypt and the West. Ezra restabilised Jerusalem appointing Judges and the rule of law. (Ezra descended through Aaron who was appointed by Moses as first high priest of Israel. Approx 1500 people resettled Jerusalem)

While the world was in war heading towards a Great War in the Trojan War, a tribe of Hebrews from Egypt was making its way to Jerusalem.

The Trojan Greek war dated between 1260 and 1180 bc preceded a time of uncertainty and decline in Egypt. This lack of confidence in Egypt was speculated to have began after the Exodus of the Hebrews (again see  'Patterns of Evidence Exodus' (netflix) or trailer here and discussed here on national television is without doubt exposing the efforts to hide Egypt's and Israels history from the public ) Around 1200 bc and lasting for 200 hundred years (ending just as the Davidic Kingdom of Israel was beginning under King David until 720 and 580 bc) was the incredible confederation of 9 peoples known as the 'sea peoples invasions' which is speculated to have arisen when Egypt's large armies realized they could rebel, leave and take over the Mediterranean themselves (like Spartacus under Rome many centuries later) See the documentary on you tube 'Best Documentary 2016 The Most Mysterious History Events On Earth Ever'  on  you tube which narrates the secret Aegean history which will help to enjoy the film 300  ( The Battle of Thermopylae 490 bc) and also  300 the rise of an Empire. (see also the you tube documentary  '1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Eric Cline, PhD)'  and the sea peoples as Danaans or Tuatha de Danaans which tie into the Irish annals and also the separate Philistines and the separate Phoenicians in a confederation and the tribe of Dan from the 12 tribes of Israel) From the decline of Egypt (who survived the sea people but declined over the next few hundred years) and the rise of the sea peoples (who were joined by sea people from the west also) came the Greek and Roman empires.

Tracing the tribes is complex and as stated a motivation for some is the identity of the tribes of Esau/Edomites and one tribe which people have tried to identify with the Tribe of Dan who are disinherited (see chapter's above). The research and debate combines this disinheritance with the disappearance of the tribes of Dan and Ephraim who also seem to be disinherited and replaced by Joseph and Levi in the tribal lists. The tribe of Levi were not allotted land as they were to exclusively Priests. The Golden Dawn have a separate schematic on the tribes, and other research speculates Dan and Ephraim as individual descendants may inherit under the new covenant This mysterious aspect of the Tribe of Dan is of course sometimes misinterpreted. Egyptian and Hebrew theology have differing views on this and the research for the tribes also includes all of these points. The tribe of Dan's original lands were west of Jerusalem next to the philistines who resided on the coast.

The Danites (Samson was a Danite) next moved north to Lachish (from the west to the north of Israel near Mount Hermon) and then disappeared into Phoenicia and the West (Europe, and north Europe/Scandanavia). Joseph, David and Solomon conquered Egypt and also became Pharaohs, who later intermarried with Athenian Greeks who also became the Greek Pharaonic line of Pharaohs (Cleopatra was Greek).'Israel' (the northern ten tribes) dispersed and the Tribe of Dan also warred with the Edomites (Esau) and Philistines before going on their long journey mastering sea faring, (long ships) their symbol changed from serpent to Eagle (Vikings = 6 as VI in Roman numerals = 6 Hebrew Pharaohs). Israel includes Judah which will rule all the '12 tribe nation Israel' not the 10 tribe nation alone (Jerusalem joins the ten northern tribes) when all tribal symbols and banners unite as Israel under Yahweh. Theologians follow other lines to ascertain the Golan heights final battle of many nations in Revelations 16,16, (a separate joining) and concerning Mount Carmel ( I kings 18, 19-40 & Amos 1,2 & Joel) where the Templar's located one of their castles. They discovered people there who claim descent from the Essenes. The Dead sea scrolls were completed in Jerusalem (some believe by the Essenes although many groups sheltered with them) and then taken to remote places during persecution (70 ad and to 140 ad and later), as the tribe of Levi have always remained in Jerusalem and they are the authors. Not Gospels (although many are still held unpublished in secret) which are eye witness accounts but later stories, they differ from the recent discovery (and thousands of similar untranslated documents) by Historian Ignazio Perrucci which are dating from AD 31 (accounts and writings of Marcus Velleius Paterculus a Roman legion officer and others)

Phoenicia included Gaza, parts of Lebanon and Tunisia. The tribes (Reuben, Judah, Dan, Ephraim/Joseph) settled as mentioned in Scandinavia but Ireland was settled first earlier in history as the ancient neolithic and megalithic constructions display. These four tribes and Joseph/Ephraim became a 13th tribe with Manasseh and who were camped around the Tabernacle in the desert, (Judah on the East, Dan the North, Reuben South, Ephraim and Benjamin West) and who feature in the iconography of the BOOK OF KELLS and the writings of the Golden Dawn. The Tribe of Dan became the Tuatha De Danaan (who first landed in Ireland, then Scandinavia and Danmark, so the vikings were Danites with some from the tribes of Reuben) The Phoenicians comprised Dan, Simeon (many of this tribe remained in Israel with Judah and Benjamin and Levi) and Gad. The Milesians or the Sons of Mil  (again see page 171 also numbered page 29 in the PDF, were incorporated from Dan and Gad and Simeon and the line of Eremon (or Heremon) and Heber arises through them.They arrived from Gaul (Galicia) and Spain but before this from Scythia.


Calendars, Chronologies and dating methods. See also chapter 4 below

As mentioned above in Chapter 1 and 2 the video / documentary called 'Patterns of Evidence Exodus' (netflix) or trailer here and discussed here on national television is without doubt exposing the efforts to hide Egypt's and Israels history from the public. It is interesting that the documentary maker began by trying to prove the Exodus has no proof (for example)  This video / documentary called 'Patterns of Evidence Exodus' (netflix) or trailer here and discussed here on national television is without doubt exposing the efforts to hide Israels history from the public, and from the Exodus to Herod's 2nd Temple. Egypt's 'middle Kingdom' 2000 bc also known as the 'middle bronze age' documents the exodus and all events. Yet because they cannot find this archaeologically in the earlier 'later bronze age' also known as Egypt's 'new kingdom' 1400 bc to 1000 bc it is claimed there is no evidence ? (dating methods are also questionable) all of Israels history is known and documented and is kept away from the public mind. The only remaining question is this mistake / deception, deliberate or accidental (questioning dating methods which have proven unreliable and in error is considered blasphemous, but which have dated living material as 20,000 years old by mistake see chapter 2 and chapter 4 above) Egyptian chronology places Ramesses (or Ramses) in the wrong era of Egyptian history around 1250 bc - 1400bc, when it is obvious (using the traditional dating methods at least) he lived 400 - 800 years or so earlier in 1600 bc to 2000bc . Archaeology actually proves the Exodus and the bible, but the chronology is out of sync and either Ramesses date moves back or historical evidence moves fwd to earlier dates. Questioning the dating methods is the solution and is the cause of the problem. After this date the chronology aligns from 950 bc to date. Since every nations chronology is aligned to the Egyptian chronology they are also incorrect consequently. Moses defeated a Pharaoh thought to be Ramesses. (This is repeated below in other chapters) Dating methods are examined in the next paragraph.

More information connected to the theological background is contained in the next chapter. Chronologies of the Sumerian / Egyptian pharaohs is protracted and disputed.Chronologies of the Scythian's and their origins as any early tribal migration is also therefore also disputed. Disputes arising from dates and eras and their correct interpretation of dating methods give rise to the following main problems. 1) Radioactive radiometric carbon 14 dating methods assume carbon breaks down and emits consistently over a fixed time eternally when it can only last a few thousand years and then it is less accurate the older it gets. Disasters and Volcanoes also alter the traces of carbon, the ratio of carbon 14C / 12C in the atmosphere is higher after a volcano and varies from country to country, it can measure also only matter that was once organic. Other rock dating methods also have problems. As the Egyptian Pharaoh chronologies and dates are disputed these errors add to the confusion (e.g. newly developed Fresh water  Clams dated as 1600 years old, but actually only a few months old, some new clams were dated to be 20,000 years old ? and it is admitted that limestone in the water which produces excess carbon, gives an artificial date. This error could also be applied to other element conditions and excess carbon pollutants in the (all or any) samples. Tree ring samples extend back to 9,000/10,000 Bc only, although the oldest living tree is 4800 years old.              2) At some point in earths history (some suggest) the arctic (north pole) and antarctic (south pole) ices caps grew over a vast area either suddenly or slowly (this is disputed but explorations have revealed ancient cities and millions of animals ( as one example 200,000 or 39,000 years ago ? but which also co-existed with Humans 4000 - 6000 years ago ?) and vast swamp organic material at the poles under the ice at both poles). The Earths tilt Known as Axial tilt, it is also theorised by NASA (as a possibility) that it may have been caused in recent history.  For those who are simply interested in correlating the dating of the pre-Sumerian peoples and Sumerian Pharaohs who became the Egyptian Pharaohs, and whose date lists do not match or sync to Pyramid dates or some historical accounts. The great pyramid at Giza was covered with highly polished white Limestone cladding (Tura stones which dazzled for hundreds of miles). The cladding fell from their supports and have been reused in other contemporary constructions. The cause of the cladding's problems was (some say) an earthquake, but other pyramids and the sphinx show signs of tidal salt erosion as if they were ravaged under the sea. Other pyramids and buildings/cities have been discovered in every sea in the world, and they were not built under the sea. Therefore the question arises; were the pyramids built prior to the disaster which effected the whole earth. It is a maze and every method and dating chronology has problems. (see also chapter 4 below) Dating from simulated atsro-theological reconstruction is incredible and accurate but has problems also.

Dating methods in the Mount St Helen's disaster for instance threw up many puzzling results. Rocks were formed from the cooled lava and they were later examined and dated by radiometric dating as opposed to relative dating. The rate of decay of radioactive isotopes, such as uranium, potassium, rubidium and carbon-14 within that object measured begins straight away after solidifying. The Mount St Helens, rocks were measured by scientists, who did not know their origin. When they published the results of the newly formed rocks they all dated them as millions of years old. Crusts and layers of earth formed quickly in the eruption and objects which had fallen into them (the new soft multiple layers) were buried up to 12 feet or more into the layers vertically. This should have implied a certain date or period, but in fact it was also only a few days old. Similar finds including many trees in existing rock strata revealed trees which had hardened into rock vertically (as petrified wood similar to bog oak) into the new rock strata but many feet down (these multiple layers were horizontal and the trees vertical) but the tree rings were evident still. The young rocks dated incorrectly from Mount St Helen's are still available for measurement and dating today. (see also 2 views Achilles heel film) (& Darwin's Evolution) Disasters or wear around ancient archaeological sites are the cause of many problems for accurate dating. It is suggested that the biblical time - frame and the Egyptian time frame are out of sync, whilst many suggest they are in perfect synchronicity. Aside from natural dilapidation's the pyramids shows signs of sudden damage up to their heights, whilst changes in the earths tilt or rotation (explained as a theory in the next para) and may also have occurred as a result of a disaster. A third view shows the Orion constellation as exactly matching the pyramids at Giza occurring in 10,000 bc (the age of Leo see next paragraph) However if the earth was not at a 23 degree axis tilt some suggest (i.e. before the disaster theory occurred) the Orion constellation could have matched at a earlier date (3000 - 1900 bc approx). All theories should be examined and considered.

Many speculate this occurred suddenly in a natural earth wide disaster,(sea-currents changed, dark skies blotted out the sun and heavy rains and floods swept all before either north or south accumulating at the poles) which caused rapid cooling and a build up up of organic material and earth and rock at the poles causing freezing and the huge ice caps. This is turn caused the earth to tilt out of orbit adding to the catastrophe. In the Osiris video (also below in the next para) at 7 mins and 20 seconds you can see the eccentric earth wobble as it rotates.(watch also from 6 mins to 9 mins or all the video)  If the earth has always rotated in this way then the Egyptian periods alignment to Orion dates to 10,500 bc and consequently the pyramids are as old as this. If the earth rotated in a expected normalised manner previous to an upheaval in which Orion and the constellations procession would still feature then these alignments would date earlier. (in the early epoch many astrologer priests who rediscovered ancient sites or built new ones may have had to adjust to this new problem of earth rotation from the ground plans) This is a part of the exploration of dating neolithic and megalithic structures.(for some)

From out of the Sumerian tribes,(Manu and the Sumerians) came the Egyptian Pharaohs, from Egypt and before  Egypt and Sumeria, Hebrew as a language developed. Many Jewish patriarchs were also Egyptian pharaohs as they had conquered Egypt as Kings of Jerusalem and Israel and the builders of advanced technology.  See the following brief guide to the lost technology, which is not about moving large stones alone. (E.G.  The Great Pyramid is located at the centre of the land mass of the earth. The granite coffer in the "King's Chamber" is too big to fit through the passages and so it must have been put in place during construction ? The coffer was made out of a block of solid granite. This would have required bronze saws 8-9 ft. long set with teeth of sapphires. Hollowing out of the interior would require tubular drills of the same material applied with a tremendous vertical force. Microscopic analysis of the coffer reveals that it was made with a fixed point drill that used hard jewel bits and a drilling force of 2 tons ?) Clearly knowledge of ancient geomantic's and of space and the earth was present in this build at this time when this technology should not have existed ?. The Egyptian United Nile (the white southern 'upper Nile' with the lower Red northern Nile, which floods at the heliacal rising of the Star Sirius, another function of the pyramids was to monitor this flooding) river was a man made Canal uniting the fertile crescent, a work of tremendous engineering, overseen by the Thoth inspired City of ON as mentioned in the bible (Genesis 41, & Genesis 41, 45) Also known as the City of Annu or Aten (Greek City of the Sun) Pre-Christian Europe worshipped the Sun, and /or the unknown power behind the Sun. Two versions of Christianity arose,one Egyptian (Osiris) the other Hebrew and Greek (or jump to part 3  or see a parallel view of   Mary Magdalene / ISIS)    Judaism or  Jewish Christianity   which exited with the Hebrews from Egypt to Israel  (all views are given and also technology as revealed in the bible, the pyramids were known as Enoch s pillar) The Temple evolved over time, a new direction slowly developed, the symbols and the Pyramid capstone moving to a new higher form, literally from Egypt to Jerusalem/Israel beginning with the Exodus.

Ulster then comprised of the O'Neill, the 'Dál Fiatach'  the Dal Riada, the Dál n-Araidhe, the Uí Eathach Cobha, the Conaille Muirtheimhne, the Leth Cathail and Cruithne.  'Irish' as a word is an English word derived from a person named Eremon and Eber (Heber) which became the Milesian line (again see page 171 also numbered page 29 in the pdf also known as the sons of Mil, Eremon = Éireann ) British = Briaton Maol a person. Both would have spoken a form of Celtic (either P or Q Celtic) and Braiton Maol would have spoken 'Welsh' and Welsh would have been spoken down as far as modern day Kent in the south of England. People who would have conversed with the Picts and Bretons (Picardy is named after them) and travelled into Germany and Spain and many countries in Europe. Ireland was settled first as the oldest megaliths in the western isles testify. They then migrated into Scotland and southwards, and into Scandinavia and down back into Europe as the ice sheets melted northward. (see the bottom of this chapter and Saxon Sion) and it is possible to travel from Brittany and France along rivers into the Danube and into the Black sea and then over the Caucasus mountains into Israel. Without understanding this the tribes cannot be followed. You can follow the Tumulus and burial mounds all the way to Israel. Within all of these tribes in Ireland and elsewhere the line of Jesse of Judah exists. The PDF above to the left of the screen is to map the similarities between the Scythians and the Irish/Scots art and history, which are a central part to this debate

For further reading on the Scythians read; Rolle Renate 1989 'The World of the Scythians' Universityof California Press,  or Piotrovsky Boris 1987 ScythianArt Aurora Art publishers,  or   Rice Tamara, T 1957 The Scythians (Ancient Peoples and Places) Pub by Frederick A. Praege  or  The 'Chronicles Of Eri' by Roger OConnor,  or  Caspar Meyer, 'Greco-Scythian Art and the Birth of Eurasia'

For further information also see the following 5 films 1. Where is the Tribe of Dan Today? (Tuatha de Danann) Britain, Ireland,Scotland, Scandinavia, Greece,  2 . Books of Ireland describe the Tribe of Dan settling in the West (The Leabhar Gabhala part 5) 3. The Greek, Danish and Celts as Danites & The Biblical Tribe Of Dan are the same 4. Scythians Scots,Cimmerians, Phoenicians, Isaacsons 10 lost tribes, Tribe of Dan = Tuatha Dé Danann  5. Tel Dan Location, Israel: Fall of Northern 10 Tribes of Israel,Jeroboam Golden Calf Altar



Ireland the land of the Pharaohs written in 2005 by Andrew Power, along similar lines to the pdf at 1 above, but which also hints at rebirth, and it relates at length the non-existent battle between William of Orange and King Charles, and the real use and purpose of the ancient megaliths and stone structures. These structures with inbuilt sacred geometry, astro-archaeology and impossible construction techniques (worldwide) are seldom described accurately by the scientific community or historians.

Michael Tsarion stated and in his books 'Irish Origins of Civilisations Vol 1 and Vol 2" (and on his view of Ulster) a view which proposes that the three main branches of freemasonry, the 33rd degree Scottish rite, the 10 degree York rite and its 3 apprentice degrees and the Orange Orders 3 degrees are linked to form one interlocking directorate.  This information was known and published in the mid 1980's and has been employed by some writers to misinform. Since 1700 and into 1820/5 and the internal controversies Freemasonry had, the world is looking to a freer, more economic democratic society. The distinction which is not made by Michael Tsarions article for Irishmen and Woman was made by Arthur Griffith of Sinn Fein who opposed those who searched for ancient artefacts by destruction in Ireland's fifth province of West Meath/Meath (Tara). This ethic applies to all aspects of Irish society. It is a feature of all in every country. Catholicism and Protestantism have sought the location of the Ark of the Covenant, its purpose central to their beliefs, and to preserve its true value

(Indymedia article "Tara & the British Israelites"

& Mairead Carew

Combining these four items pdf's and links, the real status of Ireland is perceived. An ancient reverence for the 32 counties or four (or five) provinces of the Island has been written out of history, it was ( and still is ) considered a sacred island with a special destiny, which is also shared by those in Ulster who view Ulster's special destiny (as did the covenanters) as yet to appear or manifest. This view divided within itself has hidden that shared history, which is regrettable and tragic.

The new book by Anthony Murphy "Newgrange Monument to Immortality", following the book "Island of the setting Sun" by Anthony Murphy and Richard Moore. Newgrange and its associated heroes and deities are also names known to transpose from Irish "Q" Celtic into "P" Celtic as names familiar with ancient megalithic and Neolithic sites in Britain. Newgrange is older than sites in Britain to the East, (although the west of Ireland has older less elaborate constructions but which are also astronomically aligned) Newgrange being the source of Britain's sites. Tara was also called the New Jerusalem at a date after Newgrange (the house of Aeongus). 

By clicking on the pictures you can discover where to buy them. The unequivocal research by Moore and Murphy show the vast ancient complex which was centred on Tara in Meath Ireland. Tara was the cultural and spiritual capital of Europe and a finishing school for Druids and Christians (see Celt, druid and Culdee in the collection in Chapter 1) The links within the pictures also relate the mystery of Irelands missing (stolen some suggest) Stone Henge in County Louth. Larger and as complex as Stonehenge in Britain its large stones were removed but there imprints are visible from the air. Were they taken to complete Stonehenge? Many ancient celtic names of megaliths in Britain, Scotland and Wales are derived from Gaelige (Gaelic known as P and Q celtic) and Ireland. This supports the fact that the first visible landmass was Ireland and its West Coast and then the populations moved Eastward and into Britain and Scotland and Scandinavia where they met up with others moving west from the middle east. The Anglo – Saxons who came to Britain are derived from Isaacsons or the sons of Isaac (son of Abraham and father of Jacob and Esau)  (anglesaxons). The prophet Jeremiah came to Ireland 1000 years before the saxon invasions of Britain, and is buried at Lough Crew in West Meath Ireland. Tara was once mooted as focus for a United Ireland as the New Jerusalem


Why was Tara considered as the New Jerusalem?  (please see my book above and the Chapter on the Ark of the Covenant)

Tara as mentioned as located within a much larger and very sophisticated ancient Neolithic & Megalithic Complex. The Three books above by Murphy and Moore show just how advanced and sophisticated it is. Its land is full of Sacred Geometry as a Solar area.

For an immediate insight view the first two images below which are taken from  'Twelve Tribe Nations' by John Michell and Christine Rhone. (Click on the Images to enlarge)

Ireland was initially divided into two regions North and South with a line virtually splitting the country into two halves. The Northern half was known as Leth Cuinn after Conn of the Connachta /Ui Neill, whilst the Southern half was known as Moga Nuadat (the slave of Nuada, although this title changed in time) also known as Eogan. This arrangement may follow the Ancient battle between the Giodels (Milesians) who travelled from Israel and the Tuatha De Danaan who in a dispute and settlement, arranged that the Goidel would take all above ground and the De Danaan could keep all below ground. The De Danaan then constructed their homes under peat and grass domes or mounds to get around this prohibition. The line of this division ran from Dublin to Galway. Some suggest this early division of Ireland reflected the division of Egypt (upper Egypt in the south, and lower Egypt in the north) or the division of Israel, with its Northern 10 tribes, and Judah and the Levites in the South, which would become the United Israel.(12 tribe nation) The Exodus marking the passing of Egypt into Canaan which became Israel. 

With the five invasions of Ireland the land (see the Leabhar Gabhla or Book of Invasions ) was divided into Provinces (fives). The Middle province became An Mhide or Midhe (the middle) which is now represented by Meath and Westmeath. However some suggest that the southern province of Munster was divided into two half provinces (1st diagram top image). Both of these images provide reconstructions to reconcile this problem.

The exact centre of Ireland was determined at Uisneach and this has proven an accurate determination even by modern Geomantic Surveying. This area was and is considered as part of the Middle (Meath) and Tara was the ceremonial centre of Ireland, the seat of the High King/Chieftain. It is forty miles east of Uisneach, and Saint Fintan who later surveyed the Island named Tara and Uisneach as the two Kidneys of the overall body. This was known as Mediolanum of the Gauls and in AD 130 it was placed under direct administration of the High King to bring balance to all other four provinces. Each province held 3 tribes, and each had a High King and two attendants. They took there seats North, East, West and South with each King representing each province to its compass point, yet each province had twelve lesser Chieftains.

The second image displays the spiritual  territory of Meath, the circle or Zodiac divisions which took in sections from all other provinces, and eventually with the Ard Ri taking control, they made sure Meath  also did not become land locked as it extended down to Drogheda. Drogheda was also the entrance of the Sun which rolled down the Boyne (figuratively) and at the origin of the river into the ground on the Kildare/Offaly border (where the Boyne rises Kildare Town) Many numerous Megaliths including Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth are situated along the river. The land and heaven were united as the male and female as the Goddess (Ban Ri) and the Solar King in a sacred marriage, this occurred at Tara. Tara is not considered a Summer Solstice festival and the gathering of the Chieftains occurred at Samhain in Novemeber, yet the Sun also rises along the banqueting hall at the Summer solstice.

Knowths accuracy and star and planet geometry and its sacred geometry is especially interesting as the calculation of 19 metonic years of 235 sidereal lunar months at Knowth in Ireland is rare. A 12 month calendar is supposed to comprise 12 thirty day months but of course it does not. To reconcile the sun and the moon in equal rotation took 19 years and makes 235 syndonic lunar months, or 254 tropical lunar months.

A Sidereal month is 27.322 days in length. (a 13 moon year) Michell (2006) shows the ratio of Earth radius to moon radius = 3:11 (Radius of Earth = 3,960 miles = 11 x 360, Radius of Moon = 1,080 miles = 3 x 360)  11/3 = 27.3 days. (earth diameter 7290 miles, moons diameter 2160, 3.3 scaled down)  The Ellipticity of the moon to the earth in area is 0.36 ratio or 1/3 (forming an ellipse from a compressed circle. Isaac Newton formulated proof of gravity as a force on a body in space, this is the orphic egg the Druids commented that the shape of the universe was an Egg Shape, Irelands shape in the second green image above is considered as such)

Compared to Syndonic lunar months of 29.531 days, 360 days a year or 365 requires a disharmony in lunar months. By either calculation, a 13 month year instead of 12 occurs (although number 13 could be no 1 again in the year following). The ratio of Phi is first derived from the square root of 5. 5 divides into 360 and 365 as 72 and 73 respectively, making a ratio of 72/73. Venus takes 584 days to travel around the sun. The ratio to balance the days for Venus is 8 earth years = 5 Venus Syndonic years or 2920 days. Therefore in calculating how many days it takes the earth to travel 1/5th of its journey around the Sun, divide a Venus (6/5 Golden mean) year 584 days by 8 = 73 days.

This ancient problem is harmonised by the 254 lunar months which also echoes the pregnancy period of thirty-eight weeks (266 days) or forty weeks (280 days) of a baby is in the womb. The menstrual period can altar the time of calculation by 14 days + or -Stones at Knowth in County Meath in Ireland in places show 11 crescent moons which if added to 254 also arrive at 266 days. However some babies are early and some are late as we know.

The stones by adding the 11 markings can also calculate days in a year, as 29.53 days in a lunar month = 254.37 days + 11 crescent moons = 365 days. There are 360 degrees in a circle and 5 degrees every 72nd division, or every 3 days. (72/3 = 24). Therefore a Sidereal month and a Syndonic month can be harmonised every 19 years.  Knowth in County Meath in Ireland, was built around 3300 Bc, 1300 years before Abraham, and yet it is incredibly sophisticated. This date is disputed and the site has earlier sites built over down to 1200 bc and 500 bc (approx).

If you are not familiar with sacred geometry please see the following shortened clips by Scott Onstott from Secrets in Plain Sight

1. Egypt  

2. Jerusalem


Tara or Teamhair the burial place of 'Tea Tephi' the great granddaughter of the prophet Jeremiah, father of Zedikiah the King of the tribe of Judah (2Kings, 24;18, see also Jeremiah 1;10, & 15, 11- 14 & 41,10). Hence it was also considered the 'New Jerusalem'

As mentioned the 12 high chieftains sat North, East, West and South around the banqueting hall and Temple situated at the top of the Banqueting hall earthworks or walkway (see Tech Midchuarta) which when walked brings you up to the Ancient Temple (Raith Na Senad) situated near the current church. (click to the image to enlarge)


Walking up the banqueting hall to the hill.

At the time of Cormac mac Airt (circa AD 170 – 200 AD ) the Ancient stones (Bloc and Bluicne see Flinders Petrie in the pdf below page 6 ) at the top of the banqueting hall were insitu at the top of the long barrow hall. They currently reside in the church grounds upon a underground water ley line connecting Tara to (An Forradh & Tech Cormac) at a line running North West through the graveyard and car park and road and into an ancient well across the road. This is in turn marks a global line to the Rath of the Druids (Rath Lugh) north of Tara (the five roads and the hidden Gold road) and one of its Seven forts surrounding its immediate limits. The Rath of the Druids or Rath Lugh is also near the village and church of Skyrne which connects to it via an Ancient fort wall (visible from the air)

The next pdf in the two circles picture below comprises much of the survey by Flinders Petrie and map of 1837 (page 6) which shows where the stones were situated (Bloc and Bluicne). Beyond this led to the Mound of the Hostages or Duma na nGiall (older than the Pyramids) which can be understood to lie between a Vesica Piscis when viewed from the Air please see the video Anam Tara Tara: Voices from Our Past - a recent discovery   (at 2 minutes 10 seconds forwards and see here also on Bitchute again

This Duma in the centre is also lit by the Sun on November (Samhain) each year in the morning, and by the Sun on February (Bridget's day) the cross quarter days and by the Moon every 19 years (the Metonic cycle) To see all of these in one year you would have to live or camp near by.

Please open the pdf by the Thumbnail below.(the thumbnail of two circles shows An Foradh the first or earliest circle, and the newer circle built by Cormac Mac Airt who was the first Christian High Chieftain of Ireland. (An Foradh appears in the Duma and its map Orthostat at 1 minute 15 seconds in the Anam Tara video)

The PDF at page 5 (bottom image top right hand corner the sloping trenches) and also the bottom image on page 22, display's the 'Sloping Sides'. Cormac mac Airt mentioned earlier first appeared on the hill of Tara to correct a judgement the previous High Chieftain had made. The wrong judgement caused the sides of the slope to slide down the hill, the correct judgement remedied it.

The Kings hall and home had started to collapse and analogy for despotic rule.The correct judgement alleviated immediate poverty to one woman (also as an analogy for the poor and working) High King Lugaid mac Con had given judgement unjustly and the house of the Sun (Rath Graine page 22 and Rath Laoghaire) was collapsing.

The Patterns of Evidence; Exodus documentary is available here also as an MP 4 FILE or once again on Bitchute also It is very important as the Egyptian Archaeological Record is deliberately out of Sync (a huge cover up and fraud) in its Timeline (as also the earlier Sumerian King Lists from where we derive the Red Headed Pharaohs ) and as it is used as a yardstick and marker for history, all other nations history is also out of Sync, keeping the confusion on nations histories and timelines in perpetuity including Israel's (via academia and peer reviews and television etc)



The Tara Protest 2007 - 2011

See also Chapter 3a or for the iirsh Election at  the end of Chapter 3a  or use this link to Chapter 3b and scroll up    See also the Sovereignty of Nations website


The destruction of the 'Tara ' complex of over 60 major archaeological sites is unprecedented in History. The Significance of Chief Cormac Mac Airt ( who lived around 200ad) and his judgment on the Hill of Tara (see near the end of this section on the tara protest) These sites (2007 - 2011) did not just surround the Tara Hill area but they extended from the Dublin Meath Border, around to Drogheda and westward into Westmeath. The Books above by Anthony Murphy (or see here Island of the Setting Sun and others) lay out the total area which includes Knowth. Dowth, Tara, Four Knocks, NewGrange, Drogheda and Oldcastle and Jeremiah's tomb and many more. Justifying the destruction it was said that the road could not be seen from the Hill of Tara, but clearly this picture taken from the Hill of Tara an of the linked fort of Rath Lugh 1/2 mile away (one of 7 forts surrounding the Hill of Tara )  or here on Indymedia shows that statement to be untrue.  A reconstruction of what was discovered and destroyed at Rath Lugh in the following picture and article on Rath Lugh and the other sites and looted graves.

Today Grave sites in Meath or Dublin are not bulldozed through, but the excuse was given that if you dig anywhere you will find graves. Yet 15 alternative routes for the road were put forward all avoiding the 60 major archaeological sites and for the car journey to Dublin. Further a high speed train was proposed ? but ignored, yet faster than a car or coach. The Road route chosen was the longest and windiest road route available and hit all 60 sites causing incredible damage but seems to have been also a dual purpose to loot the archaeological sites. The government's compulsory system suggested bought off many objections. The following remembrance of Dillons bridge mentions Soldier Hill which is on the Hill of Tara and which had graves of the United IrishMen of 1798. These graves were bulldozed through and bones cast into the hedges. Soldier Hill Roundabout is near the Tara na Ri public house adjacent to the slope of the Hill of Tara. These sites were as relevant as any in Egypt or Stonehenge or Carnac in France and would be a major area of study in any University in the world. In Britain all sites are protected rigorously and there many people from Britain on the protest and many from countries all around the world.

Anglo Irish bank and bank bailouts 2007 - 2021 Following the destruction the Irish economy collapsed in 2009, (but this collapse began in 2007 at around the same time as the road began in construction see below on the bank bailout timeline) , and a bank bailout ensued with the largest being Anglo - Irish bank. In December 2020 Fianna Fail claimed that there had not been a bank bailout in 2010, (under their term in Government) echoing claims that the Tara complex also was not damaged. yet subsequent prosecutions and secret tapes (see Bitchute and 'Anglo Irish banks, and the admittance of a bank bailout in 2007 - 2010' and see the description box for more links)  show clearly that indeed there had been a huge bank bailout. Therefore why did they agree to them (the road destruction and the bailout ?) or here on facebook but taken from the Niall Boyln show and 'Anglo Tapes - The Reality'  (Iceland collectively as people in 1 country all decided not to bail out the banks) The Irish bank bailout is still within the media (MSM) today ? beginning in 2007     (last link bailout timeline) Since 8.2.2020 the Irish national debt has how’ve changed.  The debt was €198 Billion in 2017 and in 2019 it was €217 billion. Now it was €230 Billion (but suddenly lost €9 billion on the 15.08.2020 to €221 billion)  In August 2020 it has grown to €236  from €198 Billion  (Interest Payments Per Year 10,413,049,249 & Interest Payments Per Second & 330€ National Debt Per Citizen 49,340€ Debt as % of GDP 75.01% GDP Of Ireland 314,030,076,156€ Ireland Population 4,774,087) Each citizen now owes €50,000aisde from mortgages and private debt. Each citizen owed €42,000 in august 2019   and 50 % of all tax take goes into paying this debt. In August 2020 each citizen still owes €46,384 ? which would mean the National debt is now at €236 Billion not €221. This debt clock says €195 billion  whilst the national statistics office has €231 Billion as of July 2020 and here again this debt clock confirms €236 Billion as of June 2020

From 2008 – 2010 the decision to pay the bank bailouts was taken and most of it was not Irish debt. Iceland chose to not pay. In March - June 2020 in Germany, a recent German court case or German constitutional court found “In summary the GCC found that a hugely significant part of recent European Central Bank (ECB) monetary activities – some €2.2 trillion of bond purchases – had no legal authority, negating an earlier ECJ ruling. It was saying in effect that whatever the ECJ might rule, if that were against the German constitution, the latter was sovereign, and the ECJ subservient. And the German constitution, at least for Germans, is immutable” )  It is easier to get rid of the technocracy left communist dystopia as every year it is simply plugging holes when the  whole EU / IMF debt should be cancelled ) All EU bailouts are illegal and this is in the Lisbon treaty and is a part of EU law but is sovereign law also. In 2009 Ireland guaranteed global debt 40% of which was not even Irish debt in the bank bailout of 2008 / 2009. Today for each person in Ireland (without personal debt or Mortgage) each person owes €42,500. The debt (see below) was €198 Billion in 2017 and in 2019 it was €217 billion. Now it is €230 Billion. The public finances are not being handled in any way. Anglo Irish bank and via smaller banks offered 10% return on borrowing in most cases, but in the collapse they could not repay, but had to meet the loan obligation. This was part of the ‘bail – out’ under Fianna Fail, and towns in rural Ireland are still closed down or just getting by. Ireland pys 16.5 million per day (in 2018 it is now higher) towards the national debt bailout and 50% of all taxes go to servicing the debt. (see also the adjacent website and chapter 2 and the irish banking inquiry ) Incredibly it was the EU thorugh compnaies in the EU (UN) however which caused the destruction on Tara.

The following is an account of the Tara protest. 


The Tara protest from Dec 2006/Jan 2007 until 2010 / 2011 (and ongoing) drew a lot of criticism from other protests as it was disorganised and unprofessional some suggested. Contrasting it against the protest continuing in Mayo and the Shell the Sea facility it lacked professional determination many also suggested. This of course was completely denied by the people camped at Tara. There were two camps, one at Rath Lugh (the Rath of the Druids) and one on the actual hill of Tara.

The camp at Tara Hill was considered the more spiritual camp and they wished for an entirely peaceful protest. The camp at Rath Lugh were taking direct action, suffering tussles, beatings and digger jumping (to slow work down) 'lock on' to lock a body onto the digger and also slow it down. They were also secretly building a tunnel to rise underneath the road and block its advance. There was in fact a maze of tunnels constructed. The other camp were unaware of this activity in order to preserve the secrecy. Consequently the Hill of Tara camp criticised the Rath Lugh camp for giving the protest a bad name, as the tunnel and other work was not known to those outside the camp. Many dignitaries turned up at Rath Lugh (who were not camped) and many from the other camp to chastise the Rath Lugh camp. This continued for over year with the Rath Lugh camp generally ignoring it or wondering who they were, despite being told (by the 'chastisers') that they were running the Tara protest from Urban or country houses and by email.

Throughout this period the debate as to what constitutes a peaceful process continued, with the Rath Lugh camp accusing the hill of Tara camp of allowing facile and surrendering opinions to form, in essence you could not meditate the destruction away, and this type of protest would be exactly what the construction companies wanted.

The first precedent in the protest was caused by allowing a digger to drive over sixty miles and remove the topsoil off a sixty mile stretch of new road formed in the meadows and fields and hidden archaeological sites of Ireland. Of course the developers had already broken down each parcel land into smaller parcels and bought fields causing shock and dismay in Meath. Brehon law as such was designed to be perfected and would perfect as time passed and therefore could never be unjust or set aside in recompense. It was declared not heard or tried and its authority was in itself.

The second precedent was the denial that any major road construction would have completed all technical surveys (Baseline Surveying and Soil suitability, Lidar, Total Station, soil removal calculations, Seismic and all land surveying requirements) before beginning a road also. Since the incredible winding road (the longest route of all 15 choices) went over 38 major archaeological sites and 28 lesser but very important sites it is certain that these sites were known or suspected before the road began. It is admitted that the road before Archaeological surveying discovered the henge and other sites was walked and also surveyed. Therefore other discoveries or unusual features were known of before the road began. The National Roads Authority in its Final Report on the excavation of Lismullen page 3 ?    (final report for Lismullen)

(please note the link to this report is now broken since July 2014 but has reappeared for internet usage again in Oct / Nov 2014  it seems to be accessible or then inaccessible at different times, but you can see its trace here in the search engine Thousands of copies were downloaded and a link to the report will be made here at some point. The two quotes below in purple are taken directly from it and are accurate. In itself the report is not remarkable but it does give a true history going back to 2001. Essentially underneath the 'Henge' existed Christian Souterians/Chambers in the beehive style, which by lidar or ground penetration radar would have led many to suggest buried treasure was within. The area is scattered with Christian Souterains. The following report is excellent but does not give pictures of the underground Christian Souterians. My survey here shows the Neolithic stone  ( 2nd pdf down on the right page 13)  at the entrance to the Souterians (how did it get there ?) which were available by video also now lost showing 6 beehive chambers which some suggest were early medieval (5th century) but they were likely dating back to 100 to 200 ad and Cormac Mac Airt as Skryne is within walking distance Thousands of photos were taken inside the Christian Souterians, I entered inside myself but my video is also lost, perhaps people who also took video and photos can come forward. Indymedia gives the background. The wider 'Celtic Europe is also interested in these points'

The link to the M3 Lismullen final report is available here again (or see others here and also here ) and page 17 cites the announced discovery in 2001 but which was announced as a new discovery in February 2007 after excavators drove over it and other sites removing the topsoil (it is also available in the paragraphs below on the Harp at Tara ) The reports are available here as pdfs uploaded here for viewing ( 1 pdf download  and next  2 pdf download and next 3 pdf  download )   The Green party as the Dept of the Environment and John Gormley of the Green party placed a weak protection order on one of the Raths (see below the Harp) and then one year later went to court to argue against it. The Green party are the party of the Carbon Tax scams disguised as stealth taxation on utility such as water (the public already pay taxes, except in Ireland 50% of the tax take goes on servicing the €230 Billion debt see chapter 3a below and post-dated 8.2.2020) For the global carbon tax scam see ‘15th.April.2019 The Fuel taxes and carbon credits scam & Climate change & Science questioned & the carbon Electronic trading Schemes (ETS)’    (and then return to chapter 2 on this website here ) The 2010 Lismullen report says; 

'This site at Lismullin 1 was excavated by Archaeological Consultancy Services Ltd (ACS) as part of the M3 Clonee–North of Kells Motorway Scheme on behalf of Meath County Council NRDO and the NRA. The excavation was carried out between 25 January and 13 December 2007 under Ministerial Direction Number A008/0021 and A042 issued by DoEHLG in consultation with the NMI. The museum registration number was E307'

(The quote above is from the page 3 or III in the beginning non technical summary, the quote below is from page 1 after page xvi in the introduction)

'The site at Lismullin 1 was initially identified during advance geophysical survey carried out by GSB Prospection in 2000/1 (GSB Prospection 2001). Archaeological features recorded in the course of the geophysical survey included a range of pits and linear features at the northwest of  the site. They were located on a ridge of high ground overlooking the River Gabhra to the northwest, and a pronounced topographical hollow to the southeast'

The announcement of the discovery of the Henge at Lismullen / Rath Lugh was not made until 1.5.2007, (five months after the road began). yet it was surveyed 6 years earlier.

The third precedent was allowing 65 % destruction of a site to occur before acting (if methods of first choice do not work). Two brothers (one a poet from the area) decided that when the Tunnel was revealed they would also take an injunction to the high court. Having organised it in part they had to withdraw. The injunction was still pursued in the high court and an accompanying basic survey can be located here. (to the right hand side 2nd pdf down) Under court case  2008 11957P  Dublin High court. Having managed to get a hearing on the evidence as fact (in the media and papers) the injunction was not successful in contemporary jurisprudence (with now nearly 80% damage occurring at the site at that time) yet Brehon or Sovereign law is similar to statute law and common law formed from the land, (natural law) not from case law precedent. It also revealed that some in the camps did not want a case brought under any circumstances. There was leave to appeal to the Supreme Court (hence the case was reasonable, but time was the essence) but a Brief (i.e. a barrister could not be found in such a short period of time pro bono) We were advised that taking a case and losing in the Supreme Court was a precedent if it had been pursued. A case which failed in the Supreme court is the existing precedent, yet equitable decisions can be made regardless in the Supreme or lower courts.

This failed existing Supreme Court case immediately undermined an established precedent by John ODonohue  and the Burren Action Group  Also known as Mullaghmore . Essentially and similar to the Rath Lugh destruction, a Monument is regarded as just itself. The cartilage and land around it even if supporting the monument (such as on a hill) is not regarded as connected to it, when up to 500 metres or more in other countries is considered appropriate to protect it. Two monuments say 100 metres apart are not deemed to be one area and so on. Rath Lugh however had a wall encircling it in a triple spiral from its base up to the monument of the same age. The monument was considered only 1/3 of the Rath or Hill at its summit. The previous failed Supreme court case as mentioned in the last paragraph paved the way for this type of destruction instead of upholding the Burren Action group court case. This allowed exploration and/or plunder of ancient sites. It allowed the land to be broken down into smaller parcels for development (see also Chapter 3 in  ) This takes the authority and profit away from local communities. (To repeat see the basic survey can be located here. (to the right hand side 2nd pdf down)


The Harp of Tara 1. (the following 3 paragraphs) To defend against this court case a simple injunction ( Under court case  2008 11957P  Dublin High court see the paragraphs above) was undertaken in the High Court Dublin. An injunction to prevent further damage against one Rath named as Rath Lugh. There are 7 similar Raths surrounding the Hill of Tara and they were in fact also forts to protect the central Hill comprising the Tara site. After initial damage to the Rath the Department of the Environment John Gormley of the Green party and only after a protest, placed a 'protection order' Oct 2007 (or here in pdf form 'A Rath Lugh - Tara preservation temporay' on Rath Lugh or here again in the Irish Times  and second Irish times article (or so the protesters thought ) with dubious measurements (Rath Lugh 1 km from Tara Hill with walkway to the banqueting hall, and motorway moved 20 meters closer into the actual Rath having initially been announced as 100 meters from the Rath, and without a knowledge of the size and scope of the Rath / fort) and ill-defined definitions amidst hopes the initial damage would not become public knowledge (with 15 route options) The dept of the Environment & John Gormley of the Green party was asked to 'redefine' Rath Lugh but they refused but had to address the issue when the Survey was produced and in the Court case (stating the road was no where Rath Lugh but the other 59 sites were admitted to be completely destroyed and right over the sites but later 'preserved under Tarmac' ? fighting against their own protection order ?)

2.  The protection order (see above paragraph) issued by Green party John Gormley and the Dept of the Environment  (after Dick Roche Fianna Fail was fired) was a scam and cited concerns (suddenly) of undergrowth and trees growing on the Rath which could damage it. But these were not attended too on top of the "monument" in any way. The road works also continued into 2010 and the protection order designated 'temporary' obviously extended beyond the court case for the injunction. (Under court case  2008 11957P  Dublin High court) Yet this part of the protection order was drafted after excavators and machinery had smashed into the side of the Rath as pictures show. (pre Oct 2007) The whole route was over 100 miles long and crushed over 60 archaeological sites (which presumably were also known since 2001 ) As mentioned these sites were announced as new discoveries but had in fact been known since the year 2000 / 2001 (M3 Lismullen final report is available here again (or see others here and also here ) or uploaded here for viewing ( 1 pdf download  and next  2 pdf download and next 3 pdf  download ) As well as archeological sites and graves (with bodies removed and stored in warehouses near Drogheda and gold and silver and jewelry found on these graves were taken and many bodies were cast into the dirt or hedges) and henges, (also see Baronstown and Roestown on the route also Collierstown ) chariots with buried horses and gold and silver and precious stones were discovered and removed from the sites and have not ended up in Museums or private collection for public viewing. Many of these valuable artifacts were separated from the sites by stealth and sorted at a facility set up near Teltown County Meath and then ? (Teltown is an area famous for the ancient Tailteaan games ) Protestors accused the National Roads Authority of the theft of archaeological artifacts. The NRA (national roads authority ) has the unusual position of also being in charge of archaeological services setting up a conflict of interests. No other country has this arrangement. Prior to 2008 John Gormley was given the discretion to halt the road works but chose not too.(carbon tax is the only raison d'tere for the existence of the green party ) In 1899 to 1901 (see Maraid Carew 'Tara and the Ark of the Covenant' 2003 or here ) Excavations to try to locate the Ark of the Covenant were undertaken in 1899 - 19011. Many suspect from 2007 to 2010 the M3 route via the United Nations / EU as Eurolink Motorway Operations M3 (1 of 15 proposed routes and the longest and windiest with also high-speed train options and alternatives) was simply a graverobbing exercise (the NGA / National Graves Association of Ireland pressed for reburial of remains during the protest although it was not widely known graves of the ancient dead had been plundered and destroyed early in the protest ) with an additional toll road profit scheme added on as artifacts photographed by protestors in brief unofficial access actions, have not re-appeared in any capacity. Initially, the public were told the motorway would be 100 meters from Rath Lugh, (but were also not told it would go over 60 sites, some large and some smaller) yet the damage to it (right upon it) later allowed archaeologists access to it, for unofficial archaeological inspections.

The 60 sites at Tara were 'preserved under the Tarmac' which is simply recording the destruction. This in any other country would be regarded as barbaric (see Stone Hill The Tara documentary  'Teamair', Hill of Tara documentary' which highlights the misconceptions that it is just one site at the Hill of Tara although the road hit Rath Lugh and others directly (or here as MP4 FILES in 2 parts & Part 1 MP4 FILE and following it Part 2 MP4 FILE Protestors arrived from Britain, Scotland and Wales, France, Brittany  (Breton) Germany, Scandinavia, and the USA and wider including India or see here on daily motion  ) The Irish examiner stated in 2019 (on Templeougue and Tara and regarding the bodies dug up and placed in plastic bags (also stored in warehouses at Drogheda) "Back in 2006, a number of graveyards in the proximity of the Hill of Tara were discovered during the construction of the M3 Motorway, most notably at Collierstown and Ardsallagh.The graveyards were dug up and destroyed, and the bodies have since been sitting in plastic containers in a warehouse managed by the Office of Public Works" (by Tomás MacCormaic 7.2.2019) The plundered graves in some cases were strewn to one side into the ditch and as mentioned in the paragraph above many were not cataloged and valuable items were stolen in the graverobbing. This road was built by the EU (SIAC/EU)from Brussels overseen by the UN built by NRA / SIAC  who managed the ArchaeologistsThe petition to re-inter the bodies (that were cataloged) was also by Indymedia    To get an idea of how big the whole complex is see the Dublin of University   A  'The Lismullin Enclosure: Design Beyond theObvious in the Iron Age'    (or here in PDF form B The Lismullin Enclosure Design Beyond the Iron Age DIT ) The 6th World Archaeological Congress held in Dublin 2008 ignored all of the speeches and protests (overseen by the UN) ? ACS held the contract but the NRA managed all news and press releases and ACS made their own booklets and reports Conor Newman and the privatization of archaeology but even public or private (or both jointly) for heritage protection was not (is not ) working?, first mooted in the 1990's (the road) and sites discovered as long ago as the year 2000 it was one long theft of artifacts and destruction of central heritage and history. The Government in Ireland could have stopped the road at any point since the year 2000.  

3. Eventual court case Work continued near the Rath and over a newly (supposedly ) discovered Henge on the land of Opus Dei, but which had been identified since 2001 (or even earlier see above) This Henge was also adjacent to Rath Lugh and in the  path of the road.   The defendants listed were the Solicitor General, the Dept of the Environment, the National Roads Authority (as comprising the Irish government, and the road was being built by the EU / UN / Siac, NRA as Eurolink Motorway Operations M3 with also Ferrovial) Incredibly the Dept of the Environment and it's Green party (who are not green or a national political party but fake in every and any country they are in) representative appeared as a part of the 1/3 defense to argue ? against their own protection order which was still in force and for the continuation of the motorway in effect. They stated that the protection order they made only applied to the monument (on top of the Rath) despite the fact that the Rath was a Triskele construction tumulus winding around the Rath with supporting stone walls around its 3 areas, down to the base of the hill, but which was also connected to Skrene via the wall built by Cormac Mac Airt. This fort known as Rath Lugh also extended down to the Henge and was an integral part of the whole Tara complex. (People had formed a giant Human Harp on the Hill of Tara as an earlier part of the protest) The Dept of the Environment's argument (and the other defendants) was akin to a house being only the roof and not the walls or the garden and curtilage, which is not what estate agents sell in legal conveyancing, nor is it the complete title or area insurers insure. This is not the law in most countries on earth and consider the Stonehenge site and others in Britain. UN protections have not protected sites in the middle east and their bias in choosing "a sites" validity, cannot usurp national considerations or heritage)They maintained only the very top was "the monument" despite also surrounding wells, barrows and souterrians present in the lower curtilage near the Rath. An ancient walkway also extended from Rath Lugh and the Henge area owned by Opus Dei (Lismullen) which historically extended up to the "Banqueting hall" on the Hill of Tara  (and which crosses the road to Bellinter in-between Fins Well and Desirable well, and which further extends to the Rath of the Synods, Teach Cormac and "an forradh" collectively called Rath Righ)  The reality is the Dept of the Environment and Green party wanted the Motorway, despite up to 15 alternatives and a high-speed train solution. The court case surprised opposing legal teams as it was actually granted a full days hearing in the high court, and it was supported by a survey (see last paragraphs above these which details the exact size and geometry of the damage) and which outlined the breach of the Dept of the environment's own protection order and other surrounding matters which included protesters who had tunneled under the proposed road from the Rath and who were insitu. The court case ( Under court case  2008 11957P  Dublin High court ) was the simplest form of legal correction a court could make, and its purpose was to seek the law 'per se' (constitutional, statute and common law as also bringing common sense to bear) With 6 barristers and their supporting solicitors and a huge legal team with an unlimited budget opposing it, the case was narrowly lost but so too was the sincerity or validity/legality of the Law (and protection orders) by its own judgement, and the Heritage and Justice of the Government as being represented by the Harp (see also chapter 3a below and the post dated 8.2.2020) which is 'itself', and not just symbolic. (see a few paragraphs below and 'Heritage to be preserved' )


The final precedent concerned the health and safety at the tunnel itself. In most countries a health and safety inspection would take weeks (up to a month or more to complete before people are removed from the tunnel) In Ireland the digger simply drove back and forward over the tunnel and it surely would have collapsed. Ironically many members of the road building teams lost their overtime bonus due to the delay of the 'tunnel protest' ending early. Many companies set aside 10% of their budgets for protest matters. The Hill of Tara camp and protest having being surprised at learning there was a tunnel, some then criticised the early exiting of the tunnel. Under new archaeological and environmental planning these sites would have been preserved and tourists would have travelled from all over the world to view them. Also a road would also have been built.(both)

Whilst much of this activity was continuing alignment and Astro – Archaeological surveys were also continuing by protest members and others. Further a 'analysis & sorting complex' the size of two tennis courts was discovered near Telltown which housed all artefacts discovered of antiquity including graves many of which has not appeared in Museums to date. Discovered during a Astro- Archaeological alignment survey at Telltown.

These type of surveys also allowed protestors access to walk the Gold Road from Rath Lugh through Lismullen, and up to the banqueting hall over land. Following the Sun as it rolls up the banqueting hall and ascends into the top of the hill. The stones (Bloc and Bluicne see Flinders Petrie in the pdf above page 6,  i.e the grey picture with two cirlces. This pdf is by Sean Moriarty 'Orthostat the mound of the Hostages') were moved according to Flinders Petrie and the area was entered into three times.(this has precedents in the ancient annals and the ancestors who built this system were ingenious) You can also see this area once more Anam Tara Tara: Voices from Our Past - a recent discovery

A heritage to be preserved As is shown in the Anam Cara video above the central area of Tara is a map also to the outer regions. This extended to the mouth of the Boyne in Drogheda and South into Kildare and included Westmeath and Meath together as one. Further, the northern route of Breifne was an ancient wide plain extending from Roscommon and Rath Croghan (The beginning of the 'Tain Bo Cuailnge' ) and Leitrim across the land into Meath and it was created by Queen Maeve (Mebh or 'woman of mead') in effect as the Cattle Raid of Cooney as the Bulls drove all before them creating a wasteland with the army following on after. (Mebh even created her own pass into Ulster known as Bernas Bó Cuailnge ) It is cited as the Medieval Kingdom but its plain was created much earlier when crops and workers were not found for many years. Queen Maeve had her Royal Rath/enclosure adjacent to the Hill of Tara. The destruction of the 60 sites in 2007 - 2010 destroyed heritage and opportunities to record and visualize ancient history. Tara itself has Teach Comac which was cerated by Ireland's first Christian Chieftain Cormac Mac Airt, ( circa 200ad, and the destruction was also upon Christian sites  in many areas) it is a mirror image of 'An Forradh' the earlier rampart which was built before Teach Cormaic. Teach Cormac could easily flip up, onto and into An Forradh . Cormac Mac Airt also codified the oral Brehon laws  which established laws for all and for the peasants in law and removed corruption. This was very much on peoples minds during the 2008 financial crash of 2008 (see chapter 3 below and the subheading 'The Global Financial Collapse of 2008'   Cormac Mac Airts judgment is said to have prevented an earlier erroneous judgment which caused the 'sloping trenches' mounds to collapse (the wool and the woad judgment which brought economic parity for all ) Ugaine Mor or Ugaine the Great (Owain in Welsh and a name still found in Mid Europe and also in Hindu. Igraine (of Cornwall and Briton) a feminine equivalent name means the Sun, or Eigr in Welsh, or Ygarine in French or Grainne in Irish ) who reigned from Tara as the 66th High Chieftain of Ireland somewhere between 450 and 600 bc, but who ruled  Ireland and all of Western Europe (including Alba / Albion Britain as recognized by the British / Welsh king lists) as Tara was considered a special place. Ugaine was said to have fought at the same time as Alexander to help date his reign. Rath Lugh (see above) was/is one the most important archaeological, historical, political and cultural sites in Ireland.

The spiritual protest versus the direct action debate continued, until suddenly unknown protestors who have always remained anonymous and have never revealed their identity (except the newspapers stated they were from Ulster) came down in the night and destroyed all the machines in one night North of Tara near the border emulating the Tara protest but not a part of the protest camps. This was late into 2008 and into 2009.


Cormac Mac Airt

Sovereignty in Ireland is usually ascribed to Ireland's Golden age ( 550 bc to 550 ad)  when in fact the rights and laws of Sovereignty are inalienable rights extending back to time immemorial, they cannot be removed. Ireland owes much  to its oral histories which were later preserved by chronicles and also by pagans and monks. Another benefactor to Ireland's historical knowledge was Cormac Mac Airt Ireland's first Christian Chieftain who lived around 200 ad. On the hill of Tara another area synonymous with Sovereignty one of the ring forts is named after him, known as 'Teach Cormac' (the House of Cormac)  Teamhair na Ri and the Fort of the Kings or Raith na Riogh originally only had one circle but Cormac Mac Airt the 2nd (making an almost figure of 8 image) later. Further details are here He lived nearly 200 years before St Patrick and there were Christians in Ireland long before Cormac Mac Airt. His Christian beliefs are told in T W Rollestons book "Celtic, Myths and Legends"   (or here again to view  or here once more around page 66 ) Featuring Queen Mebh or Maeve on the front cover. Cormac Mac Airts faith is almost erased in the modern free press, but it also gets a mention at the very end of wikipedia 

Cormac Mac Airt codified the Brehon law. Another reason he is significant is he codified the oral Brehon Law (the common law of the land) but also because he delivered a Judgement  which stopped disaster continuing on the Hill of Tara and throughout Ireland (war and hardships etc) The Senchus Mor and the Book of Aicill give further details of this mammoth task

The incumbent Chieftain Lugaid mac Con at Tara, (just before Cormac Mac Airt) was building new forts near to where Rath Grainne is today. (Near the centre of the hill of Tara) They are known today as the 'Sloping Trenches' which is a way of saying  they are not fit for purpose, but why and how they became  as such is the story of Cormac Mac Airt. (as collected in the Dindshenchas (Place Name Stories, c. 12th century) When construction began and as they continued they must have seemed sound but later Lugaid's false judgement on a dispute forced him to abdicate, and caused one side of his Royal house to collapse, thereby explaining the unusual shape of the "Clo'enfherta" or Sloping Trenches which are literally now at an angle of about 40 degrees. When Cormac entered Tara, he is confronted by a woman complaining about a judgement, meted out to her by the reigning King of Tara , Lugaid mac Con. Lugaid judged that the sheep which accidentally entered the Queens woad field (woad was used to Dye skin and clothes a valuable commodity) should be  kept as payment for the intrusion and loss of woad. As soon as Lugaid gave this judgement the forts and rings began to collapse and slide down the collapsed trenches, which was seen as a disaster waiting for the whole land in macrocosm, not just in microcosm for the King and Tara. Tara was considered a nation, or a fifth province within the four as a  central barometer and instigator of how a nation functions. Cormac having entered Tara to observe the concerns and unusual land movements at once gave a counter judgement  " Cormac rose up before the people and said, "Nay, but let the wool of the sheep, when they are next shorn, be given to the Queen, for the woad will grow again and so shall the wool." Benna who owned the sheep was wealthy, but the Judgement  established that loss should not mean destitution and the law could be fair whether it was for the Chieftain or Ban RI (Queen) or for the subjects. For the rich or the  poor.Cormac declared Lugaids judgement as false- the correct verdict being that one shearing of the sheep's wool would be a proper fine for the loss of one year's harvest. This judgement of Truth led to Cormac being recognised as the rightful King of Tara.

A Chieftains Sovereignty depended upon Justice  for all The Kingship of Tara ( Kingship of the Celtic Ireland ) was based on the universal concepts of Kings ruling peacefully, prosperously in truth and honour. Early Irish texts on these qualifications simply placed them into one sentence or saying as 'Fi'r Flathemon' or the Justice of the Ard Ri or Chieftain. After the fairer Judgement the sloping trenches stopped sliding (in macro and micro) and they can be viewed to this  day.  This is the spirit behind the law just  as the 10 commandments are  the summary of the 613 laws of the Old Testament, the Brehon law extends back to those days. 

Tara in 2007 and 60 sites surrounding it and connected to it on the M3 motorway route was purposely targeted. The eventual route was the longest and most unnatural route which (a snaking route which was almost double the length of the original) hit 60 sites in its path which were preserved by record 'under Tarmac'(the same situation today in the M4 Collooney to Castlebaldwin new road and  the connected  Knock to Collooney Road. An area of the tuatha de Danann. The NRA national roads authority and the archaeology depts are in fact one and the same)  In the 2007 - 2013 Tara M3 road, despite numerous court cases and one in which the Government actually breached their own Heritage protection order. showing they have no validity or right to govern Lawfully... (see above for details on the wrong judgement, either the injunction was upheld to support the Government's protection order or the protection order simply stood without injunction as itself. Either way and the 'government' were shown their own corruption, their case was lost, and they were defeated. The resultant loss of priceless heritage can never be returned. Restored as heritage it would have provided indirect incomes to thousands in Meath and Dublin and drawn people from all over the world ) .... destroying one of the most famous sites in Irish history, the idea of Justice in those judgements was not present or recognised. Not long after these cases (March 2008)  the Irish economy collapsed in mid 2008 into 2013. 'The sloping sides' approach was taken with disastrous results.



The mystery of Tara continues but a previous exploration of Tara in 1903 resonates with the recent explorations. Taken from

Walton Adams [Excerpted from the August 1903 issue of The Covenant People, an Expositor of the Prophecies concerning the Two Houses of Israel and Judah, Vol. IX.

It describes ( as mentioned above, earlier in this chapter) events very similar to those Mairead describes in 1898 – 1903

The Ark of the Covenant hidden at Tara (pdf)

(Indymedia article "Tara & the British Israelites"  


& Mairead Carew's book  'Tara and the Ark of the Covenant'  and see here also from the Royal Irish Academy    and also  "British Jewish leaders searched for the Ark of the Covenant at Tara"  However there are / were much more items than the Ark in Meath (see the protest above of 2007 - 2011 ongoing)


Third Temple to be built in Israel    (May 2014, which requires the Ark of the Covenant to complete)


An early book of the migration of the lost tribes of Israel was "Celt, Druid and Culdee" by Isabel Hill Elder who inherited a watered down version of the first wave of Messianic believers who came to France and Albion (Britain, Wales Scotland and Ireland at Tara as alo 600 years before at  the time of Jeremiah where the 'House of Jesse' or King David was already known and wider Europe) only a few years before and after the Temples destruction in Jerusalem in 70 ad. Messianic Christianity and Levitical priests (the Almond tree blossoming is the flower on the Menorah and Aaron's rod of also Joseph of Arimathea, not the Glastonbury Hawthorn tree. Glastonbury also has Almond trees and it is the first to bloom in Israel) and Nazarenes arrived over the next 100 years.  Some carried a stone with them. Mary the mother of the Messiah for example has connections to the Culdee church, and she is reputedly buried in St Albans in Britain, although there are more locations mooted than St Albans. For further information see chapter 5 below near the end . A new 3rd website will discuss these issues in greater detail The Sovereignty of Nations




The Hueneberg Celtic Saxon city in Germany  

Not to be confused with the municipality of Hunenberg in Switzerland, the Hueneberg is based in Germany close to the Swizz and Austrian borders. Both names have the same route meaning however.


At the beginning of this chapter, it is mentioned that the Mounds of the Ukraine are very similar to those of Ireland, Britain, Scotland and Wales.

Another interesting area is Germany and the magnificent 'Heuneberg' Celtic Fortress in Southern Germany (Baden Wuttenberg) which was central to 'Celtic' expansion. Dating from 700- 600 bc up until the modern Christian era, you will note in the first photograph 1 (click to enlarge) the overall location of the Heuneberg. Looking West in the following photograph 2 you will also note the location of 'Saxon – Sion' in the Alsace – Lorraine area (Zion, middle top of picture)  Also known as the Meurthe-et-Moselle was the exact border between France and Germany redrawn in 1871 after the Franco - Prussian war and in World War 2. Please note it is also not far from Lyon the eventual residence of King Herod who fled Jerusalem under Roman Emperor Caligula with his wife Herodias and who is possibly the real 'Mary Magdalene'. The Saxon- Sion area through Lyon to the coast of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France (where Mary Magdalene reputedly first landed) is a straight line. This area is also noted for its Celtic mounds. The first photograph 1 also notes (to the right) the area named 'Skythen' which is Northwards above the black sea in the Ukraine up to the Russian steppes. The Irish book the 'Leabhar Gabhala' (or the book of invasions) states this area of Scythia was where the first (of five) invasions into Ireland arrived from in 4000 bc (approx) and that all other invasions who understood each others language also originated from Scythia. (having travelled over the Caucuses mountains to the black sea from the 'promised land', yet they pre-date the promised land or depending on the site are contemporary with it)

Before Scythia the book states they arrived into Scythia and Black sea area from the Middle East (Israel and Egypt). Saxon or the sons of Isaac (Isaac sons)the Scythians and the Tribe of Dan, Tuatha De Danaan crossed back and forth to Ireland and Europe over many eras and dates.The third picture 3 (click also to enlarge) shows the extent of the Celtic connections into the middle east and current day Israel, whilst picture no 4 shows the Heuneberg adjacent to the Danube named after Danu the Goddess some believe, or Dan (the tribe of Dan) or the Tuatha De Danaan. (which may be all the same people)Similar to the Nile location or in Ireland the River Boyne as the sacred river which mirrors the sky and the Milky Way. Mounds or pyramids are adjacent to the river which represents the  Milky Way on earth. The mounds in many locations are measured and located to map the stars. In microcosm and macrocosm life and the afterlife mirrored the belief of returning to 'Heaven'

The Heuneberg is located in very beautiful country, it is very well protected, respected and preserved and an asset to the area. The Danube is also a great river, made famous in pre-history and by Johan Strauss.

Click to enlarge photographs below (1- 4)

The four pictures above are from the Huenenberg Celtic fort, in a region of Germany called
Swabia (Baden Wurttemberg) near Bavaria & Switzerland.

The picture above on the bottom right also shows the layout of the Huenenberg which is situated for practical reasons next to the Danube. It is situated next to the Danube as it was also felt a river reflected the Milky Way. This feature occurs in Knowth in Ireland and many other settlements of similar ilk and period. Consider also the age of the Pyramids and why they align with Orion at the date in the Osiris video repeated here Osiris video  at 7 mins to 8 mins but which uses a model of procession which was not in use before 725 bc or 2000 bc. (the Princess burial dates from 600 bc approx)The first Hebrew tribes left Egypt before the Exodus or during. Not dating from 10,000 bc ? as the Osiris video suggests, but a change in the earths rotation has misaligned the synchronization from 3000 to 1800 bc (see also chapter 2 from the beginning, and chapters 4 and 5)


The ShieldMaiden or Schildmaid

One of the most mysterious aspects of the Heuneburg Celtic fortress complex concerns the discovery of the young German Celtic Princess (600bc / 590 bc) who was discovered in 2008 -2010. Buried with one other female (a maid or companion) and a child in different levels/sections. Who she was exactly remains a mystery ? The Museum displays her image based upon the Gold lined clothes she wore. This region upon the Danube which flows all the way to the Black Sea. This is the region the Scythians originated within. The ancient texts state they resided in this area.(see chapter 2 above)  Bronze age settlements are found in Germany from 1400 - 1100 bc and migrations along the Danube from the Black sea into Europe dating from 1400/1100 bc and 1000 bc and again in 800 / 700 bc are evident in the historical record. 

These dates tally with Middle East  history and migrations, which include (into) Spain, (Tarshish in modern day Andalucia and Zaragoza in Aragon as examples) Italy, Britain, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Scandinavia. Germany, Austria and Russia include examples of these ancient sites and migrations. The Vikings (six Hebrew Kings) are known for their invasion East into Russia and South into Europe, reaching also France and Italy (many settled in Sicily) but also into Greece and to the Black Sea. Modern day Istanbul then Constantinople or Byzantium. Byzantium derives its name from Byzas son of Nisos who founded the region. Nisos or Nisus was from Megara bordering Sparta, and together they conquered the area known as Byzantium.(700 bc to 660 bc)  They were renowned builders of temples and cities. Nisus also had red hair which if shorn or shaved would cause him to lose his strength. Samson and the Nazarenes also had this problem. The Vikings invaded Africa and even into the Middle East and the Normans (Northmen) are descended from them. 

The question remains who was she ? The Celtic Princess  An aristocrat from the Middle east originally, is it possible she was not just an aristocrat but also a woman who had chosen to fight as a warrior like Brunhilde. Known as Shieldmaidens or  Schildmaid. Consider the four following images and videos. Three are taken from the Museum at  the Hueneberg ( the first 3) 

The first shows her entombed in a 3 D graphical image, 

The second is a video which is the same burial as no 1 above, shown in section through the levels to the ground above. Filmed at the Hueneberg on a hand held camera, which show's where she was buried and how, and then ascends to show the area which overlooks the Danube river. Also photographed below in 3 below. It is a stunning area. This area also has a monument to 'Das Ahnenerbe' who went on a long search. They are also mentioned in the book named above. (The Uncreated Creator)

The third image is the Danube river as it winds mirroring the Milky Way, and the view the inhabitants of the city and the area would have enjoyed. (see also  the four pictures above) You can see why people found the area and remained. (The Danube is also a great river, made famous in pre-history and by Johan Strauss )

The fourth image is the route of the ten tribes as the ten lost tribes of Israel (from Israel to Assyria, the attempt to return to Israel and the way northward to the black sea and west) The image is taken from the Historical research of the ten tribes scattered into the nations.

A Shieldmaiden or Schildmaid was not a Valkyrie although these distinctions in practice are academic, but a descendant of the Scythian's who had intermarried with the Amazon woman. The Amazon woman who only marry into Scythian tribes. J.R.R. Tolkien told us what Shieldmaidens do and what they are in effect about in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. ( Eowyn and the Nazgul) and employed ancient imagery for use in a modern context. In a modern context it is discussed in the adjacent website and chapter 4 and under 'Alicias law' but under the Sub heading Ukraine. It is one of those moments when feminists realize being a feminist, is being feminine and not a half gender at half strength. Woman have been raped and their children are killed inside their own womb. Being free not to chose marriage and family is also a part of the reality of being feminine. Total confusion, defilement and subjugation wrapt around modern philosophical theories which are are designed to subjugate further (being educated by the enemy to stay silent or accept a reduced status) This is why Tolkien included the Shieldmaiden, and was a part of the debate between him and C.S. Lewis as Schildmaids, had a strength beyond size and were also Spiritual as they discover throughout life as warriors. (usually after being dragged backwards through a hundred hedges and falling into a pit and fighting there way out again, before they are 18)

At the Hueneberg the Sheildmaiden was found buried alone with a child. The child was buried a few feet away and another woman was included in the burial who they suspect was a paige or maid who accompanied her. It seems it some kind of sad story but not too sad. Similar to Brynhildr or Brunhilde (and 'Rhinemaidens' ) who had a battle and had to sleep ( a bit like Germany herself or Scandinavia and Europe as a whole including Britain, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) It is an interesting story and these things are not myths of course and the people who wrote the tune Marschlied (or the flower of the heath or heather as Erika) did so because they felt their history deeply. Therefore it is not a 20th century idea but one which goes back to the earliest times. 

The Hueneberg Princess is dated to 609 bc and most people conclude the search at the point. However the question of where the tribe at  the Hueneberg originated is made vague or inconclusive. The fourth image (here again) is the true history of the European peoples. The tribes were divided into 10 tribes and 2 tribes (1 Kings 11,30) and it was Gds will that they would be divided (I Kings 12,15) but that they wold be re-united (1 Kings 11,39)  ((see; A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations – Part 1 & 2 by Professor W A Liebenberg or here on goodreads which has all volumes or here all volumes ) in the lost ten tribes books within 17 volumes, so far, and in the lost ten tribe books with its 17 volumes. See all research in this area. (which Alexander later conquered) and they sojourned there before attempting to return to Northern Israel. Why or how did they  escape ? The 10 tribes into Assyria / Mede and then the two tribes who did not return to Jerusalem joined them after the 70 years had finished. As the Assyrian empire disintegrated they were loosed. 800 years later at the destruction of the Temple members of the 12 tribes also left for Iberia (Georgia) including amongst them Georgians first Christians by ad 35 and later at the temples destruction in ad 70. Firstly they (the 10 tribes) had broken the covenant which Judah had not. Judah had been given a mandate to return, (after 70 years, Jeremiah 25, 1 - 11) where as the lost in the ten tribes had not. The Assyrians were conquered by the Babylonians who in turn were conquered by the Medes (Medo - Persians) There were two invasions of Israel one in 732 bc and the second in 725 bc.  The second books of Esdras (which was once in biblical canon and scripture but was removed) and to a lesser extent the book Tobit mentions the ten tribes (as beyond the Euphrates) and record this journey to Assyria, up until they left to return to Israel once again. Instead of entering Israel they turned back and went to reside in modern day Georgia around the black sea area. Many are there still. This area is named as Arzareth (see 2 Esdras 13, 40 ) = Georgia and surrounding territories. Josephus (Antiquities 11:133) states as a fact "the ten tribes are beyond the Euphrates till now, and are an immense multitude and not to be estimated in numbers.The accepted book of Acts is addressed to various of the ten tribes. Yeshua said he came only for the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Whilst the apostles and disciples were from the tribe of Judah and within them they addressed the rest of Judah and the gentiles. The gentiles includes those Hebrews who left Egypt before the exodus. The Hueneberg and many Saxon (Isaac sons) Celtic sights are based upon older Egyptian designs which the later ten tribes (and Judah and Benjamin also in other diaspora) found as markers and lived within rebuilding them. The Scythian tribes in the arrival in Ireland in five separate intertwining journeys knew each others language despite centuries of separation and knew the routes to take. They populated Ireland, Britain and Scandinavia into Germany also into the Balkans and and Russia and into Georgia and Afghanistan and the Armenian and Azerbaijan (including also Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkestan)

The ten tribes intermarried with the Scythian tribes who married the Amazons also and they populated Europe. When real history dawns on people it can be liberating and also terrible. There are people who do not believe in these ideas on the ten tribes pointing out  that there was not a surgical separation between the ten and the two tribes but they are mentioned in 2 kings 11, 31 - 35. They were taken from Israel and there is a return today. (Jeremiah 3,18 and Isaiah 11,12) The Southern Tribes two tribes with Simeon and Asher were also further reduced when they were taken to Babylon  North  of the Caspian sea  (volume 6 page 13) area has an archaeological record which has uncovered towns called Samara, Isaac (Isak ) and (Ismail) Ismael. The Talmud mentions the ten tribes crossed the Bosphorus (Sambatyon) and resided at the area where Troy has been rediscovered near and at the sea of Marmara. location (south west corner of the Dardanelles) Most of the European nobility are descended from the Greek Trojan wars. Therefore so are the people of the USA. The Hebrews are known as the House of Joseph, and Abraham was descended through Eber (Heber = Hebrew) and the Ten tribes are separated from the House of Joseph also. until they assimilated and become a part of that House.They brought the Torah into the world and later the apostles brought the gospels. Luke 14,34 describes the problem of salt losing its savour. it is no good for anything, the food tastes bland (like the word of G-d without salt) and the people lose their way. Salt also preserves food and keeps it fresh from putrification. The tribes migrations bringing Torah acted in the same way (Numbers 18,19) and as basic law of nature without salt human life cannot be sustained (Pliny) The church for many reasons does not want to hear these truths. Many of those reasons are political and not spiritual. A plan of individual salvation works alongside the overall and final plan of Gd, and  they can be separate as many Christians have past on in previous decades and centuries. 

Aryans originate in this area around Georgia and Armenia. The root of the AR derives from words meaning "to assemble or congregate" according to the research in the lost ten tribes books within its 17 volumes ( Aryans; volume 4 page 29) or see;  A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations – Part 1 & 2 by Professor W A Liebenberg or here on goodreads which has all volumes or here all volumes ) in the lost ten tribes books. See all research in this area.) The area of the  Caucasus  mountains referred to in Jeremiah 51, 27 as Minni and Ararat and Ashkenaz(to the extremes of eastern Turkey or east of the Black sea) on the border of Armenia but which was once in Armenia (which borders Azerbaijan) This is the root of the word Ayran. The Gali or Gael originate from Georgia and before this from Israel. Niall of the Nine hostages gave his heirs reign in all of Europe as did Ugain Mor ( a vast empire) The Scythian's controlled all of the trade routes between the east and west from their black sea position and were very powerful, occupying all of Europe. Dolmens are mentioned in Jeremiah 31, 21. Ossetia  ( here is its flag and its people  or here ) is a region of Georgia and Ossian (Oisin) is a Scottish and Irish name and one shared with the Cimmarians also. (volume 6 page 43) Jasons Argonauts sailed to this region which used the hides of sheepskins to catch Gold particles in streams which were then hung on trees to dry and later shake out. This is the  legend of the Golden fleece (vol 8 page 37) This region was also known as Colchis before it was named Georgia.The Georgian records also state Christian were in this area by 35 ad. The adjacent small country of Abkhazia has the red hand or Irish hand in its flag.  (its flag design is here  and/or here  with green background stripes) Ireland's independence day is January 21st 583 bc which is the day Tea Tephi (Odhbha) was crowned Queen of Ireland.The day celebrates the music, mysteries and geometry also of the Harp (of David) which is explained at the very end of the adjacent website.  It is also the Red Hand on the flag of Ulster. Georgians are genetically related to German Saxons and Scandinavians (volume 9 page 34, and the Scythian Scots are related to the African Berbers (volume  9 page 37 - 39) (the Irish  records record the five invasions of Ireland by the Scythian's) The Huenenberg is also close (300 miles) to Saxony and the home of the Sax Coburgs who came to Britain and is the name with Windsor of the Queen of England. One of the main routes of the lost ten tribes came via Europe and the Danube through Germany and through France into Britain, Wales, Scotland and Ireland (see "A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations – Part 11" which is also on Amazon" )

Dolmens, cairns and stone megaliths or even neolithic stone constructions are mentioned in the bible (see Genesis 31, 44 - 47, Genesis 28, 18 22, Genesis 35, 7 - 14, Exodus C 24,4 & C 20, 25, Job 8,17, Duet 27 1 - 5, 1 Samuel 7,12, & 2 Samuel 18, 17 - 18, Jeremiah 31, 12 & 31, 20 - 21. Proverbs 22, 28. The megalithic yard is mentioned in the book of Jubilees 4, 17.   Jeremiah 31, 21 instructs Israel to set up markers and high heaps to mark the way. Even to the outer isles as in Jeremiah  31,, & Isaiah 11,11.In Wales Hu as Cymry or Cimmerian who married into the Scythian's was one outer isles. The area around Georgia had an Albania (in the east) as well as an Albania in the west (west of Greece looking into Italy) and Albion was the old name for Britain, as Alba was the old name for Scotland. stonehenge has 10 stones and 2 stones and  a skeleton found there originated in Switzerland. A type of stonehenge is found at Gilgal in Israel ( Gilgal Galeed in the Golan heights see Genesis 31, 44 - 47 & 2 Kings 2, 1 & Deuteronomy  11,30) and was the first camp of the Israelite's ad had 12 large stones of 12 tribes Joshua 4 , 9 and 20 - 24. The book of Jubilees is the study of stars and measures, and Abraham of the Chaldees (the astrologer priests) would have been familiar with all the night planets and stars. Years went from 360 days to 365 days after 722 bc. Stars and planets were  not worshiped (Deuteronomy 4, 19) but were plotted and recorded by these monuments. The main tabernacle was the Tabernacles of Moses and eventual temple of David / Solomon. Isaiah 40, 22 describes the Universe. In 3 bc on September 11th (the feast of the bride and trumpets) Leo the Lion was aligned in Virgo the house of bread.  (see "A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations – Part 11" which is also on Amazon" )

Far from being a myth the story of the ten tribes is biblical and the verses in Mathew 15,24 in which Yeshua states "I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel" does not say i was sent to the lost house of Israel, although that is also a meaning. Sheep can separate and form separate flocks. Views opposing the ten tribes idea  state correctly (in one capture) that 27, 950 people and 50 chariots were only taken away by the Assyrians and the Israelite's were hardly likely to escape and then return to Israel but change their mind and go to an area North of Israel. Yet the bible says just that and the 2nd book of Esdras also confirms this as does the Talmud. 27,950 people in 100 years to 625 bc could easily become 100,000 or much more into millions 300 years later. The paragraphs above describe the loosening of Assyria over the 10 tribes.The Assyrian cuneiform (which cites the 27,950) is only one source and describes only one capture. The Huenenberg find is dated to 609 bc and describes an aristocrat, like the ten tribes. This is only 100 years after they left Israel and 25 years before Tea Tephi came to Ireland. Far from no evidence existing the evidence is overwhelming concerning the lost ten tribes. (saying these matters are 'Myths' is something the Church should be concerned about)



World War 1 and the strange events which led to the massive casualties

Navigation link to the 'Sovereignty of Nations' website & the 2nd main heading entitled  2. The Greatest Victory for both Houses of Judah & Israel


When you consider that Europe, Scandinavia and Britain, Scotland, wales and Ireland have been through two world wars and Israel was created in 1946/1947, which essentially blew them apart and wonder how that occurred, there are very strange elements to those wars. J.R.R.Tolkien served and fought at the Somme and he used that experience to describe the walk to Mordor in the films the Lord of the Rings. France had become a wasteland amidst the machinery of war. So many people died on the first day of the Somme it was hardly believed (58,000)  the shock waves in Britain were enormous and the bitter memory of it remained for decades and still remains. 

July 1st 2016 marked the 100th year of the battle of the Somme. The first day of the Battle of the Somme resulted in  57,470 casualties and the battle lasted 141 days. The first day's casualties brought complete shock in Britain and it is estimated that 80% of those first days casualties did not need to occur. This is analysed in the documentary "The Great War, The Somme W1"  (now removed but see below on it) and explained completely.

Essentially what Dan Snow and other documentaries inquire over is why 700,000 shells (in the first few months) were not just duds (a % )but those that worked did not blast the barbed wire away clearing a path for the troops. They tested the design (in the documentary) on staged barbed wire and found indeed they did not have any effect on the barbed wire. Other incendiaries (which were not employed in WW1 ) did have the effect of blasting away the wire. Men coming out of the trenches were caught on the barbed wire and were cut to pieces by machine guns and shells. They were told that bombardments onto no man's land had cleared the way across to the other side. All nations were told the same. Therefore these useless bombs were (they hint) designed that way and designed to not clear the  barbed wire. Considering millions died ? why was this allowed at the munitions factories / armaments dealer level and for so many costly bombs ?

The Video (in the last link in the paragraph 2 above) 'The Great War. The Somme W1' has been removed but remains in part here. "WW1 Uncut - 1 - Trenches & Barbed Wire"  by Dan Snow (who could be encouraged to reload the entire documentary, this partial clip is here also on Bitchute The Website '' and article entitled "The British Army's Darkest Day" (dated 1.7.2016) states the following in its sections 

"2. There was a lack of effective artillery support. More than anything else, the First World War was an artillery war, and like their counterparts in the infantry, many gunners were raw and inexperienced. Over the course of the battle, it became clear to British commanders that the French had developed much more sophisticated artillery strategies than they had. The result was that, although the week-long pre-battle barrage was impressive in scale (over a million shells were fired), it was far less effective than it could or should have been.

3. Many shells did not work properly. The increased reliance on artillery had depleted supplies and resulted in the Shell Crisis of 1915. The Ministry of Munitions was established and the quantity issue was resolved, but quality control became the next problem. 30 percent of the shells fired at the Somme were duds. This is why farmers in the Picardy region of France have come across so much unexploded ordnance over the years, and why many of the soldiers attacking on July 1st found sections of barbed wire uncut and many German dugouts intact, despite promises to the contrary" 

Further the article in "British tactical planning for the start of the Somme offensive, 1916"  states the following 

"When the battle was later analysed, it was realised that despite the apparently colossal build up of artillery and weight of firepower, it was still insufficient to suppress the defences and destroy the enemy’s ability to defend. The peak of artillery strength came just under a year later, at the Battle of Messines. In this highly successful battle, the British artillery had more than twice as many field guns per yard than at the Somme, and three times as muchheavy artillery. In the first eight days of the Somme, 1.73m rounds were fired, of which a significant proportion were duds; at Messines, the comparable figure at Messines was 3.25m with far fewer failing to explode. At Messines, a much higher proportion of the effort was devoted to the destruction of the German artillery. It was at Verdun that the saying “artillery conquers, infantry occupies” was coined. And it was right: a hard lesson learned by all sides.

When the infantry attack commenced, the artillery would lift from the German front line onto successive more distant objectives, in accordance with an agreed timetable. This was within the skills of even the untried artillery units of the New Armies. It was impressed upon soldiers at all levels that the weight of the bombardment would be unprecedented, and that it would destroy everything. The infantry therefore could occupy the area that had been scourged, in an orderly fashion.

No attempt and secrecy or deception

There was no attempt at maintaining secrecy or deceiving the enemy of Allied intent, with the exception that some preparations were made in Third Army area near Arras, that looked like the ones on the Somme. The vast preparations behind the lines, the increased raiding activity, and the registration of the artillery all served to clearly demonstrate to the enemy that an attack was forthcoming. In the Gommecourt area, where the attack was only to be a diversion, it was intended that he should see the preparations. The Allied press, and all the talk behind the lines, was of the coming “Big Push”. The only surprise was the date and time of the attack, and in the event even this was clearly signalled to the enemy.

The tactical objectives are finalised

South of the Albert-Bapaume road, the British objective (red dot-dash line) for the first phase of the attack was to capture the first enemy trench system (shown in dark green) but not go as far as the second. This meant that British and French artillery could concentrate fire to destroy the front line before the infantry attacked. Once the objective was reached, the guns would move up for the second phase attack on the second enemy line. This was much as Henry Rawlinson wanted it" 

Similar problems occurred in every nation's army in Europe leading to huge casualties on all sides in what was an unprecedented slaughter by mechanized warfare against troops who were still fighting with swords on horseback in many cases.

British, French, Irish, Welsh and Scots died in the battle and of course Belgium and Germans also in vast numbers. The documentary raises more questions than it answers (repeated from the Brexit debate in the chapter 3 below under the heading 'British EU Referendum 24.06.2016 and sub heading 'Britain, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Cornwall' ) However these strange incidents occurred in nearly every country along the way and during both wars. and to all sides in matters to numerous to list. The idea that no one knew where the front line was is revealing, as perhaps the actual front line is the unification of the 2 houses of Israel, which the more you understand about it the deeper and stronger the revelation becomes. It is the greatest subject to study, and chapter 5 below describes this subject in detail. 



Israel was born in 1946, but re-settlement began in the 1920's and before. When you consider 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust and over 50 million non - Jews ( which included Hebrew or 10 tribe descendants, the Jews and the Jo's see chapter 5) then all of these convergent occurrences, including Russians and Germans imprisoned in gulags (see the adjacent website and chapter 5) should begin to make more sense. Prophecy cannot be stopped but it can be challenged and delayed for a short time. Abandoning Torah and the New Testament is a mistake. All of the people who died in the Great wars and those who are still alive need to know with care and detail why they're families died or their comrades died. The most recent acknowledgement of the Armenian genocide by world Governments took 100 years to appear, and the Christian Genocide which is ongoing committed by radical Islam and the Muslim brotherhood, has been condemned by the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Greek orthodox and all Christian denominations, and other faiths and the UK Parliament and US governments (except for President Obama) and the intelligence community and governments worldwide (see chapter 3 below in this paragraph)


Documentaries on the Lost tribes of Israel

Documentaries on the lot tribes For a greater insight see the documentaries 1. Europeans Are The Lost Tribes of Israel, A rare documentary     2. The 12 Tribes Of Israel - What Happened to Them ? E Raymond Capt   & the longer documentary 3.  E Raymond Capt The Lost Tribes of Israel Heirs of Promise   The 'Lost' tribes were not lost but present in Europe (especially Dan also in Britain see the Nemedians or the sons of Nemed above at the beginning of Chapter 2 as the Tuatha De Danaan, Judah and Naphtali ) They were not lost but they were slaughtered in France and wider in WW1 & into WW2 and the war has continued to this day.

It is true that representatives of (perhaps) all the 12 tribes were in Jerusalem on the first Pentecost / Shavuot (AD 30) as well as gentiles, and that they received the baptism of the Ruach ha Kodesh, however and despite the influx to Jerusalem at the feasts, the great commission followed after this, and the lost sheep which Yeshua only came for were not all present. The two houses were not unified. Peter and Paul witnessed to the Jews and gentiles moving out from Jerusalem. Today people do return to Jerusalem physically but that journey is also an exploration of history and the scriptures, all of which lead back to Jerusalem and the events there. 120 Jews were present in the Upper room and there were 120 Priest in Solomon's Temple. 12 Apostles and 12 Tribes of Israel received the Ruach (Acts 2, 5 & 6) but they returned to those nations. Ezekiel's Temple and its prophecies as mentioned are not fulfilled completely, and those promises of return to the land are going to be fulfilled for believers and non believers of the 10 and 2 tribes, and for many only then will they realise. This is why the Church and Israel physically being reborn is true (see chapter  5 below)

Ezekiel 37:16-17,suggests that these two houses will unite. Opposing views suggest that because representatives of the 10 tribes (some say the majority) and Judah and Benjamin were in Jerusalem at the time of the apostles that the ten tribes could not have been lost. The feasts of Israel swelled populations up to 3 million it is suggested and they came from far away to "go up to Jerusalem"  especially for Passover (the crucifixion) and Shavuot ( Pentecost) But they were not unified as houses of Israel. Isaiah 11, 13  states that these enmities will disappear, not just for those present in Jerusalem but everywhere. At the temples destruction in 70 ad both Judah and the ten tribes left for Georgia and wider. Georgia had its first Christians by 35 ad (Messianic Nazarene's who were Jewish on the whole) The Church is concerned that individual salvation (although many have forgotten what that means anyway) is lost  in this concept or that it is an elitist concept both of which are untrue. Clearly this is not the case and many in Georgia have remained Christians since 35 ad. Those tribes named as Hebrews who left before or just at the Exodus (and who dwelt among Israel before) were individual tribes of Israel and those tribes left Egypt as distinct  tribes before the Babylonian and Assyrian captivity. Joseph was the father of the 12 tribes before they settled in Egypt. (Hebrew must have been a distinct language in Sumeria before Egypt and Chaldea and Abraham must have spoke a distinct language some surmise) Some of the pre - exodus wanderings are described in the Irish records.Where did these people go ? as lost sheep. We know where they went. The volumes quoted (2015 / 2016) here are numbered 1 - 11 called "A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations" are researched by Georgians themselves. Prof Lela Tsitsuashvili, David Ben Melekh (David Jirkvalidze ) and others, and the research team are experts in their field overseen by Professor W A Liebenberg within its 11 volumes and or see;  A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations – Part 1 & 2 by Professor W A Liebenberg or here on goodreads which has all volumes or here all volumes ) in the Lost Ten Tribes books. See all research in this area. Their volumes are professional but follow a logical pattern and it is along the method of my pdf essay compiled (but amateur) between 1996 and 2000/2001 near the beginning of chapter 2 beside the paragraph which begins "Newgrange, Scythians Celts Prehistory and Genealogies" and 'pdf 1' and which is designed to draw questions out on these issues which are / were hardly covered in mainstream academia. This pdf begins from the "other end" of the journey backwards in time (in effect) and includes personal journeys to many ancient sites including in the Ukraine and Greece.

It is interesting that many ancient sites of Israel are found but are incorrectly dated and not named as Israeli settlements, but are now realized. As mentioned above in Chapter 1 and other chapters, the video / documentary called 'Patterns of Evidence Exodus' (netflix) or trailer here and discussed here on national television is without doubt exposing the efforts to hide Egypt's and Israels history from the public. It was a (false) definite that these sites and the Exodus did not exist, but the dating (error ?) hid them in plain site Church doctrine in some cases was rethought to accommodate that view. It is the same with the 2 houses theology and Judah and Israel as Ephraim. Many would say it  is deliberate obfuscation and deception to hide the real origins of the European people also. What is certain in anthropology and history is if you study all over cultures and histories first academically or for enjoyment (or both of course) from the earliest Sumerian, African, Egyptian, Mayan, aboriginal and so on (the studies reveal there is only one human race "type") it is an interesting journey. the real world is fascinating. They are fascinating and noble histories, and then this will be accepted. It is only if you begin to study these other areas that you will be termed a 'racist' ? but by racists. Its a surprise (n.b this author is not a 'Jehovah's Witness' and its a part of the surprise when asked, especially if you are asked both at the same time. Messianic Nazarene's simply try to follow the earliest Christian teachings ) Having studied both sides of the debate that is exactly what happens, ( and many can attest to that ) in practice and is in itself a view which should be considered. The history of the European tribes, Scandinavians and Scotland, Britain, Wales and Ireland is directly targeted for ruin and the recent Islamic invasion is a part of that aim. There is a common shared heritage and destiny (even as individual nations ) and the unification of both houses of Israel is the real front line and those who believe that "religion is the opiate of the people" or that Islam is not invading Europe, should wake up as a real faith is not a religion. Northern Europe, Britain, Scotland, Wales and Ireland were pitted against each other in both world wars, when they should have focused on Islam. Georgia and Armenia are western states as is Azerbaijan and the Northern part of Iran (like the Balkans) and that is reflected in their desire to be independent.

These views were instrumental to the Holocaust. Anti-antisemitism in Judeo - Christianity fails to recognize the Jewish roots of (ironically) Judeo-Christianity, although its theology is also shaped by these verses in Genesis 9, 27. Israel now not only exists but is likely to expand its area into its full size. ISIL (Islamic state of the Levant) Israel and President Netanyahu and the Holocaust. Israel has now (22.10.2015) formally recognised the Islamic movement as the ideological catalyst in the Jewish Holocaust (which has ancient enmities from the Akkadian Assyrian empire Iraq / Iran / Syria. After Alexander the great the whole of the Levant came to be called Syria) and which, as a perpetrator has remained hidden, in the same way the suppressed Armenian Genocide against 1.5 million (1915 - 1923) Christians, was suppressed for 100 years. (see sonas Chapter 2 and Greek elections 20.09.2015)

Adolf Hitler wanted access to the Middle East through Turkey and into Iraq and despite the Jewish refugee transfer agreement with Germany the Holocaust followed. It is clear and according to Benjamin Netanyahu and in agreement with Frau Angela Merkel, Adolf Hitler wanted to deport the Jewish populations to the New Israel (in waiting) but the Muslims wanted other solutions, (The Holocaust) which had deeper theological reasons that just hatred. This Genocidal plan was kept from the majority of the German population who brutally went to war, but to fight openly. Many German Jews were sent overseas to Israel, but many were sent to the camps (in Russia or Germany) No one denies antisemitism (or anti - Japheth -ism) but the theological misconceptions have not been helped by translation difficulties of the Torah and the New Testament. That is a long story. As can be seen in the adjacent website Sonas chapter 5, Russian Gulags and Russian Concentration camps were in operation from 1918 and through WW2, and contained German Communist and Nationalists. Germany's camps contained a multitude of nations. The Holocaust was murder and it had deeper purposes. It is not an absolution of the Holocaust but the opposite. Turkey and Iran played both sides in the War to achieve their aims. Muslims ideologically and theo-cratically believe that keeping the Jews away from Jerusalem will stop the Jewish Messiah from returning, Europeans do not believe the Islamic measures will achieve that aim, and the motive for Jewish genocide is not a fanatical religious belief. This has a precedence in 1541 and forward to today, see the sealing of the Golden Gate. Islam believes that its actions in 1541 will stop the Messiah (naively) but persists in that same up until today and in the Holocaust. Turkey is still denying the genocide of Armenians 100 years later. Islam still today states Israel does not have the right to exist as individual people or as a nation (in 1942 or 2015) Europe's history is tied in with Israels history and the Bible and the future history (see chapter 5 below)

The rest of the information below considers other aspects of German history and European history and the tragedies of world war 2 also. You can also read of this area in the adjacent website and chapter 3 at the beginning. There are also other similar archaeological sights around Europe and Britain, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.


A similar find to the German site the Heuneburg has been made in France recently. The Picts from 'Picardy' and Scythian's show many similar culture traits, whilst the Celts in these areas traded with the Greeks and large Greek civilizations are found as far East as Russia. Herodotus who was Israelite and Greek records  much of the Scythian history. This culture survived many centuries and the Greek Macedonian Alexander the Great (355 bc - 323 bc) would become the Pharaoh of Egypt. Cleopatra as Pharaoh was descended through from him, she was Greek shown here at Dendara in Egypt at the Hathor Temple (meaning the mansion of Horus, the Horizon) which in plan view looks similar to a Synagogue as many Archaeologists note, although it was not worshipped as such. Hathor was also the sky Goddess in which the Milky Way was seen as Waterway to the heavens. Cleopatra viewed herself as ISIS who is a persona interchangeable with Hathor, (2 competing persona's) she housed Horus, the son of Osiris and ISIS/ Hathor. 

These tribes and their journeys into the Middle East were regarded as a return to former lands.  The German Princess  buried near the Danube (like Danu or the Danites) around 590/600 bc, signifies the importance of the Heuneburg in the wider Celtic Europe, with its access to the Middle East and its building methods, astrological knowledge and craftmanship in Silver and Gold.

Many tribes left Egypt and the oppression before the Exodus in 1379 bc. The 12 tribes left in the Exodus. Many tribes were taken to Israel or to Babylon or Assyria in 700 to 550 bc (approx). The latter migrated into the land of the Medes and became the Sakka / Gimiri tribes (later known as the Scythian tribes) before migrating north and along the Danube.or over the Caucasus mountains into Germany or east to Russia. This history is recorded in the bible and on the Assyrian cuneiform prisms and Steele as well as the walls of Sennacheribe's palace and many other sources. One of these tribes became the Kazars or Khazars and they converted to Judaism in the 8th century and migrated out in the 12th to 13th ad century along known and established trade routes which the Crimmerians (Cimmerians) and Scythians had used for centuries. 

It is claimed they (the Khazars) converted to Judaism for political expediency only, and they are really (Turkish) Persian (although their origins are not from those tribes and are closer to the Ogruic and Finno - Ugric tribes which also settled in Hungary and Scandinavia from the Middle East and fertile crescent, and similar to the Scythians. In other words they are not Iranian (who are also not Aryan today) but Hebrews from Egypt. Yet no one converts to Judaism unless they have a connection to the Covenants or Torah or a pull towards them, even though the memory of it is weak in the 8th century AD having left Israel at various era from 1400 to 750 and 580 bc. In other words the Khazars and other European tribes are indigenous to Israel originally and the lost tribes migrated or were captured into Assyria and left into Russia, Europe, Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Britain and wider. The same tribes of the Holocaust. The Finnish tribes are related to the Scythians and are closely related to the Irish Scots.

The amount of material written or attributed to Germany and Israel shows the conflict over a couple of hundred years, but it does not say at any point that Germany and Israel have more in common than is stated and hence there is a conflict. This is the tragedy of Germany and Israel. They are as people actually exactly alike. The unseen emergence of Israel began centuries before 1945, and the debate was partitioned between those who looked back to the old Atlantis and new Atlantis and those who looked at Israel. Often the partition between the two ideas, did not follow the line of Jewish people for Israel or German people for Atlantean pursuits. The debate was also further split on who and when the Messiah is. The reality is the lost tribes passed into and resided in Germany and surrounding from many centuries earlier and later Jewish settlers who had not been assimilated (until this day) began to debate everything. Everything as in all subjects and possibilities. The emergence of the debate which began to spiral down to minutia and the splitting of hairs affected the political and academic debate and the different schools of thought, until psychology schools and think tanks began to shape the debate by erasing the other point of view until a Neurosis of angst and indecision and extreme deep thought took over common sense and purpose. (Nietzsche and the German Frankfurt school, Skinner Freud and others etc, see the adjacent website and chapter 4 family planning as an ideology and chapter 5). This led to the nationalist and anti-nationalist outlook in which it was thought anti – nationalism would protect the German and German / Jewish identity and so (by some) intense critical theory was introduced, when in fact the Israel / Judah (12 tribe) debate should have gone a different way as many had hoped and tried. (economic motivations do not win out over prophecy and future purpose) The result was a widening of opinion into the extreme into near oblivion.

To explain; this take one revolutionary character Albert Einstein he claimed he was not a genius and claimed the Universe was complex but also clear and made perfect sense. He was German and Jewish and narrowing it down Swabian. When he was young he had effortlessly added to Isaac Newton's theory and made new theories of his own. He did this whilst working as a clerk in a patent office (where he could also make new patents or theories if he wished), at this stage he looked like this. (reasonably well groomed and business like), by the time he developed a framework to answer the real questions he sought such as the limits (if any) of the Universe, its starting or ending point, and its purpose, predestination, choice etc, he then began then to look like this  due possible to the strain and challenge of these problems and thoughts. He then used his framework to test other theories eliminating them by probability (a feature of quantum physics) and once he was comfortable he delved deeper, into what he termed the "Mind of God" using scientific methods, and also a strain to encompass. He had read the bible obviously and Isaiah 45, 19. Isaiah 40, 13 -14. Psalm 139, 7 – 9, with 1 Corinthians 2, 16. Struggling with the idea of a personal creator he developed a version of pantheism (God is everywhere in everything, but is not a personality) and also panentheism into Theopanthiesm which he used as a framework to travel (in his mind, he said) on a comet through the Universe at the speed of light in order to explore it. He said "I want to know God's thoughts...the rest are details."  He had probably figured out as a child that this (profession, career, dream or pastime) was the most exciting adventure anyone could take. The following video is an analogy of one of his school days, yet in Isaiah 45,7 both he and the teacher were both wrong and both were correct as of course men cannot act as God. Einstein was intense and a deep thinker and unique in many ways.The Holocaust was something he escaped.

Einstein laid the science to create the Atom bomb and the atom was first split in Manchester, Britain.  J Robert Oppenheimer of Berkeley University & "father of the atomic bomb" (mostly responsible for Nuclear weapons) studied the past and (this video of him contains the "I have become death" quote ) in which he aslo quoted the Indian Hindu (Aryan Vedic ) epic The Bhagavad Gita

Isaiah 45, 7 is a difficult verse for many to come to terms with, but mostly the evil or destruction it refers to is the destruction of Israels enemies, sometimes entire cities (Genesis 19) or armies in one night visibly without men or woman involved (2 Kings 19,34 35 & 2 Samuel 5, 24 - 25 and numerous occasions) and when the Ark of the Covenant was taken into Gaza it caused Herpes, Hemorrhoids and Boils to break out on the Philistines. ( see I Samuel chapter 5 & 6) and much more. It is not a dialogue of the doctrine of dualism.

Dualism is a doctrine outside of "Christianity"  (Zoroastrianism for example) and those who try to explain it, do not know God. Isaiah 45,7 is not a doctrine of dualism, because the author of the words is not a dualistic creation trying to understand them. The author the God of Israel, is God.

Zoroastrianism and Dualism are central to early Iranian beliefs, which differs from Aryan / Hindu Vedic Odinic theology, and its dualism. Islamic theology doctrines are built upon Pagan Sanskrit philosophy with sections of the Talmud and Bible.

Einstein pondered how he came to arrive in Germany from the Middle East. The origins begin with Moses (a title of the rightful heir to Pharaohs empire) who was adopted and found (unlike other stories) by Pharaohs Royal court as a Baby taken from the Nile (the Nile river was where Ra sailed to be reborn) and as 12 tribes the "Exodus" from Egypt and left its philosophy and beliefs to travel to a new Promised land. Along the journey Moses saw the face of God and received the Torah on Mount Sinai. If Einstein did not believe this journey he was not Jewish (orthodox view). The lost ten tribes also undertook a journey which led to banishment in faraway lands (from Israel)

Einstein considered the scale of the Universe in all possible directions (the smallest atom and quark) to the largest planet and solar system and the Earth in comparison to a Baby (which Moses was, as we all were, as was Einstein) This is what Einstein accepted but struggled with and explored. The incredible cabalists (forerunners of philosophy and religious thought) believed in the highest heaven to the smallest speck and down to inner earth and the smallest invisible "thing" but were lost as to the ultimate purpose of it all, and so delved into the letter numbers (Hebrew Alphabet) to seek the question they and people like Einstein wanted. This occurred in Germany and in many countries. They suggested in the cabala 10 states or realities (or Sephiroth with 22 or 23 paths with one hidden) and Einstein also later formulated 10 dimensions in space (relativity) and later quantum theory (had at least 10 dimensions) The first 3 dimensions we are aware of everyday and the 4th & 5th is string theory The internet (which did not exist in the 1970s) could be construed as a hidden dimension which is now common place and accepted. Einstein realised that men and woman were pre-occupied with the largest things when looking outward, and forget about the smallest invisible universe. The cabalists also sought inner re-generation and return. A Baby is helpless, defenceless, and not how we imagine God can become in our lack of humility, yet we are made in God's image and a baby is a part of that image. These are also all considerations of Einstein, (one among many candidates, Einstein was altruistic enough to both consider it unlikely or just as likely as any other scenario)

As sophisticated as the cabala was/is or rather the Rabbis and followers of it (which became the basis for future science with people such as Isaac Newton for example) the cabala alone did not lead to regeneration (from death to life, the opposite of degeneration) of the spirit and rebirth. The focus switched from just the intense study of the Hebrew letter numbers and adding in the Messiah with them and the promised land also, and eventually all three. The cabala on its own (and its esoteric offshoots) do not lead to re-birth on their own no matter how much you meditate or for how long, anymore than a baby can feed, wash or clothe itself without its mother and father. Intellectual breakthroughs of magnitude can occur,as of course the spirituality of the Hebrew letter numbers (the original "alpha - bet" or the original alpha and omega "I am Aleph, א, and Tav, ת, the beginning and the end" ) .are divine in origin i.e. the Ruach, but rebirth and the afterlife (pursued by even the Pharaohs of Egypt) did not occur. Combining these studies with an exploration of the Universe and inner universe also became a science, and Einstein pursued it with vigour and Germany was a place where these questions in all their forms were pursued.

Einstein and considering the biblical verse in Psalm 139, 7 realised that away to the furthest point of the universe with planets which make our sun look as small as a button, back to a baby and its size, down to the smallest quark in an atom, there was no where you go go from Gods presence. God was as big as the Universe and as small as the smallest atom. This is the reason pantheism exists as a doctrine as it cannot then also conceive of a God like that with a personality also. The cabalists studying the Hebrew letter numbers suggest the letter numbers are the building blocks of the galaxy and universe, but its the author of them who is omnipotent and mysterious. Theology and philosophy has developed from and within Germany for many centuries.

The intensity of the philosophical psychology schools became polarised around nationality and the Judeo – Christian question. Einstein was also Jewish and German and it is also acceptable to be nationalist and love your country and be Israel and / or Jewish as a nationalist (in Germany or Israel) As we have mentioned above the rationale of many of the ideas became lost or were extreme for the sake of being extreme. It is suggested that only the Torah and Tanakh & Brit HaHadashah (New Testament) break down the barriers and temper these problems. The 12 tribes fought amongst themselves as often as they fought those outside. Satre said he used to believe in God but in the concentration camps he came to believe in men. See also the chapter below chapter 4. Compared to the beauty of philosophy and theology it is obvious the intent was to drive both sides to distraction and to remain distracted especially from the concept of Israel This is the tragedy of Germany. (and Russia and North Korea)

Israel broke its covenant in the book of Jeremiah 11, and Judah and Israel together (which is the future covenant and land promise) is first described in Jeremiah 13, 1-11, and in verse 11 directly, but which had become useless but will be repaired for the equal place of Israel and Judah in an enlarged Greater Israel. The split caused differences in opinion for millennia. To suggest that this debate is not a part of German history even into the middle of the last century is nonsense. To say the lost tribes were not (one of them) German is also nonsense. 12 Tribe nations are nationalist and distinct and were given different abilities, personalities and purpose which ultimately restore's diversity, which without Israel (and not replacement theology) echoes the verses in Jeremiah, 13 11. These discussions were commonplace, enjoyable and open in Germany. It is likely to become a interesting topic once more. The Temple in Jerusalem is a treasure also in plain sight which exists for all to consider. The Temple of Temples is one of its titles. Einstein was a contradiction, and he said 1. I don't believe in mathematics. (Albert Einstein, quoted by Carl Seelig, in 'Albert Einstein') 2.The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility.

If you have never read information like this before remember in history, there is nothing to compare with the creation of Israel in 1948 and there is nothing like this time in history as survivors of it today will tell you. Consider that in Germany 200,000 people were bombed to death in Dresden in February 1945. Figures however range from 30,000 to 200,000 killed (in a continuing dispute) Dresden's population in 1850 was 100,000. In 1939 (before the war) the population was 630,000. 1000 planes dropped 4000 tons of bombs on Dresden and a total of 385,000 people were killed in German cities by bombs in the war. If you survived the bombing in Dresden the intensity of the heat and city wide fires melted the flesh of your bones, whilst in Japan Hiroshima and Nagasaki in May 1945 two Nuclear bombs killed 200,000 people in two blasts and injured tens of thousands more for decades. In Europe 50,000000 (million)  people were killed alone that's without the Middle East and Asian arena's, (also a part of world war 2) and 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. Concentration camps killed millions in Russia, Ukraine Balkans and Germany. England was also bombed and 70,000 were killed in those alone, and a further 500,000 died and 1 million in world war 1. 300,000 Americans died. Estimates of 3 million to 5.4 million Germans died. All of this preceded Israel's rebirth and many had been exiled as lost tribes from 550 bc, and also since 70ad. Nothing got in its way, a prophecy that it would become a nation again was spoken over 2000 years previous. In history it remains one of the most violent and excruciatingly traumatic periods of history and it began in pre-history. That's what a real war look likes and it has many faces (including the paragraphs above this) which are not always explained.

German and Scandinavian Sons of Odin. 

The openness and family orientated nature of society in Germany is a part of its independence, but some suggest its greatest strength was broken down in 1941-2 by Islamic Zoroastrian beliefs. (see chapter 3 on this page)  The tribal connection to the lost tribes of Israel has a similar ancient theme to the Sons of Odin (similar to Saxons or Isaac sons). Odin or Woden appears in the Scandinavian king lists as a real person and dating from around  1600 to 1800 bc in some lists. Odin "the all father" or fuhrer who began at the tree of life, (Yggdrasil)  which is connected by a bridge to Asgard. It is familiar and similar to biblical epic tales. Germany and Austria has always led the way in debate, science and theology. 5 years ago nobody would say Adolf Hitler (who was not a Christian) from 1933 to 1940 sent Jewish families to Israel but now it is admitted in Israel. (see chapter 3 on this page near the end and the entry dated 24.10.2015  &  25.11.2015 ) The expulsion of the Jews to Israel was of course a mutual decision and anti-semitism and anti - christian parting of the ways or pagan European views were mutual. There were also Jews and Christians who wanted to see Israel spiritually reborn and that was an issue people on all sides debated ( people who were Jewish, Messianic Jewish and Catholic and Protestant)

Albert Goering the brother of Hermann Goering the founder of the Gestapo in 1933, and head of the Luftwaffe, who had been a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party since its inception almost. Today Albert Goering is to be honoured for saving Jews and to be declared a Righteous Person by the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, which is the world centre for Jewish Holocaust research. Goering will be the 511th German person to receive the award. Goering obtained many exit permits for Jews from concentration camps and was able also to transfer their assets abroad. Despite the Gestapo knowing Albert was doing this, he and Hermann met throughout (before, and during) the war at family gatherings. Hermann his brother was second in command to Hitler. Hermann Goering, Alberts brother, helped Adolf write Mein Kampf. Hermann and Albert remained close all of their lives. Hermann Goering's car was found in the USA (very expensive) after the war. His ashes were spread over Dachau concentration camp. Hermann Goering's car is now in Russia. Albert and Hermann Goering, two brothers who were true brothers, with two different opinions and philosophical outlooks.

Britain also sent many jewish families back to Palestine as although many were stopped from entry many were given leave (the Brihah) to return to Israel (the new camps next to Bergen Belsen in the British zone and in the American zone at feldafing and foehrenwald) . In Germany today in Krefeld  in Germany a new Synagogue was opened in 2015. No one would have believed it in (the former) East or West Germany. Maybe Germany will  remake the original (not a new style) VW Beetle again.  (the volk or folks wagon) The pertinent point is why do people still love them even today.

Norse and Viking beliefs related in the Poetic and Prose Edda's and the Grímnismal poem within them describes the "Hallowed land" and the debate asks if this land is in Valhalla or where is it ? The Edda's state clearly it is not in Valhalla, and Valhalla is not in Asgard. The Hallowed land is in Asgard or is joined to it by a bridge a rainbow bridge. Therefore Valhalla is a separate area from both the Hallowed land and Asgard which are therefore one and the same place or connected place. This is very similar to biblical explanations.  Confirmation of the descent of Japheth and not Shem (Japheth who was known in the King lists as Sceaf) to Raedwald (who ruled over six lines and Scandinavian royal houses which in part became the shires e.g Wessex, Sussex etc in Britain as well as areas in Germany and Europe) was made in 1939 with the discovery of the Sutton Hoo Burial ship in East Anglia in 1939. It includes the Norwegian and Danish Royal houses. Woden (Voden or Odin) was also 20 generations before Alfred the Great in 860 ad who made the deemings (the law based on the laws of Moses in a time of trouble) Alfred trained as a monk to join the Church, and most of that training occurred in Ireland  where he learnt the Brehon law, itself codified (the book of Achill and the psalter of Tara) by Cormac Mac Airt at the Hill of Tara in 70 to 200 ad (opinions vary on when he lived) from laws passed down orally by the Druids over thousands of years and many of them were Mosaic (i.e. of Moses) in their origin. Germania or "Duitsland" spread over to the Balkans and the Black sea (where the Scythian's or "Skythen" resided also see photograph 1 above at the German Celtic fort the "Hueneburg" and the right hand side of it for Skythen) where the Saxon or isaac sons (Isaac son of Abraham, the father of Joseph of the 12 tribes of Israel) came from over the Caucasus mountains from Israel and you can follow many of the mounds along the way, through the Ukraine into the middle east and back up into Scotland (Skythen Scot Celts) and Ireland and Britain into Scandinavia.

Yet this history and time and lineage is never mentioned, just as Scandinavian and Germanic history is kept in the mists as the lost tribes also, (Vi Kings or 6 Hebrew Kings who were descended from Raedwald ) and the eventual identity of "Ephraim" from the house of Joseph and Israel separately from the House of Judah and Israel. All of this is concealed and is made difficult to untangle, and sometimes theology is disconnected from actual events and relevance. The ships discovery proved the line of Woden to the eventual King Raedwald. (yet the importance of this point is also never made clear) This does not effect German independence but does reveal a different view. For more information also see my book listed in chapter 1 on this webpage and the chapter "Zionism" within it. Zion is for all Israel.Even without reading the book it the matter is plain. The identities of Ephraim and why it is important in its purpose is discussed in Chapter 5 below.

Likewise the millions of German and Swiss tribes (who arrived  via the Danube, from the Black sea area which sits above the ancient Assyria)  which became the reformed Protestant Puritans and Quakers and Amish do not keep their faith for political expediency. Kaiser Wilhelm and his wife Augusta did not visit Jerusalem and the Temple mount in 1898 because they thought it would make a pleasant holiday ("Sonnenbaden in Jerusalem" as one journalist described the event ) They were like all European families deeply fascinated by Jerusalem and the Temple. Islamic converts to Christianity over the last 4 years did not convert for political expediency (in the terror and killing of Christians) and now, they do not pray around a Muslim Temple on Temple Mount or in Jerusalem or the Middle East as a result. The Temple is to be rebuilt in Jerusalem by many who are more than politically motivated.


For more information in this area see Chapter 5 below and the pdf and blue paragraphs.






Chapter 3

Chapters 3, 3a & 3b. The history of Europe and wider including the USA, as seen by events from 2001 through to 2005 and 2020 (national elections, terrorism, immigration, corruption, banking collapses and new directions) 


This Chapter also discusses '7/7, and the bombings around ULU University in 2005. Also the 'Drop the debt campaign'  also known as Jubilee 2000 (taken from the Jubilee laws of the Bible  in Leviticus 25 and elsewhere into 2005 and fwd) Also the 'Families need Fathers' also known as Fathers4Justice campaign.The Global financial collapse of 2008 and also late 2019. The Christian Genocides of the Middle East and wider from 2011 to 2016 and ongoing. The Chapters combined are called Chapter 3, 3A & 3B. They continue into Brexit in 2016, the Populist movement and also into the Sars 2 Covid lockdowns of 2020.


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The attacks on the twin towers on 9/11/2001 began a period in history which is like no other. The recent Christian Genocide in the middle easA full public inquiry has not t (which became more intense from 2011 until today) by ISIL / ISIS and Islam, is also unparalleled not just in its savagery but also in its availability to view in the modern media. Other attacks have continued through the years since 9/11 (2001) Brexit and the USA Presidential Elections 2016 are also covered in this chapter with other events in-between such as "7/7". The chapter ending in early 2017.

Aside from the melected EU commissionilitary threat terrorism brings to the west, it is also under threat financially from debt and mismanaged economies which are not just threatening society and the economy (all across the west) but also the military in the west. This will undermine its ability to defend the west. The military industrial complex is under threat from excessive debt built up in western governments and balance of payments in trade. In effect this eventually effects its ability to fight. To the military aspects of the economy are seen as trivial details but consider the following quotes;

1. Napoleon Bonaparte "An army marches on its stomach" 2. General George S Patton "If everyone is thinking alike then somebody isn't thinking" 3. General Douglas MacArthur  " History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster "  3. General Douglas MacArthur again  " I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; (USA & the West) not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within" 

The offense and pomposity these quotesthe 1.  by Douglas MacArthur may cause, is nothing to the disaster ignoring his insights could bring. This is assuming that "The West" which includes Israel ( map making is moot politically) includes all its countries and its peindication that (theople. General Patton and MacArthur of course fought the war of the world (in the entire history of war) yet they also had differing ideas. Unstable economic conditions only benefit China and Russia and are detrimental to the West.

The following is a long account of the continuing War on Terror and the Islamic Jihad. It is based on people's real experiences. The three main religions Christianity Islam and Judaism feature. The pre-amble is a lead up to the war on terror.

Following the horrific attacks in Paris in November 2015 also when the following people died, killed by Islamic terrorists (alternative list 

In 2002 the Jubilee Celebrations were celebrated. Many groups worldwide and since the Seattle protests formed to begin changing society. Many were also anti debt and social justice. This has continued up until today. During (for example) the occupy movement in Dublin, on entering the central bank in early 2012 (instead of simply just camping outside in tents, or worrying that 'Common Purpose' the Lucis Trust or George Soros was behind the occupy movement as was claimed) it was ascertained through staff in the central bank it was possible to change old Punts (Irish currency) into Euro's. Also it was possible in theory to change Euro's back into Punts. Once circulated both could co-exist with each other or one could replace the other. Organising committees, people's courts and councils, banks and business are ineffective without a means to fund them. If the economic system cannot be changed why do we vote for politicians at all ? especially when they explain they cannot interfere with commercial decisions. Debt or financial collapse is a blight on society as the world has experienced in the last (especially) 4 or 5 years. Without going into detail here the adjacent website  Chapter 2 and the introduction and Chapter 4 will explain in greater detail. After bank reforms the responsibility for sound financial management follows.

This paragraph once included a pdf story surrounding the 2002 Jubilee celebrations. This (introduction) pdf was composed by four people in 2002, two males and two females, students of philosophy, theology, economics and music, (for entertainment) and then edited together by one person. The people characterised within it are the only the media versions of their persons. Linguistics, language, the media television, radio  and newspaper and and social media often state or give opinions or "facts" people carry or are supposed to have said or believe. Music of course is a language in itself and reveals how people really feel. Sacred geometry and harmonies of scale are linked some suggest. For a copy of it please email.  

Other groups have examined the financial system with a view to improving our world system and the alleviation of poverty. Diverse and with different views the have continued throughout the last 13 years since 2002.

On a more serious note regarding "77" or 7 July 2005. Over the April 2011 Easter holidays many relatives of those who died in the 7/7 London bombings spoke off their grief and memories of that day. Yet the reasons or build up surrounding the events of "7/7" began with the Jubilee drop the debt campaign years before (for a Jubilee of 50 years in 2002, to mark an enthronement, a biblical law from the book of Leviticus chapter 25 verses 1 – 55, the seven times seven Sabbath year, when debts would be cancelled according to the scriptures and those who follow its faith or if allowed to express it in a temporal and a spiritual capacity. "Drop the Debt" is Jubilee 2000, a coalition of non-governmental organisations and religious groups" see the next link July 2002  It is a question which effects every country in the west not just Britain, and the Jubilee campaign has helped to awaken people to the real problems the west is faced with. It is incredible that every other topic is available to discuss from an abundance of news sources but these issues are never or rarely discussed. The result is disastrous, yet the solutions are relatively simple but hesitated upon, as debt cancellation is usually linked to central bank cancellation which is not required or necessary. 1st world debt is severe and is just as serious (and more so in many cases) as other countries and it will continue in cashless society just the same.Eventually a cashless system will also fail. The Jubilee Campaign began in the church of England and also other churches and denominations . Beginning again or beginning again as far as is possible, is financially to everyone's mutual benefit is a concept many cannot envisage, yet putting off the problem until another day is also currently not working. the resultant measures the Jubilee campiagn suggest would produce the biggest boom in history.


To explain this Dr Gates Brown, Tricia. (2004) Free People A Christian response to Global Economics published by Xlibris Corporation (see next)

"Upon a Jubilee 50th year, every family was to return to their property and have all personal debts cancelled including Mortuum Vadium and Vivum Vadium (Leviticus 25;10 – 55), as also the Sabbath years every 7th year also commands i.e. Exodus, Leviticus & Deuteronomy (Exodus 23;10-11),(Leviticus 25; 1-7) (Duet 15, 1-8).The law, therefore addresses situations destitution or indebtedness, where families have been forced to sell off family lands out of financial necessity. The legislation aims to correct societal imbalances which lead to the consolidation of lands into the hands of an elite class"  "It also applies to non-Hebrews, whether they are international (Commonwealth!) or 'aliens in the land' home or abroad (Leviticus 19;34), and this also includes all personal debt and mortgages.Mortuum Vadium and Vivum Vadium " 

This includes the Shmita 7 and 50 year Jubilee's (2015 or 2016 as opinions on the exact counting method varies, and which is examined in the book above on this page Chapter 1 "The Uncreated Creator". The question of the Messiah in Judaism and Christianity can be imagined by reading the book as it describes attributes of the Messiah as the bible lists)

Clearly this is the law and extends to non – Hebrews (and to the wild branches and gentiles) The Commonwealth with its 54 nations  It is in fact the Commonwealth of Israel which is central to the Judeo – Christian belief system. It is also an internal Jewish question, and a question for the (special relationship) and ethics and also one which is passionately pursued by the Temple Institute. The Christian and Jewish view varies depending in interpretation and tradition, yet the scriptures clearly state that a Messiah will rule the earth from a 3rd Temple as described in Ezekiel 40 – 46. The debate is circular but always ends up at those verses. 



The Stone of Scone ( see here the Stone of Scone also known as or can be confused with the Stone of Destiny, Jacobs Pillow or the Lia Fail)

For those who do not know the Stone of Scone or its other titles, it is the stone which sits under the coronation chair or throne at Westminster Abbey. (which you can see is pictured in Scotland and in Westminster Abbey)

It is also called the Stone of Destiny or the Lia Fail ( in Ireland it is also known as the Stone of Fate of the Fatal Stone) or the Stone of Bethel see video in full Youtube 'The Truth of the Stone of Destiny aka The Coronation Stone' or Jacobs Pillow (Jacob from the bible who laid his head to rest upon it on the plain of Luz at Shiloh) It is described (depending on the source) as 22 inches long or 26 inches long, 13 inches or 16/17 inches in width and 10 or 11 inches in height, of a steel hue with red streaks or veins. Taken from Israel by Gathelus son of Calcol brother of Darda (see 1 Chronicles 2 – 6) who became "Trojans" who built Troy (see chapter 1 and 2 and introduction above) or it was brought to Ireland by the Milesians, a few hundred years later who were Scythians (whose journey echoes the Kazaars who, before they were Khazars originally came from Egypt to Israel as Judah)  through the line of Zarah and therefore Judah.

This last point of the two genealogical lines from the Argyll Scots including King Fergus (Milesian – Zarah – the Scarlett Thread) and the line of Edward 1st (the Crete and Trojans who formed the Scandinavian and Frankish Kings) joined the two lines of Judah, if Zedekiah's daughter Tea Tephi married the Irish King Eochaidh (Eremon) which is disputed, (she became the Queen of Ireland on the 21st of June 583 bc) although the oral Druidic accounts state they were a handsome couple. (Jeremiah, Zarah, Zedekiah)

The long and detailed journey of the Lia Fail or the Stone of destiny is easily found on the internet see  "How i took the Coronation Stone from Westminster abbey"   (the video cover depicts Jacobs struggle with the Angel at Peniel see Genesis 32, 22- 32 & Hosea 12,4) and other accompanying books and volumes which go into ancient history, and the chapters above will help you trace those journeys and time periods. A summary of the various journeys includes the following countries, Egypt, Israel, Crete, Greece, Scandinavia, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Britain and the European nations. In Israel, Jacob crossed the river at Succoth (around 1925 bc) and his dream at Peniel / Bethel (meaning 'House of Gd') The Stone of Scone was later taken to Ireland (around 615 bc) by Jeremiah the prophet, and later to Scotland and then to England, yet apart from the story of its theft (see video above) it resided in Westminster until 1996 when it was taken back to Scotland once more.

The video link above should be viewed to understand the history which relates to an often overlooked aspect of the Stone. 'The Truth of the Stone of Destiny aka The Coronation Stone'     The stone was a part of a building or Temple after Jacob found it and took it with him. It is suggested that it was part of the Temple in Jerusalem i.e. Solomons Temple. Aside from genealogical heritage and bloodlines, the Lia Fail and the Stone of Destiny represent the difference between Pagan and Christian themes, and also the development of a Temple or the Temple. The current Lia Fail was used as a cardinal point (north, east, west and south) of a Temple currently being archaeologically examined on the Hill of Tara between the mound of the hostages and 'an Foradh' where a Stone called the Lia Fail stands, and not the Stone Jacob slept and dreamt upon it is claimed. He dreamt that a ladder or stairs (like a pyramid step but to heaven) upon which angels ascended and descended to God.

The Video (to repeat from 2 paragraphs above)  "How i took the Coronation Stone from Westminster abbey" relates more of the story of the Stone or pillow used to support Jacob's (Israel) head as he dreamt of heaven at the gate of heaven at (near Succoth) There is more than one stone (as mentioned above) including the Lia Fail in Ireland. (Jacobs stone, the Stone of destiny, the Stone of Scone or the Lia Fail etc) In Chapter 3b below and in the Bitchube channel in chapter 3b, more of this history, including the background of the biblical Book of Galatians (in also chapter 5 on this site) who were based in Asia minor but who were also based in Gaul and into Britain, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Intermarried with the Scythian's (from where we derive Scot) the Galatians (Gaul) contained much of the remaining 'lost' tribes of Israel (see also Mathew 25,15) Another indicator is the true stone would cry out or cause an uproar or great commotion or change.

The Stones are different and their histories are complex. Yet as they point to Gd and are important, without Gd, many suggest they were or may simply be stones (see also chapter 5 below) Yet through the mists of time their importance and status has been valued as sacred. What or who do they represent down the ages from ancient times, and what are they symbolic of ?



This is before he wrestled with God as Jacob who became Israel in Genesis 32 (at Peniel) When God asks him his name, God change his name from Jacob to Israel. This aspect of the stone of destiny and its temple design is confirmed in Isaiah 28,16; Psalm 118, 22, & Acts 4,11. It is interesting that the Stone which is currently in Scotland in Edinburgh was stolen from London and Westminster abbey, split in two and was repaired in Scotland and the (a copy) Declaration of Arbroath by Robert the Bruce in 1320 was placed between the join. (The declaration cites the tribe of Judah and the Scythians as a heritage) If it is the real stone in Edinburgh as although it was found after it was stolen, it was was a duplicate and the real stone was hidden by John Rollo before it was repaired in its two halves and only a duplicate was allowed to be found. Rollo and the others were never prosecuted for stealing the stone from Westminster. In 1996 the announcement of the move was made on television. The stone will be returned for Coronations in the future.
Jacobs's pillow in Genesis 28, 10 - 18, verse's 17 and 18, Jacob anointed one stone with oil from many stones (verse 11) and used it as a pillow and the place was called the House of God or Gate of Heaven although the exact translation is the House of Elohim and the door to heaven known as "Bethel" or the exact translation "Beit-El" (which still means the house of Elohim) which Jacob changed from the name Luz, its originally Canaanite name.

big clue to the location of Beit - El is its originally location north of Jerusalem half way to Shiloh (where Jacob, son of Abraham died and the first Capital of Israel before David captured Jerusalem. Esau sold his birthright to his brother Jacob. Esau son of Isaac who was brother to Ishmael sons of Abraham)  If the mineral or stone in analysis matches the rock of this area (the area of the Ladder to Heaven from Jacobs dream see verses 12 - 16) then the correct stone could be identified. Even if the stone were identified, having the Stone but not the anointing which is not just an oil, produces the difference between David and Solomon and other Kings in the books of Kings and Chronicles (a couple of whom were deemed righteous also) In other words there is more to the stone concept. This type of misdirection which continues between Scotland and Britain may have actually began in Ireland, as although the Lia Fail is not Jacobs pillow the coronation stone was loaned to the Dal Riada / Argyll Scots, it was taken back after Saint Columba died on Iona. (Columba's real name was Crimthian of the Royal O'Neill's clan and he travelled to Scotland and Tara often) The book of Kells currently in Trinity college was originally from Kells only a short distance from Tara although it travelled to Iona and Lindisfarne)The real stone may be in Tara or County Meath (Tara Hill is in County Meath) still today.

A test of this nature was performed yet all the stones could be analysed to see if they originate at Beit – El as since then there exists sophisticated technology exceeding previous decades.

Jacob had 12 sons (12 tribe nations) and one of them "Joseph" of the Amazing Technicolor dream coat fame was betrayed by his brothers and sold into slavery in Egypt but became Pharaoh (after Sensuret the 2nd some claim) by interpreting a dream for Pharaoh. Joseph was a precursor for the Messiah (a type or shadow for the future and the dream concerns the future good and bad years of famine and the future good and bad churches). The stone which rejected becomes the head of the corner and the Temple in its design moves from a Pyramid to the type of temple in Jerusalem (which began in the desert as Moses tabernacle following the Exodus) The stone or House of Elohim may have been used in the Temple (first Temple) which Nebuchadnenezzer 2 looted and destroyed causing Jeremiah to flee Israel.

Therefore the stone was (some say) anointed itself. It in itself, was/is not the House of God but a marker for the House of God, which was blessed by the Ruach HaKodesh (Spirit of God) with power symbolised by the anointing Oil. The House of Elohim would eventually produce the Messiah (past or future person)

Before drawing a conclusion, consider also the story of the Tuatha De Danaan (the tribe of Dan) who left the Exodus in 1450 bc (approx) and conquered Sardinia and Corsica and traveled west. Those that were named as descended as Dan from Jacob (who had 12 sons) fled from Egypt in 721 bc. It is generally considered that only the tribe of Ephraim left the exodus early, yet archaeological dates and tracing the Danites suggest others may have also, although it is not mentioned directly in scripture, except for clues in Genesis 46;23 (Hushim) which is also the tribe of Shuhami (Numbers 26;43) who were clans of the Danites. The Vikings also conquered Corsica and Sardinia and many parts of Europe 2000 and/or 1400 years later. Vikings were Northmen from Norway and Normans of France.

The Irish record describes the Tuatha de Danaan (descended from Nemed of the Nemedians ) as coming from the North which could be India and then over the top of the world through Scandinavia to Ireland. They came from are four cities "that no mortal eye has seen but that the soul knows" these are Gorias that is in the East; and Finias that is in the South, and Murias that is in the West; and Falias that is in the North. And the symbol of Falias is the stone of death, which is crowned with pale fire. And the symbol of Gorias is the Dividing sword. And the symbol of Fineas is a spear. And the Symbol of Murias is a hollow that is filled with water and light. They brought four objects. They are the Lia Fáil, the Spear of Lugh,(Lugh Of also Ludgate in London)  the Sword of Nuada, and the Cauldron of the Dagda.

The Tuatha De Danaan have a Vedic tradition (Indo European with stories of Shambala etc) and India was on the Silk road and ocean and other ancient sea routes the Phoenicians used. (Vi kings or 6 Kings) The juxtaposition of names (i.e the feminine Danu from Dan)  and various departure dates from Israel (as travellers) and the Hebrew fertile crescent are spread over a thousand years. Recent DNA studies (December 2015) show the Middle East origins of Irish tribes and European tribes  as being from the Caucasus Mountains Black sea area and the Middle East. (populations at this time were few and many lands were empty or sparsely populated)

The Stone of death (or fate stone or stone of destiny) from Falias i.e. the Lia fail was made by Morfessa in Falias and is said to cry out when the King stands upon it (note this is different from the stone called Jacobs pillow) as a roar throughout the land. Yet the current Lai Fail may not be the real Lia Fail (in Ireland) as Cuchulain split the stone, or a stone in a rage splitting it into two pieces (like the stone which was stolen at Westminster) and after it would not "roar with joy" again. It did roar under Brian Boru and Conn of the hundred battles contradicting this story. Originally, the Lia Fail would have stood before the Mound of Hostages, however, it was moved to its current site in 1798 to commemorate the 400 rebels who died in the Battle of Tara during the Irish revolution.

And it would have lain on its side in order that it may be stood upon. It was not pillar shaped and the current stone is one of four markers originally situated around the Mound of the Hostages. Inis Fail was the original name of Ireland and the national anthem of Ireland says "Some have come from a land beyond the wave" Since Jacobs stone and the Tuatha De Danaan stone both came from Israel (although the current stone is not the real stone of this story) the confusion arises.

Ancient systems of land tenure and monetary systems are considered out of date or insufficient for modern requirements. Without understanding the Agrarian laws (the Brehon laws had similar designs) which were interchangeable with Shmita or Shemittah & the Sabbatical year, (the appointed times) you can never understand fiancé and economics or attain true long term wealth (as a nation) Without understanding how the land needs to recover naturally, then no amount of artificial pesticides can do the work of nature (the Agrarian laws are very ancient but also very modern in practice) However since this knowledge is no longer known or employed other methods are placed first.  In other words there is more to the stone concept.

It is suggested that there is a complete disconnect between the ancient world and the modern and ideas surrounding debt cancellation of past systems do not apply today. Debt cancellation blesses twice and as a blessing, the party cancelling the debt would be in difficulty unless there is benefit for them also. Debt forgiveness blesses those who cancel and those who receive. The Shmita and Jubilee and the 7 years laws has this hidden quality which when enacted, any debt which is cancelled returns 3 or 10 fold (according to different interpretations) and it is this spiritual aspect of the laws which is no longer believed for fear of the unknown. Laws of nature and sustainability and agriculture and CSR corporate social responsibility are modern terms which follow these principles.

The laws were compulsory and had to be bestowed by the King, Queen or Sovereign or ruler or Spiritual head (but usually all, both or one alone) upon the people of the land or nation, and declared by decree, upon which the laws were enacted and the Jubilees were binding upon Church and State. 




The Jubilee 2000 Campaign (known as 'Drop the Debt' ) and the 'Families need Fathers' also known as Fathers4Justice campaign 


In the early 1990's as the Global debt accumulated in national debts and also personal debts, the Jubilee 2000 Campaign (or see here also again) (based upon Leviticus 25 and other biblical scriptures) grew.  Its patron was Queen Elizabeth 2nd. The Jubilee 2000 campaign sought to reduce any countries nationals debts  From 2000 until 2005 the 'Make Poverty History' campaign was attached to it  with of course many partici[pants interested in their own national debts first especially in Britain. The Make Poverty History campaign had a double protest both in Edinburgh and in London just days before the "7/7" bombing campaign in London. Many who attended in Edinburgh also attended in London moving down to London to join in there, and which has already been described from the beginning of Chapter 3. Many anti-debt campaigners also went to visit the Marxist 2005 meeting in ULU at the University of London, to protest the growing awareness of the left's refusal to acknowledge their polices were also causing the Global debt. (all the bombs exploded near or  around the ULU university and a5ft boms was announced to go off inside the main hall where the minimal attendees stood. The bombings reducing the numbers down to  afew hundred inside) Keynesian debt bubbles and peculiar attachments to the national debt for endless accumulations of debt were not acknowledged by the left within western society. The Jubilee laws are a part of that examination as is (and then also ) the Sovereign laws of man e.g. "Strawman - The Nature of the Cage (OFFICIAL)"  and see in totality the section in Chapter 3b entitled 'The Law of the Land'  and also the section in chapter 3b called "King Alfred, ( & King Arthur) the ‘deemings’, the Magna Carta, the bill of rights 1688/1689 and the Popes law to cancel Corporations (23.04.2020 St Georges day)"   which explains these Laws to a much deeper level. The Global scourge of indebtedness now to the tune of Trillions (250) and Quadrillions in derivatives means it is time for total debt cancellation without conditions in each national homeland.

more information will be added here shortly


They were / are part of the condition for continuation of the land and protection which is why they were known as the "Blessed Isles" or Avalon or the "far off isles" ( see Isaiah 49, verse 1) in the bible. One of the problems this highlighted is that people wanted their leaders to take such action as that is their binding purpose, although the point of it, or the memory of them is lost (in 2016) by any leader or authority if they are even aware of them. They were meant to be put into action. The problems which follow without such laws (and this is only one) are numerous and evident. Keeping them did not mean loss but a change in fortune and increase. The "Deemings" (blended with Mosaic law, the laws of Moses as are the Brehon laws codified) of King Alfred and other countries laws are based upon them. The notion of them is a mystery to many but there is nothing new under the Sun (Ecclesiastes 1, 4 - 11) They are intended as a marker in common law and to bring spiritual blessing hence the Jubilee drop the debt campaign of 2002 and 2005 in 7/7 also at ULU university  and University of London location which relate the bombs of London in 2005  and today The Jubilee campaign was a Christian group in origin and met in many places and with speakers in many places.

"The first day had to be cancelled after the tragic bus bombing took place yards from where we were to meet. But by 10am on Friday morning 1,000 people gathered"   &   "The fact that some 4,000 people made it to central London in the wake of the bombings and with most having been in Scotland protesting against the G8 just days before" 

3 years earlier they had also petitioned for a Jubilee decree. Jubilee also arises from the book of Jubilee's  (or here in PDF form) Many suggest it was / is a book of the Bible. However the feasts and festivals and Jubilees are named within the existing bible books.



Family's need fathers and father4justice and links 'Families need Fathers' & the Fathers4Justice campaign

Families need fathers  and also  Fathers4Justice (there are others also)

These campaigns became prominent just after 2000 but also for decades before. It was not just full of men but also had many woman within their ranks. The growing encroachment of the state into family rights and sovereignty from the 1960's and the breakdown of the family unit meant people were fed up of laws which denigrated the traditional family unit but which also (in the mind of the state) saw the state believing they had rights over children their own parents did not have. No state authority can remove a child and they cannot do so unless they have the child's birth certificate (if you even need to register a child by birth certificate) which a parent does not have to give. This is especially relevant in legal procedures, custody and divorce and child safety issues. Again you need to read chapter 3b and  "Strawman - The Nature of the Cage (OFFICIAL)"  and see in totality the section in Chapter 3b entitled 'The Law of the Land'  and also the section in chapter 3b called "King Alfred, ( & King Arthur) the ‘deemings’, the Magna Carta, the bill of rights 1688/1689 and the Popes law to cancel Corporations (23.04.2020 St Georges day)"   Which explains deeper into these Laws. Men however have less rights over children than woman although men and woman are affected and of course children need Mothers also . 

In 2004 over 2 Million fathers and mothers marched on London demanding equal access and fathers rights.  2 million people demonstrated and it would reveal an area of law and family law that had been under attack for decades. Matt OConnor one of the leaders demanded equal parenting rights   Batman and Robin and the SAS. One protester scaled the front of Buckingham Palace as 'Batman' and was joined later by Robin later and other superheroes out to bring Justice to an area of lucrative legal fees and legal aid in what is a targeted policy to remove parents rights  as the sole 'owner' of children. The march and protest was a shock to the system  in the growing anger at crazy laws and policies.  Some papers remarked that the SAS would not remove or shoot Batman (no outright news item seems to have this story now) on Buckingham Palace and this is because some of them were in the protest along with Judges and Solicitors and every occupation who could not get to see their own children also. However it also had more sinister reasons and the uncovering of pedophiles, trafficking and child abuse (some coming from within social services and the legal profession itself and wider) in the areas of child care were stark, involving also the Jimmy Saville, Stuart Hall and Max Clifford, PIE the 'Paedofile Information Exchange' and Harriet Harman etc, and on into the BBC and everywhere (see chapter 3a and 3b below and also chapter 6)  Child abusers lobbied for laws to assist children being removed from parents also. This rift in accepted 'law' or the area of the legal fiction to profit from human activity making people chattel and slaves was being vigorously challenged as the sinister and abnormal situation of law and state which had mushroomed over several decades.  This is still ongoing and many adults are realizing it is also their rights that are also being removed. It is time this evil was ended.




The Jubilee campaign continued however and also incorporated the Making Poverty History Campaign which in July 2005 had events which brought together all shades of religious belief, political ideology  and economic thought in Edinburgh and London with other events around the world. Further the annual Marxism week was to be held at the University Of London (ULU)ON 7.7 2005 and all were invited. It was advertised well in advance as was the making poverty history events with Bono and Bob Geldof.

What happened on 7/7 is described by Martin Shayler (ex MI5) (part 1 of 5) & related article who with Annie McMahon   & related article spoke (downstairs in the ULU main hall) about the war in Iraq in one of the scheduled meetings, from a week of topics as always reflected in the Marxism conference which is eclectic and broad, as Marxism 2011 lists 

As Martin Shayler relates the 4 bombs exploded around the ULU centre, and the Tavistock institute either underground or above ground, and consequently many people travelling into the Marxism 2005 conference from London and Edinburgh did not make it and the event was almost cancelled. After a remembrance service for those that died,(in the gardens near the friends meeting house in Euston, donated by the Quakers) it was decided to continue with the meetings the next day. During the day (7/7) a fifth bomb was rumoured to have been planted inside the main meeting hall. The media also announced a training exercise was occurring, yet this exercise was exactly what occurred in reality

( Dec 2015 ) To explain many people woke on the morning on 7/7... (10 years of remembrance day  and here are the people that died on the day which because of the tragedy, the surrounding events should be known and traveled to events in Edinburgh or London).... very early to attend the Live aid festival and demonstrations and conferences in and around the Edinburgh or the London areas. Many in Edinburgh had assembled up to 6 days before the event and stayed in Edinburgh and later traveled down to London, later many people in Edinburgh drove down from Edinburgh or took an airplane from Glasgow airport after the Edinburgh 3 day event to London, where other events linked to the making poverty history events were beginning. There were lots of events in Edinburgh, political discussions, music and dance (or here as studio recording or as an MP4 file  or here again also Peat Bog Fairies Folk Police MP 4 FILE  )  late into the night(s) and walking tours gaining a panoramic view of Edinburgh and the highlands but the most unusual event, also included the worlds largest Ceilidh dance held on the Edinburgh green where it is estimated 10,000 people (all ages families, children and elderly and people attending Edinburgh for the first time ) did a flash dance folk Ceilidh for three or four hours. It actually looked something like this (Scottish highland dancing) or this ( Scotland highland dancing 2 )  Sword dance   Sword dance 2  & both hands in the air with refreshments and a few professionals instructing.The Jubilee campaign and drop the debt and countless other were present, 2 Million people overall visited over the 3 days including from Europe, South America and the USA, Australia etc. Those that flew down to London the day after the live aid event (including myself) were unaware of the 4 bombs which has just exploded in London, although were aware by the time the bags and check out were complete. Only one coach left for the Euston area, (where ULU or the University of London was which was hosting the events in London) and in the journey there were abandoned cars on roads and motorways and total chaos with people walking out from London to their homes, in some cases this may have been 10 or 20 miles out. At Euston, the coach dropped people and the route to ULU (University of London) and area was filled with armed police and the route also involved walking past the road where the bus had been bombed. By this time it was covered by a green gauze.obscuring the view into the street. There were other marches in London in the days before, separate from the 2005 Live aid concerts.

By the time the conference centre was reached the festival atmosphere was gone and the numbers expected obviously were down from thousands to a few hundred at this meeting. Many groups attended, the Jubilee Campaign and connected debt groups were motivated by individualism, many were Christians, they were not motivated by ideology to attend, although personal freedom was important, yet they were not motivated by ( i.e. not the power of nightmares as in the documentaries 4 paragraphs below) nor communism, but the power of authority of freedom and justice, the opposite of a nightmare. Just as today many political and economic theories were endlessly discussed leading up to the "Live Aid" affair. The aims of the Jubilee Campaign in finance (at 7/7) were to seek similar financial measures and changes which were discussed at the Paris Climate meeting which can be read at  the end of Chapter 2 and 3 in the adjacent website   which are lacking from our current system and without them, the system is underpinning the demise of the west.

One very important directive proposed (from the public and witnessed by myself) in the main hall in ULU (University of London, not the friends meeting house) was to cancel All World Debt, it was proposed and carried, and to this day the relatives who seek justice and a reason as to what really happened, need to know these truths. It was also proposed by 1 Million people who demonstrated in Edinburgh over the days previous. Truths which are also linked to the worldwide demonstrations to the Iraq war when 10 Million marched. Other proposals put forward for seconding were ecological and changes to the lack of democracy in the western world. There is an interesting website with full information "7/7 The July 7th Truth Campaign"  which points out the proximity to the City of London and the Inter Alpha banks.

It is clear that through all levels of authority and the security services and police, they must have worked to allow the meeting to continue (the drop the debt, making poverty history meetings, and Marxism 2005 and others ) they also know that cancelling all world debt, and making a real banking system is how the world should be run, and have supported all efforts for an inquiry and want to make known the wider implications of how the world is being enslaved and what the world can do about it.

Since the relatives have not been granted an public inquiry  in 2005 and again in 2011, the inquests set for publication on May6th 2011 and since July 7 2005 the worlds banking system has collapsed because of Debt,   ( in 2007/8 ) forcing people to buy homes on six or up to ten times their wages i.e borrowing ten times a wage or joint wage (when the wholesale cost price without a mortgage is the actual fair price and jobs are required to maintain payments) then a call for world debt cancellation, and a return of all bailout monies and a return of all loans and credit charged at interest to the world could become its own inquiry in memory of those people who died on that day (60 in number) Currently the NAFTA deal is also highlighted as even more detrimental to the west making it impossible to trade out of the situation (all being fair and equal) or resolve this issue. Today across left and right people are acknowledging there is serious problem which "more debt" will not solve as many countries in the west cannot pay the interest on the debt anymore. Margins are squeezed beyond rational meaning and business and worker alike and corporations are admitting this problem (but not publically yet) 

If it is believed that four individuals (Muslims) were to blame then a full public open inquiry (not private) would reveal this. And people in the West protested their innocence as well as marching against the war in Iraq. Yet the slaughter of Christians continues un-abated by Islam ?

A full public inquiry has not occurred and the 6.5.2011 non-public inquest  (its verdict) was predicted in the Documentary Ludicrous Diversions.   & related article   whatever you think about the documentary, and its motives, the removal of civil liberties and public freedom is happening (illegally) increasingly everyday. For background of 7/7 the BBC produced a documentary relating how the War on Terror has always been a false construct, a supposed battle between "liberalism" & "conservatism" which is  true but liberalism attacks faith and spirituality without rational purpose or cause. Hence you can be conservative but not be aware of faith or the spiritual causes. Entitled the Power of Nightmares     and Trailer   it details how society (they suggest)  is controlled by these false claims. "Creating False Dragons in order to chase them" (a quote from George Monbiot) War is business for the sake of it and profits (and related article) Or try these two links Power of Nightmares and/or  Power of Nightmares  Subsequent events to the 2003 documentary and the Arab spring is detailed below. In the case of 7/7 the Paris bombings and Belgian bombings 2015 / 2016 were carried out by Islamic state as is claimed by the Police in 7/7. 



The Global Financial Collapse of 2008 

In April 2007 and gathering speed into 2008 the financial collapse of the banking (central banking system) began see Wikipedia chronology.  See also the adjacent website   and the Intro, Chapters 1, 2 and forward. The brief documentary 'The 2008 Financial Crisis: Explaining the Start'  which has been analyzed and discussed ever since that date. Today (see chapter 3a below) the shored up debt is now into Quadtrillions, and the 2008 collapse reminds nations to invest at home in many sectors of industry, reducing debt to zero if possible, creating 100% employment and lowering taxes to buffer against any fiat disaster on the Horizon. (most recessions are caused by removing money from the economy, whilst returning investment brings an upturn, whilst this seems obvious many economists do not know how inflation or deflation actually works in the central banking system) Going one step further and providing trade and independent trade deals to protect against global forces should be the real aim of the politicians you elect and economists you appoint. How many politicians know or even campaign on returning (not economic banking growth) an economy to full strength by localism, trade and protecting SME's, by making good and healthy trade deals and rebuilding manufacturing at home. (hardly any, but why is that ? the following chapters 3, 3a and 3b help to answer these questions) ) In other words, a recession is artificially created, built on sand and a shaky foundation removing money from the economy creates these deflationary recessions, whilst adding money in (and this can be done without debt) creates a strong economy. 



The Persecution of Christianity (January 2017) 

(Insert 20.01.2017. Since 2005 and since 2011 from the Arab uprisings began in which (not just ISIL or ISIS) ordinary civilian Muslims have targeted Christians and christian churches worldwide where they live in towns, villages and cities indiscriminately leading to the worldwide condemnation of Islam and its Christian Jihad genocide (details of which can be read as documented in date order below) In 2016 for example 90,000 Christians were killed  and over 1 million have been killed in the last decade (that has been reported) making Christianity the most persecuted faith on earth  with more than half a Billion unable to practice their faith at all. 

This recent study is brought forward by the Center for the study of world Christianity in Edinburgh or the USA

Islam is not a faith born in the fertile crescent or Levant of the middle east. It was born in Saudi Arabia. Christianity and Judaism is the original faith born in that area. It is currently occupying the middle east illegally. It is also not a true religion or faith with no claim to Jerusalem except for a belief in a dream on a flying horse (half or 1/3 horse/peacock/woman ?, see below) or tenure in history or law, yet it has managed to fool the world. This is the real dragon which occupies all of the following regions and which was spread by the sword and which is the central 'raison d'etre' of Islam and not peace (peace means world slavery achieved) Like Communism which has no other political parties opposing (in the vanguard) or subsequent voting rights, Islam is repressive and totalitarian. Islam was crushed by Genghis Khan (after Islam had pushed the people of the steppes and central Europe's patience)

A full public inquiry has not occurred and the 6.5.2011 non-public inquest  (its verdict) was predicted in the DocumentaryLudicrous Diversions.   & related article   whatever you think about the documentary, and its motives, the removal of civil liberties and public freedom is happening (illegally) increasingly everyday. For background of 7/7 the BBC produced a documentary relating how the War on Terror has always been a false construct, a supposed battle between "liberalism" & "conservatism". Entitled the Power of Nightmares     and Trailer   its details how society is controlled by these false claims. "Creating False Dragons in order to chase them" (a quote from George Monbiot) War is business for the sake of it and profits.(and related article) Or try these two links Power of Nightmares  Power of Nightmares

What has changed? Since the war on terror, have the 10 million who demonstrated against the War worldwide in Iraq helped to change the middle east situation has it become much worse.


Since 2003, Christianity has declined in the middle east under George Bush and now under Obama (Barry Soetoro), although its numbers worldwide have increased ?. Since the 'Arab Spring' (so called) and the atrocities committed against Christians in Egypt, Syria, North Africa, Israel and Lebanon and wider etc is it time to re-evaluate Jerusalem .

Currently Saudi Arabia does not allow Christian Churches to be built  within its borders  but expects Islam to exist elsewhere around the world ? and is now calling for a Jihad against Christian Churches by destruction

Should this be allowed to continue ?  At the heart of the troubles are the religious and historical disagreements

Political analysis of the Middle East cannot always cover the ancient beginnings to the conflict. Despite centuries of conflict passage to Jerusalem has always been established. Many in the west including Christians have long sought to seek Justice, Truth and Knowledge and to be fair to all. 

Since the War in Iraq has bankrupted America as many suspect it was designed to do, 10 Million people worldwide demonstrated against the war to protect innocent people in 2002 / 2003/ 2004. Less documented were the huge Christian casualties in Iraq killed and also displaced from Iraq and the Middle East . America is also facing an internal revolution against its economic bankruptcy and Government.

This is continuing today against Christians with Ethnic Cleansing, beheading's, (Including Priests  also  cannibalism,repeated rapes and torture reaching new heights of barbarity, including savagery and killings against children and clergy (Protestant and Catholic and other) all over the Middle East by Islamic forces under the watch of the Obama administration  Since the 'Arab spring' (so called) in 2010 until today, Muslim inter- warring and Muslim deaths are being reported, but as in 2003 and now others are not as reported.  Only recently has the Anglican and Catholic church spoke out, (including archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope) Atrocities beyond belief

This war could be over in 24 hours, peacefully, or otherwise     (Temple Mount) It was mooted in 1999 that rather than invade Iraq/Afghanistan, a Western invasion of all oil/energy facilities should occur, changing Middle East ownership of these facilities. (as opposed to invading civilian populations) This would change the political landscape overnight and this policy does not look to the media or social media, as invasion of these facilities is the only option the West requires. This would re-establish the way to Jerusalem.

President Obama allows the Syrian rebels to kill Christians, (including pagans, atheists etc and Europeans generally, Catholic, Protestant and Jewish who have also been killed in Thousands) and advances a full military invasion of Syria. Countries suffering Christian atrocities with Thousands of Churches burnt.

Will 10 Million Muslims rise up and shout for Christian protection? or is Islam really a faith of peace ? and does this cry hypocrisy against Muslims, could Islam go all the way to protect Christians as the Western demonstrators went all out to protect them and for them in February 2003 ? (see also paragraph C and "7/7" below) The people, who protested against the Iraq War in the West, can demand that they do. If not is this proof Islam is inferior in character and spirit or that it is a false religion (i.e. the alburaq beast ) Is the " Jihad / Holy War " really a deception leading to World War 3 ? All faiths have suffered needlessly in the ongoing war, and all innocent civilians should be protected. 
If not should Islam be banned in the West as Christianity is banned in Saudi Arabia  Just as Egypt has banned the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

There is no comparable march by Islam to stop the war against Christians (which has seen nearly 1.5 million dead since 2003, and 8 million displaced since 2003)

Jordan is returning to Judea/Israel

Against this background was the crusade for Democracy in Iraq in 2003/2004, yet Iraqis wanted economic democracy and freedom. As the Muslim brotherhood won an election under democracy in June 2012  Egyptians discovered the Muslim Brotherhood could not deliver an economic democracy, as poverty and social injustice increased Egyptians wanted rid of them , inequality and poverty issues only increased

In Iraq Christians are being forced to leave, be beheaded or convert to Islam  (2014) Yet Christianity has been in Iraq for nearly 2000 years ?   also in Syria and Jordan 700 years before Islam. Forced conversion is abhorrent. Yet if this edict was placed on Islam in every country worldwide to convert to Christianity or other (and 'others' are forced to convert to Islam also) would this be correct ? Should Muslims be forced to change religions or return to Mecca by deportation? what is the difference? 

Islamist's are now destroying biblical heritage ancient archaeology sites sacred to Christianity and Judaism and also Islam ? why should the West and/or Middle East accommodate Islam ?   Isis is funded by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, yet if the West will not intervene against ISIS as it wished to do against Syria and President Assad (until a protest worldwide brought the western invasion / war to an end in Syria 2013/2014)). ISIS have threatened Assad and Syria also ? and yet the bombing of Iraq ( 9th August 2014) by the USA against ISIS has highlighted that anyone who does not support ISIS will be slaughtered. Does the west favour ISIS over Assad ?   ISIS are against Assad and Syria and Israel/Jordan (Israel has now annexed Jordan) but is pro- Palestine (but against the Yazidi tribe)

ISIS also threatens to destroy Mecca ? (and the Saudis )who are funding ISIS ?   It is clear that an intervention to defend Christians and Jews in the middle east is essential. Turkey are also funding ISIS,  (but) and Saudi Arabia are also in other opinions funding ISIS (against itself)   Islam began as a revolutionary movement/faith (as opposed to a religion). It began by praying towards Jerusalem (many new converts were Pagan or agnostic for decades whilst Mohammed lived) and then turned its back on it, and prayed towards Mecca, forming a revolution against it (Christians and Jews were living there for seven hundred years and thousands of years before ) whilst moving north and provoking the Spanish and Indo-Europeans and eventually forcing the Crusades. This has continued to this day.

ISIS or ISIL (The 'Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or the Levant'  not to be confused with ISIS who rescue woman and children from Human Trafficking) It claims to represent the emerging state of Islam around the world to govern the world. Mis-information (including the obvious in the 2 paragraphs above) concerns the United Nations who are funding it, whilst condemning it ? just as it is claimed Obama is funding ISIS and intervening against it by bombing it  in Iraq (outside of Syria)

ISIS believes the world should go beyond Sunni Islam and force the world to obey Sharia Law. Saudi Arabia is primarily Sunni,as is Pakistan ISI which is a Nuclear state. ISIS is essentially the Muslim Brotherhood and Sayyid Qutb  (to repeat see the power of nightmares documentary  two links Power of Nightmares  Power of Nightmares ) Qutb like the Neo-Cons regarded Liberalism as corrupting against the Religious state. Yet both inherited an anti – liberal agenda born from Soviet state Communism or state corporationism disguised as religion. This manifests itself in the unending and never achieved revolution. Many neo-cons became aware of this later in their careers as did many Muslims, but by then and especially in the cold war it was too far entrenched by radicalisation fear techniques. Liberalism itself was also a construct based on Darwinism, humanism and secularism (the latter ironically has now become a religion in itself) and debt. ISIS have shown that after the death of Osama Bin laden, Islam is trying to continue on. With origins some claim to be in Saudi and Jordan, Jordan has however (to repeat) annexed its country to Israel.

Whilst misinformation continues it is clear that Christians are being killed in tens of Thousands and any other group (ethnic or political or both) not agreeing with it are destroyed. (yet there is no protest)

What then for economic democracy?

In the background is the continued war for oil or energy with OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) announcing the world will only reach 3 to 4% in renewable energy consumption (and therefore oil will remain as main fuel) however it is estimated that 40 to 50 % of the worlds energy will move to renewable energy in the coming years. (and will increase as trading refines and renews)

Egypt has rejected the Muslim brotherhood, as it did not see any economic advantage in the Islamic State philosophy, a state which now covers Syria and Iraq, and is controlled by ISIS. The Islamic State or Caliphate is a dictatorship. In Saudi Arabia it is sectarian Apartheid state in which all other religions are banned. This would include paganism as Muhammad was the first to destroy the pagan gods of the Kaabha in Mecca. It can declare woman as anti Islamic and commit genocide against its opponents, which includes Buddhists and Hindu's which is currently ongoing in India, Pakistan and Sri – Lanka. a ) Its government is subject to Islamic Religious law or Sharia Law and it states that those opposed to Islam worldwide should be killed. Salman Rusdie (for example) is still in hiding since 1989. Economically it renounces socialism and democracy, but it has its modern roots in Leninism (although many Muslims do not accept this) which also allows a Monarchy to rule. Again Sayyid Qutd fused Leninism into Islam a fact which many neo-cons were surprised to discover. Islam is not a religion but is now a revolutionary movement, which first opposed Jews and Arabs in Medina / Mecca and then Jerusalem. (For more information see the adjoining website and chapter 4 towards the end, where the USA has appointed Sarah Sewall, as a Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues.  Her details are as follows.  ( MARO, & ) Sarah Sewall is the founder and Faculty Director of the  Mass Atrocity Response Operations (MARO  & Sarah Sewall ) Project (the link has a handbook on its doctrines) This is a tremendous boost for the security of Tibet and it must be welcomed around the world. Its doctrine can also be beneficial to Christians who are the largest persecuted group and who have suffered more than 1 million deaths since 2003.

World religious leaders have condemned the Genocide against Christians in the middle east  The Pope has said Genocide is on the way in Iraq against Christians and has accepted air strikes to protect them. Whilst Protestants have expressed concerns on the doctrinal assumptions and violence Islam undertakes. Amnesty International first reported the slaughter of the Egyptian Arabic Coptic Christians, and the media silence. And the growing numbers of Christians killed is calling for an international response.

The Obama administration is at odds with its military Generals (amidst calls for his impeachment and arrest whilst Obama seeks a 3rd term in his own Caliphate as President. This Caliphate supports Colonialism of Islam or Lenin but is against Colonialism per se ?) whilst they and others see the inflammatory comments by Obama (the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam   or  here ) as disrespectful to those Christians and Buddhists who are facing persecution at this time.( Saudi Arabia and surrounding are Apartheid states to which have been supplied with $60 Billion dollars of armaments to help it defeat Iran ISIS will also surround Iran. Yet both Saud and Iran wish to destroy Israel and Christianity ? which has declined especially since 2001.  Some on the far right have a solution which involved Nuclear war. In effect to Nuke the middle east and wait for it to cool down and then drill for oil, others have a far less drastic solution.

The public role of any politician or political party is a contradiction, and the contradictory situation in the middle east and wider is designed to confuse. However the initiative of MARO, the  'Mass Atrocity Response Operations' (see above) could be extended to also prevent Christian lives being lost elsewhere. To fully protect Christians a fully fledged invasion (not just air strikes) would have to occur in Iraq , Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Quatar and Saudi Arabia, to counteract the rise in ISIS and planned future genocides. This would mean NATO (even the US and Russia have been allies not-withstanding Ukraine's freedom) and other forces combining from Norway (Scandinavia) to France and Canada. (The West) The war will reach those countries eventually, as this is the stated aim of these groups, whilst the death toll rises in hundreds of thousands.

In July / August / September 2014 there remains no Worldwide protest or outrage against the slaughter and/or rape of Christians, protestant or catholic, Greek orthodox, Coptic "other" pagan or "unsures" and over a wide area in the middle east (children, woman, priests and the elderly in horrors too numerous to list) and this has continued over the last three years. Christians are the largest persecuted group in the Middle East and the world. Saudi Arabia despite being President Obama's ally have vowed to wipe out Christianity. One Saudi Prince however has converted to actual Christianity (as opposed to Chrislam), whilst the ongoing ethnic cleansing continues. In November 2014 and in the preceding months the Egyptian army  has also killed Palestinians (and vice versa) and has destroyed tunnels and infrastructure. Whilst Israel would resist an Egyptian invasion of Gaza there has been no comparable protest or media condemnation of the Egyptian attacks? 40,000 Christians were killed by Yasser Arafat and Fatah in total in Lebanon from 1975 to 1983, and 580 in one massacre in Damour, the massacres have continued up until today (Iraq) It is not possible from ongoing evidence throughout the middle east, to defend these Christians and other minorities by air strikes alone, without a full invasion.

Since 2003 nearly I Million Christians have been killed in the middle east & worldwide, 4 - 6 million have been displaced since 2003 and into the Arab Spring and today with 125,000 Christians killed in the last 3 to 4 years. (Oct 13 2014 Joint statement from Middle East leaders on the Christian genocide).

2015 --- The attacks on the journalists and police and civilians (17 people in total) in Paris on Wednesday 7.1.2015 occurred on 'Mohammed's' birthday, which is either 5.1.2014 or 9.1.2015, (5 or 9) depending if you are Shia or Sunni and the massacre was obviously timed for the event. 6 suspects remain at large and nearly 4 million took to the streets in France to protest, and the latest affect of the terrorism is 10,000 military personnel and police (Gendarmes)are protecting Jewish citizens and school children on their way to school. The no-go areas in France (and wider Europe) which are Muslim areas (although this is disputed) are barred also to Christian's the areas are keen to  introduce Sharia law, which is also enforced by gangs of 'roving Muslims' in London. This Apartheid is simply Jihad as war and not an attempt at Unity. Massive coverage of the tragedy overtook the disturbing news's of 2000 Christians slaughtered by Boko Harem in Nigeria. Boko Harem (also known as 'People committed to the Prophet's Teachings for Propagation and Jihad') were formed from al Qaeda. 143 Boko Harem were recently gunned down in Cameroon by its military defence forces.

ome Muslim leaders applauded (Anjem Choudary, a London-based cleric) the attacks on Paris, bringing a response from French primeminister who has declared a war on Jihad, and a declaration from Canada,  Italy (Padua), New Zealand and Angola (reaffirming earlier decisions) Holland and Europe wide to close down all mosques in their countries. Germany was also attacked for printing cartoons. and ISIS have stated Rome is to be conquered next.

As the previous paragraphs above call for an international response to protect Christians in the middle east, the measures should be extended to all non middle eastern countries (where and since the Paris attacks and just before) Muslims have killed police in Egypt (who have branded the Muslim brotherhood a terrorist organisation) and kidnapped Christians in Libya This follows attacks on schools in Pakistan with 141 students dead in December 16th 2014 murdered by the Taliban, and the Sydney café siege in Australia also in December 2014. Since the declaration by (Oct 13 2014 Joint statement from Middle East leaders on the Christian genocide) further reports of Genocide in the middle east against and Christian leaders condemned the genocide over the festive holidays Christian genocides are also expected in 2015. (Open Doors report)

In summary genocides and massacres are increasing in the middle east and the west by Islam which is openly declaring Jihad. Clearly President Obama's air strikes against ISIS are not working and even in Syria (Russia and Syria have also failed to protect Christians in Syria) The Paris attacks were tamely justified as stopping offensive images or cartoons against 'Muhammad and Islam' which the paper published and were offensive to Islam ? The West has spent four years watching on television, (middle east and wider) newspapers and cinema as innocent people are beheaded, suffer cannibalism and mutilation and children are beheaded and raped, whilst priests and spiritual leaders and Journalists are massacred and given a choice to convert, pay or be beheaded. (see paragraphs above) Surely this is offensive? and demands an equal response?

February 2015. This chapter has helped to collate information to assist with a true picture of the war in the middle east. Genocides and massacres are increasing in the middle east and the west by Islam which is openly declaring Jihad. Clearly President Obama's air strikes against ISIS are not working and even in Syria (Russia and Syria have also failed to protect Christians in Syria) The Paris attacks were tamely justified as stopping offensive images or cartoons against 'Muhammad and Islam' which the paper published and were offensive to Islam ? The West has spent four years watching on television, (middle east and wider) newspapers and cinema as innocent people are beheaded, suffer cannibalism and mutilation and children are beheaded and raped, whilst priests and spiritual leaders and Journalists are massacred and given a choice to convert, pay or be beheaded. (see paragraphs above) Surely this is offensive? and demands an equal response?

The only solution to protect Christians and Jews which have lived in the Middle East for 2000 years (and more) and to counteract ISIS (and al Qaeda) is to prepare ground troops for invasion in the middle east (ISIS plan to invade Saudi Arabia and Iran) and Europe and the USA is looking to increase its military budget.  In America it is suggested (in early February 2015) that the Paris attacks by Muslims, were not directed at the Jewish population . In Denmark the follow up attack's were directed at Jewish and the Danish populations. This was followed by 21 Christians beheaded in Libya (condemned by Pope Francis) in late February 2015. The media has over the last 12 years reported in bias against the Christian genocide which has occurred and continues to occur daily around Jerusalem and the middle east. 

The Genocide against Christians in Mosul and wider ( also a home to Christianity for over nearly 2000 years) has been 'purged' of Christians, and this is an aim of those who directing the war against Christians and not just in the Arabian peninsula. A Church in Mosul is blown up. Catholic and Protestant Churches killed, (the last link is a list and timeline of events) as as 90 Christians are abducted by ISIS on the 24.02.2015   change to     as 90 Christians are abducted by ISIS on the 24.02.2015 (later confirmed as 120 +), there is a war against Jewish and Christian populations in the middle east and the west.

May 2015, estimates at the number of Christians killed are growing to 1 every 11 seconds. In June 2015 estimates of the number of ISIS/ISIL members killed since the air raids began is 10,000. The debate as to whether Christianity and Jewish populations (especially in Syria) can be saved by air raids or by 'boots on the ground' (an invasion) continues whilst the killings continue. Yet in the middle of this crisis as the horror of the Charlestown massacre  revealed Obama is sending weapons and funds to ISIS who continue killing Christians. The confederate flag is blamed, (Dylann Roof was wearing this flag) Bans have been placed on the television series "the Dukes of Hazard" yet there no calls for Obama to be impeached or he has not resigned whilst supporting the flag of ISIS ?) Further some protestors burned the Union flag over the 4th July celebrations (as did Dylann Roof in one of the pictures released of him)  but they were not Confederates. Christians  are forced into  opposing each other which is a point not often made in the USA or Middle East and of course people should not be in danger of their lives in their church as occurred in Charlestown. Three weeks later at the 4TH July Celebrations  all over America the Confederate flag and the Union flag flew in celebration and in Daytona without incident. (except in Chicago) Switzerland and Canada do not ban guns and there are no incidents so the question remains why is America so unsettled. 

As refugees continue to flood out of the Middle East and Africa the trafficking trade accepts the situation as an income supply. Rich nations are urged to take refugees state Amnesty International. Yet the largest land mass near to Syria remains Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai and surrounding. Saudi could take Syrian refugees and other Muslim countries (since it remains an apartheid state) These countries have grown rich on inflated oil prices yet then expect the west to harbour Muslims when Saud, UAE, Yemen, Oman could house, feed and clothe every refugee 100 times over ?, and like much of the planetremains under populated (with solutions also lying in modern agricultural breakthroughs) As Mecca is the Islamic spiritual homeland could the refugees and Diaspora return home ? which since 1934 has not allowed a Christian Church to be built and the faith is punishable by death (including the UAE according to amnesty international who have been denied access to UAE authorities)  "The Western media and government agencies look the other way as Saudi Arabia finances the teaching of Wahhabism, which is a radical version of Sunni Islam. All over the world, including in the United States, more than 90 percent of the textbooks in Islamic schools and mosques come from Saudi Arabia, and over 90 percent of mosques in the United States receive some type of funding or support from the radical Sunni royals who rule Saudi Arabia Read more at"

The denials that this type of genocide is a continuing long term agenda were quashed when the Pope called on the world to recognise the Turkish genocide of the Armenian Christians in 1915. It has taken 100 years to recognise the slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians.

June 2015 The massacre in Tunisia which is escalating into civil war comes nearly ten years after the 7/7 bombings in London

August 2015   (New Academy schools and education)  Ten years after the 7/7 bombings (committed by Hasib Hussain 18, Germaine Lindsay, 19, Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, and Shehzad Tanweer, 20) which killed 52 people and ­injured 700 more, the families of the tragedy have formed an educational trust to combat extremism and it follows on from the Ofsted report which cited six Muslim schools as extremist. The six schools were raised as concerns after the Government had to take control of Park View School in Birmingham in 2014 where children were being indoctrinated by extremists who 'praised the al-Qaeda ideologue Anwar al-Awlaki at assemblies and used school facilities to copy Osama bin Laden DVDs ' Clearly this academy school is way off the curriculum. In August 2015 Prime minster David Cameron announced new free schools for Britain which are to be taken out of local authority control. When Government intervention is required to save a school like Park View in 2015 there is a serious problem at grass roots level. Local authority schools on the other hand highlight the situation in Rotherham where the Labour run council were grooming, exporting (internally and abroad) children for the sex trade is also beyond belief (this is highlighted in Chapter 6 in this website below). The local authority in partnership with gangs from Pakistan inside Britain were able to run their 'business' freely. Further into 2015 the tragedy continues in Rotherham as more revelations come to light. as gangs continue to act, funded from Iran (and Iran's education system is high but so to is the indoctrination, which is also the counter - criticism against the West) to Turkey . The silencing of Christianity and undermining Western education is one more form of Jihad, and to the very young also a form of terror. 'Wahhabism' from Saudi Arabia and Iranian 'Shiism', although in opposition to each other, still regard western children cynically as inferior and of no consequence. There is a difference to learning about a faith and coming under its authority.

Clearly then whether it is in Local Authority control or in the Free academy schools, there are serious problems in all schools, both at community level and in the choice of subjects taught. The system is shadowed to enable trafficking and exploitation (and you can read chapter 6 below to get a panoramic view) School education as a solution to combating extremism should teach the indigenous history of these Islands beginning with the immediate prehistory (the Pagan era & Middle East history of Egypt and Sumeria and Israel which begins at the Exodus and before) From the Neolithic, Megalithic, Stone Bronze, & Iron ages, (which occur simultaneously in most of the era's) Celts, Vikings, Euro tribes  and Christianity (Protestant and Catholic) which is the immediate history and theology. Ireland for instance has some of the oldest preserved histories, and schools were numerous everywhere.(and hedge schools for outside education in difficult times) These histories and surrounding issues should be taught or absorbed by those who are encouraged by their parents to teach them up until the age of 7 or 8, and should apply in effect, to all children entering the school system and these subjects should be mandatory.

This does not mean children will not be able to read and write by the time they enter school which could still be at 4 or 5 years of age if a parent chooses, but instead they will become aware, why they learning to read and write. The subjects upon this page could be (and once were) taught to children in their formative years. The last link points out that children as babies retain a much higher degree of knowledge through memory than was first thought. This continues into toddler and school years. Further, subjects which are not taught in schools now, were once the first subjects taught, and provided a firmer base for confidence in children and the world around them. Subjects (not all) mentioned on these websites were rudimentary but now they are considered advanced or elitist. A child absorbing or understanding the real world around it, at a young age would be considered a prodigy, but you will note that child prodigy's listed here do not include, theology, philosophy and imagination as certain subjects to become a child prodigy within. Are all children potential prodigies ? This is why supposedly clear advice like the advice seen here is considered 'avant garde' when in fact all the attention in the world without a wider knowledge from a earlier age wastes valuable years. This is the difference between being taught (and not paying attention) and wanting to learn. Jean Jacques Rousseau suggested children have a certain type of free and happy childhood, where nature was a teacher, obviously nature extends to the heavens and skies and natural curious knowledge of them follows on. Isolation from society however as Rousseau preferred is not beneficial, if Rousseau meant 'all people'. Some societies should be isolated from children. Faith and/or philosophy and the basic important questions begin as a toddler, and if a baby from the womb has perfect conditions in which it can grow, and if they surround mother and child these ideal conditions can lead to increased development as the child grows, and all without bias or brainwashing.  As chapter 6 outlines the history of what has happened to a few generations over 60 years (or more) then society does not seem to mind teaching children those matters, whether it highlighted in the press or directly as abused children i.e victims. it is hardly radical therefore to teach them how to defend themselves and learn the real world in double quick time. 

Since people (men, woman and children) are told to convert or be killed and some educational systems are still (which also do not allow Christian churches or schools unless kept silent and apart) Apartheid and nationalistic no country should feel harassed for teaching its own history and culture first, for all the residents of that country.Teachers from UAE (United Arab Emirates) and other Islamic countries teach primary school children In Britain on Islamic law and history but also subtly on Muslim sex slavery in Britain, Europe and America ? Surely this is a case to close all similar schools. Every country on earth deepens its own educational nationalistic history i.e (' Deepening the spirit of loyalty and pride of the country through intellectual awareness of Saudi Arabia's national issues ' ) and in those countries you are expected to learn the history of the whole country and ally to it, this should be the same in Western countries. America has a community youth group called CAIR.  Cairs slogan is 'Invest in Children' but  Ahmed Saleem the leader off CAIR was arrested in June 2015 for pedophile ring activities . Clearly this is nothing to do with education and is senseless and criminal. This followed on from a operation in February 2015 involving child trafficking, drugs and paedophile grooming when 101 members of CAIR were arrested. Teaching the history the faith and the arts of any nation is difficult but under these circumstances how can education flourish.

A sinister side to the abuse revelations is the aftermath or fallout of successive generations from these crimes. They have of course occurred in Ireland and Britain Wales and Scotland like an epidemic. It is has grown since the end of World War 2 and is continuing to have physiological effects the study of which (one area)  is known as 'Epigentics' which causes root changes in the victims, which if children can produce psychological and emotional damage for all of their lives. When so called religious leaders or teachers undertake this crime against children or teenagers it is done knowingly and willingly (although some very ill abusers claim it is natural) On one level abuse is to gain power over people who cannot fight back (children) on another level, trafficking is very profitable, but in some religions like Islam it is encouraged in scriptures and is used as a weapon. Targeting the educational system is therefore a deliberate act. Egypt which has its own Trafficking problems (worldwide) recently sentenced 182 Muslim Brotherhood members to death, not just for terrorism but for drugs, trafficking and prostitution including children. CAIR mentioned above are on the international trafficking and terror lists, yet are invited to begin new schools and educational platforms in the USA. In other words these organisations are a front for a business. A cheaper safer method would be to let school children read a 'comparative' religion book on Islam as others throughout the year. 'PC' (political correctness) also means you cannot completely oppose these problems and the PC doctrine is used as a shield to cover the crimes. Other nations do not have Political correctness barriers. It is encouraged through corruption and power but those that hide behind privileges are now beginning to be prosecuted. It also calls into question how any county can allow this type of indoctrination from a religion like Islam or any other including paganism or humanism. Education is therefore a vital area for a child's development.  

Teaching nations that they cannot enjoy their own nationalism or faith originates only through extremists. Beginning education at home as early as possible is best for children and traditional national subjects should receive funding priority, if other cultures do not want it, then why are engaging educational schemes in a country they do not like and what is wrong in their own country that they have to leave ? The current system is stealing knowledge and educational value from children, teaching false philosophy and religions and history and purposely confusing the child. (see chapter 4 in the adjacent website and others) Western history is fascinating, deep and very interesting, further it is absorbing and fun. When people ask why it is not undertaken or understood, it is because of the teaching methods and design of those methods. Learning is a vast subject but it is at a very basic level in schools, yet a Childs Mother and Father are still the best people to teach a child, protect it and nurture it. Christians in the Middle East which have been present there for 2000 years including Syrian, Lebanon, Egyptian and Iraq and Iranian Christians and wider. Trafficking and slavery accompany the forced migrations (but are not highlighted or shown in the mainstream media) with Syrian and Iranian gangs profiting targeting the EU  Countries immediately bordering Syria who are wealthy are dismissed as final destination countries? Through Turkey but not staying in Turkey  into the EU ? (men, woman and children) and these wealthy countries could build new towns, schools and hospitals but trafficking is lucrative and requires migrants who pay. Christians in the Middle East are in a terrible apocalyptic situation which began over 12 years ago and has continued up until today.

Amidst what is now recognized as the Christian genocide in the Middle East (Pope Francis) (Syria churches burnt) with all denominations of churches destroyed and with millions of migrants travelling thousands of miles in grim circumstances, (instead of inhabiting areas locally) the mystery and practical enlargement of Israel as 'Greater Israel' (with its theology of the Court of the Gentiles, the Two House theology (or two Olive trees) and its evolution, Israel as a Jewish state, with Jerusalem as the full Capital in the appointed time) is it a better solution to settle Christians within this new space which is a small proportion of the wider land mass, and which would need massive agricultural transformation. (a real home ) It is becoming impossible  for the West (or East Europe) to accommodate all of the migrants, and is causing resentment and opposition, whilst making $ £ Millions for traffickers and slave labour, low paid employment. The cost of migration in personal terms is immense, and the barbarity especially to children is shocking, whilst the financial cost to the West is astronomical. These funds from many countries and Europe, could instead be donated to the new enlarged Israel project or any other funds related to the solution. Israel will be self sufficient in oil, gas and renewable energy. It would also allow Europeans or wider to migrate into the new Greater Israel as Aaliyah, and any Jewish person or family wishing to return would have new reason to do so. This mystery (which 100's of millions around the world ponder upon) must come to fruition one day. Saudi Arabia (and Egypt) (who agree with Israel here) as well as wider states such as Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Oman, Yemen, UAE, Pakistan who could take the migrants themselves in health comfort and restitution. New towns nearby require little land. The continued massacre's and savagery this chapter has highlighted is the alternative which is leading to a wider war, which includes Nuclear. In this new Greater Israel there would be huge military protection all around the border. This solution is possible, (by war or in agreement) and the urgent problem is before many, but also before the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ) and the Knesset in Israel (which is considering the Jewish Gentile search through history) Discernment is required in an urgent situation, but the entire Middle East could be transformed in a matter of months.

September 2015.  The history of the Middle East over the last two thousand years has been almost continual turmoil. Christians (as mentioned) have lived there for 2000 years. Since 2009 there have been 9 different wars between Arab nations, and Obama promised a better life for the people of the Middle East speaking in Egypt in 2009. Income inequality was the main catalyst for the peoples Arab spring uprising, onto which the Muslim brotherhood joined and hijacked the movement. (they are now sentenced to death, see above) This chapter also highlights the terrible fate of the Coptic  Egyptian Christians in Cairo. Thousands have died including children. Since 2009 Arabs now state the Arab spring was a failure, whilst the Syrian refugees alone amount to 4 million people

During this time from 2009 refugee camps have risen in Syria, Turkey, Jordan  and others. Some have existed since 2010 - 2011. Conditions are harsh in these camps yet during all of that time to date not one Arab Nation has come forward to offer a 'new land' for the refugees. The camps are staging posts for moving on ? regardless which Muslim nation you are from. Looking at the size of Syria in relation to surrounding nations it would have (and still could) be possible to create a new land which has military protection. Drawing conclusions it is obvious Muslim nations do not want their own people, or Muslims themselves do not want to live in these lands.This raises questions as to why ? is the religion free, is the society enjoyable etc ?. Since 700 ad (the birth of Islam) and before to date, the inter warring between tribes has been a constant factor through history. From 2009 and from Obama's speech up until the recent crisis what has the Arab council done to create a new land in the middle east. ? Creating new Islands in Dubai, or constructing new cities is relatively easy, but carving a new land for displaced Muslims never once entered the minds of the Arab league. Obama has not set a new neutral refugee zone since 2009. The West with its superior system is seen as a savior, which (as one problem in the nightmare) involves walking children thousands of miles to reach it. Syrians are asking why they should leave at all. It is becoming the largest migration in history, with staging posts of camps, traffickers, western media outlets screaming racism, and with business calculating the profit from 1/4 price labour / wages ratios. Some EU leaders regardless of their own populations wishes, press for new cheap wage labour on 'humanitarian grounds' 

Syria could fit into Saud Arabia 10 times, and into Iran, Turkey, Egypt and Sudan 10 times again, yet to date there is no international outrage or call for these countries to form a new zone to help these people ? It is not a rhetorical question and Arab billionaires who are thinking deeply on the issue, and the middle east population know that something along these lines will have to be planned, and put into operation as a reality. Create a paradise. It is estimated that up to 30 million will need new homes by the time the conflict ends, in which millions more will perish. The One state solution has other meanings. To some it means one large original state, for others it means one new large state from 700 ad. (i.e. The wider 'Ummah' ) For refugees no contingency plans have yet to come forward but they regard the western idea (which now does not want open borders and will close them if only to avoid the fate of the Coptic Christians or others such as this Christian family, burnt and hacked to death ) of freedom as preferable. Any groups or political parties who have not suggested (since 2009) radical solutions are of course only interested in platitudes and not saving lives.

(World War 3 ?) War and wars are likely to continue under the current ideology.(in the war on terror)  Following the US senates decision to allow Irans nuclear weapons (which already exist) Nuclear proliferation (detente) is not preventing or nullifying wars or nuclear wars, and will not end wars in the middle east. The last link explains why now Saudi Arabia want Nuclear Weapons to counteract Irans Nuclear Weapons (which already exist see later) The Nuclear weapons and their cost could house and feed every migrant worldwide, yet there is no call to hand in the nuclear weapons. This is evident as the recent party political debate is highlighted throughout the Media (2/9/2015). Following the 'close' voting on whether to accept Iran's nuclear deal, was put before the US Senate on 2nd September 2015.  Saudi Arabia although wanting Nuclear weapons, will never get them some news analysts think. The logic from Fareed Zakaria suggests that as Saud has not even built a car, how and when will it build Nuclear weapons ? but of course the nuclear weapons could have been sneaked into Iran and Saudi in a Lada or a Volga car over many years. Zakaria neglects to mention that Saudi and Russia have a nuclear / atomic state run corporation called 'Ivania'  and have issued decrees to burn all churches etc. There is no plan to destroy the West such reporters state.

Russia has already supplied Iran Nuclear and ballistic missiles  (April 2015) and Iran already has Nuclear weapons (for over a decade, although some say Iran has only them since 2009) Therefore who at they aimed at and what is the voting show about in the USA ? as the deal does not limit Nuclear weapons (as it is sold to the public)  in Iran or elsewhere but increases them. (Iran can now inspect its own Nuclear weapons itself) Israel would now feel justified in taking back the West Bank and Gaza and all the Lands surrounding its original borders for security as of course Iran wishes to fire Nuclear weapons at Israel. It has delayed because it needs longer range Nuclear weapons to reach Europe and the USA, it now has them (like North Korea, also supplied by Russia) Russia teaches (national service, which could be brought back in the West) all its children weapons and self defense training, which Obama is trying to ban in the USA. 

Its a mindset (of Elite Leninist's like Obama) which has existed since the early 1980s in which war is simply different (under President Carter) and not an end to war which the bombing of Syria displayed. President Carter created the conditions for further war, and as many had already been fought Carter was freer than most Presidents. Obama suggests the USA (and not Iran and Pakistan is training ISIL / ISIS ? see above)  The conclusion that World War 3 will begin in catastrophic terms in the middle east is only more likely since 2009. This is why (and it is a view other voices suggest) namely an invasion of the middle east by security troops such as Nato, as the only way long term peace (Nato) as the state of Israel enlarges, can be maintained and new lands can be brought forth out of the desert, which is a obviously a different conclusion to Nuclear War. (see the end of chapter 5 in the website  for the origins and proliferation of Nuclear Weapons)

A new nuclear arms race has just begun and the West is now in reach of those Nuclear Weapons. The debate between the Neo - Conservatives and the Liberals (Marxist - Leninist's) as to whether weapons of mass destruction exist is of course a false premise as both sides have WMD. The doctrine of striking first (pre-emptive strike) has been copied by the Democrat administration who had accused the Republicans of employing this doctrine under George Bush, The democrats say Syria used chemical gas hence it will not send ground troops (although Obama is saying the US is training ISIL ?) to the middle east.  Russia, Iran, China and North Korea have all threatened to fire weapons on the West in the last year. The inevitable nuclear war is underway and Israel will be the first target, to which the west would have to respond. Millions have fled in the war on terror since 2009, but it is the Christians who have borne the brunt of the war over the past decade, hence a new strategy and safe zone should be established in the middle east.

10.09.2015   As the redevelopment of the middle east continues, estimates as high as 10 million migrants are predicted from the middle east, in what is described as the biggest crisis since the second world war. Eight million migrants now live in Britain (which is accelerating the call to leave the EU in the June 2016 referendum) and estimates as high as 40 million over 10 years for the EU are suggested. With the background being the new TTIP  transatlantic trade deal requiring new low paid labour the start of the latest migration calls seem to parallel the new trade deal(s). This has been described as madness by  EU countries and EU member states.  On one level the media is pushing the urgency of the migrant crisis, but underneath Europe and Germany are not accepting the calls for more migrants, with large cities and small towns in Greece, Germany and wider swamped by an invasion from Syria, Iraq and many Middle Eastern towns and Gulf states. The proponents of the migration plan have hyped up the media followed next by the left wing parties, which only 3 weeks and months ago were complaining of high unemployment and homelessness in the EU, (also as a crisis which needed solutions) especially true in Greece but are no longer complaining of these issues.  Italy wants to suspend these outdated refugee laws which no longer apply (WW2 dated) whilst Austria is suspending the measures  and Bavaria wishes to terminate them. Many migrants are not meek but forceful and full of violence. Not only is the middle east in flames but Europe is heading that way.

The most recent surge in calls for migrants across open borders came from the horrific sight of Aylan Kurdi a 3 year old boy  who drowned after Syrian traffickers, trafficked him (he was in effect murdered) and his family for $4000 dollars. From Turkish refugee camps (which do not see a permanent migrant settling programme on the horizon in Turkey) only those who pay, are selected to pass, and if there is a problem then they can be abandoned or thrown overboard. The boys father is now returning to Syria. Trafficking then is also behind the call for mass migration, in which traffickers get a wage and also a share of the western aid which is sent to them. Both payments are a part of the business. Calling for an increase in migrants for the EU  (but no where else in the main) the United Nations is involved in trafficking scandals  whilst many in the UN oppose this internal problem, but the UN urges a response. (see the adjacent website & chapter 4) The Pope (Francis) has called for a Syrian to be sent to every EU parish  The problem here is the original Pope, Pope Ratzinger / Benedict XVI ) is also still in the Vatican and is either (depending on the origin of the story) investigating sexual abuse within the Catholic Church or was asked to be retired as he was a sexual abuser of children who encouraged trafficking. Pope Francis is currently investigating Pope Benedict/Ratzinger. and has hinted the matter in which to date 3000-4000 priests have been prosecuted/questioned is vast. The protestant church is also involved in trafficking yet the revelations have been uncovered and broken (as news or legal cases) by other Catholic and Protestant leaders (Priests and Pastors) who are fighting against the infiltration of abusers and traffickers.(see further, chapter 6 in this website further down the page, and in the adjacent website chapter 4 for opposing trafficking measures) This is why people are calling for an end to the 'block laws' and WW2 outdated refugee laws, when Saud Arabia and Turkey are bombing Syria and wider. No Muslim country  has hurried to the crisis, although calls for the Gulf states to take 10 million refigees or so is left unanswered by the UN, the Pope or Angela Merkel or by the Gulf States.

The decimation of Syrian Christians and the Christians killed in the last week is left out of the news as non news. The enlargement of Israel has been explained in part by General Wesley Clarke who admits like Obama (see paragraphs above) that the west trained ISIL members. What we are not told is that ISIS/ISIL and many other groups are also trained ISIS / ISIL members and they are funded by Russia and China. Over 80% of ISIL/ISIS is funded by China and Russia, funneling through Iran, Saudi and Hezbollah.   Chinese made weapons, supply ISIL/ISIS. The arguments then revert to imperial aims, but it is Islam which first invaded the West, (700 ad fwd) ) and the Syrian Christians, which as a grouping, are one of the oldest Christian communities in the world, and it has been targeted. This community descends back to the day of Pentecost or Shavuot (the first day of the New Testament) which occurs 50 days after Passover, (known as Easter) and the Acts of the Apostles in which 3 million people were estimated to be present in Jerusalem in AD 30, including many Jewish Christians.  40 years later at the destruction of the Temple many of them went northward and a community of Christian's settled in Syria, and they include Christians of Jewish descent who have become assimilated over centuries.This is currently researched by Israels Knesset (see first purple colored paragraph above) The aim of destroying the 'Easts' imperialism is the other side of the of the ISIL/ISIS story, when many groups joined with them, but remained in their own original group or faction, and they were then infiltrated by Western forces, against the barbaric practices in which Christians have been decimated, described as a Genocide by Pope Francis. (see all above) This is the nature of the beast. This is also the backdrop to the 'Bengazi scandal' in the media in the USA. China and Russia in line with the Gulf Sates have refused to take refugees although thiers is the greater responsibility. Eastern Imperialism (including into Africa) does not sway to 'anti-war demonstrations or political pressure', Islam as an imperial adventure does not count casualties nor do China or Russia, who also wish to form a new Middle East which does not look like a promised land. The barbarity against civilians and children has been a constant news item for over 4 years. 

Aside from the Transatlantic trade deal attracting calls for the refugees to enter Europe. Hungary has mobilised the army to turn migrants back into Serbia. Some migrants are armed.Behind the mainstream media European countries are against any migrants entering the EU including Croatia,  Holland and Sweden due to the increased volume of people and the  violence from migrants Silence from countries which are literally very close by Syria according to Eamonn McCann...but are ignored in the media as alternatives in the urgent crisis ? Germany (also experiencing riots as the numbers of migrants grow to millions) due to its economic success, is suffering a population growth problem, but this population growth crisis was diagnosed in 2006, which is nine years ago and also for a period in the 1980's ? Russia's population is growing despite Elton John's advice to Vladimir Putin (and 6 paragraphs up or the 3rd red para up, Russia's children are not getting an advanced education at a younger age and weapons training for just self defence purposes) Since the Ukraine also needs a population boost to enable it to repopulate the Crimea over many years, surely the answer for Germany is not to import workers but to over produce their own (since the 1980's an entire new generation could have 30% more children since that date. Not 2.2 children per household, but 3.2 children should be required on average. Over a year ago it was reported that Germany's birth rate increased when they won the World Cup for example in June / July 2014) Germany needs to manufacture, innovate and produce exports not imports. It is the same with population levels and for the whole of Europe and Scandinavia also, and have fun doing it. Economics and ideology (freedom) determine the future health of a nation and its birth rates, which should include ignoring the racist planned parenthood 'foetus/baby parts for money' proponents and the humanists, as their policies of course over many generations reduces populations. Russia who believe so called socialism, Planned Parenthood and restrictive economics is complete nonsense, but good for everyone else. Cuba by abandoning convention has created many hundreds of thousands of jobs, but it is also in debt and requires borrowing despite being outside of the central banking system. Frau Merkel has encouraged more babies in Germany and more babies requires more land (every family should have land to grow food) without destroying any more forests. Yet if it so why is continuing to fail over decades, is it actually true ? or is it science and communism gone haywire and the population is just fine ? Germanys population in 1960 was 72 million people, today it is 81 million so German people are having babies. Ideology is not romantic but it conditioning and ever persuasive and deceptive in the modern Nuclear society.

In other words grow your population and have more babies, but also destroy as many babies as you can by abortion/Planned Parenthood (for socialist profit and to protect woman's rights ? ) and when the new births are not enough, import more people to make up the shortfall in the population. Eugenics, Humanism and Social Darwinism for profit and exploitation and social control.

Aid & Charity The trafficking income supplement known as Aid (not all Aid reaches the traffickers) is a big problem, the aid fuels weapons and drugs in many circumstances and it is therefore increasingly apparent that migration is not the answer, nor is the status quo (which trafficking relies on as it does with migration) and another answer is called for and deserved and demanded by the innocent. Charities admit that only a small proportion of donations reach their intended target. Instead of wasting money and banks are re-inventing the wheel (see at the end and its link) A safe zone (a zone in the middle east could be an area as large as France) in which funds could be sent, overseen by reliable and transparent people everyone could trust and admire. (beyond the media and left / right rhetoric) and which could build anew. This could not be done without a peacekeeping force such as NATO. Since no other option aside from increased genocide exists, a good first step would be to ask President Obama to make 1 Trillion dollars ( $1 Trillion) available for Israel and a new Syria, in order it could form a new land and provide a safe haven for the migrants and especially the Children.This amount is a drop in the ocean and makes more sense, albeit a radical proposition, than the current madness in the cycle of war, death, migrate and/or suffer for the cheap labour wages system. The negative, exploitative and immoral calls for mass migration should be recognized for what they are, and war should plan for refugees within their immediate area of safety (for further details see the adjoining website and Chapter 4 at the End of the Chapter) Realistic solutions as opposed to exploitation are required in the carnage.

Aid & Charity are vital for human rights and basic needs but they are struggling also with the third world's economic system. Recently 'aid' was used as a cover to disguise armaments in Greece heading for the middle east  This is common (Ethiopia) the Live Aid call provided money that was otherwise would not have been available and did help to overthrow Haile Mengistu Mariam who killed Haile Selassie (of Bob Marley Rastafarian fame.) and up to 1.5 million Ethiopians in a Marxist racial ethnic genocide. (Iran – Iraq) and more recently (Yemen) and worldwide. In context the recent Syrian problems are no exception. This money for weapons by Russia could have housed 30,000 refugees in Yemen or a safe zone in Northern Syria. The Pope (Francis) has called for an end to trafficking with world leaders, and is concerned that Iran has Nuclear weapons which ISIS could use or they could invade Italy (in the continuing unstable middle east) whilst the Archbishop of Canterbury has stated the refugee policy discriminates against Christians. Syrian Christians want to stay in (a safe) Syria

Creating a Safe Zone for Syrians, for human dignity and children's safety and the wider population is the best logical option to save lives suggested here in July 2015 but also as early as 2012. In those 3 years hundreds of thousands could have been saved, housed and well fed. It would of course require military protection from the ravages and savagery of ISIS/ISIL (the initials depend on how you view the middle east) This obviously all requires a new approach and a trustworthy person or persons to re-organise the whole trafficking, aid non – combatants tragedy.

20.09.2015 The war in Syria is described as a civil war, but as President Obama stated that the US was training ISIL (but did not mention China, Iran and Russia were also training them to a greater degree) as did General Clarke it is wider than a civil war. As Russia moves its missiles into Syria to bolster President Assad, Iranian generals threaten to fire on US bases over the past few months, whilst Senator Kerry arranges the Iran deal. Is President Obama allowing this to occur, when Iran should be invaded for making these threats against the west.

13.09.2015. (Following the announcement in this paragraph a new coalition was formed, see next paragraph) Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri  issued a call to renewed  Jihad against the West (and in Chechnya in Russia), followed by Irans leader Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei threat to again wipe Israel off the map. Isis (both men claim) is illegitimate and only Al – Qaeda are legitimate. This message is timed to go with and for the migrants who are 70% male, hence Hungary and others have closed their borders. Official figures from the EU state that only 1 in 5 are from Syria ? 

ISIS/ISIL however will soon be attacked by President Putin and Russia  (14.09.2015) and simultaneously by the USA who are also going to attack IS Islamic state  (14.09.2015) During these continued attacks and refugee crisis (planned over many years) the anti-war movement marches to stop the war as it did during the Iraq war. Yet it does march against Russia and China or Iran or Pakistan, who are also supplying the war machine only the 'Wests' war. (it would not be possible in these un-free countries to march freely ) As the USA and Russia are sharing this objective against ISIS/ISIL and Islamic state and as many Russian and European Jewish exiles are returning to Israel, where will they all live ? 

John Kerry has said President Assad (20.09.2015) must go. Russia has placed troops on the ground(Obama would not) and supplied WMD. Russia rejected the safe zone for Northern Syria, but the USA is viewing Russia's involvement as "canvassing US officials on Monday, who reported"Privately, many seemed to welcome a Russian intervention if it alleviated the burden on the US for fighting ISIS."  Obama's Global envoy to the co-altion John Allen who proposed the safe zone years ago has stepped down, due to the inaction from the Obama administration on the safe zone in Syria and for not taking a tougher stance on Assad (22.09.2015) which is similar to Russia's stance on safe zones. In other words (the military state) get non-combatants out of the way.  

The immigration crisis was brought to the attention of the EU public when EU Council President Donald Tusk called a summit on the issue, and suggested that migrants be housed nearer home (their point of origin) Many countries rejected the proposals but they do not have a Veto and are in effect forced to have quotas from people who are 1 in 5 not refugees.The summit decided to send aid in Billions to nearby countries such as Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey instead of allowing more migration to the EU. The aid is in effect fro safe zones in those countries 23.09.2015 (Donald Tusk stated the war may deteriorate, hence Syria needs a safe zone) These and other suggestions for safe zones were ignored  4 years ago to date, but political pressure is growing. There is no emergency summit happening on the migrant crisis in the Gulf States, China or other continents ?

23.09.2015 With contradictory news reports suggesting Russia and the USA are combining to attack ISIS, and other reports suggesting the USA will attack Russia in a coalition against Russia/ China/Assad, the confusion is becoming embroiled in the Middle East.Yet both are bombing ISIS/ISIL. (with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and France) The only question which remains is Obama allowing Russia to move into Syria since the demonstrations against the Wests intended action, (but no demonstration as yet against Russia's war ?) Obama boasted he had bombed 7 countries to defend the Iran deal. Contrast this against Alexander the Great (who was clear in what he was trying to do) who marched through Turkey defeating and at the battle of ISSUS, and then south into the Lebanon and into Israel. It was clear and concise, and over very quickly. Alexander did not make slaves of the conquered nor prolong their misery.   

29.09.2015 President Putin explains the mercenary make up of Isis/Isil     President Obama and President Putin meet at the UN.  /  President Obama and Irans foreign minister also meet (the UN's neutrality status has vanished, and its trafficking crimes which UN internal affairs has uncovered, means its role in safe zone planning is under question)  Obama, Russia, China and Iran had formerly criticized the West for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, yet the very same situation is occurring from the 'East' in Syria. Does Russia or Iran have any more right that the USA (without the UN) to police the middle east ? Within this contradiction (for example helping Assad to beat ISIS as Russia states or defeating Assad to defeat ISIS as Obama states. 

(01/10/2015)  Russia plans to takeover Syria and Iraq forcing a WW3 situation, whilst the USA expands in Afghanistan and says it will oppose Russia in Iraq/Syria.There is no anti-war protest against Russia ? (stop the war)  Christians have suffered since 2003 to date, and will continue to do so.

Should Russia, China and Iran and the Gulf states be forced to take 1 Million 'Syrian' refugees/migrants (confirmation that 4 in 5 people are not refugees and 80 - 90 % male contrasts with previous news reports ) 

(07/10/2015)   After 5 days of indiscriminate bombing by Russia against Syria, joined by Iran and China. It is revealed that the Democrats in the USA asked Argentina to supply Iran with enriched Nuclear fuel in 2010 ? according to the President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. The weapons grade fuel, or fuel for energy purposes debate is lost within the plot to name her in the 1994 bombing of the Jewish centre in Argentina  (85 people were killed and 200 people were injured. See also the adjacent website and chapter 2, 4 and 5) The World Wide protest against the war (against Russia) has not materialized (as yet, except from NATO who have clashed with Russia).  Just as there has been no mass protest (Ten million protested worldwide in 2003 against the war in Iraq and many groups who initiated the protest were Christian church groups. Today after the Christian genocide's there is no reciprocal protest) against the genocide of Christians over the last decade. Hence the search for a 'safe zone'.The last protest against the Russian war took place inside Russia in 2014 (over the war in the Ukraine) This war could be over in days if the combined powers that be swept all aside. The current approach is a diplomatic war in comparison.

14.10.2015   Russia / Moscow blames the foiled  terror attack inside Russia (12.10.2015) on ISIS. President Putin states the former Soviet bloc countries are training and  fighting with IS. This means Tajikistan, Turkmenistan (which is in dispute with Russia), and Afghanistan etc, )  as the West is increasing its forces in Afghanistan, West to the Caspian Sea. Russia wants to re-occupy these areas. In the Ukraine (Estonia and Lithuania) it trained Special forces (like IS) "Ukrainian Rebels" Following these and previous attacks in Russia, Russia has been bombing Syrian Rebels and not IS ?  Will the EU, USA & Russia make an agreement when they meet in the middle east or will a 3rd world war escalate. 

The real war and the media are nearly stating what is actually going on in the Middle east, even though the stroies are the nearly the same more is revealed over weeks and months.

A summary of the Syrian war  (brief video which is an excellent brief analysis but does not show any Christians or Syrian Christians as a separate grouping)

Violence in Jerusalem  Escalating violence grows in Jerusalem with Palestinians killing Jewish Rabbis and citizens indiscriminately in the street and many times children are used to carry out the attacks. Josephs tomb (a sacred Jewish shrine) was set alight by Palestinians who are calling for an intifada (the 3rd) With ISIS defeat on the Horizon  Palestinians who are ethnic Jordanians or Egyptian insurgents have yet to establish any historical link with the Temple Mount (it is claimed Mohammed who is buried in Medina north of Mecca in Saudi Arabia dreamt  he went to Jerusalem riding on the back of a Al baraq beast ? which is the official connection in comparison with thousands of years of Judeo - Christianity. This is a fundamental shock compared to the media coverage and ) Greater Israel could allow an autonomous Gaza in exchange for a peaceful enlargement, failing that Israel may re-occupy and takeover Gaza once more. 

Over decades 3 options have emerged 1. an autonomous Gaza with the Greater Israel project.  2. No separate area for Gaza within Greater Israel  3. A view that Gaza and Islam do not have the right to exist. (or here, or here) which follows from claims that Israel does not have the right to exist.

Gulf States to take migrants and end slavery in new safe zones. The Syrian war is a civil war which began with the Arab Spring in 2011. The West has had civil wars over the last 500 years but it has not asked the Gulf States to take 5, 10 or up 100 million refugees (with free homes and benefits thrown in) It i worth repeating given the scale of the loss of life that the proposed safe zones (as large an area as France in the middle east), with real homes and safety comprising of military protection was ignored by the Gulf States in 2011, 2012 - 2013, despite the West strongly supporting the idea. (except for Turkey)  4 years and hundreds of thousands of lives later the policy is still ignored. Is this because the agenda is not to save Syrians and the other migrants from Africa and countries with no current wars. Hundreds of thousands of lives lost due to inaction. (Saudi Arabia is 2.15 million square km, or 850,000 thousand square miles) Whilst United Arab Emirates, Iran, Indonesia could house every refugee and migrant in a thousand new Caliphates with land to spare ? A safe zone is proposed as a safe neutral state(s) separating shia and sunni (see also the end of chapter 4 ) The people who originally proposed this idea are the realists who have obviously thought deeply on the subject. Angela Merkel is proposing closing the EU borders.

Russia s (in the Russian war) view is incredulous as it mocks the West. Russia's Muslim populations in the West of Russia were banned by the soviets. The Caspian sea area of Chechnya rebelled against Russia (as did Afghanistan) and the conflict has it roots in the Russian - Persian war of Peter the 1st in the early 1700s. The area was populated by Ukrainians fleeing Stalin's genocide starvation policy known as the Holodomor also. The main cause of the two Chechynan wars was the introduction of Islamic death cult Wahhabism from Saudi Arabia. 

Russia's policy toward Islam was to export their population back to other Muslim nations where possible.(1500 - 1800) because after initial integration attempts they discovered Islam did not want integration but planned continuously to take over the nation. Further they wanted Russians to respect their customs and traditions (and conform to them) in the Gulf and other Muslims countries, but also then change Russian society in Russia. (with or without communism or capitalism) They would not accept Russian traditions or conform to them pre and post the soviet collapse.Islam targets education then insists Islamic belief is taught to others. The Soviets deported them out.The Soviets (USSR) banned Islam and other religions, closing down all mosques, burning out Islamic business and deporting Islamic groups. Russia as a Christian nation and later as a Marxist nation took severe measures against Islamic fundamentalism. In Bosnia 8000 Muslims were killed and 25,000 were deported under Russian direction. And the reason from 630 ad is the bloody advance of Islam from Mecca to the West and North, in which  it is estimated 80 to  90 million Christians have been killed (630 ad to the present day) Temple Mount was taken by force by Muslims and it murdered Christians and Jews before being driven out.

In 2015 we see largely single men walking to europe with i Phones. (1 in 5 ? ) The reason for this, refugee activists state is they are escaping war not poverty ? They walk first leaving their wives and children behind, but who would do such a thing ? in a war. The children in the boats stories are shown on television  washed up on beaches and it is revealed later traffickers placed them in the boats. The whole story is a trafficking story and the wives and children are held as a ransom. This is why the safe zone (with real homes) see the end of chapter 4 in the adjacent website is the real solution, if human life is valued.

Thousands of Christians beheaded, raped and butchered (by civilian non military people and which began before ISIS) and growing violence in Europe, Australia and America, if the West copied the Muslim middle east behavior and began beheading thousands of Muslims in the streets, (civilian insurgency) and closing down their business and burning all their mosques, raping woman and killing children and then asked Saudi Arabia or UAE and Iran for Billions of dollars of aid and a plan to re-settle 60 million Americans, Russians and EU and North European settlers in an invasion of the gulf states and the middle east, Russians would simply laugh at the policy, yet this is what is being asked of the West. This is one more reason Americans will not disarm, and why they (and Russians are training youths in arms training) are asking why the EU and North Europe cannot arm itself against the Jihad (the Jihad which has been condemned by the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England and the Greek or Russian Orthodox church) Unarmed and innocent Christian groups (see this entire  chapter) were not protected. This is both the superiority and problem of the Western system, which allows its own beliefs to be undermined. This is now happening in the USA and the EU, but in Russia there were no people facilitating 'PC laws' on their behalf. 500,000 people  have now migrated to Greece and it is this issue which is defining Greece's grexit and Britain's brexit form the EU.

Media reports actually conflict but also show international policy on one level is in unison. President Assad will be removed despite Russia's involvement and may be given sanctuary in Russia with a new Syrian leader chosen to suit  all sides. This is to avoid Nuclear War in which the victims will not be USA, Russia or Europe or China. Democratic Western states (with variations) are opening into a new reality in the Middle East.

15.10 .2015  President Obama states the 'USA' was aware Russia would intervene in Syria (with Iran and China) and has defined his defined his foreign policy  which differs from the policy to bomb Syria, swayed away by public pressure. President Putin of Russia has agreed to work with the USA.  Israel will help Russia clear away ISIL. Iran has been paid Billions to stand away (it is largely outside of the larger Greater Israel area) Two versions or sizes of Greater Israel exist depending on which scriptures are interrupted (from the Nile to the Euphrates)  1. Greater Israel without northern Iran. 2. Greater Israel with northern Iran. Iran's future hope is to obtain Nuclear weapons to destroy Israel, whilst the USA, EU and Russia/China battle for ground and ideology within Greater Israel (see the adjoining website and chapter 2 Greek elections 20.09.2015) There is escalating violence in Jerusalem over many weeks.The anti-war movement remains in-active on the Russian issue and the bombing of Syria in contrast to the demonstrations against Obama's decision to bomb Syria. Contrary to President Putins assertion that only mercenaries (see note 29.09.2015 above on this page) operate in the middle east war, that assertion is untrue. The war between ISIL (Islamic state in the Levant) and ISIS is between Islamic fundamentalism (A brutal Iran like Caliphate) and Greater Israel and there is is more than just monetary reward being sought. 

24.10.2015  As the Christian Coptic church remember the dead  (21.09.2015) who were butchered in Cairo in Egypt in 2011 by the Muslim Brotherhood (not ISIS) who instigated the  Arab spring  and civil war into Syria. It is convenient to say ISIS has committed all of these crimes against Christians, but they actually only split from the civil war rebels in April 2013. Civilian and Muslim brotherhood groups many of whom persecuted and killed the Iraq and Syrian Christians (who have been in the Middle East longer than Muslims and the genocide is moving from country to country in systematic order, and the western countries must follow this fate in the same ideology. The video interviewing Ahmed Fathi relates in AK news relates in December 2013) around the middle east during this period are now refugees (most are not, but are economic migrants who have prosecuted a war and killed unarmed Christians and each other in frenzies) but which are disowned by the Gulf States, Syria and wider. 

In Saudi Arabia or Iran if you were a European migrant of the war in the Apartheid state, you would be sentenced to death. ISIL also (although in a different form previously) began in April 2013. Most of the atrocities in this chapter (which are pre April 2013 over 15 years) were committed by Muslims civilians who armed themselves or joined smaller groups. This is Islam as a whole, not just extremists in the Jihad. Fascism as the theocratic purpose of an ideology from Mecca. The vast majority of its members do not understand its higher (hidden) teachings. Sufi Muslims who do, as Mystics (although Sufism is not an inner caste), are thrown out as heretics from the herd, but discovering its limitations many of them leave and become Christians (which are followers of the Messiah)

No anti - war protest against Iran / Russia has been instigated so far. Iran is now entering the war in Syria visibly. It previously had warred with Iraq from 1980 to 1988. It regarded Iraq and the USA as enemies in the Iraq war in 2003/4. Russia was allied to Saddam Hussein and Iran and a cold war was fought with the CIA. 

Israel in response to the growing violence and Iran's entry into Syria has made the following response(s)  Israel Iran 1   ( USA / RUSSIA )  Israel Iran 2 

Israel and President Netanyahu  and the Holocaust.  Israel has now (22.10.2015) formally recognised the Islamic movement  as the ideological catalyst in the Jewish Holocaust (which has ancient enmities from the Akkadian  Assyrian empire Iraq / Iran / Syria. After Alexander the great the whole of the Levant came to be called Syria) and which, as a perpetrator has remained hidden, in the same way the suppressed Armenian Genocide  against 1.5 million (1915 - 1923) Christians, was suppressed for 100 years. (see sonas Chapter 2 and Greek elections 20.09.2015) 

Adolf Hitler wanted access to the Middle East through Turkey and into Iraq and despite the Jewish refugee transfer agreement with Germany the Holocaust followed. It is clear and according to Benjamin Netanyahu and in agreement with Frau Angela Merkel,  Adolf Hitler wanted to deport the Jewish populations to the New Israel (in waiting) but the Muslims wanted other solutions, (The Holocaust) which had deeper theological reasons that just hatred. This Genocidal plan was kept from the majority of the German population who brutally went to war, but to fight openly. Many were sent overseas to Israel, but many were sent to the camps (in Russia or Germany) No one denies anti-semitism (or anti - Japath-ism) but the theological misconceptions have not been helped by the translation difficulties of Torah and the New Testament. That is a a long story. As can be seen in Sonas chapter 5, Russian Gulags / Concentration camps were in operation from 1918 and through WW2, and contained German Communist and Nationalists. Germany's camps contained a multitude of nations. The Holocaust was murder and it had deeper purposes. It is not an absolution of the Holacaust but the opposite. Turkey and Iran played both sides in the War to achieve their aims.  Muslims ideaologically and theocratically believe that keeping Jews away from Jerusalem will stop their Messiah, Europeans do not. This has a precedence in 1541 and forward to today (see the sealing of the Golden Gate) Islam still today states Israel does not have the right to exist as individual people or as a nation (in 1942 or 2015)


25. 11. 2015 

At the beginning of November 2015 Egypt for the first time since 1948   voted for Israel at the United Nations (1948 is when Israel became a modern state once more) Israel will expand into this, its Greater Israel area (from the Nile to the Euphrates) Iran was invited to the UN  talks also (encouraged by Russia) for the first time in this context which was a world Wide meeting. The USA  is moving away from Obama's view has also placed troops into Syria as boots on the ground.

Saudi Arabia wants its oil pipeline (Sunni Islam) to route through Syria to Europe. Iran has an alternative route. Saudi's cheap oil is being purchased by China and even the Ukraine. Pressure is piled on Basher al Assad to quit, as Obama threatens to end the Saudi (petro dollar 1973 deal) and go to Iran instead. The alternative (Sh'ite) iraq, Iran Syria Turkey pipeline would go through Turkey to Lebanon to Europe which is using natural gas instead of oil for the foreseeable future. Whichever pipeline is built the petro -dollar system would still exist but in different hands or currency. Ending the petro - dollar does not end the petro currency trading. Putin has both supported the Petro-Dollar and employed strategies against it, and Iran has vowed to wipe Israel of the map and is funding many countries around Israel. Cyprus which is also at the center of its own oil and gas boom (Europe, Cyprus and Israel ) is set to unify both sides of its Greek Cypriot Island  A war would easily go Greece's way and its route to Europe from the middle east (The Saudi route) will also bring benefits to Greece. 

The T/TIP CETA (ACTA) and others trade agreement between America and Europe is not a debate between left and right but between the USA and Britain (and the Ephraim / Manasseh theocratic debate in which it is still undecided which is which exactly and a debate which began centuries ago) on how/who to proceed. More on this can be read at  the beginning of this page chapter 1 at the end. 

The horrific Paris bombings on 13/14 November 2015 which killed 137 and injured 352 in the Staid de France are not the first attacks and the French re-collect the 1995 Paris Metro bombings carried out by the GIA (armed Islamic group) and the metro was bombed  again in 2011 by Islamic fundamentalists. An incredible fact of the bombings in Paris is one of the bombers worked in Immigration offices  and actively helped enlist the terrorists. Whilst some of them came through Greece to France. (in the "refugee" crisis)  The attacks and investigations and threats continue into the following 10 days, and have spread to Belgium  (after a soldier was beheaded and the pakistani islamic state terrorists came from Britain)  & (19 dead in mali)  Mali  (in the al - qaeda / isis internal islamic battle) and Nigeria and in Bosnia.  Money given to Iran has probably paid for this slaughter.

Even within 3 hours of the attacks (and it is still ongoing ten days later?) there were calls to increase the numbers of refugees. Calls made by politicians and activists and agencies, are  they insensitive or arrogant or simply fulfilling their role ? They are of course traitors to Europe and non european countries and are paid or bribed to keep the scam going for as long as possible and should be arrested along with the surviving islamists or they should resign. The network of politicians and immigration workers who are planted to pose as politicians, answerable only to those who are bribing them similar to the soviet politburo doctrine of subversion by the installation of "useful idiots" as Lenin named them, have landed top positions in power and the EU and media. As chapter 6 shows (on this page) immigration officials have also been prosecuted in Britain and in the EU for trafficking and aiding paedophile rings. The USA has revoked CAIRS (The Islamic school group) tax status for its part in the scam of illegal trafficking (see also chapter 6 on this page)  These are the latest immigration criminals who have been prosecuted, even within the EU.  The perpetrators  of  the immigration  scam were administrators and elected officials/politicians (even in the EU in the ongoing saga of bribing for boat people) who had accepted bribes. (Australia immigration scams) These people were the most active in denying a safe zone for syria was possible and actively dismissed it. 

French security, interpol and europol cannot secure the borders under the current arrangements which tackles the immediate problems in Belgium for example (when 16 are arrested  23.11.2015) but security should be extended to arrest those who have perpetrated the wider scam, which is a duty of the European Counter Terrorism centre  & the anti - fraud EU chief including politicians.

Further whilst the west debates, Saudi Arabia deports 1 million migrant workers, and Norway deports 7000 Muslims as calls grow for wider measures.

The idea that Gulf States (who are funding ISIS  i.e. Saud, UAE & Qatar  as Iran threatens to destroy the west and Israel) should take more refugees is spreading to the Gulf states and the people  who live there (Shams Bandar Al-Aslami and interviewer who neglect to mention Saud and Turkey is also bombing Syria just as Iran is attacking Israel  and France) Gulf states are asked to provide more aid for syria and take refugees  The fake refugee situation (90%) allows a legal aid scam to initiate a process for shelter. Not allowed to work legally they work on the black market (and can come and go) which is why the scams are allowed to continue. Most countries are not the first port or country of entry but they are allowed to pass due to sheer numbers. It is economic migration spurred on by (woman) extreme sexism in Islamic countries and brutal ideological theocratic states which are not free. Asylum can be granted for domestic marital disputes and other country of origin civil disputes which should be dealt with in the home country. The deception is now endemic and wage levels are also a major driver of the problem which cynically highlight the calls for more immigration. further it is the host country  not the country of origin which is billed for the privilege. Scam marriages as a immigration scam (including gay marriages) is also part and parcel of the racket.

The EU, Britain and America have the most liberal immigration  laws and the most stringent admonishing of people who question the "policy" which is actively a doctrine. The immigration laws of most of the worlds countries are similar to Mexicos (in the last link) which is thE world norm.

The USA and it 30 of its Govenors  have refused to take anymore refugees, whilst Obama is accused of being a traitor on the floor of the United Nations,  as the GOP initiate the beginnings of Obama's  impeachment hearings. Obama has discriminated against christian refugees, and this type of discrimination has been a feature of the mess since a safe zone was called for (Archbishop of Canterbury) This is because the USA Nation of Islam ( which is racist) advises him to do so. The real face of the refugee crisis is shown for what it is. Jihad.  Russia continues its attack on ISIS along with France. (Putin vows to destroy Petro-dollar  system yet supports it at other times and warns of an attack on Israel) as America decides (obama is forced) to place "boots on the ground"   in the middle east in the growing war.

The Immigration policy is a part of the "doctrine"   against the West. The doctrine believes that societies and the EU will not survive (despite thousands of years of survival) without multiculturalism (which is a racket) The Soviets espoused this doctrine (for other nations) yet Putin today says that they are unashamedly un-multicultural and always have been. (Putin 1,   Putin 2, ) the latter blasts Multiculturalism, which is different from couples falling in love from different nations of course. (not withstanding the marrige immigration scams) Frau Angela Merkel  (still) shares Russia's view claiming it has failed. Yet the doctrine also espouse's Eugenics (racism ?) as the motivating underlying doctrine which includes national population reduction by abortion and other means ? IN ALL countries (viciously repeated over and over in the media by increasingly demented and obviously bribed minions as an urgent 'requirement' in which it pretends it crusades for women's rights, but not babies rights or children's rights or rights against children being abducted by paedophiles and traffickers) This doctrine is essential when (top down) choosing politicians and immigration workers to perpetrate it, but which should be voted out and discontinued as a policy / doctrine.

The Sharia law areas (and funding from the Gulf states) will be apartheid areas separated by violence and Islamic law before they are dismantled. The Middle East has seen its christian population slaughtered over a decade and its population reduced by millions.

This dangerous time comes as the USA issues a Worldwide Travel Warning 23.11.2015 and cite Paris is in lockdown causing wild rumours to circulate concerning the purpose of ISIS attack. Russian planes shot down against Nato and Russian submarines near Scotland. Only 2 months before the full extent of  Saudi arabia's funding of ISIS was revealed. 100 years ago the terror unleashed on Armenians was commemorated on the 23.10.2015 when 1.5 million of their people were killed by those who were responsible for the genocide(see below)

In the previous month (see last date above 24.10.2015) The visit by Israel's Prime-minster Benjamin Netanyahu to Germany focused upon Adolf Hitlers transfer agreement to Israel, and also discussed the Holocaust in World War 2 and the Turkish holocaust against Christians in Armenia in WW1. Of course Germans born after 1940 are not in any way responsible for the Holocaust i.e. those under 75 which would be most of the current population. Further German people are friendly, strong, gracious and forward thinking independent people who (they say) did or do not feel they could wave their flags patriotically because of past events. Its younger population have no inclination to repeat crimes committed in World War 2. The history of Germany and Russia is mentioned also in chapter 2 above. The furore continues over the issue, but the Holocaust against Christians in Turkey committed against 1.5 million Christians there (1915 - 1923)  by Islam, many of whom were forced marched into the Syrian desert to die is left on the sidelines in the media.

The Armenians held their Commemoration of the Genocide against them committed by Turkish Islamic forces  ( held at  the end of October 2015 ) Archives show Rome tried to stop the Genocide and the history of similar is shown here

In the debate of who was responsible for that Genocide, the  Armenians are very clear  and are in no doubt as to who was responsible for such a massacre (a quote from the article below) Armenia (Georgia and other countries surrounding including the Ukraine (which still seeks independence from Russia) have ancient tribal connections back to 700 - 500 bc and the 10 "lost tribes" as a portion of their descendants)

 " The most surprising insight was that the Armenian genocide was in fact just part of a bigger plan — the extermination of all non-Muslim minorities in the Ottoman Empire "(i.e the Islamic empire which continues today)


That plan continues in the Middle East and is a part of the World Plan. Ecumenical teaching in schools is not taught in Islamic countries , it is banned and not allowed and only Islamic teaching is permitted ?  Its teaching (Islam) should be discontinued in Christian or secular schools and replaced with Judeo - Christian teaching, with a history of tribal origins including their own lands, nation and continent and this education should be increased from current levels. Those that object should be deported or should emigrate or resign themselves to teaching their children themselves at home. If this is regarded as severe, it is only equivalent to Muslim nations rules, and is not as severe as being beheaded (including children) or converting.



The War on Terror took a new twist over the past 4 weeks (from the Paris terror attacks and the terror attacks in San Bernardino and the wider war on ISIS Islamic terror in the Middle East) when it was claimed caution on security issues or criticising Islamic could endanger US security.

The following proposals and remedies have been suggested.

1. Do not grant Citizenship to Muslims in the USA. 2.  Do not grant permanent residency to Muslims 3. No material or propaganda of Islamic material should be allowed in the United States. 4.  Universities should ban the teaching of Arabic as should all educational establishments. 5 All Islamic embassies in the USA should be closed down. 6. No imports of the Koran and other supporting Islamic books should be allowed. 7. Muslims must only read and write in English 8. Houses cannot be bought by Muslims or land and the renting of Houses to Muslims should also be banned. 9. Sharia law should be banned.

Hillary Clinton admires Japan. It is one of the largest creditor nations on earth (as opposed to debtor nations) and Paul Ryan who is the leader of the House of Representatives visits the diplomats of Japan. Canada's new prime minster Justin Trudeau meets with Shinzo Abe Japans prime-minister, as does Barack Obama Further Angela Merkel meets with Japanese prime-minister Shinzo Abe and the list goes on.  Japan of course is central to the western pacific trade (tri-lateral) agreement since World War 2.

 All except Paul Ryan are in the Communist party and all have also (Trudeau) have visited Mexico.

 The blue paragraphs above are actually the stance on Muslim immigration of Japan today and for decades. The reason is they (Japan) have not accepted the bribes and pressure to allow Islam in, as it knows their  country will be ruined by the hate speech and racism which Islam as a part  o f its teachings direct to "lesser people" or slaves which Islam perpetuates as anyone who is not a Muslim. (Islam is not a race but a mystical belief) Japan of course retains its Samurai's against invasion.

 The media have been full of criticism against Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson for suggesting Muslims should be banned from the USA, and the four communists above Clinton, Trudeau Obama and Angela Merkel (including also French President Hollande) have voiced those vitriolic criticisms against especially Donald Trump, but there is not one mention from the "four" above including Hollande (who called for more refugees after the Paris attacks), who have never mentioned their support or tacit acceptance of Japans position on banning Muslims neither has the media.  Mexico's position on immigration (see last post dated 25.11.2015) which is stricter than Japans. All activity on immigration is at the discretion of Japans and Mexico's government. 

Other countries which ban Islam completely are China 2015 and Angola 2013 Again none of the four have criticised Saud Arabia's apartheid stance, and the four have not mentioned them in criticism and there security seems intact either way.

 The four should resign (for hate crimes against the west and their own countries in the immigration scam)

 What is most disturbing and (please see the posts on various dates above), is Donald Trump safe zone (or here) Ted Cruz and Ben Carson (who visited Syrian refugees) are the only people who have put forward the idea of a safe zone publicly. This is the only realistic way to save lives from Russia or ISIS. It would provide an Oasis for families and the homeless and it was suggested by NGO's (who see real life) 3 – 4 years ago (to repeat that point see above in previous posts) The rest of the "four" and surrounding media couldn't give a damn about refugees except they will be a cheap wage in trade deals.

The safe zone whether it is brought into the Greater Israel area or not could be more than just a real estate but a paradise of peace, harmony and tranquillity which  is safe for families and all people.

 This tells you all you need to know about the US election debate and the media, in which it also turns out that the actual existing Law in America (which Obama has not repealed nor Clinton) allows like other countries to ban any group or individual from entering the USA (it is the non discriminatory law) as it would be against USA security concerns:

 Which are as follows; (internally)

Following the Paris attacks in November and the terrorist attacks in America at San Bernardino in December 2015 and following on from the Grandmother beheaded in Autumn 2014 in Oklahoma, and a Muslim US army officer who killed 13 army people and injured 30 at Fort Hood army base in 2009, and the Chattanooga attacks by Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez in the Summer of 2015 in which killed four marines and a sailor, it is revealed that the Boston Marathon bombers who killed 3 people and wounded 264 (many lost limbs) and who grew up in America were praised by the Turkistan Islamic Parties who said the Tsarnaevs brothers were fine examples of Chechnya Muslims, although they are not part of the Chechnya rebellion and its parties or refugees but their parents were inquiring for Asylum to America. The latest Mosque to be closed for fostering links to Hamas is in Texas, and which (Hamas) overall is a cover for CAIR.

This follows a list of cities in the ISIS kill list it released in the USA which is credible according to the FBI (20.12.2015)

Despite this it is suggested by John Kerry that Daesh and/or  and ISIS (or both jointly) and not Russia is the biggest threat to US security, although it is imperative to bomb Assad (says Kerry) who should actually step down and Russia should stop supporting him. Yet it is Donald Trump who is endangering US security according to Kerry ? 

What then do they actually mean by endangering US security as ISIS and senior members of Al Qaeda are planning more attacks internally and externally to the USA ? (on the 21.12.2015  and over the last few months)

What is actually meant, is these type of criticisms may be detrimental to the security of the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA. John Kerry has perpetuated the banning of Jews on Temple Mount and Americans with ties to Israelis are screened and vetted and prevented from security positions in the Pentagon for example.

The ongoing saga of the Benghazi scandal and others reveal that Hillary Clinton and Huma Abeddin left US soldiers to die and Abeddin is a Muslim brotherhood member.Obama is a Muslim brotherhood member as is his assistant Valerie Jarrat who with Huma Abeddin is from Iran amongst the other Muslim brotherhood members in Obama's staff.

Huma Abedin is calling for the nonsensical flood of refugees into Europe and America yet in Egypt the (Obama's) Muslim Brotherhood are (527) sentenced to death. Obama and Turkey have funded ISIS (via Indonesia) and the Muslim brotherhood, and they have attacked France and wider. France has vowed to track down the Paris attackers.(French President Francois Hollande requires more refugees after the attacks ? )

Iran received €100 billion dollars which it uses to fund Syria's Assad (supported also by Russia) and is also supported by Saud and Turkey from Islamic Indonesia.

Will Iran come into the Western system ? or will they Nuke Israel as they have threatened to do ?

The political wing of the Muslim brotherhood (in the following link)  oversees the jihad military operation despite the theological differences are funded by the Muslim Brotherhood and Gulf States, which funds Hamas and Gaza attacks.

Many years ago Sayyid Qutb (1949) left  Egypt  to travel to America and thought that its perceived happiness was a liberal fantasy (last link from the BBC Power of nightmares documentary with explanations by neo – conservatives and Muslims ) which would lead to its inner destruction, a view shared by some in the Neo conservative movement. He joined the Muslim brotherhood or re-invigorated it inspiring Osama bin Laden. The BBC power of nightmares documentary takes the view that the nightmare or some nightmares are a fantasy which includes the Soviet threat, which they claim does not pose a threat, (as it collapsed in 1991) and the belief of liberal freedom was not a mirage or a self inflicted liberal nihilist illusion but was a reality in which we should not worry and forgo selfish individualism.

This occurred before the 1973 Petro Dollar agreement, which in its most basic form could legally fulfil its terms by protecting all oil producing nations against mass invasion but prevent it only after 95% of the country is annihilated

Today Egyptians are killing the Muslim Brotherhood as a court sentence by mass execution whilst its people  praise a Jewish God as they believe he is God, and this is because (amongst many reasons) many people who visited the Kaaba in past times obtaining access for prayer were disappointed when the "al-Ḥajar al-Aswad black stone" which is situated (inserted) in the corner of the Kaaba built by Abraham and Ishmael did not and has not turned white.

This insert into the Kaaba is thought to be a meteorite which landed from Heaven into the Garden of Eden where Adam was praying to God and was passed down to Abraham who built into the Kaaba. The Kaaba originally had no roof, but stairs of one shape or another have existed since it was built, and it is believed that the stone which landed in Eden will turn white when the sins of the world are cleansed away. A noble sentiment.

However those who were privileged enough over the centuries to actually go inside when visiting the Kaaba (which was rectangular originally and not Square for sacred geometry purposes. Kaaba means cube) and go up onto its original roof edge in the hidden stairs and who know the Koran and its authors differences suggest that Mohammad who cleansed the idols from the Kaaba meant also to destroy the Kaaba or re-designate it. It is actually a pre –Islamic Hindu Vedic site and the black curtains hide Sanskrit as a language in quotes or inscriptions which are being slowly removed. Hagar and Ishmael are reputedly buried there. This is disputed yet  Islam is only 1370 years old approx. It was a pre –Islamic  site or pagan site for Hindu's who worshipped Rama, or Astarte for non Hindus . Rama became Ramadan and it had pantheism of 360 idols. The Kaaba size 60 x 60 x 60 is to mediate upon, although it was a originally rectangular as a system of 9 in numerology. 9 planets were a part of the original 360 idols at the Kaaba. (Meditation is Hindu – Buddhist in origin not Islamic) Mohammed also intended to destroy the Kaaba, which is itself an idol yet was unable to do so (according to some myths) leaving the keys to it for others to decide down the centuries and today in the Hajj pilgrimage.  He was displeased and enraged that the large Christian and Jewish populations at Mecca would not engage with him in a revolution so he fled to Medina. He was first buried under his home in Medina. Abraham captured the land for Jerusalem and his God was named in Exodus 3,14 and Abrahams purpose and activities were given in Genesis 12, 1-3 The actual covenant. Genesis 15 marks the covenant and the signing and ceremony of it is mentioned in Genesis 15, 9 – 10.  Deuteronomy also contains parts of the covenant. Without recognition of Yahweh you are cast out. Pilgrims today (and in previous years including Gurdjieff ) who have converted from Islam suggest that their experience, having been inside and up to the roof, relate that did not see Jacobs ladder descend from heaven or see the "Al – Buraq beast" to take them to Jerusalem, and in believing that these revelations would occur as Mohammad himself had experienced, (or had dreamt) were saddened to realise that in worshipping the Kaaba, they were no longer sons of Abraham or blessed by the covenants and reduced birthright given by Yahweh to Abraham,  Ishmael and Esau, and so they left Islam.

The security of the USA is not threatened by analysis of Islam, only the Muslim brotherhood is threatened but since 2001 and before, Christians have been killed for relating their faith (the oldest community in the Middle East aside from Jewish people) and it is their security (Christians in Syria and wider) which is paramount. This is not a fantasy but a real nightmare in which the Neo-Conservatives were both wrong (and aspects of the adjacent website sonas and chapter 5 show how even Conservatism was undermined by Soviet techniques) and yet right in a way they had not intended, as it has continued over the last 15 years.



Naming Genocide ?

Both the EU and the USA are considering if ? the killing of Christians in the Middle East is Genocide or not. Of course it is Genocide and it is Protestant, Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox, Coptic, Jewish and the  Yazidis tribe. (any non muslim middle east member) as Islam is at war with the west and Christian numbers have reduced by 5 million in the last 15 years. It took 100 years for the Genocide against the Armenian Christians by Turkey to be named as Genocide. The recent killing of 16 nuns in Yemen caused outrage in March 2016 and the Pope states they are modern day martyrs. A similar incident when a nun was killed in 2006 and also in 2014 and right  back over decades and centuries since Islam invaded the Holy land from its earliest inception in 660 ad. 300 Christians were killed in Nigeria in February 2016, only 10 months after the Kenyan School attack which killed 150. Boko Haram 3 months earlier killed 2000 people. In May 2005, 14 Christians in Iraq were raped, beaten and shot and placed in garbage bags and dumped on a rubbish dump. This followed a car suicide bomber who had killed 135 Christians. Syrian Christians are decimated.

Islam is not native to the Fertile Crescent, Israel and Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Jerusalem, Christianity and Judaism are.

There is concern that time is running out ? for the Genocide to be named as Genocide ? It is Genocide as a deliberate plan.

It is estimated that 100,000 Christians are killed every year ( 11 every hour) according to Bishop McAreavey "McAreavey, speaking to the Irish parliament on behalf of the Irish Catholic Bishop's Conference, said, "Eighty percent of all acts of religious discrimination in the world today are directed against Christians."   &  "McAreavey quoted the former Chief Rabbi of Britain, Lord Jonathan Sacks, who said that the persecution of Christians is "one of the crimes against humanity of our time"  The amount of Christians killed is disgusting, and the idea that time is running out, in order that  the problem is solved is disgraceful. How much time does it take ?

Islamic migrants are being armed by Russia and Syria as they migrate to the West according to NATO and this is part of the plan preferred by Russia and China who pay their agents (who do not live in Russia or China but could defect if they wish) to scream racism at every turn if it is questioned. This means they are now classified as armed terrorists. Millions of migrants have arrived over 15 - 30 years and 8 million immigrants have now settled in Britain since 1965 or 15 % of the entire population, but the equivalent into other countries is 1 % if that ? What is the cause of this disparity ?

More are planned for Britain and Europe Thousands into tens of thousands and into millions are expected over the next months, years and decades. Yet no one has voted for this or agreed democratically upon it.This is unparalleled in history and is still the case in 08.03.2015. The current migration It is not for work, immigration or refugee status, and if 8 million Europeans could be settled in every Middle East and African or Chinese country (each country within the continents  = this would make 150 million approximately people as equivalent) but this would cause offense with cries of imperialism and racism ? when science shows there is only one "race" on the planet. It is worth repeating again that Islam was offered an honour code protection (to non-combatants which Al qaeda and Taliban were targeting before and after 1999, and is an idea which originates with the Navy Seals) in 2003 by Ten million Christians who demonstrated worldwide, but that has been ignored in the genocide of Christians in the Middle East. Islamic countries and Russia have not taken any Migrants, and the "Left stop the war" coalition has still not protested against Russia or China's war in the middle east ? naming them in the war, and there is no Islamic protest of the Genocide against Christians ?

As this continues in the west, jobs and manufacturing are lost ? and politicians simply exist to discuss anything but this problem, which should focus on creating jobs for the existing population ?

Nato is preparing for the War against Russia (which was to co-operate with the west as it continues its dispute with Turkey who could be removed from Nato

Switzerland which resides in the middle of Europe has the right to protect its citizens and country against invasion. It has the right to keep and bear armaments to do so similar to the US constitution/ Immigrants can take up to 12 years to be approved as citizens and they need to be recommended by the local community in a vote. The immigrant (who cannot be illegal or vote with everyday ID until they become a citizen or take a birth certificate from elsewhere and use that in voter fraud) needs to work from day one and have means of support (no benefits) These laws could be copied by the European Union which will help to defeat fascism and the invasion.

The only way Christians can be protected in the West or in the Middle East is for Nato and the EU to settle many more numerous permanent bases in the Middle East and offer a perimeter safe zone around it and them and Israel.



US State Department  announces the Genocide in the Middle East is "Genocide" (John Kerry) 

The recent and past ongoing clearance of Christianity from the Middle East is brought to Governmental level when John Kerry Secretary of State the new Secretary of State (who took over from Hillary Clinton) announced on the 17/03/2016 that there is Genocide against Christians living in the Middle East by Islamic state or by Islam generally. (joining in the call which has been silenced around the world from many religious leaders) He included Islam's genocide against Yazidis, and against Shia Muslims who are also killing Sunni's, although the latter is a civil war between Shia and Sunni Muslims in a 1300 year schism in which Christians (Christians 2000 years old) since the 700 's have been caught in-between. It is a sickening outrage and surely this cannot allowed to continue (in the State department employees or associated or in the Middle East who should not be allowed to get away)

Hillary Clinton has now belatedly admitted in late December 2015 (breaking from president Obama's still current denial) that the Christian genocide beginning in mid 2014 (only) is a Genocide as ? now as there is enough evidence, but not in the past 1.5 years or since 2011 and the Arab spring, and not at all previous to this. Further as secretary of state from 2009 to February 2013, she denied the genocide as Secretary of State from June 2014, whilst the Pope had announced it in July 10th 2015  and earlier, and ISIS proclaimed its caliphate in June 2014 and began a new phase in the Christian genocide (a pastor and wife and family killed by Muslims in 2012 during also in the tenure which began in 2008 of Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton's  aide or boss as some would see it, who is Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood (from Saudi) who is directing the call for Islam to flood America)  During Clinton's announcement for running for president in April 2015, it then took a further 7 months as the election was underway for her to concede it was Genocide in December 2015, although Huma Abedin was still her aide or similar (President Obama is under no similar pressure to say Genocide has continued the Muslim Brotherhood line) during which Christian woman, home church goers or missionaries have been raped, beheaded and shot. (since March 8th 2016 see last para above, 100 indigenous Christians in the Middle East and gulf states have been killed and 400 injured not including missionaries)

Ben Carson called for an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR in December 2015 and in January 2016 (who are terrorist organizations in other countries. 

Despite the tension in the State department (which states it will not invite the Muslim Brotherhood who are on trial in Egypt) Obama has pushed for it and in fact they are employed everywhere an (since 2008 - 2012 and to date)  obvious genocide could be highlighted and broadcast. The same networks all around the world have covered up and silenced the Genocide and intend the same fate for Christians in Europe and the USA  (including Egypt which has rescinded 165 death penalties of the 500 handed down as a sentence, mainly due to pressure from Turkey and its Ottoman empire renewal ambitions which still denies the genocide of 1.5 million Christians 1915 - 1925) The mass protests in every EU country & Britain and the protests against the (non Syrian who do not want to leave Syria) invasion is also edited and covered up. 

This is a cover up and a heinous criminal conspiracy which in other countries or administrations, the overseeing of Genocide is culpability in Genocide.


12.04.2016 (Genocide in Serbia, Ukraine, Ethiopia and Rwanda) 

The very notion of what is a Genocide is selective especially in the case of Turkey (1.5 million Christians which took 1 hundred years to cite) or in the Ukraine when 10 million people died at the hands of Stalin and Genrikh Yagoda  Soviet Secret Police (see adjacent website and chapter 5 which lists others including Chairman Mao and Pol Pot) Establishing that you can  be prosecuted for Genocide was made possible at Nuremberg between 1945 and 1949 covering all of the war and the six million Jews killed in the concentration camps, and later by the prosecution of Haile Mengistu Miriam ( for Genocide filmed here with Fidel Castro) who was responsible for the death of Haile Selassie (Miriam murdered Selassie) and the 1.5 - 2 million Ethiopians remembered in the Live Aid concerts in the 1980's. In the Ukraine they adopted a policy of encouraging the population to grow after the Genocide and World War 2, as it was devastated and still is (see the adjacent website and chapter 4 and Alicia's law and Ukraine about 20 paragraphs down from the beginning of Chapter 4)  

Recently the Serbian Radovan Karadzic was prosecuted for Genocide which occurred in the Serbian Bosnian war, prosecuted by the United Nations tribunal in what is described (on 24.03.2016) as the deadliest conflict since World War 2 ? (except for the Ethiopians above and many others including the recent one announced by John Kerry against Christians in 100's of thousands over many years ? ) The Serbian genocide in which 8000 Muslim men and boys (the latter is denied as men only) were killed at the battle of Sarajevo and the Srebrenica massacre. However over 11,000 members of the Bosnian Serb army were also killed ? and yet to date no member of the Muslim community has been prosecuted. The War after the breakup of Yugoslavia was first initiated against the Serbs when all their villages and men, woman and children were slaughtered by Muslims and around 6000 Serbs were killed around the Srebrenica town land by Muslims. The initial reports of what was actually happening in Serbia were unclear but were fed to George W Bush senior then President, but the genocide against the Serbs was actually encouraged first by Bosnian president Alija Izetbegović  and seconded by Joe Biden in 1992 as Senator. This was before the Srebrenica massacre (i.e. the attack on the Serbian army by current vice president Communist Joe biden in operation Lift and Strike) is that Genocide ? but (reluctantly Bill Clinton says) Bill Clinton later oversaw the war until it concluded in 1995 / 1996. The rape of 15,000 to 20,000 woman in the Serb - Croat war and the Muslim war, was / is identified by the film the Whistle - blower  (see also the adjacent website  and Chapter 3 and the heading Alicia's law and Ukraine about 20 paragraphs down in which these woman could have been rescued or at least placed in the army, fed and paid and asked to fight instead or sent home.Anything was better than what they actually experienced) which was ran as a trafficking operation by the United Nations ? The simultaneous Muslim trafficking in Bosnia especially for young children has covered its entire Islamic history including during the Serb Bosnian war and continues today and was also a part of the "trade" in 1991, to 1995. Bahrain which was a temporary haunt of Michael Jackson in 1995 is still the world's capital for paedophiles and trade in children.

In April 1992, the government of the Yugoslav republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina declared its independence from Yugoslavia. Over the next several years, Bosnian Serb forces, with the backing of the Serb-dominated Yugoslav army, targeted both Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) and Croatian civilians for atrocious crimes resulting in the deaths of some 100,000 people (80 percent Bosniak) by 1995. In Bosnia, Muslims represented the largest single population group by 1971" In 1930 they were the smallest group by a long way.

As mentioned the war then found Woman (not just from one side from both sides) in the middle of it as part of the war whether they liked it or not and which of course they did not. It was designed not just for sex (on one level) but for the dark fear it produces and it is cruel and cowardly but extremely destructive. Woman of course serve in armies and in some armies they are not just a part of the army but central to it. In some cultures large armies of men have been led by a single woman. Intuition and foresight were a part of those reasons a woman was revered as the head of an army.A novel and/or film by Nelson DeMille which explores this, is the "Generals daughter" with Madeleine Stowe and Leslie Stefanson and John Travolta. The General's daughter would have won of course (as she does in one way in the film) whether she had been defiled or not. The only people who did not realize that were the male soldiers. It is based on the Tailhook incident in 1991 in the USA and prosecuted by Bill Clinton later who did not save the woman in Bosnia or Rwanda so political capital is made of this also.This psyops type warfare is ultimately inferior to simple truth in the light. It is not weaker. Steel or the strongest steel is a composite of metals not just iron. Men and Woman serve in the army. The recent reports of high rape levels in serving personnel of course does not mention that 99 % of army personnel never engage in such methods. It is thought that Western armies would not suffer these problems and they are rife in Eastern armies to a far higher degree. The recent Islamic slaughter is 99% the other way i.e. to engage in rape as warfare.(see also the adjacent website  and Chapter 3 and the heading Alicia's law and Ukraine about 20 paragraphs down for western pre-history present still today)

15.04.2016 The Generals daughter or any daughter (s) are in fact forced into being raped as prostitution daily everyone's daughters) Last week the media ran simultaneous stories of men who had been acquitted suddenly of rape (military and civilian) On the 14th.April.2016 a news item identified that Germany's largest "bordello" (brothel) had been raided for tax fraud, in its €16 Billion a year business which needs fresh girls from all over Europe every month or so, and is also central to trafficking aims. Traffickers help supply the Brothels. The news ran simultaneous parallel stories of "sex workers" who said they just loved their job and madams offered a guided tour of the pleasant bordello interiors. Pimps (who are supposed to be cut out of the equation) simply moved up-market or into supply trafficking for the bordellos and of course they may have helped shape those new laws which Germany passed to keep prostitutes safe as mentioned in the previous links and news items. it is of course not safe to sell your body when economies could value you. It presumes the economy cannot produce other avenues of work or lifestyles for impoverished woman and girls Yet this is untrue and so the trade is more than just accidental in its growth and continued position in society. More money is wasted in an economy which could house, feed and help prostitutes work with good jobs, than is taken in by prostitution in the crazy liberal economic planning nightmare. €1000  Billion wasted here alone every year ? ($1000 Billion ! which in austerity times or any economic theory administration is off the deep end and outrageous) and once you aware of the waste in the EU or any economy, then you would ask why Woman (on such a large scale, see below) are employed as prostitutes at all. We are not talking a few hundred girls or woman.

In other words the EU (and not just in the EU) can afford to pay these Woman not to be prostitutes. The negative economy and a lack of work and prosperity forces girls and woman into the cities to work as prostitutes despite the money which is wasted and which exceeds the profits of the mega brothel by 600 %. That is a form of rape, which is a political scandal and a planned entrapment of human beings into a nightmare within very the centre of society and it is also a  form of warfare. How many times have you heard (any) politicians male of female mention it in their campaign ? You could pay these girls to fight (combat) learn a skill or trade and live a fulfilling life. In the USA 20 new female officers   as infantry and Army rangers (who are extremely tough and well trained) are admitted. You could cite Phoolan Devi (who did not choose her life) Lozen (the Apache) Martha Jane Canary, Boudica and Joan of Arc contrasting their warrioress lives and there is a long list. The bible also has its female warriors. Ruth, Esther, Rachel Hannah etc Determining the best spiritual path or philosophy is a part of that training for life.

( Graduating from the navy Seals and or Marines or other special forces still requires the bar to be reached by men and woman )

Chancellor Angela Merkel encourages women's rights and she encourages the German population to grow by encouraging more babies for the apparently dwindling indigenous population (new statistics on this crisis are presented every year for the past 30 years) but prostitution continues ?  Yet this population reduction problem may only seem to be true, if you need more migrants in millions. The recent lax migration rules, from Libya and now again into Italy in the continuing invasion and war and Islamic trafficking are not accidents. In reality Frau Merkel is only worried if people offend the Turkish prime minister's mustache ? (even Stalin's was better) as Turkey is supplying trafficked migrants from the wider middle east. Rapes and armed terror cells are in passing thought are not as important in critical theory migration attitudes. 

The recent raid in Germany (in the first blue paragraph above) has revealed the staggering profits and financial statistics the "service" has. It is one of several mega brothels in Germany, and Germany has 400,000 prostitutes working currently (nearly half a million) but the brothels are just one of several within Germany and there are several in every European country. 28 EU countries and 40 or so in Europe (and maybe then a half a Billion prostitutes worldwide) This also includes Britain  and Ireland and those mega brothels are just as large proportionally in the Global $500 Billion annual prostitution industry. In other words there are Millions of prostitutes in Europe some as young as 16, and children are a specialized product. Of course the EU has a large army contingent and Woman serve in those armies. There are armies which also conscript Woman such as Israel and Norway and Eritrea, Bolivia etc but who (despite a clause to allow non service) still have massive female enthusiasm for joining. Israel has never lost a battle since its re-birth in 1945 with Woman serving in the army, and who choose to be in  the army although you can leave for religious reasons. Many are asking if they actually need the United Nations overseeing Nato (and the film mentioned above The Whistle Blower highlights its corruption) or overseeing a new European super army (see below)or overseeing the USA army. A militia and constitution are central to maintaining liberty in a society (according to Frenchman Jean Jacques Rousseau and the USA constitution) and woman join them also and are very effective militia. They can of course choose their own boyfriends and armed, who could argue. 

Economies (or Economics) can force "Generals daughters" into prostitution and rape, and in effect pin down a population into servitude and prostitution by those economic theories, which is also part of the deranged plan to Islamise the world, as Islam is prostitution personified openly in its religion and Sharia law (see the next green paragraph following the blue and the religious reason d'etre (i.e men sin by viewing a woman hence the all in one black outfits, but prostitution is not sin and foreign rape is also not a rape in Islam) Does the EU and the world need new Economists (as opposed to critical theory and left wing disaster policies, such as TTIP which needs migrants) when those at  the heart of the economy are encouraging these hate crimes against woman.

Economic indicators are not always accurate but 1 million prostitutes in the EU and member states is a sign that severe underlying poverty is everywhere in the austerity plan.

In effect economics plans for prostitution not families which is evident. This has increased in effect from the EU wide (and Global) recession from 2008, which could have been avoided and has been artificially prolonged. The main concern in the British EU referendum from EU banks and British banks is that it could negatively effect interest rates if Britain pulled out of the EU (causing inflation) When Britain joined the EU in the 1970's (although it joined the Council of Europe in the mid 1940's after WW2, and which it is still a member and will be after the referendum) this was also a source of angst then, and also a panic when Britain joined the ESM /ERM in 1992 under John Major) and you can still be in NATO and not  be in the EU. Britain was not in recession before joining the EU and has had interest worries before and after ? Inflationary worries of also cited as a criticism against those seeking to end trafficking and child abuse / abduction by buying the victims back again or funding their release and many groups are doing just that (see again the adjacent website  and Chapter 3 and the heading Alicia's law and Ukraine, about 20 paragraphs down and further along to the heading" Is it possible to end Child Slavery & Woman trafficking ? The Mind Life Institute and Dialogues and the Social Venture Network "  Yet having millions of prostitutes is not a Fiscal concern at all (and it is left wing economics and left family values which run the EU) With these economic worries unable to resolve the debasement of Woman, there is also one other concern which has existed for thousands of years. Aside from Rape being an act of war in invasion or the rape within the media by the media it was thought that Woman who are raped as part of, or during their military training that they would become fiercer warriors afterwards (preparing for war) if they survived.  (like the Generals daughter, not just as an act of violence and unofficially) Alexander the Macedonian / Greek who is considered the greatest Military General had an opposite view of slavery of Woman (i.e. Timoclea) Woman do not need to experience that trauma in order to fight and 400,000 armed German EU former prostitutes if freed could be a formidable force. For many people this subject is too dark to contemplate but it is a reality which societies are psychologically numbed or brainwashed into accepting and politicians (including woman) will not mention the matter in this context.The past 6 years since the Arab spring have been some of the highest recorded incidents in history.

As for the commercial film the Generals daughter if it is believed to be too graphic, and the EU prostitute totals seem incredible, the almost live slaughter and rape of people on the war / news channels over the last 5 years by Islamic Jihad surpasses anything in history for coverage. The Christian Genocide included.

There is a view amongst men and/or military personnel, that rape (as opposed to honest mutual agreed intercourse) is a sign of prowess or fighting ability, but it is of course deranged and emanates from low intelligence (thick) when in fact the act, actually destroys and damages the personality, fighting ability and prowess to both parties, invisibly and physically. Men are also raped. Confused individuals regarding their sexuality, who may also be (i.e. it includes) homosexuals seem to use the concealed cowardice of rape disguised as prowess to vent hatred or act out their fear of the opposite sex. Rapists who think they have gotten away with physical rape, in some cases often have long term Psychological problems (more than they had to begin with) which leads to depression, social problems, guilt and paranoia and/or mental illness and in many cases becoming completely dysfunctional or even choosing suicide. What is taken away is taken back again similar to the laws of nature. Wondering how that could happen is the mystery. In Islamic Sharia law countries a Woman can be tried to see if she been raped in court, she can then be found to have been raped  and then (she) can be sentenced to be stoned to death for it ? but the rapist will not be caught, tried or killed ? (as she is then classed as an adulterer ?) Further mutilation of Woman in Islam (Female Genital Mutilation) is considered wise so as to neuter feelings or has medical benefits. This is like saying beheading is a cure for migraine.This is of course not a religion but a mental illness, and rape is a criminal mental illness which deserves the death penalty or life (full term until death) in prison. Applied to children it is beyond even that. As for rape being a sign of prowess, if and when rape occurs to their own daughters or wives, then their prowess of course turns to Jelly. The profit motive of mass rape and incarceration of woman can be a single motivating factor, and traffickers and pimps are lower that any of the above.

Following the breakup of the Ottoman Empire many Muslims went to Bosnia fleeing the Serbian army and found assistance from Turkey who are still trying to remake the Ottoman empire today, and the UN tribunals have not included Turkey (as yet) against the Armenians. Essentially the old war of the late 1800's fuels the politics and the Bosnian Muslims were in the Serb Bosnian war armed by Saudi Arabian Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood members who are of course serving in Hillary Clinton's and Obama's administrative staff. 

The Rwandan genocide lasted 100 days (in April 1994 – July 1994) and 800,000 people were butchered, Tutsi and Hutu both in 100's of thousands by the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) who had also committed acts of violence as the Elite Tutsi's from 1960 to 1989 and the Hutu's were killed by Genocide in 1990. In 1994 it was amounting to 8000 a day. Therefore there was plenty of warning. Like the ISIS genocide against Christians and the Benghazi disaster there is severe mismanagement of foreign policy. Considering the UN prosecuted Radovan Karadzic for the genocide of 8000 Muslims, then this large event must have been noticed every day in Rwanda. Bill Clinton in 1994 regrets the Rwanda genocide and was forced to apologise in 1998, but which also displayed the UN's inability to prevent Genocide. The Clinton administration advised the UN to withdraw and was in fact responsible for management decisions which led to the Genocide. Hillary Clinton has stated that she pressed her Husband to intervene militarily but there is no record of this.

Hillary Clinton studied Critical theory as critical legal theory at Yale (she took the bar and passed) which is basically a German think tank of collectivist Marxists founded in the 1930's. It is Cultural Marxism as critical theory. (see the adjacent website and chapter 4 into 5) This would lead you to believe she is a militant Marxist advocating minorities. The new minorities in this theory however soon become the old oppressors to be replaced by even newer minorities and so on ad infinitum. Hillary then is also an advocate of planned parenthood founder Margaret Sanger who "plans" parenthood to exterminate blacks and unborn babies. Unborn babies (in the womb) do not have USA constitutional rights according to Hillary Clinton. (Dont try that theory face to face with an angry woman 7 months pregnant) Hillary believes full term abortions can be performed. Babies in this thinking are a disease which has appeared in the body of a woman and must be removed. Further Hillary Clinton has been endorsed by the Klu Klux Klan in California. (only) That about covers it, she hates everyone regardless of colour, creed or age.

Once you understand critical theory you understand the continued calls for more Migrants. Since the Paris bombings (Nov 2015) there have been two more 1. Belgium airport 30 people killed 340 injured 2. Pakistan.(against Christians) 70 killed, 400 wounded. The bomber (or one of them) in the Belgium attack was from an area of Belgium which now has 40% Muslim population. The plan is to make it 50% or 70% and introduce sharia law and then in every town across Europe, Britain and the USA. The EU deal simply sends bad Muslims back but they can obtain new identity papers and return again anytime, nothing has changed. Despite the danger and the fact the Paris bomber worked in Immigration (see post dated 25.11.2015 above) The Canadian immigration minister John McCallum has called for another 10,000 migrants (despite the bombings) in March 2016. McCallum who supports gay marriage and is gay, but once asked if Canadian troops could dress in woman's uniforms and lives next to a exclusive Muslim community who may be tempted to bribe a military transvestite government official if they thought they could get away with it. John McCallum is another Cultural Marxist.

The idea of asking the army to dress in woman's clothing could be the forerunner of sensitivity training the army has to undertake now in the USA. A US soldier gives his opinion on the experience.(same link here"Sensitivity" training then is suppression training against the army. Actual event of sensitivity training. Ex members of the army who join other professions such as the Firefighters (who served during 9/11) also go through sensitivity training. Rescue Me - Sensitivity Training Pt.1  (or you tube) &  Rescue Me - Sensitivity Training Pt.2  Obviously respect of other people is important and the videos actually show self deprecating examples as well as insensitive ones. However the following type of self depreciation from Pastor Manning is just wrong. (and its hard to know what's going on there exactly, it's not biblical and assumes the colour defines personality). Pastor Manning is a real Pastor and is sincere overall. Louis Farrakhan explains his view of the world. The reverend Al Sharpton ?

Incredibly Syrians are expressing themselves against the theory in the following way; that they just want to go home.Syrians in the following countries say the same thing; Germany  Uruguay  Lebanon  Europe  Canada Syria may  be split up into different areas when Assad leaves or be "Balkanised" explains Syria Girl but Russia may not let this happen ! Syrians may well want to return anyway as one country Syria or s a split country, but the majority of migrants who are not Syrian cannot have a Jihad without mass migration. Syrian girl explains that only genuine passports are required in the USA but in these instances Obama and Hillary Clinton have refused to do proper checks ? as (she says) Trump is also asking  for. So a Syrian analyst is saying that false passports are used and are approved as false by the Obama administration ?Traffickers do not want passport checks and a safe zone solution is popular with Syrians.

With those ideals and with the incredible vote rigging machine (in which you cannot get a receipt) then the US elections are obviously a fraud ? 1. (Diebold) 2. (US election rigged or shaped) Surely voting with recognised ID and with a receipt is called for in the USA with proper hand counted checks ?

Although there is an internal civil war between Saudi and Iran (see above on the last date entry) Saudi has recently asked Iran to come into OPEC  with it, Iran has publically rejected the offer. The Iran money (150 Billion) it received from the United States is not being used for social care (jobs, woman, services, schools, hospitals and education etc ) but to arm the continuing influx of Muslims into Europe, and Russia is assisting the arming of migrants which is resulting in 90 terror cells planted within Europe (which needs to close the border with Turkey completely at and in Greece, at Thermopylae perhaps) Russia has not left Syria (although it was reported widely they had in March 2016) and Obama is currently suggesting the USA reduce its Nuclear Weapons whilst Russia wants to build new Nuclear facilities in Saudi and also in Egypt Why would the Gulf or Iran with all its oil want to build nuclear facilities but with Russia help. Russia also has a nuclear weapon in Syria and army bases in Syria still. 

Nuclear weapons have  increased not decreased since 2008 (worldwide)

All this comes on the back of re-assurances that migration will slow (not end) from David Cameron in January (the new deal) and recently by the EU (after Angela Merkel was devastated in the local elections for her emigration policy as all euro elections head the same way) but which is all a con job to stop further election losses anywhere in the EU or in the USA. Mass protests are ignored by the media in Poland and Switzerland / Alps as well as mass demonstrations all over the EU. As Obama prepares to re-invade Iraq (April 2016) and which the Iran money is supposed to buy off Iran in that new War within Iraq and Syria.

As mentioned above the request by Saudi to bring Iran into OPEC would eventually raise Oil prices and the West is attempting to cut Saudi out of the petro – dollar system in favour or Iraq / Iran oil whilst Islam is attempting to rebuild the Ottoman empire but into the EU, Britain and the USA. This change in the petro-dollar system has been mooted for over a decade as previous oil hikes were becoming too expensive and the Gulf and Opec held the West to ransom. It is not the end of the petro – dollar system but a tweak. China however wants cheap oil and it wants to replace the US as the petro – yen in place of the petro dollar. This is a big question in the US elections and it is not new (as is made out in the press but an ongoing discussion which began in earnest in 1999) Fiscal conservatives (Neo-con or other) want to see sensible non inflationary policies attached to the petro-dollar and also in the funding of Nato. Again this is a not a new discussion but has surfaced since 1999, but again the press make it out to be a subject of disdain.

Therefore the Republican party inquiry into Nato and the new EU superarmy (without the UN) began decades ago and transform Nato and its funding but does not end Nato.

To understand the Petro Dollar recycling system go to the adjacent website and chapter 5 and about 15 paragraphs from the end above the Che Guevara pictures under the heading Recycling funds and the Petro Dollar. ) Under the oil facility recycling and with illegal assets hoarded any Gulf state could lose its hoarded funds (acquired when oil was far too high) and pay these funds into western accounts for investment in real estate and national projects ownership of which to be retained in the national country which suffered high inflation and artificially high oil prices for decades. The other option for the Western is not just to invade Iraq but to invade the entire Middle East which many feel should have occurred in 2002 / 2003

Nato was established following the end of world war 2, it meant a transatlantic alliance between the USA, Britain and Europe. In its place a new EU superarmy is proposed. It is proposed as the perceived threat from Russia (in theory) has diminished since the Soviet collapse in the early 1990's but China will back Russia against the West in any conflict hence Nato is still required. A new EU superarmy (which Ireland has signed up to in the year 2000) in any case could only grow out of NATO with its help and with it retained at its core. Britain rejects the need for an EU super army but the USA (across all political parties behind the scenes) is stating we want to share the cost of Nato and reduce its financial cost to the USA not its commitment. In other words with the threat from China and Russia combined the transition from Nato which Nato would lead would take time. The West built a freight train along the silk road to China through Tehran and like Iraq it believes it is its property and not China's and Iran is planning to build a Canal to the Caspian sea (linking it to the Persian gulf and maybe in time to the Suez canal which would not be impossible) Iran still wants to remove Israel from the map but it is on the other side of the Euphrates. The left pretend that China and Russia do not intend imperialist expansion either by military or cultural methods (including subjugating Muslim countries) into the West but Russia's invasion of Syria has proven that to be untrue. It is believed their system is beneficial to the world, but it is not democratic or for Liberty, neither is Iran's (despite the part elections it has held in February 2016) or the Gulf states.

Britain has joined its own Supearmy with the Saudis with 34 other nations largely Islamic who would provide security in the middle east, Whilst Germany urges Britain (with the USA) to join the EU Superarmy which would consist of 1 EU wide army instead of 28 national armies. This backing of a new EU army was a part of the deal (on migrants which includes massive new Mosques, when Churches should be built instead and existing mosques should be sold) in Jan 2016 which is not preventing  migrants, but only for a short term in theory, but ? which can be altered after the referendum ? Britain is facing on 23.06.2016 (Another missing piece of the deal) The option (such as Finland has as one example) is to be in the EU as a member state, but this is not on the ballot paper ? It should be ? (i.e. leave, stay or member state, 3 choices) A full Brexit would mean in a short time after, a re-entry could be renegotiated as a member state type membership is possible. Britain for the working class has changed beyond recognition, but Ireland which was in financial trouble has benefitted, but not nearly as much as people wish. Ukraine needs help and may benefit from membership (as a preference to Russia)  Norway stays as a member state as does Denmark and Norway's economic model is proving the best and most secure long term as it has more control over its laws and and systems (see the adjacent website chapter 2 and 5 and various) Britain, Scotland, Wales and Ireland could still do the following. (Norway investment fund for itself and its people)

The ongoing (but quieter) takeover of the EU by the new worldwide Sharia caliphate (see posts above) and into America is a part of the deals struck in the Middle East and its means to increase and its objective is to destroy Christianity worldwide and the brutal and savage nature of the Christian genocide especially since 2011 is also a prosecution matter which should indite Obama, Hillary Clinton and Huma Abeddin and the Muslim brotherhood or Radovan Karadzic should be freed (see last  post dated 05.04.2015) A genocide as the world has witnessed against Christians cannot be allowed to continue.


26.04.2016 (The Continuing denial of the Christian Genocide) 

The UK parliament on the 21.04.2016, has voted unanimously to declare the Christian Genocide as Genocide in the Middle East. This followed on from John Kerry's pronouncement of the Genocide on 17/03/2016 and also the US House of Representatives pronouncement on the 15/03/2016 and the European Parliament announcement of the Genocide on the 04 & 05 / 02/ 2016.

Following the UK vote, the government has not officially recognised the designation, although the vote does make that statement, yet it is still not far enough for MP's who have fought for the vote.

President Obama on his recent trip to the UK and France has reluctantly named the Armenian Genocide of 1.5 Million Christians by Turkey (1915 – 1925) a "mass atrocity" following the 60 thousand people who marched in remembrance of it and protested outside the Turkish embassy in Wilshire boulevard in Los Angeles on the 25.04.2016  (and also in Idaho)  as 40 US states out of 50 (or 53) have declared the Armenian genocide  a genocide.  It is suggested that Turkey is an ally of the USA and hence Obama is reluctant to say Genocide against Turkey. However since the Pope named the Turkish Genocide and the "Isis" Genocide in July 2015, it has now taken 10 months to grow in awareness.

(See above and previous post dated 12/04/2016  as follows; Hillary Clinton has now belatedly admitted in late December 2015 (breaking from president Obama's still current denial) that the Christian genocide beginning in mid 2014 (only) is a Genocide as ? now as there is enough evidence, but not in the past 1.5 years or since 2011 and the Arab spring, and not at all previous to this. Further as secretary of state from 2009 to February 2013, she denied the genocide as Secretary of State from June 2014, whilst the Pope had announced it in July 10th 2015  and earlier) And the atrocities (see all posts above) extend back to 2011 and before.

Since Hillary Clinton, Obama and Huma Abedin could have stopped the Genocide from 2011, the administrations Muslim Brotherhood cabal (which includes Obama and Abedin) failed to do so. It is not just reluctance but part of a wider plan to extend the old Islamic state Ottoman Empire all over the Middle East.

An example of the duplicity is the hysterical furore over Donald Trump's and Ted Cruz announcement that they would support a wall  across the Mexican border. This view has first grown out of an overwhelming belief by the American public that they should have the same rights to protect their country as any other country (currently it has not got those rights, which is something that other countries do not tolerate) Hilary Clinton denounced it and both of them yet she also had the idea in 2006 ?  but has since watered it down for the US elections ? when she had previously said a solid wall would be built, but now it is a fence ? Further one man who is at the centre of the controversy is Doctor Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde who is currently serving time in prison. His story is told (as are the American equivalents on the US side of the border) in the documentary Cartel Land which details the story of the armed militias who patrol the border on both sides with the same objective, i.e. both Mexicans and Americans together who wish to protect their borders and inland from drugs, trafficking and illegal aliens who are allowed to pour in on from Mexico causing social and criminal ruin to societies on both sides of the border. They both want a border wall and tighter security. Doctor Valverde refused to allow Government interference (and the groups began because the Mexican Government and Obama reduced funding to protect the border to a bare minimum) and he says he was placed in prison because of this. Of course he should be freed. This has not been mentioned by the racist chanters who are (possibly) also hired to become hysterical by groups opposed to the militias or by the Democratic Party. This follows the longest ever tunnel discovery used for trafficking of woman and children also from San Diego into Mexico in March / April 2016. Trafficking is modern slavery today and is not abolished by the democrats at least so far. It is disgusting (i.e. the media bias) and the denial that there is a problem, and it only calls into question the motives of those who deny the problem.

The incredible explosion of citizen armed militias which are named as legal in the US constitution (on both sides of the border) reflects the helplessness border communities have. Canada and the USA have tighter border checks but there are still problemswhich need even tighter security mechanisms.Canada still exports (more than any other country) Oil to the USA yet you do not have regiments of Canadian ice Hockey players skating over the border to began a military guerrilla campaign in the USA. Canada still has to buy Dollars (in the petro dollar recycling system) before it can export its oil to the USA. This explains why the Middle East wars are not just about Oil and Energy and the biggest US deployment of ships and aircraft and troops is making its way to the Middle East ( China and Russia also)

The petro dollar system as a contract obliges the USA armed services to defend Oil producing nations. It was signed in 1973 and was agreed between nations (USA, Israel and Arab Islamic lands) This also means defending surrounding oil producing nations from Israel or others who have never lost a military battle since it was formed in 1945, and considering it is a very tiny country in a very large Arab or Islamic domain then you can appreciate the extent of Israel's reputation. This agreement has kept the peace in what would be by now a world war 3 beyond World War 1 and 2 placed together. Now two nations (like Iran and Iraq once warred) Saudi Arabia and Iran may go to war (despite Kuwait being in the way or in the middle of them) which would oblige the USA to defend both lands and in a civil war that may only be achieved by occupying both countries to a larger and complete extent, or under Marshall law. Iran however may force a break away and ask China to became a new global Petro – Yen and help it to fight Saudi Arabia and become the new power in the middle east, forcing a war with Britain hence Saud is asking Iran to join OPEC with it. Saudis oil may be running out forcing it to invade Iran anyway as it agrees a new economic package  hence the suggested tweak to the petro – dollar agreement. It seems that Iran is siding with Russia and China in the new deal despite the US paying it $150 billion dollars to safeguard Iraq as US troops build up new forces there. (Obama had predicted a complete withdrawal in both his elections) Israel may be forced to intervene, with or without  Nato or the new Nato / EU Super army.

This raises a wider question as how to protect Christians and one solution is the enlargement of Greater Israel which would include a safe zone.Solutions are suggesting this in Catholic views  also as border security and terrorism by Islam is not nullified and is growing with the bombs and threats around Europe. Conservative Christians Catholic and Protestant who are wary of Pope Francis liberal view (although Pope Francis has denounced Gay marriage, abortion and has cited the Islamic genocide of Christians) are becoming increasingly alarmed. This debate i.e moving the Church from a conservative view is a political designation to a faith or belief. Argentina however and for instance (where Pope Francis and Che Guevara hail from) in its election produced a Conservative President.  Marxists (and you can read all the way down from above in this chapter) are obsessed with theories on the need of the world to embrace cultural Marxism and critical theory as opposed to Christianity and this takes precedence over  the actual life and actions of the earths population and of course Marxism is not compatible with spirituality (see the adjacent website and chapter 4 and 5)

Conservative Roman Catholics are baffled by the Popes stance and they say the Pope is at war with them but the Pope who is also provoking war with Israel according to some views. Roman Catholics who are conservative in America and Evangelicals  and Europe are distrustful of supporting Marxism (some for instance cite the final 3 rd secret / revelation of Fatima, a pilgrimage area in Portugal. The 3rd secret Dos Santos transcribed in 1944, and has been held by the Vatican since 1957. Fatima  is not the original Celtic name of the area which first took root in 1187 and later only in the 16th century The nearest City Lisbon has ancient Megaliths and Celtic Dolmens around it and was reputed to be founded by Ulysses aka Odysseus on his return from the Trojan wars. The early Christian church founded many sites there also ) disguised as Christianity. Yet the Pope has denounced Abortion, Gay marriage and has condemned the Christian Genocide. Many suggest he is under pressure from Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood to change from "conservatism" whilst fundamentalist conservative  Muslims can bomb, rape and plunder throughout the Middle East and gulf states whilst refusing to take "refugees" in any of those areas ? Should Islam become Liberal and take a couple of million Muslims after all they are their brothers in Allah and the face of God ? (According to Pope Francis). Islam is not compatible with Christianity, but what is really being said is that migrants are the face of cheap labour in light of Obama's TTIP plan (24.04.2016)  for the USA and the EU (which is to outsource jobs from the US and Britain and the EU elsewhere and of course people prefer 100 % national employment for nationals) The 38 degrees lobbying action group give their opinion on TTIP, which also carried a full page add in the Guardian to stop the "secrecy" which of course involves the Cultural Marxist cabal (including Frau Merkel) who are on the whole bribed by Saudi and the Wahibbi Jihadists.

Saint Francis of Assisi (who Pope Francis is named after) was a man who simply wanted to build a church and despite local and national opposition he walked to Rome and petitioned the Pope (Pope Innocent 3rd) who changed his mind and granted him permission to do so. Pope Innocent or Saint Francis did not take down a church and replace it with a Mosque as is happening in America and in the wider EU with hundreds of church conversions (to Mosques)  ready to implement Sharia law and usher a new dark age.  The King of the Franks Charles Martell (known as "The Hammer" ) defended the gates of Vienna against the Muslim hoards'in 732 with full support from Pope Gregory the 3rd, and in 1683 the Polish King Jan Sobieski again defended Vienna against Muslin invasion with also full support from Pope Blessed. It is incredible in the growing scandal that Obama has tried to bribe the papacy via the US Refugee Admissions program to the tune of $79 million dollars (every year ? ) Since Syrians are now stating they wanting to return to Syria (whether it is balkanized or not see last post dated 12.04.2016) why is so much allocated ? This is aside from the $1000 Billion annually wasted in the EU whilst EU citizens slave through the austerity programs. The EU is a Christian mission field also (see the last post dated 12.04.2016 and the blue paragraphs) and the Muslim face of God has not demonstrated against the Christian Genocide worldwide which Obama, Clinton and Abedin refuse to take the blame for. The Pope is obviously being pressured and there is no tradition of Mosques or Islam in Argentina ? Unemployed Americans and Christians, and Christian refugees are last in any queue according to the Archbishop of Canterbury but they are discriminated against in the US and UK influenced by the Muslim brotherhood & the Saudi and Iranian imperial ambitions and the associated bribes.  In Holland the view is to close all mosques and disband the terror cells. (see last post 12.04.2016)

"Ecumenical studies" in Islamic countries are in the main non – existent and the wider Euro tribes debate is off the curriculum.

Clearly the face of God is not the Christian God and Christians are not considered as Godly in refugee status or Genocide by Obama, Abedin and Hillary Clinton, which is a war crime and criminal conspiracy.

Safe Zones in the middle east with Russia or without 2011 - 2016 ? Safe zones for the middle east began with Russia (see all above in chapter 3 & 3a) Safe zones were first mooted in 2011 and continued into 2016 with Trump and Pence calling for 3 or 4 safe zones in dispute with Russia 2016/2017 and following the USA elections in November 2016. Almost but nearly a full agreement was reached in May 2017 (with Russia) hence talks were underway with Russia. These were safe zones which would also protect Israel, but  in recognition of the war. 


The UK  European Referendum  on 23/06/2016

Obama as a side issue to the TTIP trade deals (which have brought massive protests in Britain in April 2016 and in the EU, but left wing and right wing protesters have protested against left and right governments and the austerity deal continues regardless ? ) has warned that the UK is better able to defend itself against Terrorism if it is inside the EU (by presumably importing  more migrants and Wabhibi migrants from Qatar and Saud whose stated aim not to integrate with western infidels and is to burn all Churches in the gulf and destroy the west and it gets away with it because of the oil deal it has with Britain) Obama Despite continuing to deny the Christian Genocide he and the Muslim brotherhood presided over and still are, he feels he can advise Western Europe or Christians on what is good for it ?  Frau Merkels plan from the crypt of the Frankfurt School of (non – integration) by design.

The Frankfurt schools ultimate aim is to destroy religion or faith by homogenisation. It aims to destroy Roman Catholicism, Judaism and Conservative Judaism and Protestantism and ancient cultures of belief which ground people in their history (i.e. all people's except Islam or at least for now) 

Frau Merkel wants 75 million Turks who as  a nation will not admit their Genocide against Christians and who have trafficked people from every region of Islamic life under false passports into the EU. Turkey wants to have a borderless crossing into the EU (with Gulf states still not accepting any migrants)  Northern Europe is being redesigned and it is the EU (and Obama) who are worried by the Brexit, but who do not care about real Europeans views despite the crushing election defeats in Germany and other countries against the continued migrant "crisis"

Clearly this is one of the greatest deceptions in our modern era. England, the UK will still be a member of Nato if it leaves the EU. Further it is one of the founding members of the Council of Europe and will retain its membership of the Council of Europe and Nato if it leaves the EU.Since it joined in 1973 it has kept its currency the pound separate from the Euro, but that will change as time proceeds into an integrated borderless Europe. Citing Scotland's desire to leave the UK and the Union (which will end anyway if the UK stays in Europe) Scotland has already voted on the Union issue to remain in the Union, and calls for another referendum may not proceed yet if that referendum does proceed it may only reach the same result. As mentioned in previous posts above in this chapter the 3rd option of having no option to vote on the member state option on the ballot paper is baffling, as this can be applied for from any nation or any nation can opt from full membership to member state options.

Catalan a region of Spain has voted to leave the rest of mainland Spain yet if this partial secession of a region within a country occurred they will be asked to leave the EU according to David Cameron. This of course would apply to Scotland also who would have to leave the EU like Catalan since the EU referendum is a national UK referendum. David Cameron says of Catalan;

" David Cameron, fresh from his own secessionist crisis in Scotland, also lent his support to the Rajoy government during a trip to Madrid earlier this month, insisting that Catalonia would no longer be part of the EU and that it would have to "take its place at the back of the queue behind those other countries applying to become members of the European Union ".

However this means that you can re-apply to the EU in the future and possibly unlike Catalan, Britain would more than likely be at the top of the Queue and could re-apply as member states only if desired. Catalan may have to take its share of the national debt with it and it is true that other regions of Spain from East to West in Spain want Catalan to remain. The view that David Cameron's new deal will be reversed once a pro EU membership debate is successful is very real, as in Ireland the Nice treaty vote and the Lisbon treaty vote which were rejected No were then forced to vote again to Yes only a short time later. The economic collapse in Ireland has forced a dramatic strict regime via the IMF ( introduced by socialists mainly and Dominic Strauss Khan was the socialist responsible for the pushing to sell off or privatise Irish Water on 03/12/2010 see the Memorandum of Understanding page 2 and page 30 on water charges which now requires a further 13 Billion investment . The IMF blame the banks in Ireland from 1999 to 2008 see page 4, but Ireland does not control its fiscal policy now, hence an internal circulating currency and energy economics are vital to its long term future, see the end of the last post 12.04.2015) although now the economic recession would seem to be easing as Ireland is the fastest growing economy in the EU. Ireland wants debt cancellation on the debt which is not its own and 100% employment and a United Ireland. The recent national elections in Ireland however do not reflect confidence in the economic recovery view on the ground, although matters are improving. The Lisbon treaty has a clause which allows for countries leaving the EU.

Opposing ideologies  ( including from the left and  from the right) give their opinion on the migrant crisis and the future of the EU.

1. Slavoj Žižek who is a professor and philosopher and "leftist" cultural critic

2. Britain first video   (on facebook entitled " SHOCKING VIDEO! Britain is heading for bloodshed and civil war" or here ...)Christians from other countries faced the following. All considered "right wing" but anything to the right of a confused goldfish is considered right wing today.

3.  A vision of the Future and what actually occurs  (in Sweden) and a Muslim woman warns.

4.Ingrid Kristina Carlqvist is a Swedish writer, editor and journalist  

5.  Israel 

The EU referendum in Britain is he most important vote since World war 2, yet the facts are not being truthfully presented.

The Common laws of any country are being detrimentally erased in nearly every country worldwide. The aim (and this is clear over decades)  is to depopulate and / or erase the indigenous populations. Britain as a country is unrecognisable and it is the same intent within every European country. In ancient Britain, Boudicca had a string of incredible victories but ultimately lost the last, whereas King Alfred who lost his first eventually won. He employed laws (Mosaic to Celtic Brehon and Malmutine laws from Wales and Ireland) which are in part laid out here  Druid writer Isabel Hill Elder in her book Druid, Celt and Culdee  pages 6, 7 & 8 and included a view that he must have men of prayer, men of war and men of work. (see also Chapter 5 below)

The racist and bigoted policy of the Christian Genocide denial in the Middle East is cynical. The slow imperialist aims of postmodernist supremacist religions like Islam are in fact the real fascist deception. Whilst the left screams absurdities it is also clear that people are saying increasingly that they are not racists or cynical, they are not socialists or communist, but they are working class.

For more information on the EU and wider see the adjacent website and (or here)  chapter 1 pdf (Chapter 1) EU, Rome London Israel     and also see the last post on 12.04.2016 in the first blue paragraph which highlights why the annual  €1000 Billion wasted in the EU is a deliberate liberal disaster not a conservative one.

The last post on 12.04.2016 may be considered unusual but the very myth of Europa is of course not a myth and "Europe" (which includes Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland today at least) may not be Europa or the Europa of the original intent. Its original intent of avoiding war (a view of its founding members) has been turned into a war within its own borders, and one which is likely to grow as numerous civil wars throughout.



The EU Brexit referendum (see also last post)  the Spanish general election, and the Christian Holocaust as Genocide denial & Turkish Visa's ( & Obama's and Clinton's immigration Wall  )

This website and this chapter documents over many years the tragedy which has unfurled especially in the last few years. 

Wednesday the 4th of May in the EU is a day when any EU state or EU member state should consider leaving the EU as proposed migration plans are only to be fully published after the Spanish general election (26th) and the British EU referendum (23rd)  in June 28th They are partly published on 4.4.2016. Ignoring the outcry from all over Europe and ignoring the continued denial by Turkey that it killed 1.5 million Christians in the Armenian genocide the EU is considering preliminary measures to grant Turkish citizens travel around the EU without Visa's. That is 75 million people ("Turkish" or other) a very large Trojan Horse. Member states have to approve the deal but it allows migration to continue.Turkey is also not an EU member ? The deal (see 12.04.2016 above) is the discredited deal which followed on from David Cameron's deal (described as a con job) which allows bad Muslims (Isis, Jihadists, bombers, rapists and armed proponents of Jihad who admit to wanting to destroy the west. The latter identified by Nato and security services as part of the 90 or so terror cells operating in the EU see above) to be deported in exchange for a good Muslim person. Its absurd but in millions, and millions more are planned. This is (to repeat) despite the Paris bomber who was employed in immigration services in Belgium and despite many immigration offices in Britain and the EU arresting employees as part of a trafficking and paedophile operation. The Minster for immigration for Canada seems to do little else except announce thousands more refugees and immigrants are needed and the corruption and scandal which seems to also involve bribing the Vatican (via Obama's Muslim brotherhood cabal) continues in a system which does not consider the current EU inhabitants in any way, although they are losing office  all over the EU for their policies. Polices which German people say themselves of Frau Merkel that she should resign. And the German opposition parties are already planning to deport the migrants once they are in power. There is also a growing cry to dismantle all mosques and refugee camps and houses and deport all Muslims, and for EU citizens to carry armaments as the Swiss allow. (see heading 08.03.2016 above) 

The deal and its criteria which in themselves are minimal does not satisfy Germany's opposition or any EU opposition party, has not been met by Turkey in any case, but Turkeys parliament is too busy brawling amidst the corruption to care what the EU thinks. What is clear is the wider world thinks Turkey's genocide denial is an outrage and an act of war. The logic from the corrupt EU officials is if they do not do this deal then Turkey and North Africa will keep sending Refugees and immigrants ? (but note the Gulf states and the Arab countries will not take any of their brothers and sisters in Allah) in hundreds of thousands instead of the reduced number currently arriving on the swap deal. A swap deal which means you are deported, change your name and return making the same amount  of refugees as usual until after the British Brexit. The the other part of the full deal (4.5.2016 is only the experimental preliminary trial) which will not be published until after (5 days after) on the 28.06.2016, the British referendum being on the 23.06.2016 ?  

Unilever one of the biggest companies on earth as a multinational in 190 countries say Jobs would not suffer in a Brexit. Manufacturing on the other hand could increase dramatically. The Market is also not worried. The continuing maliase in the EU is worrying however, especially for the unemployed and negative equity victims.

The ideology behind the Jihad is a left  wing philosophy which must be obeyed at all costs. This invasion of Europe and Britain is to an area with high unemployment and poverty (as can be seen under the heading 12.04.2016 and the 1 million EU prostitutes as an economic indicator) Across the EU unemployment still averages 10% which is 74 million people  Further Migrants are entering via non EU countries, or through EU countries, or countries with the Schengen agreement or without it, and with or without the Dublin agreement. As the USA has also found or is discovering, passports in hundreds of thousands can be forged and voting can be rigged (Diebold) 2. (US election rigged or shaped) and California has passed a law which allows holders of Driving license's which you can get in the post to be ID for voting in which one illegal immigrant voted 5 times before being sent to Jail ? In the EU the US national intelligence director says ISIS (Al Qaeda, Hamas, Taliban & PLO) are exploiting terror in the EURO camps, which is the same conclusion NATO came too, as did Europol and security services in the EU. Turkey one year ago threatened to invade and crush Jerusalem and also Spain with or without Catalan. Spain will also not know of the full proposals before the new elections on 26th June 2016 (Spain has now voted for right and left governments against Austerity and also independents yet it continues)  Turkey, Iran, Saud, UAE want to recreate the Ottoman empire (within the larger Islamic caliphate) with the false religion although they are infighting amongst themselves as to who should lead it. Through Communism they bribe their way, as militarily the Jihad cannot succeed on its own. Russia also blames Saud and Turkey for the Ottoman expansion and fighting against Russia in April  (although they peaceful exchange nuclear power plant aspirations in March ? see last few posts above)   

Obama's and Hillary Clinton's Wall. (approved by Obama & Clinton) It is significant that the full report on Islamic migration into the EU (preliminary published today 4.4.2016) will not be fully published until 5 days after the England / British EU referendum on 28.06.2016 ? The democratic and truthful approach to Turkeys Ottoman empire plan is of course non -existent and the current reduced migration will be scrapped as soon as possible, only poor election results and the protests have brought  the matter to this poor solution on the Turkish Visa's scam. The same minds which planned the immigration invasion are the same Jihadists who have killed, raped, burned and tortured Christians (including woman and children) all over the Middle East and wider. It is obvious Islam is directing the bribed but not all elected personnel within the EU and worldwide and they are dictating policy, and not the EU democratic structures, otherwise the EU would have built a wall as proposed in the USA by (first in 2006) Hillary Clinton to keep out illegal immigrants ? (which she has now changed to a fence) and which she lambasted (to repeat from above) Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for suggesting the same in Mexico, although local people want a wall; see last post and Doctor Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde and in the documentary Cartel Land & the Mexican & US militia's. Hillary Clinton asked who should pay for the Wall ? ( "Donald Trumps & Ted Cruz wall" ) the answer is America of course, as this is exactly what Obama is  doing in Tunisia ? if anyone had followed the US elections, it is incredible Obama and Clinton continue to make public appearances. 

Not only is Obama building a 125 mile long wall to keep out Libyan Muslims or keep out Tunisian Muslims (there is a civil war in Libya ) but the USA is paying for it ? (remember the crazed Islamic lunatic who killed 38 people on a beach with a AK 47 machine gun who is also involved with smuggling and people trafficking just like in Mexico, but Tunisia is largely not at war only Libya is. The current civil war, will soon re-emerge as a full war with the West yet Hillary Clinton who ran the war, let military contractors die in Benghazi, who had a plan to stabilize the area both financially and by long lasting security measures) A wall around potential Genocide victims was not considered but from 2011 / 2012 a safe zone could have been set aside. The other wall or safety net in the USA is the constitution which Obama and Clinton have set aside, and which is just as important (and in any country) as a security wall.

Yet when it comes to protecting Christians in a genocide or caring for Christians in the USA or in Europe or Britain (or Scotland, Wales or Ireland) then a American Wall is an absurd concept for the USA  (i.e. it is out of the communist regimes "group think") in which Obama, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abeddin and the Muslim brotherhood state, the USA will not pay for Trump or Cruz's wall ? (which obviously they do not regard as their own country. i.e. Obama is to retire in a $5 million dollar  Socialist / Middle Class mansion in Dubai to avoid being prosecuted by the US government. Obama has spent more time facilitating unnecessary transgender toilets in the Whitehouse than abating concerns over a Christian genocide. How anyone could let young girls bathroom next to a man in a wig is beyond rational people. Islam of course kills Homosexuals as a legal death penalty. Obama has been asked to hand back the Nobel peace prize  which died as peace with the slaughter of the Christians in Egypt and wider) No rent a crowd to protest Hillary or Obama's wall ? but it goes to the centre of who actually cares about the American public in a American election (or anywhere in  TTIP zone) The new enlarged Greater Israel could also have a wall built all around it by the same logic forming a safe zone, especially since more and more Jewish concerns are raised over the Christian Genocide. The bombing of the hospital in Syria first in February 2016  and then in April 2016  by Russia and Assad "militants", has largely continued without anti-war protest. Refugees if they are (4 out of 5 are not) from Syria are ISIS and not non-combatants, the latter are largely trafficked worldwide, whilst Christian Syrians have been left to the last. The safe zone was first mooted in 2012.

Colonel Allen West opened up some of the horrific facts in April 2015.

The infiltration of Islam into Roman Catholicism is highlighted by the demand that Crosses are removed from Roman Catholic Universities and Churches (and Protestant) so that it does not offend Muslims, and Catholic Clergy are agreeing to it ? Clearly they are not clergy, priests or pastors and the same ideology from the Middle East is being dictated racially (Islam is racist and forces converts to change "nation" to Islamic state) and without any ecumenical concern and it is clearly destroying the Church protestant or catholic (Ironic on Joan of Arc day)

Obama still denies the Christian Genocide (and is one reason the Nobel prize is asked to be returned) which began in 2011 until today and tomorrow/ongoing (and will not name the Armenian as such) despite the latest proposals from international groups and authorities and governments and a petition to the UN (although the USA is looking to remove itself from the UN for its corruption over decades 2005, & 2013 & 2015   & the UNCAC  against corruption ? ) This is the same mindset that ignores the 2016 May Day anti-austerity proposals the West endures and the same mindset which dictates Global immigration policy (Jeanne d'Arc day is May 30th and who is revered in France and Britain, her birthdate is unclear but she died on 30.05. She was simply a real, very young girl who was Spiritually alive in a Church which was dry and confused. This is not understood as it is just too simple an explanation. It is said that Islam today is trying to infiltrate the Roman Catholic Church and change its theology yet both institutions are incompatible with each other). Obama, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abeddin and the Muslim brotherhood are criminals and they should be arrested and/or impeached, it is unparalleled in human history that a cynical murderous group / cell now calling itself (inside) the Democratic party can evade Justice so arrogantly in the face of Genocide.



17.05.2016    The Growing Conflict

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With the emerging EU super army which Britain has been a member of since 2004 and Ireland since 2000, the co-dependency super armies are still financed from national taxpayers, and you do not have to be  a member of  the European Union to be in Nato or the EU super army (and vice versa, as Austria, Finland, Ireland, Malta and Sweden are in the EU but not in Nato) The transfer from Nato to the EU superarmy is also still a cause of concern in the US elections, primarily from Frau Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton and partner George Soros  (with Obama) who are financially benefiting as an investment from the disruption of the EU (which is all planned and includes the immigrant crisis deal which they are overseeing and have arranged) and the Middle East. The tension between Merkel and Soros and Germany has left the Ukraine in limbo and it needs massive investment to remain free of Russia. It could to be an independent nation state (Ukraine not Deutschland) or EU member state retaining fiscal autonomy. Instead they are following  the Muslim Brotherhood plan which is the Islamization of Europe and the destruction of Israel and the Western nations which involves the use of millions of immigrants, 10% of which are refugees. Saudi Arabia continues to push the immigrant crisis without taking any migrants and Turkey and Iran are disguising their own population as migrants. The EU in some estimates is on the verge of collapse. 

Hillary Clinton through the Clinton foundation is siphoning off (land ) American assets to Russia (i.e. the Hammond ranch who were branded as US domestic terrorists for wanting to keep their land they had farmed) and China whilst claiming she will create jobs in the USA. A case in point concerns the closure of the USA coal mines she mentioned, which may transfer over to renewable energy jobs for the redundant workers. Yet if you ask Clinton or any politician will the Renewable company located nearby be up and running before the Coal mine closes, you will not get an answer until the next five year election is on the horizon = unemployment. China is increasing its Coal mining output

To understand the current situation and the false reasoning behind the migrant crisis, Hillary Clintons campaign firm is also the same as current Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyetta (who is heterosexual) but who is building  a wall 700 miles long to keep out Muslim invaders from Somalia who are invading and killing Kenyans. This is after Mexico's President apologised to Donald Trump, amidst the growing mutual trafficking and drugs problem. (see both the last posts) As you can read in the last post (dated 04.05.2016) Obama and Clinton are also building a wall in Libya and paying for it. None of these stories reach the public and the perception of what's really going on. Hillary Clinton will not mention them. Obama will not say there has been a Christian genocide in the Middle East (etc)

The new EU superarmy will require new funding models and Hillary Clinton, George Soros and  Obama may not receive their current slice of the cake hence they are pushing the side deal (migrants from Syria say they do not want to leave and those that have want to return see psot above 12.04.2016) as much as possible now. The EU will not be undefended in the transition of Nato or after and Nato would be central to its organisation. As mentioned in previous posts Britain is also a part of the Saudi led superarmy and the side deals explain why Saudi is not accepting any migrants at all, nor is Pakistan its partner. Neither is Iran but Turkey who will not agree to many of its obligations for receiving Visa tree travel (which should be banned) One of the obligations which it will not consider is agreeing to terrorism laws (which Merkel and the left are willing to overlook ?) but Britain will not know any more (it will also not know about the EU budget until after 23.06.2016 the Brexit referendum) until after 23.06.2016. Turkey (with the lefts public relations office, the EU politburo) is pretending to say you can go your own way to the EU whilst they go theirs. Hopefully that will remain the case but it seems to be pre-referendum spin (as migrants increase everyday) 

All of the super armies are building towards something surely ? Iran and Saudi remain the most likely to go to war with each other as the war of words continues. Saudi and Turkey only 3 months ago nearly broke the peace talks say Syria and Saudi may want to invade Syria  before attacking Iran. China and the SIlk road development in the new Russian China Eurasian continent consists of Russia and China building the world's largest stock of Gold resources which it believes will se it through any currency crisis. Iran and the Saudis oil will run out, but those oil sumps are small compared to others further East. The new Eurasian economy is draining the west and China had to buy American debt as a way to undermine it (which required help from economists to formulate economic policies which increased debt and raise the debt, a debt we owe ourselves as George Bush junior said once semi off camera) 

"9/11 "  (2001)      "9/11"   (2016) 

These vast super armies are preparing for something other than just defence. Russia and China have the 2nd and 3rd biggest armies and the Middle East with its vast oil fields in Saudi and Iran and Iraq are still modest compared to those further East. Saudi Arabia fears it will be cut out of the deal (petro - dollar deal) and has threatened to remove its assets from investments globally if the 9/11 report outlining  their involvement is fully published. ($750 billion) Although Saud is transforming its economy the oil in Saud will run out and the free ride it has had will be over. New arrangements in the EU Nato Superarmy will also mean the same. One further likely outcome is Saudis assets (re-cycled petro dollar) could be confiscated as war reparations for 9/11. 

Obama is threatening to publish the 9/11 documents (still currently classified and secret) if Saud begins a war with Iran or causes further economic unrest. The congress report may publish anyway. Iran who have received 150 Billion in Dollars but who with Pakistan are still blowing up Iraq daily in Iraq's growing violence and Iran can still make Nuclear Weapons ? Clearly the Iran deal is not working and its and Iraq's oil is also not as large in size as those further east. The Obama administration admitted to spinning the details or lying about the  Iran deal (8.5.2016) during negotiations, which means it is increasingly likely war with Iran and Saudi will occur. Iran in this position will mean Israel will have to increase its defence budget and predictions that America will have to occupy both Iran and Saudi Arabia to keep the peace and prevent war in the Middle East are growing increasingly likely, hence US domestic attacks may increase as in 1997 - 2001

"7/7"  (2005)   "7/7"   (2016) London Bombings & Laboutr party meltdown

The very real Islamic Jihad and invasion is not like the Al Qaeda or ISIS type insurgent / Guerrilla warfare hordes in the desert but it is still as violent on the civilian populations as far it can get away with it in the West. As Obama implicates the Saudi's in the 9/11 attacks in New York of 2001, (see 2 paragraphs above) the continuing mystery of the 7/7 attacks in London in 2005 and its discussion continue. In 2016 the reports of attacks against America  on US soil   and against Israel   have intensified and there were medium scale attacks in the USA  at San Bernadino, Chatoonga and Boston in 2015 when the FBI released  a list of cities in the ISIS kill list in the USA which is credible according to the FBI (20.12.2015) The Paris bomb attacks and the Belgium attacks are similar in nature to the ones also now targeting Britain once again. Europe it is estimated may have up to 90 Islamic terror cells and British intelligence services (March / April 2015) state they are expecting up to 25 terror attacks in Britain.

An Islamic Jihadist Junead Khan from Pakistan was recently (13th May 2016) sentenced for trying to attack a USA air base in Britain in 2015 receiving life imprisonment  on the same day  Tariq Ali (Writer on Hamas, and who read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University & whose father was in Pakistani Military intelligence) and a panel of speakers at the University of London Union (ULSU) called for the Annihilation of Israel as a solution to "antisemitism" (The antithesis of nuking Mecca to prevent Islamaphobia ) ULU was also the University in 2005 which hosted the Marxist conference around which almost to the 4 compass points 4 bombs exploded and killed 52 people and injuring up to 800 more. The London bus was blown apart.

The speakers and conference as an event with Tariq Ali followed the meltdown of the Labour party which continued first  from the 2015 general election when they were almost wiped out politically and into the April 2016 local elections when the Labour party made a string of antisemetic attacks which it says are being used against as ? negative antisemitism   Adolf Hitler was not a Christian and the partnership he made with the Turkish Nazi party was a major contribution to the Final Solution and Holocaust which Tariq Ali only confirms by his desire to annihilate Israel, as of course the Holocaust if extended and enlarged would end anti-Semitism by Genocide, In the Tariq Ali style. This follows however the revelations that Adolf Hitler sent many Jewish families to Israel prior to 1942 and Adolf's meeting with the Turkish Ismaelites Nazis (and the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al - Husseni who wanted the final solution to prevent Israel's re-birth) in 1942 / 1943 to seek safe passage to the middle east along the railway Germany possessed) This was discussed with Angela Merkel and confirmed with Israel Primeminster Benjamin Netanyahu in October 2015 (see above and the post dated 24.10.2015 & 25.11.)  Albert Goering is also to be honoured for saving Jews and to be declared a Righteous Person by the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, which is the world centre for Jewish Holocaust research. Goering will be the 511th German person to receive the award

A question arises which is how did the British Labour become so antisemetic or become misunderstood secular historians (as someone has framed the outbursts) against its own Jewish members ? 

The beginning of this chapter highlights the deaths of the 7/7 victims which you can read from the beginning and/or from 35 paragraphs down which begins  ( Dec 2015 ) The bombings planned and executed by  Mohammad Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer, Germaine Maurice Lindsay & Hasib Mir Hussain (3 from Pakistan) were exploded on the morning of July 7th 2005. A fifth bomb was later not detonated. The first 3 bombs were within 50 seconds of each other and the 4th occurred one hour later at 9.47 am. I saw the bus and the street covered with green gauge at around 11.30 - 2.00 pm on the way to the Marxist meeting from Edinburgh, following very slow traffic on a coach from the airport into the area and which reduced numbers attending down from many thousands to only 400 or so. Therefore the bombs were organised and sophisticated which took organisation inside and outside of London. (Knowledge of explosives and military equipment) Many Christian groups attended the Edinburgh Live aid G8 summit in the days previous to the 7/7 bombings including the drop the debt campaign and Jubilee drop the debt in London. Events continued in London and many (who got through) attended the Marxist conference to raise issues of debt and the Jubilee campaign and social justice to introduce new ideas. Those that did get through remember that a fifth bomb was rumoured to explode in the Marxism meetings. 

Those new ideas are badly needed and the Labour party in Britain which is in meltdown from 2015 and again into 2016 have lost the trust of the voters, some would point to the Rotherham labour run county council sexual abuse case ( you can read about it in chapter 6 below ) involving once again Pakistan gangs (now prosecuted) working with Traffickers and covering up crimes in social services and in child services, which basically sold out "the people" in the lowest form imaginable. The operation was sophisticated and ran the whole of the country trafficking children some as young as 12 years of age which took considerable networking and stealth by the gangs who bribed there way through security.

The problems in the Labour party surround the corruption of its basic values in representing the working class in Britain which it no longer does. What happened ?

When the Russian peasants won the first constituent vote in 1917 (ahead of the Bolsheviks and others) in the Russian Revolution first election, "the terror" was introduced by Lenin to enable the newly declared (after the democratic vote) communist dictatorship to survive. A new state security agency was introduced called the Chekka and the NEP (new economic programme, criticised publicly by Che Guevara and in writing many years later) became the instrument of the economic terror. Lenin said; "If for the sake of Communism it is necessary for us to destroy 9/10ths of the people, we must not hesitate" Stalin was on the Chekka committee and they did kill thousands of people in a counter revolution against the people. Stalin later reduced the Russian population into feudal serfdom and millions died.

This is what the Labour party are doing now (i.e engaging in desperate measures to avoid having no policies or public trust)
You can read many theories (culturally, academically and in combined Marxist analysis) on what happened but as an addition and in line with them but from a more practical consideration a briefer view is considered here. One which people will be familiar with. ULU or the University of London Union hosts the annual Marxist conference and the drop the debt Jubilee campaign or individual members of it who attended the Live Aid meetings  in 2005 also went with a anti-debt message to the Marxist meetings. Top heavy debt featured in the 2007 / 2008 financial meltdown when "subprime" mortgages (like the foundation bricks in a tower and some people had 3 or 4 mortgages) began missing monthly payments which increased to larger shortfalls into default s because people could not find work or could not meet the payments due to moderate wages or mortgages calculated more than 3 times a persons salary making monthly payments impossible. The debt at the top toppled, the rest is history. 

The Marxist meetings at ULU are under the umbrella of the SWP or Socialist Workers Party  who are Trotskyite (made famous in the song by the Stranglers No  More Heroes in 1977. i.e. Stalin killed Trotsky and later Lenin )  and are critical of the Soviet Union who they  regarded as State Capitalists which arises as a natural flaw in Lenin's thinking An error which regards the vanguard or revolutionary party as the problem, when the workers themselves should always be in charge without a vanguard. Known as 'Substitutionism' the vanguard instead becomes the new oppressor. Stalin, Mao and even Castro fall into this bracket. Any party or movement like the SWP would be expelled from the Communist party and they were. Further left is the Socialist party who argue similar points with the SWP except  they also blame Trotsky for this problem in theory and reality. They broke from militant labour (not militant  enough) in 1987 and became militant tendency who formed in 1974. The SWP was subsequently bought by a wealthy benefactor which was a feature of the "Young Ones" episode "Bambi" filmed at Granada studios in 1984. The episode was a skit or parody on a real programme called University Challenge. The young ones version in which Scumbag college look to advance to the next round ahead of Footlights College is pertinent as Footlights College who arrived to the studio by car, relates how Lord Kendall Mint Cake (Ben Elton) says that "Daddy bought the SWP". This section is not on you tube, but is contained in the online transcript of the show here 1/3 of the way down (the original University Challenge with Bamber "Bambi" Gascoigne )

You either have the far left and the eventual succession into madness and monsters like Stalin, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot, Mengistu Haile Mariam etc or if going the other way, its Islam mixed with the dialectic of transgender toilets, locker rooms, sports teams and childrens areas. Che Guevara was of the opinion that to control the vanguard or the militant tendency and really let the workers be free then you would have to control their bank or funds and to do that he was the Minister of Agriculture and Finance (bank manager) in Cuba. To control fiscal and economic policy which he analysed. For that impertinence he was expelled to Africa and eventually Bolivia (see chapter 5 in the adjacent website and chapter 1, 2,3 4 and 6 with real examples of economics) How any one person could then let everyone (the workers which is also the middle class and the Unions whose leaders can also eventually command large salaries and very quickly lose their militant tendency) control that development was what he must have been considering. Without this a vanguard or revolutionary body would always form. Drop the debt recognises this (but in what is considered a conservative viewpoint) and whilst debts can be cancelled the Shmita debt management approach is the best example of how badly managed (or even honest or well managed systems ) economies can correct themselves in spite of themselves (ourselves) This approach assumes economies will always go wrong as such it is the very first behavioural economics analysis correction (and its in the Bible called the Jubilee debt cancellation laws)

In other words Marxist teaching recognises the governance and economic problem the Jubilee laws also recognise. The Constitution of the USA is also beyond democracy and it is for Liberty,  which is what this debate is getting at and it recognises these problems also. Whether it is a Republic or Monarchy or Vanguard (for also the people who brought them about, as well as the public and members)

Chaotic debt has increased since the 1980's and since "7/7" (but read chapter 3 from the beginning) Obviously it does not interfere with world trade or stifles economics but rather it releases it stronger than before after a rest. The West needs something but you wont find this in Lenin, Trotsky or Bukharin (only a small bit in Marx "das capital" and on national debt making. See in its index) Debt as a fluid bond to hold investment and make contracts and work happen (to put it crudely) has always occurred but today we are over and above 300 % of GDP in some countries? That is not by chance nor is it sensible capitalism or socialism. Capitalism with sensible debt management and fiscal conservatism is a solid system.

Separately and earlier from the Marxist tradition "the workers" had working class movements which concentrated on supplying crafts and skills to their apprentices with organised labour guilds (like unions) Highly skilled and dedicated craftsman, who even without Marxists  would always command a good living which  is the point of "labour" ? These workers were always dubious of Socialism even up until today (from 1820, to 1880 into 1907 and 1917, 1922, 1946, 1979, 1991, 2000 and in 2015 when Labour from Tony Blair into Ed Milliband, Harriet Harman and even now into Jeremy Corbyn and the far left (if that has any meaning  anymore) All have lost their appeal, as during that  time jobs, manufacturing and prosperity have reduced year on year, until both labour  and the other parties simply concentrate on cultural issues or service jobs. The only area where Labour have done well is Wales who have managed to maintain their language over centuries and are more nationalist in nature, a feature all Euro tribes want to maintain.

That's what people really want. In Britain this is reflected in the recent elections and the following measures of corruption have occurred to avoid Labour party annihilation;

1.Election rigging in local, national and EU elections.

2.Rotherham trafficking and sexual abuse corruption in the Labour party & the failure of "socialism." (so called…or as explained by a former KGB agent)
The Labour meltdown in 2015 and 2016 forced the party into desperate measures which includes election fraud. The election frauds have been employed also in the 2015 election. Election fraud has brought recent claims and counter claims none of which help the public. Claims against the Tories on expenses but also from the election fraud in the London Mayor elections in April / May 2016. Reports were widespread with thousands of voters getting 2 voting cards each (echoing the election fraud in the USA 1. (Diebold) 2. (US election rigged or shaped)  3. Illegal migrant votes five times in same election and is then jailed 4. And in the USA 2012 election.  This is Obamaism)  What is very unusual about the London Mayor Election is the fraud was recorded as it happened on social media from those involved in monitoring or reporting the crimes. Twitter and May 6th 3 tweets Theo Underwood (scroll  down )  recorded by the Daily Mail across 72 parliamentary constituencies. Ballot box problems and a further 155 areas of concern where people were turned away from voting (not being allowed to vote ) including the Chief Rabbi in Barnet. Voters who were denied and these problems affected voters all across London. It's a criminal scam in desperate times.

It is simply the same organising strategy as the Rotherham sexual abuse crimes and arrests and also the 7/7 operation. Labours disastrous election results seem to have forced the fraud which is not only making a farce of democracy but also robs people who have worked all their lives of access to democracy.

France and Germany are also fed up of the "lefts" useless economic policies.

The EU referendum rigging possibilities begin to open up and the voting fraud is a trial run for the EU Brexit referendum which has already seen Jermey Corbyn the current Labour leader change his stance on his view of the election and which way to vote, according to the Labour party itself (the labour euro-sceptics)  Jeremy Corbyn has recently snubbed Sadiq Khan who has recently attended the Holocaust remembrance service. Sadiq Khan then attacked Jeremy Corbyn for being too far left ? but Khan was also the shadow cabinet leader which served under Ed Milliband who "lost big" in the elections in 2015 ? So across both left and right of the "left" people are sick of their policies which sell out the workers and the country, which traffic its children, rig elections and operate under stealth to undermine democracy and peace and incite war.

Fabian Society

Sadiq Khan is a Human rights solicitor but human rights are been crushed. A bus driver who made his way through the working class with the help of the Fabian Society of which he is a member and served as Chairman and is on its executive committee still. The Fabian Society have done some good and its original membership were alive in a prosperous time when hope in the world was appearing and prosperity was not just vast riches but work satisfaction. The Fabian society have now increasingly distanced themselves from creating manufacturing and creating working class prosperity issues and have moved into Muslim issues ? Echoing the working class doubts that socialism is not for the benefit of the working class, the constant desire for the working class to dismiss the vanguard and for the workers to control their lives has disappeared from the Fabians. "Fariness not favours" is the motto but prosperity, manufacturing and wealth over 80 years and since worked war 2 has dropped across Europe and Britain. 77 million people out of work amidst 100 billion wasted annually (see last post) amidst austerity is chaos to enslave the native population whilst importing cheap labour (TTIP) It is not for a multicultural society.

Sadiq Kahn has said he supports the Human rights as a Human rights lawyer of the  9/11 twin tower bombers  and plane hijackers ? and also the 7/7 bombers ?  " A letter to the Guardian in the wake of the 7/7 terrorist bombings on London, blaming terrorism on British Government policy; His legal defence of Zacarias Moussaoui, a 9/11 terrorist who confessed to being a member of Al Qaeda;"  

The Fabian Society was named after Quintus Fabius Maximus the delaying Roman General famed for his war against Hannibal at Carthage. Delaying and gradualism is a philosophy of the Fabians, and of course caution lends to conservatism. Set up in the Edwardian hay day of 1880 when the arts and crafts movement,  art nouveau and the pre-Raphaelite movement were recapturing craft and manufacturing for practical economic reasons and also for art and social reasons not  just as an arts movement but as a political philosophical way of life. Now it seems "chaos" is the mantra hiding behind an older Edwardian pleasant and inspiring movement. What happened ? There is also a confusion when some of the tenants of socialism are disguised as Christianity to the point people do not know the difference anymore.
This movement of ideas began before the Fabian society (formed circa 1886) Many of its members however believed in the arts and crafts movement. The famous Fabian society stained glass window. (here or here or here ) which depicts the hope of a capitalist – socialist alliance but it  has now become the voice of the German Frankfurt school of philosophy and Cultural Marxism which with George Soros and Hillary Clinton and Obama has become its sole reason for existence (with chaos) and would apply those same laws to any nation on earth (i.e. not just against white nations but all nations eventually ) It is not creating jobs, manufacturing or long term prosperous nations with well designed and beautiful arts and crafts type designs in cities or towns only destruction and chaos ? it has been hijacked away from its original aim and intent especially since 2012, and obviously its aims of a utopia have disappeared and need to return to the original vision which was blossoming before it from 1830 to 1880 after the Napoleonic wars had devastated world economies. Where is the original vision of the Fabians or the arts and crafts movement ?

It also has a peculiar favorite in its "migration" policy as an obsession. The window of the Fabians which was designed 25 years or so after its original members (out of hundreds into  thousands who joined) founded the Fabians in 1886, and the Glass window was designed in 1909. Many originally were philanthropic with high morals. The last five years it has taken a different direction entirely or suddenly.The window has the imagery which everyone loves i.e. the art and crafts movement (and it depicts George Bernard Shaw and  Edward Pease ) but it also has the famous image of the Wolf in Sheep's clothing within the mural at its center. What does it represent?

Omar Khayyam the Iranian Philosopher

The Wolf in this instance is framed within the poem of Omar Khayan and is Omar Khayan himself with his lesser known Iranian philosophy. The writings in the stained glass window carries the motto

" Remould it nearer to the Hearts Desire" (his poem) which in full in its four lines is:

Ah, Love! could thou and I with Fate conspire
To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire!
Would not we shatter it to bits - and then
Re-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire!

Now the shattering into bits is Omars actual desire but his vanity feels he can rebuild it.

And the "it" is the world as shown by the Globe in the stained glass.  This is taken from the Iranian poet Omar Khayyam's poetical Quatrain who as a Sufi Muslim is today regarded as heretical, yet Sufism itself grew out of Christianity in the very early monastic period until they went astray. As a wolf in sheep's clothing his agnostic and hedonistic teachings have also been imported into the West and he intended to destroy western civilisation and encouraged Mohammedian Jihad against the west and Jerusalem. Omar and radical Islam is the Wolf.

The teachings of Omar Khayyam (1048 – 1131) based upon Aristotle were already known to the King of Jerusalem in (1090) Godfroi de Bouillon (who was of Jewish descent) and who formed the priory of  Zion and which had been passed down through France, Scotland, Spain and Ireland many centuries before as it had been taken from Jerusalem in the early church. The science and philosophy was known in the west fro 1500 years previous. The Torah was already known also as (and you can read chapter 2 above with chapter 1 also which relates the lost tribes settling in Greece, Troy and Sparta from 1400 bc down to 705 bc and into later centuries)

The center of Omar Khayan's Islamic teachings was/is simply Aristotle the Greek philosopher which took many centuries to become implanted into Persian minds largely thanks to Alexander the Great (356 – 323 bc)   who conquered Persia taking the teachings with him 1400 years earlier. (i.e 1400 years before  Omar Khayyam 1048 – 1131) Aristotle taught Alexander (who was obviously pro-free trade but without slavery) the Great, who is considered the greatest general in history. Alexander became Pharaoh of Egypt and he implanted his empire / kingdom upon Persia which allowed Judaism and eventually Christianity to spread all over the world, (in the successor Roman empire ) Judaism and lost tribe identity influenced Aristotelian thought (the Trojan wars were told to Alexander and Troy was built by the tribe of Judah and from that battle all European Royalty hail today) before Aristotle influenced Judaism. The first Christians were Jewish (etc) Europe and the forerunners of the guilds and monks into the Templar's were aware of the teachings way before Islam existed in 600 AD (Islam believes in the Flat earth theory, The Al Buraq beast, Female Genital Mutilation & it also believes Mohammad's daughter circa 650 ad, spoke through the Mother of God, Mary circa 30 ad at Fatima in Portugal in October 1917. Some Islamic states believe Woman cannot or should not drive cars. 

Obviously most of "Omar Khayan's" teachings have disappeared under Wahhabism which is a part of sharia and which with Islamic Marxism wants to see a racist caliphate established in the whole of Europe (Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales also) and Northern Europe for which it needs refugees. The refugees are not asked to go to the Isis caliphate or any other Islamic country ?  (Colonel Allen West explains the deception which is EU policy without openness, voting or transparency)


American Sniper

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (see last para above) also the theme of the Clint Eastwood film "American Sniper" Chris Kyle's father reminded Chris and his brother that there are Wolfs and Sheep and (but) also Sheepdogs who are not passive.The film also depicted the evil which exists and which is a theme (also) the Iraq war faced and has debated ever since 9/11. The film is a true account and perception and a honest actually fully rounded view of that debate(which other media do not discuss)

The recent Christian Genocide has shown the nature of that evil which has slaughtered men, woman and children all over the Middle East to the extent that even the most balanced but dismissive left wing author and writers on oil and war politics admit that the Christian genocide is a policy of Islam which is not the original indigenous faith of the Middle East or Europe or Britain, Scotland, Ireland or Wales or America. Christianity was the largest faith by many tens of millions in the Middle East.

It is estimated that between 15 million and 25 million children could be at risk betwixt the Muslim civil wars over the next five to ten years (civil wars in the Ottoman empire Islamic super state sense) it is not possible to take all of these children as migrants hence the safe zone which is urgent and needs to be set aside now. It is continually proposed and considered whilst the deaths of children continue and the Christian genocide continues. 

The up and coming EU referendum faces the same election fraud as the 2015 elections and the 2016 local elections ( and a Brexit is supported by big business and more so than the 300 that are named here ) which is a part of the continuing war which Islam is instigating and which must signal a new beginning in Europe and Britain



07.06.2016    The British European Brexit Referendum 23.06.2016 and the on-going Middle East genocide

Cultural Marxism  video entitled "what is critical theory" & version which is 7 minutes 36 seconds long, (or here by Breibart ) These videos can lead to broken links as they move or are removed on you tube and  which are named in the dialogue below. The theory has many aims but ultimately seeks to eradicate spirituality.

Germany on the 3rd June 2016 voted to recognise the Armenian Genocide of 1915 – 1925 in which 1.5 million people died. The article also mentions that Obama will still not recognise it ?

The Christian genocide of Christians in the Middle East and around the world today is also not recognised by those who oversaw and implemented its execution, namely Obama, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abeddin and the Muslim Brotherhood. Not just because they prefer Christianity over Islam, but because they are part of the effort to demographically change the religious make up and history of the Middle East but also because they want to wipe it out. Not just in the Middle East but also at home in the USA. Clinton was aware from 2013 (see all posts above)

It is incredible that Hillary Clinton is asking Roman Catholics and Protestants or any Christians to support her when she is in part responsible for the Genocide against them in the Middle East ?  This follows the FBI attempt to indite Clinton on the 2.6.2016 but which was blocked by the Justice Department and Obama. Clintons emails also reveal the Benghazi attacks were financed by the Saudi's and was known about two weeks before the attack, yet Clintons aide (Barry Pagliano) is to plead the 5th amendment in relation to the email scandal. The 5th amendment  guarantees he cannot be a witness against himself in the bill of rights as guaranteed by the constitution. The right to bear arms (1st and 2nd and 4th amendment)  is also integral to the constitution yet Hillary Clinton is trying to remove those rights, but wants to keep the 5th for all those involved in the Benghazi 'foreign policy' disaster. The right to bear arms was defended also by Ted Cruz who won the Supreme Court decision.  Switzerland also has the right bear arms (see post dated above 23.12.2015 & 08.03.2016)  

There are calls for the Irish government to also follow Germany,s recognition of the Armenian Genoicide

David Cameron has also not recognized the Armenian Genocide by Turkey and is reluctant to call the present Genocide today. No matter which way you analyse it, the Genocide is occurring. Prime-minister Cameron has been pushing the idea for Turkey to join the EU since 2005. This means 77 million Turks will have visa free travel but (see last two dates above 04.05 & 17.05. 2016) this will not be known in full until after the Brexit referendum ? which Britain will have no veto upon (i.e.Turkey joining ) Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania will be also be considered for membership pushing the visa free travel swindle to nearly 200 million. People in the EU do not want Turkey with or without visas for obvious reasons not least they have hidden the murderous agenda shared with Saudi and Iran to wipe out Christianity and the West.Protests over the last 6 months especially have forced a re-think on Turkey joining (see above) How can David Cameron now respectfully hold a unbiased EU referendum in Britain ?  Many details are unknown until the week after the referendum? and this has brought strong criticism from prime time television news and debates.

Whether Visas are necessary or not is a moot point anyway as you can easily forge one as the recent forgery from the Czech Republic displays (and since the Paris bomber worked in immigration as do many who call for migrants, terrorists or governments worldwide (see posts above from Oct 2016)

Angela Merkel in April 2016 fired the German head of Intelligence because he reported the Wahhabi / Muslim brotherhood terrorists were flooding into the country. There are 400, 000 of them at the top (first line) and all Islam follows them as Mohammed. It (the strong cover up) is occurring in all EU nations and others.

Christians killed in Turkey and terror threats since 17.05.2016

Since the 17.05.2016 (the last post) 5 Christians were killed in Turkey  by a suicide bomber, and on the 04.06.2015  the world's oldest church was also attacked in Turkey. 5 Christians were killed by a suicide bomber in Syria and 16 injured last week. These ongoing Christian deaths in Turkey arrive come at a time when Islamic threats to Europe were sounded to the sports tournament in the EU in June / July 2016 following the Paris and Belgium mass murders ?

 It is incredible that through all of this there are continuing cries for more migrants from UN officials who seem to have no other purpose.  A referendum on the future and/or influence of the UN should be extended to every country in the world.

France is also calling for a EU referendum and Frexit.  Initially Germany (Frau Merkel and George Soros at least) said a Brexit referendum was not needed and that Britain could leave the EU. One reason cited for Germany to support a British Brexit (in 2014) was to protect immigration laws  ? Greece (left wing government) was cited as "Xenophobic" when its left wing government mooted Grexit amidst mass migration swarms invading the country. You cannot be left wing and Xenophobic or can you ? Germany is now recommending to deport quickly following the Christmas rape spree of 2 woman and nearly 100 woman assaulted by illegal migrants in Germany and Finland and the Paris and Belgium bombings. Two "migrants" arrested in Finland in December 2015 were actually wanted for Terrorism and the murder of 1700 Christians in Iraq in 2014, dumped in mass graves like the Armenian genocide) Some politicians in Germany were calling for illegal migrants to be shot at the border as Austria prepares to deport 50,000 " migrants"  yet it still receives 3000 a day ?  (or 50,000 every two weeks approx) Commentators are shocked by the response of Germany, yet when reporting on the involvement of the Obama administration in the Christian Genocide or the fact that Christians are being murdered, raped, beheaded and shot, the same reporters continue to say nothing. Xenophobia however is a mild disease only white Europeans have, yet in India they are deporting mass Muslim illegal migrants (1.4 million have arrived over the last 9 years from Bangladesh alone) from entering their country also ? Surely Asians cannot be  Xenophobic? or can they ?

People are beginning to suspect there is a co-ordinated Islamic Jihad occurring around the world. Since 630 ad and the death of Mohammed the spread of Islam (which did not begin in the 1990's) around the Middle East and into Persia and Europe or the spread described here by Professor Warner Phd (note it is from North to South)

(take note) The plan by Russia and China was to aid Islam run up western debt through the over inflation (up to 150 dollars a barrel of oil in the past or $147.27 in 2008) of the petro dollar. This devalues money and adds indirect taxes and forces cheaper and cheaper labour (and immigration) beyond the norm of small business, who are also reduced in their margins. This epoch of immigration is a total fraud and China in buying the USA's debt (and hoarding Gold with Russia see last post) is in effect funding the US war in the Middle East. California (just one state) for instance is $127.2 Billion dollars in debt and Clinton will add to it like Obama (who pushed it up from $8 billion to $19 – 20 billion)


N.A.F.T.A  and the 10 New World Regions or the 10 global spheres of influence (ten world regions

(link back to heading '23.10.2018'   The USA and its Economic recovery' in New New Jerusalem Chapter 3A  )

NAFTA stands for the North American Free Trade Agreement which is a tri-lateral trade agreement (of sorts) originally the vast majority of people understood this to be a trade deal without boundary changes. The US constitution prohibits additions or succession without all or any county changing the constitution. Of course in war a state may leave and then be at war with the other states.  Bill and Hillary Clinton were instrumental in signing the trade deal but with borders intact and have vested interest in the deal.
The original map of the Ten spheres of influence following on from the rough outline map of 1948 (which is still the plan today)

The 11th sphere to develop which will solidify and enrich the Middle East is the Greater Israel Project

Two (of the ten) of them are topical.

  1. Mexico to join the USA and Canada (known as region 1) as one giant continent (but following the cold war maps began to change without Canada or the USA voting upon them. They also maintain anyway the amalgamation of just the USA and Canada is also not ratified under the US constitution or Canadian parliament. (an option could be to extend the US constitution over Canada or even Mexico)
  2. Turkey to join the European Union but again due to the cold war and Turkey's illegal occupation of Cyprus. Turkey is excluded on many maps but (shaded on some) Turkey was originally to be under the demilitarised zone or DMZ of the (then) USSR in 1945.

Since 9/11 and the war on terror and Obamas revelations that the Saudis were in involved in 9/11 (wahhabism which is the Muslim brotherhood in the Obama administration as political Marxist Islam with the Saudi Wahhabism who decapitate woman for being raped)  and have funded terror and the Islamic Jihad including supplying and supplying weapons to Turkey with Jihadists and are threatening to war with Iran, who are also now refusing to co-operate with the USA (ever) after the Iran deal and $150 billion they received from the US taxpayer or from Obama.

This is also the real reason why the Armenian Christian Genocide by Turkey has been covered up (for EU membership) for 100 years and it is a crime that it has. Aside from collaborating with Hitler, Turkey is also asking Turkish Jews to denounce Israel?

The Cold war is in any case back as the biggest build of US and Russian forces on the EU and Ukrainian border and in the Middle East is in place.  In response to the Wests fight over the Ukraine, Russia has threatened to help Mexico invade south west USA. (and through the Chechnyan  army by Chechens loyal to Russia ) Mexico and Russia are allies not just through APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) but also in space and weapons research and tequila. Hillary Clintons selling of Uranium to Russia (see also last post dated 17.05.2016 ) is also a part of the deal Obama and Clinton made for "migrants".

Russia seals its borders as does China (who built a very large wall called the Great wall of China) and Rome built Hadrian's wall across Britain. The code of the wall is for border security including México's' security with Guatemala.

Hillary Clinton has also suggested that illegal migrants be deported (in 2013) and in 2007  and whilst deriding a Mexico USA border she supported Mexico's "wall"  with Guatemala prior to 2010 (Mexico did not allow Guatemalan's over their border until July 2014 with a joint agreement between them to allow into the USA. Then in January 2016 locked down its Southern border with Guatemala again ? This shows that Mexico which has very strict laws against people entering its southern border became concerned about its security as a country and Mexico has a right to block illegal immigration ? ( whilst criticizing the USA) Hillary Clinton is also reputedly backed by the Klu Klux Klan in California, yet she wants to disarm them and anyone ? and everyone ? which must also include the Black Panthers (via the second amendment)  but not the Russians whom she supplies with Uranium according to Bloomberg (That is treason and it is no wonder Clinton's aide is pleading the 5th amendment)  or the Muslim brotherhood. ?
Therefore the security build up is not just the joint militias of the cartel land film (see above & 26.04.2016) but also military security by US forces to protect the border. The same security cold war fears are also behind the EU debate.


A brief EU history and Brexit the Movie and remain campaign.

Following on from world war two Europe and the Club of Rome decided that the new world would consist of ten regions. However those regions have now changed after 50 years or so and new regions are being imposed, other than those which were originally recognised and agreed upon. These new areas have not been agreed or voted upon or discussed by national parliaments. Even within the Club of Rome the new regions have caused division and debate.

Formed in 1968 it grew from the treaty of Rome signed in 1957 & 1958. This treaty was built upon the treaty of Paris in 1951, which formed the ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community) and further back the Treaty of Brussels in 1948. For a more detailed history go to the adjacent website and Chapter 1 and/or read the pdf (Chapter 1) EU, Rome London Israel

Wikipedia describes the development (last link with timeline of countries joining) as follows;

"The ECSC was joined by two other similar communities in 1957, the European Economic Community and European Atomic Energy Community, with whom it shared its membership and some institutions. In 1967 all its institutions were merged with that of the European Economic Community, but it retained its own independent legal personality. In 2002 the Treaty of Paris expired and all the ECSC activities and resources were absorbed by the European Community"

This link has the "Timeline of treaties" and communities up until present and the "EU" David Cameron is seeking a peace deal (into the Gulf and Turkey and Iran) but clearly the past treaties mean nothing to Islam and some in the EU

The EU was formed in 2001 / 2003 by the treaty of Nice (rejected by Ireland who voted No but who were asked to vote again and then voted yes) and the Treaty of Lisbon in 2007 (again rejected by Ireland who voted No, but who were asked to vote again and then voted yes. France and Holland were the only country to vote upon them) Peace then is not offered ?

For a look at Europe from World War 2 up until today from Europe to Britain the film Brexit the Movie covers many economic arguments in a global and national prism, which other media and pundits do not. France is also considering an EU referendum (Frexit) as the media report the media blackout on its biggest revolution in 200 years.

Brexit the Movie                                                     Remain Campaign



(10.06 .2016)  

As Britain prepares to vote in the Brexit EU referendum, (23.06.2016) in the USA the shape of its politics and economics takes shape with either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton becoming the next USA president (although party conventions can suggest a new candidate in either camp although why ? then bother having primaries ? ) The two choices follow the long caucus and primary elections which has by dominated by race and border politics and the media manipulation of those and other issues. often the economic and political realities take  a back seat. It also seems novel for the USA that it might have a female president, for the rest of the world it is not a new or novel idea. E.G. President Eva Peron Argentina. President Vigdis Finnbogadottor Iceland, President Tarja Halonen Finland, President Mary Mcaleese Ireland, Capitano Reggente Valaria Ciavatta, San Marino, Executive President Cristina Fernandez, de Kirchner , Argentina. President Kolinda Grabar - Kitarovic, Crotia. Acting President Slavic Dukic - Dejanovic, Serbia. Captain General Lorella Stefanelli, San Marino.  Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko of the Ukraine. Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Britain and many more who (like or dislike) did a fine job (not just for world peace) in the modern "pc" comparison to men. 

The narrow focus of the Mexican debate has largely omitted Clinton's and Obama's "wall building activities" in Libya to keep terrorists out of Tunisia (and the Saudi financing of the Benghazi attack) or the current President of Kenya's wall building activity to keep Moslems out of his country. (with approval of Clinton and Obama, Clintons publicity team assisting to keep it out of the press) It also has not mentioned Mexico's wall building activity between it and Guatemala (its southern border) or Mexico's harsh illegal immigration laws which many in the USA want to copy as it is simply assumed that the USA should be a "melting pot". India is also facing (see paragraph above beginning "France is also calling for" about 17 paras up) invasion slowly from Pakistan and wishes to prevent it. None of these examples are classed as racist ?  

Whilst now Mexico has temporarily closed its northern border ( until after the US election) its movement "La Raza" (which means the race) is in fact funded by Russia via Cuba who have subsidized Jihadists to enter into America via the cartels (but the left cannot be racist or Xenophobic in the media) who claim ancestral rights on California yet who deny Israel was first to reside in Jerusalem before Islam. La Raza founder Jose Angel Gutierezz stipulated that the Aztec Mexicans must kill the white man who are not having  enough babies (etc) On this last point he is correct (about the babies that is ) and this is assisted in every way possible by the eugenics philosophy. The ancient Hindus in India want to have many babies and protect their borders, but  the communist philosophy stipulates "the white man" can only agree to be wiped out or be called racist. (and this attitude permeates the Christian genocide in the middle east) Mexicans and the Spanish (and its government locks up heroes like José Manuel Mireles Valverde ? whilst people of all shades and opinion on both sides want his ideals with legal emigration on both of Mexico's borders) which had 25% unemployment and which could get worse again, have a bigger problem than the USA / Mexican border (see below but many countries and people are used as Lenin said "useful idiots" ) 

The reality is either the USA will invade Mexico (against Russia) or it will invade the USA or they will respect each others borders and share their (Mexico's) tough but fair immigration policy which is like Switzerland's fair and just. 

The USA has two candidates; 

1. Hillary Clinton who is the Bush family "plan B" and it was Bill Clinton who first mooted the invasion  of Iraq in 1998 in which Hillary in a domestic quarrel type scenario eventually said was a disaster and a mistake (when it should have invaded the whole middle east rather than be flanked) Perceived as on the left, slightly libertarian and liberal not just a Eva Braun type character.

2. Donald Trump who is similar to Ronald Reagan, with successful worldwide business who has assembled a team of Conservative people (including Ben Carson and possibly Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and Colonel Allen West maybe ) who have discussed (actually mentioned) the growing Gold crisis and China and Russia (through the throng of racist chants)and how it will collapse Wall Street (which is also Iran's aim and it plans to subdue Saudi Arabia) and which this time the banks will not be to blame. Trump has been called Hitler and Mussolini and also a liberal. 

China and Russia (who are relaxed and friendly in their imperialist world domination aims) have bought vast mountains of Gold stockpiles and have contributed to economic debate which has seen the accepted (nonsense) of continued debt economics in the west through ever increasingly absurd economic theories in order that when the Wests currency collapses under its own weight of crazy and yet ignored debt levels in the West ? Russia and China will wait for the collapse and buy it all and then expand westward (and you can imagine Gulags, the Fulan Gong, the Dalai Lama, Chairman Mao Tse Tung et al and his murderous machine as the eradication of surplus population is slowly carried out. see the adjacent website and chapter 4, 5 and 6) Gold which has economic problems also in its backing of currency is still better than the collapsed western economies of zero value. (Gold measured against US dollar petro dollar value which even with a low Gold price would still be higher than the dollar r.e. Jay Taylor and Chen Yin) This Gold Hoarding is also underpinning the economic collapse in Venezuela (which is in socialist caused economic meltdown)  

Venezuela (now) does not need  200,000 Moslems or a million immigrants ? it needs national restoration by nationalists. Jobs for nationals, food production for nationals, housing and elderly and children care for nationals, and to look after its own people like every nation on earth. 

The Gold manipulation and debt ( forced over decades) is also kept quiet or normalized because the communist theory that capitalism will collapse into "socialism" ( socialism which is fascist when it is Gulagism)  has not occurred naturally and would not occur naturally, and the manipulation of the theory seeks to justify the end result. Ignoring these policies has been a dangerous foreign policy misadventure. 

This will hit Europe harder than it already has been. The USA & Spain (and South America) and Greece and devastate the West in general and Britain. 

(As Obama's term rolls to an end, it remains to be seen who Obama will nominate for President; Bush or Ronald Reagan;?Obama/ Barry Soetoro has chosen/endorsed Bush. But this was before Bernie Sanders vote count was officially over ? 

Obama fresh from a visit to Cuba and given his support for Malcolm X and civil rights  was more likely to have supported Bernie Sanders many had supposed ?

Sanders then (after Obama's lurch towards Clinton instead of Sanders) seems to have supported Hillary Clinton also (in some press releases) but this is denied in Bernie Sanders press release ?(Sanders stood on a left platform admiring Cuba)  Both George and Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton have called Fidel Castro a terrorist and Hillary Clinton's economic advisor Joseph Stiglitz who won a noble peace prize, admired Venezuelan socialist  economics (on Hugo Chavez its previous president not the current President Maduro and administration & Chavez would be closer aligned with Bernie Sanders )  Bernie Sanders Clinton and Obama idolize the Cuban political model ? (although Castro clearly dislikes Obama)The vote rigging scandals continue with Bernie Sanders supporters suggesting the votes were stolen by Clinton in California in June 2016 and previous states throughout the year and since 2015  . Obama's / Clinton's soviet style elite Leninism is actively engaging in reverse discrimination against Sanders voters  (Ben Carson says Obama was raised white, although poverty amongst whites is also high) The truth is however that although higher proportions of smaller ethnic groups are poor including Hispanics, many millions more spread across the larger groups are poor. Since the 2008 financial crash many are also now debt poor to a higher degree than other ethnic groups. In other words wages in the larger white groups (and other ethnic groups) are gone as soon as they come in and housing negative equity and personal debt and taxes means poverty is not correctly accounted. The larger white groups are in fact poorer but statistics do not show this problem, it is a different type of poverty. True unemployment in the USA is 15 to 20%.

Of course the 2008 financial crash has devastated the whole world and growth has been slow (unnecessarily so) since then ? The recession and collapse and 10 year high debt build up, seems to co-incide with other attempts (Clinton) at disarming the US (UN small arms treaty) ending the second amendment and scrapping the US constitution (The latest horrific shooting in Orlando 12.06.2016) was a according to the media outlets registered Democrat and devout Muslim Omar Mateen who declared for Isis and Afghanistan and who believes all Gays should be killed as is Islamic law or flogged or imprisoned) Obama states there is no direct evidence to link Mateen to Isis ? but this is contradicted by the FBI who state Mateen was in Isis ? Considering the State department (Obama and Clinton and the Muslim brotherhood) have shown no remorse for the Christian genocide in the middle east and have favored the Yazidis genocide over the Christian genocide then a pattern emerging is an understatement.

The Working class, middle class and Unions however and Venezuela included, are beginning to suspect that the new "left" are not there to make a change for stability, but only for chaos, and not to improve their lives financially, having no long term financial plan and this supports the theory that the revolution is not seeking to end class war but to entrench it by eroding wealth from all class levels. This is Maoism. Stiglitz also denounces debt, but Hillary Clinton's administration has run up nearly 20 Trillion dollars of debt which erodes both the middle and working class wealth base and devalues the wealth and currency of a nation. Venezuela spent a large part of its GDP on its gold mining adventure after draining its market reserves amidst development deals with China, but then also decided to ship its gold to Russia via Switzerland as neutral brokers. A low oil price is blamed in part for Venezuelans problems, yet Norway have managed where Hugo Chavez failed  as Canadians ask if Trudeau will do the same for Canada ? i.e. follow Norway not Venezuela, Maduro and Clinton ( as mentioned Clinton is also shipping Uranium to Russia via her foundation which is the real reason the Bundys and the Hammonds ranches were seized. Do Bernie Sanders voters feel robbed) All that Oil and Gold and Venezuelans are searching for food. All that amidst the elite Leninist and social democrats who spend fortunes stating Nationalism is wrong)


What should Britain do or how should they vote in the EU referendum ?


( 15.06.2016 )

The EU referendum campaign and Brexit / Remain vote 23.06.2016 and an outline of the campaign.

Brexit the Movie                      The Remain Campaign

(The European Project ? still in crisis ? and the Frexit and Brexit vote.)

 "The future of Western Political Theory will be decided outside the West"  ? Sunil Khilnani The idea of India

As the debate ( which is deceiving people ) on the EU referendum continues with 9 days until people cast their votes, it still has not been explained why there are only two questions on the ballot paper. Aside from the Leave or Remain option the 3rd option of a part member state is not on the ballot ?  Part membership such as Finland, Switzerland or Norway enjoys ?

The reason in part is put forward by Wolfgang Schauble (10.06.2016) and it essentially says Britain cannot have the same deal.  That is not a decision he can make alone and it would affect the contract Norway and Finland enjoy  if an argument was made. Further there are also associate memberships and a two tier structure with a secondary membership status.

What many people do not understand is that Britain is in the Council of Europe regardless of the Vote (as is Ireland) The Council is a separate organisation (not for trade or economics as political integration) than the EU which is where the concern is as you read on. British influence is very strong within it as it founded the Council of Europe with America and the allies. Norway is in the Council of Europe but not in the EU which is an option many could have taken ( in retrospect) 

David Cameron has already warned that Brexiters  must accept the result ? Is this suggesting the result is already determined?

Technically then the ballot paper could have had 5 questions.    1.In 2. Out 3. Out with access to the single market. 4 associate membership 5. Secondary membership. Why are they are not on the ballot ? With only 2 questions and scare stories it narrows the field and then when you throw in the election fraud (as happened in the London Mayor fraud) the EU citizens (non British have received ballot papers how many is a moot point) not  entitled to vote through a computer glitch can now vote if they do not admit receiving them. And a computer glitch could send 2 ballots to one person by millions and then alter the figures 5 % + or – as happened in the London Mayor elections and in America. Thousands have wrongly been sent EU referendum voting cards many of which have been printed in labour party offices in Brussels ?

(The Labour meltdown in 2015 and 2016 forced the party into desperate measures which includes election fraud. The election frauds have been employed also in the 2015 election. Election fraud has brought recent claims and counter claims none of which help the public. Claims against the Tories on expenses but also from the election fraud in the London Mayor elections in April / May 2016. Reports were widespread with thousands of voters getting 2 voting cards each (echoing the election fraud in the USA 1. (Diebold) 2. (US election rigged or shaped  the video is called "Rigged USA Election exposed"  ) and California has passed a law which allows holders of Driving license's which you can get in the post to be ID for voting in which one 3. Illegal migrant votes five times in same election and is then jailed 4. And in the USA 2012 election.  This is Obamaism)  What is very unusual about the London Mayor Election is the fraud was recorded as it happened on social media from those involved in monitoring or reporting the crimes. Twitter and May 6th 3 tweets Theo Underwood (scroll  down )  recorded by the Daily Mail across 72 parliamentary constituencies. Ballot box problems and a further 155 areas of concern where people were turned away from voting (not being allowed to vote ) including the Chief Rabbi in Barnet. Voters who were denied and these problems affected voters all across London. It's a criminal scam in desperate times. Copied from the post dated 17.05.2016 above) 

It is increasingly relevant on the issue of immigration, should people vote to remain and despite the promises on veto's (which seem to be spurious) and Schengen areas and immigration corruption, ultimately the decision on immigration (if there is a remain vote ) will be in the hands of the European courts to decide Boris Johnson in his speech on the 11.05.2016 spells out the situation. (see at 6.30 seconds to 7 minutes & 7 mins to 12 minutes &  29 minutes 30 seconds to  31 minutes 30 seconds) Brussels decides who lives in each European country not the countries themselves making their own policy. However the court of human rights would be split 50/50% and to date no gulf states country or eastern Asian country will take unknown large  numbers of migrants ? The Council of Europe has influence here and human rights will not be affected by a Brexit?  Human rights have already been breached by Turkey and those states who have effectively abandoned migrants or allowed other non-refugees to flood in by millions (and Turkey wants unlimited travel on 77 million people without any idea who they are) The problem with Sharia law is "no rights equally" can become all human rights and the EU is being pressured to adopt Sharia. The idea of Diversity (from a Russian, Chinese, East Asian and Gulf States perspective is to have 0 (zero) diversity for themselves but to force it upon others? Copied from above &  all dates above from Oct 2015 fwd outline what is actually going on). Human Rights law in the EU or UK is slowly becoming Islamic "Sharia Law" and this is discussed at the end of this post.

Norway make no secret that they chose their membership framework  (part time) to protect their oil, fishing rights, free trade ability and border controls.

Economics or politics

A summary of Brexit the Movie and the remain campaign and Boris Johnsons speech could be the EU and previous identities have changed beyond their original stated purpose or aims. One giant leap above any envisioned development is the EU fiscal compact. Boris Johnson says the EU is a political creation and the EU fiscal compact is certainly that. However its economic consequences are felt in people's pockets and everyday life to a far deeper degree.  The vote on the fiscal compact (ESM) in 2012 produced three countries who abstained. Britain, Czech Republic and Croatia (who joined later and can adopt it later or not ) Ireland could have remained outside of it (except it was also in a bailout banking bind and the continuing misconception that "default" means you must leave the EU?) Greece and Italy nearly defaulted and Italy's default was regarded as catastrophic, but if it had defaulted and then started again why does the European project regard it as the end of their membership?  Britain and the Czech Republic wisely remained out of it and Wolfgang Schauble did not object then ?  But what is it ?

See the following video THE SHOCKING TRUTH OF THE PENDING EU COLLAPSE!! MAKE VIRAL ALL!! (which moves around you tube so you may need to enter its name in the url exactly as opposed to clicking the link) It says it is a debt treaty but It could of course be a treaty of small debts or lower debt to GDP (Greece has 200% debt to GDP ratio) but it is a step to full EU United States with fiscal , tax and one central banking authority. So therefore the fiscal  (treasury chancellor tax public spending etc) treaty could be stabilising in its desire to bring nations into stability ? But it is now extremely onerous and accompanies Austerity. Britain through the legislative legal process will be forced to accept it just as it has accepted "Austerity" This mechanism of fiscal integration is statist not democracy and it is becoming ground down in red tape.

Fiscal Union with continuous and onerous debt demands will ultimately not melt together and it will divide political union. Fiscal independence without debt demands will or would assist political and monetary union. Debts do not accrue without being noticed over time ?  and should be refused if current debts are not paid down first.

This is not what Robert Schuman (one of the EU's founding fathers)  and his book "For Europe" i.e. the Supra-nationalist (not fascist or communist which are not just a political designations but also economic designations ) ideal in which he explains in this book in detail. Robert Schuman was popular in Britain, Germany, Ireland and America. Boris Johnson mentions him at 23 mins fwd, describing the post war period when regulation attempted to stitch together a common framework France and Germany could work within in the immediate post war period. However  that cautious approach became an excuse to weave regulation throughout every area of the EU until it became a bueauracratic entanglement,  although France and Germany are closer as countries.  This is because NATO provides peace whether its funding model morphs (and which has been debated for over 15 years ) and changes into a European Super army or not with the same aims as before. Nato does not require EU membership. Robert Schuman's views born out of watching the horror of world war 2 was slowly usurped by communist chains of over regulation (and directionless reactionary solutions) and Russia would now admit (at least  around the time of the Berlin walls collapse and German unification) that its unworkable over regulated models taught  in Universities and then in industry  had a flaw (and was also a million miles away from any Karl Marx Das Capital or previous working class theories to benefit of the working class) until it became a internalised uncompetitive behemoth.

The result as stated in Brexit the movie at 21.00 minutes  to 25.30 minutes is the lack of free trade all over the EU not just in Britain today.

Specifically trade is now affected to such an extent within the EU (not just Butter Mountains and being paid to do nothing) but as an unequal yoke giving competitive advantage to those outside the eu ?

Bullocks, Fish and Mothers

Brexit the Movie  at 15 minutes and 15 seconds shows how fishy matters have become. (its not "when the boat comes in" song any  more) At 18 minutes the description form an experienced long time serving fisherman is Denmark or Holland can catch fish in former British waters and sell them back to the British who can catch limited amounts ? This is a scenario which occurs in many commodities across the EU.  The West coast of Ireland has also suffered the same problems. Fish were so abundant yet now if you land more than the quota and sell the excess (to the side somewhere) for cents a bureaucrat will appear and slap a fine on you.

Cattle farming and dairy farming within the EU and Britain has the following  problems. Cornwall beef farmers  says the following.  (scroll down) The worry is according to these married farmers in the short term the business will have upheavals. Also according to German finance minister Schuable Britain if it leaves will not have access to the single market. (see above also)  but if you are Denmark or Norway and many others you have will more access to it outside the EU, than if you were in THE EU ? (Unless Schuable is suggesting an embargo of non EU goods)

Irish cattle and dairy farmers say that a Brexit would be a bad thing for the Irish rural economy as Britain's contribution to the EU budget (12%) would be lost and therefore 12% of the Dairy and Cattle budget returning to Ireland from the EU (although other countries are mooted to join and will contribute to that Budget) Ireland (euro) and Britain (sterling) have currency exchanges now which may continue (if Britain adopts  the euro) after the vote (if remain) However in a Brexit,  Irish farmers should receive more compensation as a proximity shortfall payment.(12% annually over decades) and Irelands farmers  should be recompensed by  the EU if there is a Brexit by 12%. Irish beef still has both markets. The EU also sends up to 60% or 50% back to Britain which would  also stop but this only leaves a 6 % shortfall in Irish farming which the EU will have to make up if other countries joining do not. As the EU wastes tranches of €5 - €15 billion every few months (of everyone's money & see post above dated  12.04.2016)  then the reform which Britain and France and others want could mean every beef farmer in the EU could sell all of its beef organically and still have a huge profit besides. (Ireland could feed the world it is estimated as its Organic meat and veg is considered the best in the world)

Nurses and "Mums" also have an insight into the EU referendum. (the NHS is overrun with no end in sight, and the other cost of raising a family at home is rising sharply beyond even two wages )

An overall EU view on trade is given here in; Brexit the Animated Movie.

A further point already mentioned is that a leave vote does not mean leaving the European Council (which is influential on the EU although not a part of it, it meets in the many of same buildings and others) of which Britain is a founding member ? Also as Brexit the animated movie shows the Trade block is larger than the EU area and trade can continue within it ?  In Ulster the Unionist party has recommended staying in the EU but gives a free vote to its members to vote however they wish, whilst the Democratic Unionist party is campaigning to leave completely.

What transpires and since 1999, and the Lisbon and Nice treaties (which Ireland rejected and then was 'asked' to vote again when it then voted Yes) and the financial crash of 2008, the EU is not listening to Brexiters, Frexiters , Grexiters or Catalonia…exiters . The "pigs" (as the press dubbed them) Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain have had years of Austerity applied by "economists" in power. People have endured poverty, suicide and depravation. The border controls in Ulster (story) is a decision the 27 members of the EU would make in a Brexit not just Britain alone (which it accepts) as of course it currently is in the EU. Further in a Brexit the Good Friday agreement and recent assurances (in law) mean the continuation of the Good Friday agreement. Most importantly however the peace process and stability is something the people of Belfast and Ulster want to keep as of course, even without a good Friday agreement the future population levels may mean a for and against a United Ireland decision anyhow by referendum (a United Ireland occurred in 1792 as Grattan's parliament by joint decision) Stormont would survive as is even in a Brexit.

It is incredible that Ulster of course defies all political, historical and economic identity as it has throughout history (many speculate on why this is continually the case) but cattle pricing and border pricing of cattle and milk can always make their own arrangements as beneficial to local economic needs.  Who is to say where a cow calved in some areas. Scotland it seems is determined to have its second referendum on its future which may give the same result as the first. As for Ireland being in bad news in light of a Brexit there are other views,  David McWilliams says the following;  and the independent says the following.

Many Irish businessmen also say the same as the links above,  as do many political shades of opinion.  In essence the trade between Britain and Ireland existed before 1973 (EU)  and will continue in Ireland.

Difference in nations

As is seen in "Brexit  the animated movie", Britain is not like Ireland it has a commonwealth within which it also trades. The city of London is for free trade (Laissez-faire) and has been around for 1000 years or more and its culture is obviously not suited to the EU in the "City" or in the country. It will not suffer as a consequence. Many in the EU cannot imagine free trade without 200 regulations and a start point and a stop point with hourly checks to see if it is working. It cannot imagine being in complete iron grip control. Ireland (and there are also rural and city differences)  also has an IFSC (financial centre) which will be bound or constrained for the next 40 years (after the 2008 collapse) It would benefit from being situated in the middle of America and the City of London and Europe (and the Commonwealth) as a way of boosting its binding debt tangle (nama etc) the EU fiscal compact restrictions (grown out of the Stability and Growth pact or SGP) which through the EDP (excessive deficit procedure ) seeks to amend Keynesian deficit spending. However deficits have continued accruing since the measures (EU SGP & Fiscal compact) were taken, and it is obvious the problem is not "spending" on society but inflationary economics whether it is Keynesian or other. China and Russia are buying the west and backing their currency with Gold to devalue the west. The Bank of England is actually restrained in financial terms within the EU. Who knows what new and intricate financial products could be procured between all four entities USA, Ireland, EU and the city of London (and vice versa)

Obviously this debate is interesting for all EU states and it may spread contagion of EU reform and more democracy across all its bodies, without which the exits will grow. Free trade without deficits which also effect surplus labour  (wages) and self-employed, (sme's) large business and corporations profits constraining employer and employee alike. Excessive regulation also benefits very large corporations who use the laws to edge out emerging competitors and so it is not just a public problem of bureaucracy but also a private problem. The result in both cases leads to monopoly (as a natural consequence of growth but also bureaucracy) which then suffers long term infrastructure lack of investment, due to bad planning and also to management decisions to move from production into the stock market  (solely) for profits. Manufacturing and making things to export is shut out of a nation and it then falls into decay. Its debts are preyed upon by "competitors". In the West the build-up pf debt is accelerated by economists who are working for those competitors but are politely called opposing ideological economic theories. Germany's corporations are majority home grown without the need to import others, and which still export globally.

The massive recession and financial downturn has provoked furious debate and many are still baffled by the last 10 years. Suggestions to the effect EU economies have been purposely ruined over the last 15 years (including in Ireland, Spain, Greece and Portugal ) make sense when you look back over the decisions during that period. People have witnessed it  on a daily basis, it is ironic of course that Germany was once so devastated that it had to act quickly in 1945 – 1948 and into the 1950's.

What happened ? and how did the Germany free themselves from the neurotic austerity bureaucrats.

Economies from the ashes to economic miracle

Brexit the Movie at 25 minutes and 30 seconds tells the story of Ludwig Erhard from Bavaria but who stood for election in Baden Wuttenburg (Swabia) Germany was destroyed in 1945 yet this man (who remains popular in Germany and Britain) turned Germany's economy around.

The saying that the EU is a Political creation not an economic  one was in Erhards view upside down. Immediately after the war Germany was reliant on US Marshall aid . The Dueschte Mark was introduced in July 1948, but a full year before this from June 1947, Ludwig Erhard introduced "The Homburg plan" from his office of the " Special Office for Money and Credit" or Sonderstelle Geld und Kredit. They believed that introducing price stability and controlling (eliminating) inflation then adding free market economics but in a social market economy would produce an economic miracle (Wirtschaftswunder)  which is exactly what occurred. This idea of non-inflationary credit had to be in place before the Dueschte Mark was released into circulation. (non-inflationary does not mean low growth very high growth can be achieved as he proved)

He initially removed the price fixing and production controls the allies and the army had employed and introduced price stability and zero inflation by offering prices to competition. This seems the opposite of growth but in fact growth was spectacular. In effect you could (but) create an internal credit supply and a global economy which was protected not by socialism and bureaucracy but by the social market economy locally in competition as localism. The big government and small government argument is not applicable or required. It the economy collapsed it could easily be bootstrapped again to set it going again. Over the past 60 or 65 years the doctrine he undertook has become more bueauracratic and socialised than its original founder Ludwig Erhard envisioned. Erhard was against restrictive bueauracratic authoritarian control and communism and socialism, but also recognised (as the 2008 sub – prime collapse shows see chapter 1 and 2 above)that society has needs. Good wages ensure the economy stands well at its base as one example.  

His economy in 1945 like many in the world since 2008 was beginning again and its lack of baggage meant it could perform as it did. However it is possible that economies could do this today just as easily. It is certainly better than quantitative easing and austerity (in effect 2 streams of purpose of currency supply from the one source) which need each other to check excessive inflation. (which included medium to high wages and low local prices)

Jersey and Channel Islands (small Island separate nation in the sea) 

Chapter 2 on the adjacent website  and the Banking reform 1 asked City and rural banks and business what type of loan they would like. Naturally the answers would lead to an anti-inflationary solution. Many businesses admitted they were under extreme pressure or they were stuck. One of the participants (on page 114 ) the Channel Islands and Jersey state treasury departments, outlined how they financed certain construction projects. Paying the amount down was paramount for them in 1 or 2 years. Known as the loan sanction, the loans could carry 0% interest (building without borrowing) or 1 %  - 4% etc.  Other countries have adopted a similar attitude but kept the amount outstanding (it was borrowed from themselves) as a debt against the asset they  have just produced. This amount outstanding could last more than a year or up to 10, but it did not force taxation in that period. This could go on for many buildings and the longer it did with the buildings value rising, the realised assets could be sold (even as a public trust or leased or rented out ) and make a profit above the initial capital outlay. In this example they built a school and simply paid it down. Pupils could sit within it and study how its construction was financed which is quite an achievement.

These solutions were considered outside of the PFI or PPP market, but could have worked alongside them to ease a nation's burden.  The whole exercise was designed to then ask the next question(s) in financial / construction development. Of which there are many. Without currency reform (as Ludwig Erhard also recognised above) you could not grow with continual inflationary stops and starts and without currency adjustments from the outset or the very beginning  and still make the "economic miracle (Wirtschaftswunder)" It is the same in every country and nation including the current EU which has wasted €100 Billion Euro whilst people soldier on in Austerity. (see post above dated  12.04.2016) 

Some bankers who had not considered these ideas thought they were from another planet. One even suggesting he would borrow the cash and emigrate to the Kayman Islands or similar. (see page 145) Yet the money would only be paid in 10 instalments or so and signed off when very high design and energy  construction standards were met at each stage (and a full project completed) Jersey and the Channel Islands could have instructed him (on page 145) further. It simply was not banking culture to consider such ideas (which as in Jersey, work in Unison as a currency and construction and banking model alongside Sterling or totally immersed in Sterling. Exactly like the Irish "parallel punt" idea. Ludwig Erhard in Germany spent Billions in this way)

To be fair to Tolent (on page 145) Jersey and the Channel Islands (who suffered in WW2 as did Britain and Europe and Germany also) they are not part of the UK, but are Crown dependencies and they have more room to think than the Herd of the City of London. (Although if you read the document many bankers and investors realised the benefits for social needs, more so than the left wing pundits who were pushing PPP and PFI only ? ) The Islands are French - Norman in origin and have independence from the mainland and France. As British Citizens they are also EU citizens,  but they are an Offshore financial center with their own currency  and coinage which exist  alongside (like the Irish parallel punt idea) Sterling. Therefore they have the best of all worlds but can make their own rules without interference (and are in effect half in and half out of the EU) The German finance minister Schuable says Brexit would mean single market exit but that is not true, and it is not economically true (only politically) that single market access means allowing 100,000's of Islamic Jihadists to war on Britain or the EU because Hillary Clinton and Obama and Angela Merkel have decided it is a policy in which 80 % of immigrants are not Syrian or refugees. It is also not true, in or for any EU country including Germany. It is not an economic law which somehow states the EU's borders, Germany's borders are defenseless. This is the real cause of war.The countries should be secured as Britain's also from this illegal immigration / invasion which has continued for decades but increased from the mid 1960's out of line with countries in the world. The Brexit vote is 23.06.2016 (the Longest day & Solstice) and D,DAY was 6.6.1944. D'DAY today ( independence day ) should be into Turkey and the Middle East not the other way around.

Further (and see chapter 3 from the beginning in this website) if you tried to introduce these ideas(which amount  to sensible, expansive and harmless reforms) into "mainstream" economics of left and right then you could find yourself in a war zone.

To understand more and in brief go to the adjacent website and the introduction and under the heading Community Interest Companies read Dr Mathias Kroll & Nobel prise economist Irving Fisher (all within a few paragraphs of each other)

Reform of the EU or Brexit

However considering Jersey as a microcosm of Britain many Global companies relocate to Jersey and/or avail of its banking laws and attitudes. It is impossible to say that all companies prefer the EU or if they prefer to be just outside the EU, or free from its laws, it is different horses for different courses. However 300 companies want to vote Brexit (see post dated 17.05.2016 above) as do Unilever. And some fund managers (Neil Woodford)

Reform of the EU is either closer fiscal integration or looser control (the latter reflects the membership structure, of full and part time members)

The Jersey and Channel Islands example also shows how ludicrous the idea is that a Brexit would mean British people leaving their Spanish homes/investment in real estate. The recycled petro – dollar system lets Spanish people invest  in British property also and people anywhere can buy property anywhere (except in places like Mexico until citizenship is awarded) However investing in property trades or stock market investment means properties can be obtained anywhere in reality. These are normal everyday immigration and emigration deals with jobs lined up before leaving with proof of means etc. Within the EU trading zones as Brexit the animated movie relates there are not the same restrictions (i.e. the wider trading zones) when a Brexit is mooted. (creating full employment nationally is paramount  and the EU has around 80 - 90 million people unemployed. Something is seriously wrong)

What people do object to are the following ideas which are (if stated the other way around) Racist, Xenophobic and Bigoted. As mentioned diversity is not something, Russia, China, East Asia or the Gulf States want for themselves, it is only for others to adopt ? we already live on a multicultural planet, there is one only one race of humans which incredibly, logic has been lost in the debate, but there is only way side of the world which  must  abide by these laws ?

It is extraordinary that the call for Turkey to join the EU with open borders of 77 million is taken seriously. Britain has 9 Muslim mayors but Saudi has no European Mayors  ? Turkey has threatened Israel  (with invasion) and the west. Yet heading south to Mecca and the vast expanse of paradise before joining Allah and his messenger in paradise is not considered. Many Jewish and Christian peoples are making Aliyah to Israel and to live and remain but where are the millions of Muslims striving to reach Mecca and live there permanently?

As various archaeological sites are destroyed by Isis in the middle east  (as a means of disconnecting the population from its ancient culture) Ancient Celtic sites are under threat also (see later further down and also in chapter 1 down to 5 on this page ) All faiths are under threat (see also chapter 1 through 5 above and below)

Labour leader  Jeremy Corbyn was once for leaving the EU is now for it ? and has been accused of Hypocrisy by Labour Eurosceptics. David Cameron has said that a Brexit could cause world war 3, but that it could also cause a year long recession ? Surely a war economy creates employment and manufacturing and not a recession ? Many believe we are already in the beginnings of world war 3 anyway. What David Cameron is really trying to say is summarised as follows.  "The Turks are ridiculing the west and blatantly denying the Christian Holocaust of Armenia which Germany has recognised, they are also refusing to give up their terrorism laws and they have threatened to invade Israel. Therefore lets invade Turkey from the north and the south and liberate them from Islamic fear control, and after a decade of occupation offer them associate membership without Visas, during which time the real Jihadists and those who want a new life can emigrate to Mecca instead"

Christians slaughtered in front of the entire world are not even news in Mecca.

It is incredible that Europe and the EU zones, Scandinavia and Balkans etc have put up with this for so long and have been deluded or tricked into social theories of war by invasion over many decades. (the destruction of the European and Celtic tribes is a political doctrine and some would say a spiritual one)

Cultural Marxism  video entitled "what is critical theory" & version which is 7 minutes 36 seconds long, (or here by Breibart )  

 (used for Brevity many times on the page)

Oxford Universities explanation of the World Jihad  

Is there a connection to the theories of millions of migrants called integration? and war Jihad.

It is for people to decide on a Brexit not media spin. France may Frexit also which should be blamed on the policies of the EU. The EU needs to reform its structures and economics and the west needs to make those reforms happen (from inside the west, see the beginning of this essay) Its debt question (against Russia and China stockpiling Gold is very serious. Not only as the incredible debt levels never seen in history  continue, the West is also selling its future children into Slavery especially under Sharia law or no law)

Norway has created a pension fund which is stable and very lucrative  North Sea Oil is above and below the Scottish border and is not running out, and Shell operates worldwide, Ireland is also looking to increase its share of oil and gas in the Atlantic.

Unless the EU reforms (with elections at every level and a Swizz type referendum system) then exits are going to continue.


(20.06.2016) The EU Brexit debate has continued with fear being the main driver of opinion. Michael Gove andformer HSBC bankers state the Britain will not go into recession if a Brexit occurs. This contradicts other opinions along the campaign (see four paragraphs up which begins "labour leader" ) The Bank of England has a contingency plan for Brexit.  

A third option (negotiation was / is possible admits French finance minister... but not now ? ) 

However a significant admission by the French Minister of the Economy, Finances and Industry Emmanuel Macron on the18/June / 2016 (as follows) " "If the UK wants a treaty of commercial access to the European market, the British will have to contribute to the European budget like the Norwegians or the Swiss. If London doesn't want that, then the exit will have to be total," Mr Macron said."  This contradicts Wolfgang Schuable (near the very beginning of this post and heading dated 15.06.2016 ) and his view as follows; 

The reason in part is put forward by Wolfgang Schauble (10.06.2016) and it essentially says Britain cannot have the same deal.  That is not a decision he can make alone and it would affect the contract Norway and Finland enjoy,  if an argument was made. Further there are also associate memberships and a two tier structure with a secondary membership status" 

This is the kind of deal that Britain thought it was getting into in the 1970's and 1980's. It actually reflects what "the people" expected. This could have been the 3rd option on the ballot paper ? It also reflects the growing concerns of the EU as a whole and many in the EU feel it is what they (with variations ) had signed up for as they joined, concerns also shared by Switzerland and Lichtenstein i.e. prosperity and control of the borders. German economists are brilliant and some share the same view as Britain (which begs the question why people like Ludwig Erhard allowed to influence the Bundesbank more ! ? see heading above "Economies from the ashes to economic miracle") but the mess the EU is in is not just political its economics have gone awry. Emmanuel Marcon( France may also Frexit) however says Britain would become like Guernsey ? but as we have read above Guernsey and the Channel Islands have done very well out of insular prudent investments (see heading above on Jersey and the Channel Islands) which are Global and local. However France also has lands abroad and Brexit the animated movie points out that Britain has a commonwealth.

Without the 3rd question on the ballot Britain would have to leave and then enter again (if it chose) to take up this Norway style deal, which should have been offered in this referendum and also years ago. And if politicians say that is impossible they are wrong, as of course Denmark (which may Drexit) has a deal tailored to its exports and economy (as Brexit the Movie points out, but see heading above "Bullocks fish and mums above " ) This is what every European actually wants including Ireland. Greece which has had both right wing and left wing governments over the austerity decade suffers the same problems. The Greeks like Zorba have sent an open letter to Britain   r.e. Brexit (and you can read about Greece's long and difficult experiences in chapter 2 on the adjacent website in which it has now took Nato's view on long term development which will remain whether it leaves or remains in the EU) (a tailored deal would also benefit dairy and beef farmers in Ireland or the UK)

The tragic story of Joe Cox has dominated headlines over the last few days. The media have in effect placed the blame on the "Brexit campaign" or the right. However the "left" and the left Brexit (socialist brexiters) campaigners are not being blamed ? (i.e. Labour leave and others ) Britain first have refuted all allegations in the following video i.e Jayda Fransen and explanation  Obviously this raises serious questions on the reporting of the tragedy in which Joe Cox went outside to break up a fight which had already started between two men ( this was not mentioned in the news reports)

The continued reporting of what is not or should be in TTIP matches a less well reported matter. What is not reported upon as often is the creeping Sharia law which seeks to eradicate all other laws. In 2008 Sharia law was deemed incompatible with Human rights. further challenges In 2014 and ruling were made at EU level . One area it is targeting is Scandinavia and Denmark and Sweden . Another in huge quantities is Brussels and Belgium (EU HQ) It is essentially a Cult and it is inhuman in its rights. To get an idea what it looks like in practice see the following  video on the streets. The video features Anjam Choudhury who was later arrested for Terrorism and his trail ongoing will resume on 27.06.2016  There is no 'Diversity' in Islam and its legal system is constantly trying to usurp national law in every country. (says  Racial equality Chief officer Trevor Philips) Common law such as common law as exist in the deemings (King Alfred laws will be eradicated) as any nations common laws. It also does not advocate Marx, Trotsky or Lenin. You cannot become a British Muslim nation unless you eradicate those laws.(in France it happens (as one example)  slowly like this. or see " Courageous French woman on the Muslims Islam" video which is why Sharia law should be banned in Europe completely. These are just some of those laws

There are no migrant camps waiting to get into Saudi Arabia or any Gulf state ? as Saud is an apartheid state which seeks to duplicate itself onto others. It  has 1 Million slaves. Seeking out  the new mayor roles in the EU ( the mayor roles and influence are  going to be expanded as part of the sustainable development drive in which 70 % of the world's population will live by 2050 in Cities, it is predicted) In order to help change those national laws Wahhabism as Islam from Saud is the reason why Britain has 9 Muslim mayors and Saud has none. Muslim countries now state ? they will not take 'Syrian' refugees because of the risk of terrorism.

Sharia law creep is outlined in this documentary . Its inhuman rights include rape victims who are then divorced for adultery (see also post  above dated 12.04.2016 and its first green paragraph which begins "There is a view amongst men" and which outlines woman rights in Sharia) Essentially you have no rights (The rest of Islam's Jihad can be read from the beginning of this chapter) and those in the EU who have sought to bring Muslims into Europe want the Human rights legislation to change to Sharia law. Turkey violently protested Germany's decision to recognise the Armenian Genocide and still threatens the German parliament?. Punitive laws which seem to be aimed at Britain will only get worse, without the called for reform. Eradication of western culture (and which includes Britain) is the stated aim.

All of this whilst the Parliament will not fully commit as to whether there has been a Christian Genocide in the Middle East. 

A part of the wider Obama plan for Europe (aside from the Sharia law and slavery) is his version of the TTIP trade deal. This influence (for instance) has seen austerity championed by George Osbourne in March / April 2016 as part of the EU wide "economic plan" and British budget which he sees as the future EU " remain" deal. ? The French are also rejecting the Sharia law austerity TTIP deal ( as is Scotland ) which of course needs more migrants for cheap labour.  

Elizabeth Hurley  ( or here)  pointed out that at least  Jeremy Corbyn admits EU laws currently means unlimited  immigration which is economically unsustainable in any country. Boadicea would also not say any less. The media and polls trolling which seeks to pre-determine a result with voting fraud as occurred in the London Mayor election and which also occurred  in Germany  as admitted by top EU journalist with access to the EU parliament and Wolfgang Schuable, and who voted twice, which shows the passport fraud epidemic  2013 and on into  2016  This is without migrant trafficking fraud where 2/3 of migrants had been trafficked with false papers. 

It is ironic currently in Russia which is facing sanctions and has banned imports has now achieved record production in food and industry for its own use, and the excess for export.  worldwide in its free trade areas, any country can achieve this and reduce its debt and balance of payments. Russia is also exporting to China and they   ( as mentioned above) are hoarding Gold whilst the West and the EU runs up Debts which can never be paid back in a growing pension crisis which is the real crisis in the market not the Brexit? (also search Estelle James and EU pension crisis) The EU is not changing direction or reforming its policies ? Of one of the most important decisions Britain makes in its history (in which it will remain in the Council of Europe with France, Germany and Norway as differing examples) the misinformation has been staggering.  

(21.06.2016) The admission by Emmanuel Marcon the French finance minister to the effect Britain could have a Norway type deal is of course (and something  which could change Europe throughout) linked to the following (see above near date 20.06.2016)

Norway has created a pension fund which is stable and very lucrative  North Sea Oil is above and below the Scottish border and is not running out, and Shell operates worldwide, Ireland is also looking to increase its share of oil and gas in the Atlantic" This produces a stable pension future which currently with Tata steel / British Steel and its pensions are going to be cut also paving the way for other pensions to be cut across the board (is the stockmarket going to adjust them ? it is too late for existing pensions)

As predicted (uncannily many weeks ago ? ) both the markets and the polls swing towards the remain side. As Emmanuel Marcon points out Britain could become like Guernsey ? but the stockmarket rose many times for Jersey including now, and it is rising in Norway and New York and Asia.... (outside of the EU) It is incredible that  not only the polls (and voting slip irregularities) and the markets rose in tandom with the oncoming vote (as many strange events over the last two weeks ? including the hardly mentioned sentencing of 13 Muslim men to 150 years Gaol in Halifax on the 16.06.2016 for rape of a schoolgirl & other offences. A muslim pedophile gang) 

As the stock market soars Austerity increases ? and pensions (British Steel included slide away) and ithe stockmarket will rise and fall before and after a Brexit just the same. 

This stockmarket trading spree (selling and buying panic ) has been sold as just a rise on the remain vote poll, but any short term fall on a Brexit would begin the next rise a week later. The actual economics show that trading parity would be reached again (and not just trading in the EU as Brexit the animated movie relates but worldwide as the EU has adopted an enclosed inefficient market) report  by Capital economics and Woodford funds. which matches the conclusions by "economists for Brexit"  The economic fear mongering of a Brexit is not reality for workers or for small business. 

This would bring an end to Austerity also (and control flooding illegal immigration without which the 70 million unemployed in the EU will continue to rise) 

Switzerland style advice
from an expert (on Brexit) 

300 companies of the thousands who see (not short term panic / gain but long term prosperity) 

John Cleese backs a Brexit 


(22.06.2016) Over the last few months Pat Condell has suggested amongst other things that the EU is not about trade but power , and it is not a United States of America but a Soviet Union which is killing trade. People want real trade, work and jobs. Those that cannot get 98 % employment in the EU should resign. He adds; Stating that this is protecting our children's future is of course only true for a small group of people not the other 65 million people who live in Britain. People who say they are  protecting the future are not talking about the other 65 million. Arguments continue but Pat Condell has now been proved correct as there is not Veto on immigration and David Cameron has now admitted that 330,000 people entered (after those that left) Britain last year and not the 100,000 or 10,000 who are not subject to a Swiss style analysis or emigration check by 90% in any case. 

In other words Britain is scheduled to be "changed" or removed as country as it is now known. Boris Johnson explains the EU is not the EU we think it is now and it has been hijacked from the origins once collectively supported. Boris also points out that David Cameron did not negotiate a reform as the BBC article above ( or here ) proves and Boris said this in May 2016, which was denied by (at 8 minutes and 30 seconds)  David Cameron. Yet he promised if there was no reform then he (David Cameron) would campaign to leave the EU ?. Boris at 5 minutes 43 seconds  points out Britain is adding a population the size of Newcastle every year. 

Therefore on this brief information (on the 2 blue paragraphs above) the Leave campaign is correct and truthful and the Remain are deceiving people. For people who wanted reform and to see the EU work it is outrageous to deceive people in this manner in any country. (Its like taking George Soros advice when he bankrupted the pound many years ago )

Having seen the various memberships other s have, it transpires that actually Britain can now Brexit (and is acceptable to David Cameron and remain ? 6.6.2016 ) and have a membership Norway enjoys ( into the single market) This could have been the 3rd question on the ballot. This protects from immigration excess and keeps national control. This means however that much of the campaign over the last 6 months has been a complete waste of time and money ? In other words vote Brexit and stay in the single market in a new deal. Also a brexit does not mean a brexit from European football ? its actually what most EU countries want. This is a correct step to protecting your children's future.

This Norway type membership shows that open borders and mass immigration were planned from the beginning of the EEC (1970 - 1980) EU and not as a natural consequence of the common market, as the current membership type is not really necessary if you just want to trade within the common market (hence it is an issue today)

Further it will not cause any reverse investment or interfere with the market and business will prosper after a Brexit (so say people who work in this area and not just politicians with bias)

And Britain which is still in the Council of Europe regardless (and this is not explained by the remain camp, as it means Britain still sits within world trading blocks not outside i.e G8 or G20 with or without Brexit ) also trades within the Commonwealth.

The Jersey and the Chanel Islands examples above (and France and the French finance ministry is laden with debt) and ideas like them also bring debt to GDP ratios under control and reduce them. Collectively throughout Europe or the West this is vital to protect against collapse or takeover. These type of financial measures instruments do not interfere with the market or stockmarket (many argue they prevent problems such as subprime volatility) in worldwide international trade.

The Queen (Queen Elizabeth 2nd) has let it be known she did not say she did not now or before back a Brexit,... but has backed a Brexit. it is believed.

Aside from the polls and its manipulation, officials have also been silenced and you would have to resign to tell the truth  i.e. John Longworth from the British chamber of Commerce


( 23.06.2016 ) An Elected EU Commission ?  Voting begins on the EU referendum with the main debate consisting of which party has spoken correctly on the issues. (see above from 15.05.2016 and before) The EU Commission is an issue which people have not covered in any great depth. Within the EU, the 28 people on the commission are un- elected yet they make the laws of each nation in the EU which can only be amended and not rejected (this does not mean they are bad but taxation and representation permission usually means elected people to office) The Spectator has kept records since 1973 which shows 58 % of British laws are now made by these 28 people (and for all EU nations)  

This area is the area reformers also want to change or leave i.e. an Elected EU Commission ( Spectator Facts not Fear   Video )


Nations which cite their Sovereignty must be listened to.



British EU Referendum 24.06.2016

The Leave vote wins the referendum to leave the EU (which is 22 miles away and Britain is still in the Council of Europe)



Three weeks after the leave vote, people in Britain are still feeling a sense of Euphoria and freedom as if almost the land has been renewed and brought back to life.  Questions are been asked regarding the future and what does it mean to live in an Independent England.

Firstly Britain has the right to trade with any market or country including the EU single market and still control its borders without free movement of people and labour. This is what all countries within the EU actually want. The EU has to be reformed quickly and drastically. The two principles of 1. trade and trade deals and 2. protecting your borders from immigration are not joined at the hip like Siamese twins in an unwritten law.

Many people instantly forget that Briton is still a member of the "Council of Europe"  and people can still travel to the EU and eat croissants. Many young people became concerned about such issues and there are divisions in Britain and upsets which require diplomacy and tact to heal. The misinformation is caustic on both sides of the debate, but the Brexit vote turned all political views upside down (such as the Anarchists supporting remain when they once wanted to leave the EU ?) The online petition of 3 million people stating (after Brexit) they wished to remain in the EU contained 77,000 false signatures. Many remain proponents had even screamed at people stating that they were "autistic" or deranged, yet the behaviour, short sightedness and lack of insight many of the remain camp displayed and continue to display is an insult to autistic people and an insult to children (remember children read as well)  whose future they jeopardised.

David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage may un-resign (the vote was on the EU not the individual party leaderships) or is there another political party coming forth from out of malaise (across left and right)

The new party in formation may resist the EEA (the Norway type deal  within the EEA) for Britain, which would first require invoking article 50 of the Lisbon treaty (which has not been broached ay yet) to leave and then re-joining the EEA, but this may then require a new referendum to join it. Some suggest they may not invoke article 50 and go straight to EEA but that would also require a referendum. Article 50 can be initiated by Royal prerogative and for parliament to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act. The free movement of people and zero immigration being central to any future scenario, and one which may spark a new general election or more resignations or worse. Exporting into the EU is easier if you are outside of the EU in reality.

Immigration into any EU country is not required and you can export into the Single market (also) without it.

Norway deported 70,000 Muslims  resident illegally in 2015 / 2016 who had committed rapes and violence across the land. Theresa May is announced as the new Prime minster on 13.7.2016.

The Norway type deal would of course require a complete re-organisation of the British economy to include the Norwegian oil deal or equivalent which safeguards pensions and delivers a fund for all Norwegians which is real planning and thought combined for a family based society working as one.

An issue which was not raised much in the months of debate and which shows that the establishment were also divided on the remain / leave question. The idea that Goldman Sachs or other global institutions would be overly worried by Brexit is nonsense. Two weeks after Brexit the City of London and the German Frankfurt stock exchange  or here  (Deutsche Borse) announced a merger and of course it will be merged before the full Brexit and after and does not require an open borders or immigration agreement other than common sense and perhaps a system which Mexico and Switzerland employ. The New York stock exchange (NYSE) merged with Deutsche Borse in Feb / March 2016.

A quote from the last link is as follows; " Following the EU referendum they said the result "does not impact the compelling strategic rationale of the merger" In other words the merger (some transactions would take a different course) does not depend on the Brexit result nor does it depend on an immigration policy (which could be zero immigration except for required applicants). Trade of goods does not mean every border has to be open. Economic laws (in any country on earth) Jean Claude Juncker and likeminded have encouraged the reckless abandonment of EU security in every country in Europe. Trade is stifled by current EU rules but immigration is not. Jean Claude Juncker admits China is winning the trade war and is affecting EU trade yet it is not in the EU ? (by dumping its excess as a way round trade rules, single market, TTIP or another other name or type) Therefore access to any market does not require an immigration contract upon it. These laws are relevant to every nation on earth and every continent.

Denmark. Holland, France, Italy  Finland, Slovakia and Germany have requested a referendum and it is spreading to all other EU states.

With the merger of City of London and Frankfurt stock exchanges the question remains (although Wolfgang Schaeuble the German finance minister says it does not matter) which centre would be the capital of the two financial entities?

Why these two financial centres should merge two weeks after Brexit is another question which people should ask. (see also towards the end of this post)

Obama and Hillary Clinton lost the wars ?

Since the Brexit vote on 23.06.2016, Lord Prescott has said with others that the war in Iraq was illegal. It is still ongoing. It was of course first bombed by Bill Clinton partially and without aim in 1998. Iraq and its oil rights was bought by the west (legally) in 1899 and it was named (eventually the kingdom of Iraq) following the collapse of the Ottoman empire. This chapter (above) describes the 10 million who demonstrated against the war in 2003 and 2004. Since then, there are no demonstrations by Muslims against the Christian genocide in Iraq and the wider Middle East, and since that genocide occurred under Obama and Hillary Clinton and who are responsible for it the news on the ongoing genocide has almost disappeared from the news compared to 2 months ago ?

Since Brexit 3 weeks ago, 41 people were killed in Turkey in the airport and 230 were hurt, killed by Muslims. (29.06.2016) The EU wanted to admit 77 million Turks without visas, yet two days ago France closed its diplomatic doors in Turkey over security concerns. 20 people were killed in Dhaka in a restaurant on July 1st  and on July 5th 200 people + were killed in Baghdad and on the 12.07.2016 11 more people were killed in Iraq with 7 more today 13.07.2016.

If 1000 Muslims were killed in this manner randomly in France the press would never stop reporting it. Acknowledging the Christian genocide has taken 5 years under the Obama / Clinton administration.

Many stories do not surface like the 50 Christians decapitated in Serbia by Bosnian Muslims but which are surfacing now. Not considered news worthy this continues today with (since 23.06.2016) a Christian woman killed in Uganda for refusing Moslems to build a mosque on her property. On 23.06.2016 a Christian woman was killed in front of her husband by Muslims. On the 30.06.2016 a Coptic priest is shot in Egypt. On the 5.7.2016 9 Christians were killed in the Congo by Muslims. This follows numerous attacks on Israel including a 13 year old girl (Hallel Yaffe Ariel) who was killed in her bedroom by Palestinians.

Iraq  & Afghanistan

The real analysis of the Middle East is put forward by William Engdhal but also by Rory Swift in the documentary "Afghanistan the great game"  in which it is pointed out getting into Afghanistan (or Iraq ) is easy but getting out or staying is not. Winning the area is more than a military strategy and of course the Wests history is connected to the area (see chapter 5 below) for thousands of years.  Islam is also analysed in the French films "Jean de Florette" and "Manon des sources" (slowly into the second film r.e. North Africa) which points out that some selfish or unspiritual people will not fare well in a war with Islam (i.e. those who are unable to lead people into a war but nevertheless do so) albeit it is a false faith in which Mohammad did not fly to Jerusalem on a beast with wings which Islam alleges (etc) Islam is not indigenous to the  middle east  or Afghanistan but only the Gulf States. 

The film "the Battle of Algiers"  (which you can also find with subtitles within the vid) shows how a war is won, and also points out that Islam is not indigenous to Algiers as it was a Roman Christian state before it was Islamic.

North Africa and Algiers is also where the modern Islamic experiment  began induced by the Muslim Brotherhood and Syed qutb in which Marxism mixed with Islamic teachings (including Kaaba meditation) induced the Muslim to believe that only they alone (doctrinally) were the real Islam causing father to kill son and families to kill each other. A continuing never ending revolution into total chaos, societal breakdown and anarchy. Since Islam is void and without true spirituality, the spiraling revolution led to a void of violence. Exporting this is is the current plan. This is mentioned and discussed in the first 50 paras from the start of this Chapter 3, and in the documentary "The power of nightmares"

Colonel Mike A Smith gives an overview of the current US military situation. How did this situation come about.

Clearly the aim is to suggest America is not at war abroad or at home. Colonel Smith in contrast to the article by 'Salon' shows that is a fiction created in the media. Clinton's policies will (and you can read her Saul Alinsky thesis 2 paras below ) destroy the middle class. In effect the incomes of lower and middle class are lowered to slave labour in practice (as is the case in Venezuela ) and in Venezuela the working class are working for 12 cents an hour.

There is less confusion in France with has just closed 20 mosques (1.8.2016) which in Germany are filled with armaments and explosives and preach sharia domination.

The priest beheading in France is an act of war and it follows a Nigerian pastor (female) who was killed, beheaded and dismembered in early June 2016. (similar in 2014) The act was committed by the insane in Islam. Whilst the controversy in the last paragraph is complex (except if you read the Fatima in Portugal fraud in which Islam believes Fatima, Mohammed's daughter actually spoke through Mary to the Children of Fatima which is of course also complete nonsense) it was Pope Francis who sounded the Christian genocide committed by Islam in 2014 (when Hillary Clinton was still in office) and which was also sounded by the Knights Templar and Protestant churches.  This also follows the immigration debate, including the latest Khan Trump debate  in which real immigration crimes (USA Visa scandals 2015) have been committed linked to the (EU visa passport frauds) corruption and bribery as illegal immigration of people who want to kill Christians and who are not (by 80%) actually Syrian (see chapter 3 above) Mr Khans son was a serving US officer, yet illegal immigration is rife, and it has parallel the Christian genocide in which Hillary Clinton and Obama are funding the Christian genocide in 2013. This is aside from the attacks on US soil and Europe. There is no concern or press statement from Obama on the Christian genocide but he did take the time to make a denouncement of Donald Trump in the Khan matter. Obama is still denying  genocide in August 2016 and had denied the Armenian Genocide

Mr Khans son was a tragic loss yet the Obama and Clinton administration and its Muslim brotherhood administration dump cremated USA soldiers ashes in landfill area without concern This is against the backdrop of a Muslim US army officer who killed 13 army people and injured 30 at Fort Hood army base in 2009, and the Chattanooga attacks by Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez in the Summer of 2015 in which killed four marines and a sailor. Security issues are lost and Mr Khans father like Sayid Qutb is a Muslim brotherhood supporter who advances Sharia law. 

The landfill body disposal which began in 2008 continued up until 2013. Obama and Clinton do not care about them (John Kerry replacing Hillary Clinton, has made that statement in March 2016, but Obama has yet  to make a statement) or Mr Khans son or Christians in the Middle East (in which Syrians were left to die under Russian occupation whilst Iran is armed with nuclear weapons and the Ukraine is hovering between freedom and Clinton's and Obama's polices) Mr Khan supports the Muslim Brotherhood ? whose stated aim is to destroy the west  (and also by Sharia law as Britain's Muslims admit)

The Battle of Algiers (added 20.08.2016) was won by France yet  the power of nightmares documentary suggests there is no threat from Soviet Russia. Clearly this is now proven as error. Following the Russian advance into Syria (with WMD) and the Crimea with WMD and now Turkey and Iran with WMD, (long range missiles see posts above) the Chinese communist Russian alliance has also worked to control the Dollar to buy US debt, causing its exports  to flourish by currency manipulation and in owning  that debt dictate the Wests military plans (see next heading down TTIP & NAFTA & others ) This limits spending on the military, softens its intent (transgender gay Muslim toilets etc ) allows the Muslim brotherhood to run a war (unsuccessfully and pay Iran to arm your enemies ) when they are even classed as criminals now in Egypt where Syed Qutb began, as yet they have not converted to Christianity in Washington. Overall it reduces the military scope and machinery. You do not need a Phd from Berkeley, Yale Harvard or Columbia to know that is happening from the top down and has continued thanks to Obama and Clinton who are endangering  the security of the West. What the power of nightmares documentary discusses i.e. what the neo - conservatives and the followers of Leo Strauss  are discussing with soviets covertly employed in US military intelligence along with the Muslim brotherhood, is they are  subverting and destroying the USA from the inside and this is best understood in the film "No way Out" with Kevin Costner   ( or here  ) 

The Soviets tell you how they do it  (as many defectors also do )  as related in the last and following videos and/or links and in the paragraphs 2 above, and it is a Soviet  invention not  German alone by employing subversive social polices and theories which the Soviets themselves do not subscribe to in any way ( Cultural Marxism as class war fro example, yet and  but there is only one 'Human race' etc) and this matches the economic evidence. Unions who vote to protect Workers rights are seeing this anarchy and destruction in Venezuela today which can employ people for 12 cents and hour (and this matches Hillary Clinton's University thesis on Saul Alinsky which in practice destroys the working and middle class. Full tax hikes here) Hillary Clinton disagreed with Alinsky, as she says the USA could be (in her view) destroyed from the inside, but not for the greater good, or to build up but to ruin the country (see the adjacent website and chapter 4 and 5) The founding fathers of America tried to make a free economic system. Marxists also tried but have not satisfied true economic freedom and Hillary Clinton's takeover of the USA means the Muslim brotherhood, Sharia law (see next paras) and censorship. Sharia law courts  are being established in the USA now. Huma Abeddin, Hillary's aide works for Saudi which is apartheid and against womans rights. (the Muslim brotherhood who killed Malcolm X and who are killing African Christians across the continent)

These policies of course undermine the US constitution from the inside as Sharia law is laid down first before all other religions or views are banned or killed. Obama prays to Allah and effectively  bans ALL other religions in the Whitehouse and Hillary Clinton prays at a mosque with other democrats  whilst encouraging  the takeover of the USA with mass illegal migration in the Jihad. (hence illegals are mooted as being allowed to vote ? when Americans cannot vote in other countries ? This is why all people across class and ethnicity people in Britain voted to leave the EU and of course its a million miles from Saul Alinskys community aims. Islam is at war with the west and it  can brainwash a 12 year old in Turkey to blow up a wedding party and themselves with it. No nation or empire has ever perfected their economic system as yet, and on this page we have covered other alternatives such as the Shemittah, as biblical Debt Jubilees are a economic instrument of worth. They correct the economic cycles if applied. Modern economics are spiraling out of control as a method of modern warfare.

As you read further on you will note that China is buying USA debt ? why ? Russia will side with China against the West and Russia has invaded Syria and now China (23/08/2016) is making its presence known there. On 24.08.2016 Russian and China backed Turkish tanks roll into Syria (after Turkey bombed all sides in Syria including  the Kurds who want a separate nation of their own away from Turkey) Obama and Clinton have lost the war and there is still no worldwide anti war protest against Russia and China.

Of course Russia and China and Islam are at war with the West but getting the west to pay for it and export its armies west is the ingenious part. (including taxing the middle clash out of existence )The Battle of Algiers shows you can win against it without mass causalities. (Angela Merkel after the Germany invasion is now seeking a safe zone for immigrants, as Russia resets its relations with Turkey but  both have encouraged the invasion of the West 8.8.2016)

According to Obama and Clinton and Justin Truedeau Islam is not at war with the West, and Obama still refuses to acknowledge the Christian genocide in the middle east. Do they work for the west? of course not.

The illegality of the Iraq war in 2003 / 2004 must also be contrasted against the illegality of the Islamic occupation of the Middle East, North Africa, Africa and Asia and the Christian genocide. If the Iraq illegality is accepted then Islam should also retreat back to Saudi Arabia from where it has ( illegally by war and Jihad ) moved across the earth. The Muslim brotherhood is not a religion but a death cult.

Obama and Hillary Clinton (who have both proved they are criminals, In front of the FBI and the worlds public and amidst the Christian genocide overseen by them and the Muslim brotherhood on their staff), yet the prosecution by Loretta Lynch was supposedly prevented as the Clintons had threatened her if she had brought a prosecution ?. Have the Muslim brotherhood taken over the US Justice system also ?  (WikiLeaks has a different view again )

Obama and Clinton have tried to sell TTIP as a bulwark protection against China and Russian trade when in fact under NAFTA (see post above dated 07.06.2016) China has still managed to buy land in the USA and purchase Americas debt and its currency and import its people, when America should be exporting its manufactured goods to China, buying its debt and sending its people to work there. Greece in its  (unsolvable?) debt crisis has had to sell an Island to China.  NAFTA is (becoming) a tri-lateral trade agreement and the world Trade Organisation the USA is in,  is allowing this type of "protection" to exist. Britain is in (or was before Brexit) zone 2 of the future NAFTA 10 trade global areas.

Remember Obama and Hillary Clinton have lost every war since 2008, including the Arab uprising, Libya, Egypt, Syria, the on-going re-invasion of Iraq (which was first put forward by Bill Clinton and the UN) These war disasters are in effect  "owned" by the debt holders China who benefit from the continued partial success of the USA  in those areas. China whilst buying even more debt the wars run up allows its currency to drop in value below the dollar, improving and boosting its exports. It is incredible. Russia and China are taking control in Syria and the Middle East and killing people without protest. The EU integrationists who scream immigration should resign and go to live in Russia and China and the new Silk Road area and persuade them to take up their philosophy. The Gulag or in China the fate of the Fulan Gong awaits them. After every bomb they have screamed more immigration and even after Brexit they continue to clamour for even more immigration. It is trafficking and warfare not a world trade system.

TTIP & NAFTA & others

China began by buying USA debt massively for years, and is now dumping it, but it still owns $1.25 Trillion of US treasuries  down from $1.35 trillion in November 2013 (notes, iou's and bonds) And in dumping some and keeping  most it means it can keep its exports high as the dollar's value will be higher than the yuan but not too high. China is exporting into the USA and the manipulation of the currency (keeping it low but the price of money rises) helps keep its economy selling (the US is buying and not manufacturing for export) and this is allowed no matter if you have TTIP, NAFTA or any other trade deal  (in effect since 1993 the Clintons maintained that communist China would open its markets but  the reverse actually occurred over the 23 years since then ) . In other words China by buying the USA's debt artificially keeps its currency lower than the US which boosts its exports and in effect also buys the US. This is not natural and it is planned this way. It is manipulating its currency artificially.

TTIP also ends Mexico (which had to fight under NAFTA to keep its lands Mexican i.e. not privatised but this is never mentioned) and Canada as actual countries.

You will note that with all the economic collapse's the national debt does not collapse (in every country) Internally many holders (agencies) of the us debt (internally in the us) could exchange their treasury debt for cash, but they never do. When every country in the world exceeds 100% of GDP in debt, the system may become so absurd as to force a calamity. The world trade organisation in many areas has failed, leading to the new TTIP deal. It has advantages for the US and EU but not far enough or strong enough, and reform of the currency and debt manipulations eventually override any long term tariff and tax deal.

The west needs a stronger trade deal (TTIP, KORUS and CETA and the TTPA) New trade deals are underway globally. Hillary Clinton and Obama threatened to withdraw from these deals in 2008 when running for election as ! they were not strong enough ? Clinton and Obama threaten to withdraw from NAFTA in 2008 but this was a deal brokered by Bill Clinton in 1993 onwards? when jobs were outsourced to China. Obama and Clinton however advise Britain not to withdraw from the EU ? The evolution of Clintons trade deal change of opinions down the years) Both Obama and Clinton (Bill Clinton 1994) have not grappled with the real economy and they are not standing for election to do so.

It is believed that NAFTA and TTIP may extend the USA constitution over other lands but since the constitution is weakened and is not being applied in the USA (even) this replacement Patriot act version over the constitution instead becomes a blanket against the aims of the constitution of the USA and against Britain and against the EU by stealth and could allow (for example) the Chinese communist party laws or a watered down version (for now) to instead overtake the West. We are told that China and Russia are not engaged in warfare against the west ? but all economic indicators and facts suggest otherwise. It is not for your liberation.

The Economist explains some of the problems but does not address this question of the wests debt demise.

Real jobs in vast quantities have been lost in these deals and although jobs have been created overall they are poor in comparison with real skilled jobs which have been lost to a far higher degree. Russia and China (claim) state TTIP shuts them out but since China owns the USA under and in the NAFTA years (when debts have increased) then TTIP and TPP are not going to change the debt arrangements. These deals are better than stagnancy ( a pig in a poke) but are like poorer versions of what could be achieved. This is why Clinton and Obama have changed their views so often over so many years they do not have a real policy. As you can see from the two or three previous posts above the financial analysis on the closed EU structure is sending it downward into (50 % in some cases) high unemployment, debt and waste similar to how the USSR collapsed in 1991. 

TTIP to Obama and Clinton is not going to protect "the west" and as (as one example) it promotes Obamas / Clinton brand masters Monsanto and GM foods (which Russia and Germany have rejected. Germany and Russia are not natural allies)

To actually understand what Is happening in the world (from the food you eat, the ground its grown within, and the natural environment around you don't look to conspiracy theories, listen to what is actually happening and the timeframe these matters are openly  planned within. A central tenant of the world's planning system, called  the 'demographic transition'  (which communist  elite Leninist  eugenicists like Obama and Clinton subscribe to) as the overall social engineering package which is taught at some PhD levels but mainly to be learnt after years of work. A planned policy of UK and EU social engineering with emphasis on northern Europe population reduction over 20, to 50 years' time frames. 1. Methods of depopulation.   2 Phases of depopulation    (Chem trails in airplanes are a hoax, but population control and reduction are openly taught at university postgraduate level and higher)

Shocking as this is, it is not the sci – fi  "B movie" scenarios normally found in these matters. However it exists and some proponents actually believe the aims are for the survival of humanity. It is frowned upon in the UK and in the EU and the counter policies of clean food, soil and non-chemically controlled society (organic food and clean soil and water) makes more sense in this light.  Many "green parties" (who are eugenic fronts as opposed to genuine beneficial societal problem solving political parties) follow these views without actually achieving their publicised views. Britain in Brexit may have more control over its food output (export, import and national consumption) and the cities and farmers should unite on this issue. These population policies grow out of the lefts erroneous view of the Universe, which are in error and the world could easily sustain 20 or 40 billion people with thought and planning. The exact opposite view of their policy is to go forward and multiply or at least try your best. Micro managing populations into extinction or huge reduction is a eugenics policy brought forward by legislation which in many cases is never even read or analysed. Tribal survival and growth also encompasses economics and politics of course. GMO foods are one more method in this thinking. The current focus is to reduce and/or replace Europe's population.(which is another reason people want reform of it)

Britain rejected Obama and Clinton in Brexit, yet Obama and Christine Lagarde are saying that the British vote is not legal only advisory and they should be listened to, not the voters. Pro – democracy  and the people ? not at all, and this is something America should think through with Obama and Clinton. Imagine the one giant EU super-state with one large border all around the 700 million people. No border security at all is planned for such an entity. Internal trade and open borders means slavery under TTIP and the disintegration of the west planned and delivered.  All national countries would be phased out in one go. This is rejected by Brexit and warned about by Brexit supporters. This is anti – European, anti – north European and Britain and abandons Europe in favour of communist China ?

Britain, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Cornwall

July 1st marked the 100th year of the battle of the Somme. The first day of the Battle of the Somme resulted in  57,470 casualties and the battle lasted 141 days. The first day's casualties brought complete shock in Britain and it is estimated that 80% of those first days casualties did not need to occur. This is analysed in the documentary "The Great War, The Somme W1"   and explained completely. British, French, Irish, Welsh and Scots died in the battle and of course Belgium and Germans also in vast numbers. The documentary raises more questions than it answers. One man who was caught in the battle was J.R.R. Tolkien who wrote the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and who lamented the war describing how war had changed from foot soldiers and cavalry to machines and steel. His experiences of horror inspired his writings and he shared a dialogue with C.S.Lewis over this and many issues. Tolkien was a deep thinker and his shock at the enormous amount of casualties led to his deep opinions in the Lord of the Rings. Both wars including World War 2 have shaped relations with Europe in Britain.

Modern Israel grew out of World War 1 and Europeans fought in World War 1. Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany in 1899 visited Israel and was inspired by its future possibilities which will continue to grow (greater Israel)

Already (3 weeks after Brexit) the case for a federal union in the UK  (vocalised by Lord Salisbury and John Major etc) is brought forward and has been a solution awaiting the current day. It is pointed out that Ulster and Scotland voted to remain in the EU, (and both may have a referendum on remaining within the EU)  Lord Salisbury and John Major also state the House of Lords should be replaced, although the second chamber argument in Ireland (the senate) was something Ireland wished to retain. The federal union may not be enough for nationalists who point out that their sovereignty is also an issue in referendum like Britain's is. The question of sovereignty of Gibraltar and the line of Mary Queen of Scots in Scotland and the shared monarchy debate (Scotland Monarchy and Britain Monarchy is also raised) although the previous Scottish referendum on independence voted to remain in the UK and may do exactly the same again given the opportunity.

The issue of the EU (leave or remain) was not within the Scottish referendum vote in 2015. The labour party in such a vote may ask people to vote (in Scotland) to leave the EU having just asked the UK to remain in the EU in a further Scottish referendum. This is why a new party or continued conservative / snp is likely to be the party choices for some time. Whichever scenario unfolds immigration was and is the most important issue, as nationalism wants a recognized country whatever its status. Nicola Sturgeon following meetings with (on other issues) Teresa May the New Prime minister has said it is possible for Scotland to be in the Union of the UK but with Scotland in the EU and Britain outside of the EU. (i.e. keeping the Union but Scotland in the EU with Britain outside) The SNP have also suggested a new currency for an independent Scotland to replace the pound (17 - 19 / 7 /2016 ) This has implications in Europe as many regions may want too break away from the rest of a single country and out of the EU or one region may want in and the rest of the country may be out (regions in effect breaking away not the whole country from the EU)  It could also mean that Ulster could stay out of the EU with the Republic in the EU (in a United Ireland) by the same reasoning. The effect on EU countries is however deepening with 8 EU countries now wanting referendums on EU membership or to leave. 

Most of the scenarios are familiar to everyone and it is complicated as (also) Britain and England share the same land space incorporating two different names. Much of this page traces the ancient history and tribes of Europe and Northern Europe and you can follow them as you read down this page.

Scotland may also choose to go into the EEA yet it feels it has a separate history. As you read down in this chapter you will read of the virtues of King Alfred an incredible individual. 100 years after him and near the time of 1066 when the Normans were victorious over the Saxons in England at Hastings, a Scottish King Macbeth also lived. His life is made famous in the Shakespeare play "Macbeth" which seems to also have more authors (more than 1) than the other sublime Shakespeare plays which are masterpieces of storytelling. Macbeth was in fact a good king, loved by his subjects (but not a saint) and who reigned nearly 17 years (over 20 years before that as a Lord and both lengths of service are feats of achievement in those days when Kings may only last 3 - 7 years) and in fact Duncan was the real villain of the story. It was propaganda and is historically untrue, but these issues are not corrected over many centuries and become the story. A distinction in relations between the Normans (originally Norwegian from Norway. Norse or Normans as Northmen) who regarded Britain as a colony and the Saxons who organised a land. Later Kings including Norman kings copied Alfred's system as it was admired by them and superior. History has maligned Macbeth and is untrue. The same is true of King Alfred and his daughter, grandson and brothers. His daughter is often left out of history and spurious versions of his life have been suggested. They were in fact far sighted and they admired "Wisdom".

Therefore what is England? And just considering England

Since the days of King Alfred who really laid the foundations for England and the Magna Carta the older debate on the working class, the peasants, politics and economics is a story which has not changed from ancient days until today. The world today is caught  between the two polarizing views of Marxist  socialism and capitalism yet for most of history these were not the only respected views. The cure for this problem is suggested in the paragraphs below as one solution, but one which is tried and tested although seldom considered today. The paragraphs below also mix history, politics and economics (and examines some areas of economics which have been neglected important for national development and prosperity) and makes them contemporary subjects relevant for today (and also includes a Global view)

England would not exist without King Alfred of the Angels Saxons, but whose first title was Alfred King of the Britons. As mentioned on this website he is the only King in Britain who was given that title "the Great".

The Saxons were first a northern Germany tribe who were not quite "Germanic" but were German as far as we understand the term for Deutschland today which was made up of many Kingdoms . Britain today has 1/3 Anglo Saxon DNA. (with 2/3 Celts) By the time the Roman armies had withdrawn from Britain, the Saxons were first hired as an army protection for the Britons. They resided on Thanet Island off the Kent coast later the home of invading Vikings. Anglo Saxons and Danes formed a Heptarchy (7) of Kingdoms adjoining the western Celtic lands. Which lasted from (roughly) 500 ad to 1066 when Harold the Norman / French King was crowned at Westminster abbey (a summary is given here

Within the earliest days of the Anglo Saxons (angles land = England with the Jutes) many converted to Christianity. Only King Canute (King of England, Denmark and Norway) during this period came close to matching Alfred the Great's achievements.

The Franks and Saxons of Germany fought for supremacy of Germany until Charlemagne brought the Saxons under his rule. Alfred's mother was great granddaughter of Charlemagne who defended and stabilised a great Christian Kingdom.  The Saxons descend through the "Sceaf" line (i.e. Japheth and not Shem) whether we acknowledge these old genealogies or not is irrelevant as they match across all other genealogies of the European Royal nobility. (the last link and its page 3 or 4 paragraphs down states the following for Saxon King Alfred. Scythian's /Scots which could take some getting used to) "that King Alfred himself boldly traced his own ancestry - via the Scythians, to Japheth"

In other words the Saxon tribes are a part of those Scythian (Scot) tribes as described in the Irish book of Invasions. Germans also wear Kilts from time to time and they were worn all over Britain and Wales also. Trousers in plaid or tartan were worn by the Scythian's also over 3000 years ago. Breton and Cornwall included, also Spain and France (Normans and Celt).  Germany has a tradition of Clans with links to Scottish clans. Kilts (and trew or trousers for horseback) were wrap around cloths which also covered the body and shoulders in wool for warmth, comfort and hygiene (everywhere) and although many were plain (plaid) the colors indicated rank and purpose and they have always developed from plain wool to patterned as required or as the clans wished. War apparel is different to agricultural. Although many warring factions exist in the Euro tribes they did in fact have a common origin and (various) versions of the wrap around and kilt were worn from Scotland to Greece and into the Middle east, Egypt and Israel. Only in the last 400 years have customs radically changed even in  Britain (out of 3000 years) Euro tribes all have a common ancestry, which this web page attempts to reveal and bring into the contemporary light 

This website (from chapter 1 down) also points out (above) that the tribes named Tuatha de Danaan in pre-history were just  one tribe of the Nemedians  (from Nemed ) who first landed in Ireland and went (after splitting into three tribes) eastward into Scandinavia and into northern Europe, but all having arrived originally from the middle east region. The Scythians (see below)  were also related to the Saxons.

Charlemagne (Alfred's great grandfather) was descended through Celtic tribes from Alexander and that lineage led back to the Trojan War. The long war of the Franks and Saxons (and also Carolingian  and Merovingian) continuing into Britain and 1066 (see book 1066 and all that)

Alfred who has emerged from history was the youngest of five brothers who did not expect to become King. His mother was a Christian and he had sought out learning and the arts. On becoming  King after the death of his brothers although he fought  alongside his brother Ethelred at Ashdown in 871 Only Wessex remained of the seven Heptarchy kingdoms and after Ethelred died he became King, but immediately lost his Kingdom in successive raids by the Danes and was forced to live in the marshes and swamps of Somerset . In effect he was forced to take shelter to the peasant chiefs /  kings of the area. From this position engaging in Guerrilla warfare he managed to eventually defeat the Danes and re-institute the hepatrachy albeit half was under the rule of the Danelaw. Even a few of these areas fell to Alfred when he captured London.

This alone makes an incredible history but the truly remarkable achievement is the way in which towns or burgs were re-organised.

"Alfred built up the defences of his kingdom to ensure that it was not threatened by the Danes again. He reorganised his army and built a series of well-defended settlements across southern England. He also established a navy for use against the Danish raiders who continued to harass the coast. As an administrator Alfred advocated justice and order and established a code of laws and a reformed coinage. He had a strong belief in the importance of education and learnt Latin in his late thirties. He then arranged, and himself took part in, the translation of books from Latin to Anglo-Saxon"

Welsh and Irish scribes even up to 880 ad made numerous copies of  texts and books which became possible after translating and which were circulated around all towns or Burgs.

National prosperity, towns, trade and coinage

As the last paragraph states Alfred also "reformed the coinage". To readers of general literature, economists and planners this is the most boring and the least popular subject they could imagine, yet it has profound consequences if ignored for any society.

The decline of the West is more than just economic and its population is declining also. Western national governments have noticed.

One method of stirring interest in a fiscal economy and the revival of a national defense of a nation has been tested successfully in Denmark. The government in Denmark has solved its economic problem and its population problem in one national government television add. The two items are linked economically and have been for thousands of years. Ignore negative views denouncing breast feeding and you will have strong healthy children. Abandon abortion as contraception and the population increases by mutual consent. Heterosexuals bear the burden of procreation and why not. Every nation and continent on earth can of course stop importing, and produce their own skilled and trained workers as a serious solution. Post modernist planning failure is causing countries like Denmark and Germany and many other countries around the world to change its system and rethink its future. The Danish government has serious long term planning aspirations behind its approach. It strengthens families and nations. Simple and effective and old fashioned but inspired. Educated and skilled workers (in the baby boom + 15 to 20 years and who make up 80% of the working population) can contribute to a manufacturing exporting economy if the country is geared in that direction. If not, how can it change direction with minimal disruption ? Old fashioned economics as a tried and tested method, which has practical common sense and moves nations away from decline and strengthens national resolve.

Many populations around the world are not having enough children. Denmark above is one and so to is Japan Angela Merkel  tried to get Germans to have more children as their birth rate is falling. usually the statistics are portrayed as families having 1.67 babies (how they manage that is a mystery) 

Forbes shows that Holland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom are also suffering falling birth rates ? 

The same is occurring in the USA (according to Forbes above and/or here and here also   ) and yet immigration levels are  increasing in all these countries. It is also occurring in Africa. The economics surrounding this is reputedly distant and unconnected and yet some suggest it is also occurring because of high land prices, (which negate larger houses and private land space) high debt and the affordability of children (although the latter would add little extra cost to a family except when they reach University ) it is possible to have larger houses and well priced land and more children in working and middle class society, if an economy and mindsets are changed. To remedy this would take nationalist views and a change of economic thinking from the economics of absurdity to new ideas of finance and planning, hence the issues are never addressed as society lurches from election to election. The current mindset is built into planning attitudes and into advertising ideas in the West from the left, especially with some in Society who almost have fits when or if babies, breastfeeding and happy marriages with a 3 or 4 children are suggested ? Prosperous well planned Western Society is in decline and supposed "left wing" social ideas have created those problems. Economics and planning should not be burdened by them in working or middle class families and society. Both the left and right are questioning the rationale behind the social changes and Unions are also questioning the reduction in rights and the new economics behind societal planning. The results are destructive and not beneficial.

Communist China of course built this birth control into their society planning by asking parents to have one child only forced by legal decree (not because of over population as China is huge with lots of empty land, but because boys and men were considered more valuable) this is the same attitude of Hillary Clinton and planned parenthood.

Post modernism and its planning theories has reduced the amount of purchasing power in a economy. Population studies are geared to short term solutions with high debt levels in which people are not settling or owning (land etc) long term, and business's are either a stage on the way to stock market flotation and selling up, or they are LTD companies who do not  re-invest into society for long term jobs and skills and manufacturing. Many LTD companies are not incorporated to do that and invest globally from their outset. Starting again and developing home grown companies and corporations means the economy (any economy) would have to change. 1100 Years ago this was the prospect facing King Alfred who also needed a stable growing population over generations. 

When he had lost his Kingdom and was reduced to "poaching" in the marshes of Somerset, a vital element in the fight  back was his belief that all men shall be equal according to biblical tenants and these laws became deemings  (the deemings) which meant the nobles had to agree or the "peasants" would not fight. Some nobles were flogged if they refused but all eventually agreed. After assembling peasant and noble (at Southliegh wood in Somerset now known as Robin Hood bower) he eventually defeated the Danes at Edington in Wiltshire, and he fought them to a standstill, their leader (of the Danes) Guthrum was then baptised a Christian.

His next task was to organise angle land. Planning has followed a set pattern for centuries but the money distribution area is largely overlooked. The towns were organised to allow goods to flow in and out of a town quickly by boat (in the new Navy he instigated) or by horse and cart or by river. They were garrisoned by the army who did not take tribute or spoils, and in effect but were paid by coinage. The towns were fortified and the countryside and farming (far surpassing anything Trotsky envisioned) was also re-organised to allow efficient farming methods to produce a surplus, which fed the country and town and which then could reimburse the peasants by coinage (instead of just working by demand as a surf) making the country prosperous also, without creating huge class imbalance between town and country. Beyond a surplus the excess was stored or exported if possible. Burgs still exist as "Burroughs" today which many prefer to regional municipalities. Towns were the trade and commerce centers. Burgs still exist in Germany and they have a Burgermeister (In Saxony and wider) who is like a mayor but who is central to the chamber of commerce, and the vital need for the "volk" or folk in organizing democratically in major decisions.  The deeming's were based on agricultural laws and monetary laws of the agrarian old testament.

The burgh or Burghal system allotted "hides"  These apportioned areas, provided enough land to support a family who would produce offspring.

All of this rested upon the reformed coinage Alfred remade. After the long wars with the Vikings the previous inefficient coinage became debased. They contained only between 5 and 15 % silver and in effect the silver at the height of the wars was rationed thinner and thinner until the coins were simply  tokens of the Kings promise to pay. Buying off the Danes depleted the silver and Gold stock hence the coins had less and less as time went on ( = debased)

Alfred's coins however were 90% pure in silver and you could be hanged if you debased or clipped the coinage (taking shavings from them). Alfred created new Mints in every town (almost)

However Alfred had another secret which helped his system to grow and solidify the towns and his system of laws known as deeming's. It is a science which is very relevant today. Aside from giving the coin value in themselves as "commodity money" ( as opposed to fiat currency) Alfred also regulated the flow or amount of currency in circulation, which he understood as did his monks and scribes also affected commerce and the price of goods.

(The Lost Science and art ) As the towns were high trading towns (in a nation of shopkeepers) the prices of those goods was (is) vitally important. The value of the coins or fiat coins and notes (no value in gold or silver) is only one side of the coin. Having the correct amount of money (coin and notes) in circulation stabilises prices, if there is too little money in circulation the demand falls and the prices fall below the goods value (deflation) effecting break even trade and/or profits. If money (coin and notes) are increased too much then prices will rise and inflation of prices occurs. To monitor this rapidity of circulation (across MO to M4 money supply see chapter 2 on the adjacent website) or just MO notes and coins in this case took skilled men to feel by intuition and to calculate (hence it is a specialised area) and woman who were employed in the treasury. This obviously replaced bartering exchange labour or goods for other goods. A fruit or vegetable has a value before it has a monetary value. Alfred had this skill. Prices were commonly agreed upon and remained the same for decades and later even centuries.

In other words even though there was a seigniorage cost to the money in circulation, it was not borrowed but distributed without interest, which avoided unnecessary  inflation but also at  the right levels in circulation. See again chapter 2 in the adjacent website and the 3 images (below the 4 pdfs by 20 paragraphs or more) or 1. here  2. here  and 3. here  ( & click to enlarge when open from 1963 to 2004) In 1963 money stock debt free was 21 % in King Alfred's day it was 100%. That was half the insight along with amounts in circulation. Nothing has changed in 1100 years.

Just as China is keeping its currency artificially low by buying US debt and boosting its competitive exports (consequently), Britain by lowering the pound will boost its own exports. Further by keeping local prices low (without cutting corners on harvesting)  you do not have to reduce the minimum wage as extra export profits boost your income (as in Germany) All of this is guided by (or could or should be) national currency controls and its rapidity of circulation as described above. Money can be manipulated sensibly in this manner at this level to increase competitiveness without reducing incomes. This system compensates against lowering wages and also end AUSTERITY. This is why many German economist's are to be congratulated on achieving these systems in practice beyond (just) a theoretical debate. Oil and Gas in the north sea is not running out, but new technology may have to improve extraction efficiency which is competing with shale. There are new methods in planning and they are already in use in other countries.

The left when tackling low wage levels naturally (the Unions, left with little option) want to increase the minimum wage, but without adjusting the money supply and therefore prices the wage increases act as inflationary boosts which raise prices again. Raising the minimum wage in a very expensive economy may only provide temporary relief. This circular argument leads to the import economy for cheaper goods and cheaper labour. Instead (and it is a system which protects the worker) price stability (low prices ) and increased production to export brings real value and prosperity. This is why socialist policies are a race to the bottom instead of raising living standards

After years of the post EU "Labour party" ?, manufacturing, skilled work, apprenticeships and real wealth has declined in Scotland, Wales and England.Even countries which are pegged to the pound (Not the Euro) as Scotland also proposed instead of removing the pound have prospered by currency stability measures. Scotland's new referendum could go the way of the first but the currency debate may continue if jobs and development do not bloom in Scotland. Keeping wages above prices (not just  by a "minimum wage" differential which could be meaningless in a expensive economy) become Real Wages for wealth. Germany's innovative economy (which has these considerations) should spread to the rest of Europe in a reform instead of the EU wide austerity measures. Higher wages also mean mortgages can be afforded or new builds on very short term loans (2 - 5 years)The Brexit fears have not transpired (21/07.2016) one month later, as of course the City of London is the largest financial region in the world having (just) overtaken New York recently (see above)

This is how the home economy prospers before exports  and trade deals.

After Brexit in June 2016, the pound has fallen. The markets initially fell due largely to many banks and institutions betting against Brexit and hence turmoil was created with their losses. After this they rallied with the dow index at an all time high as US markets and British markets rise by not following anti – Brexit (Obama and Clinton) advice. American jobless continues  to rise a trend continued over the past year, with real unemployment almost twice as high as figures suggest. EU unemployment in some countries is 50 % . However now that the pound has fallen the immediate effect is prices have increased causing everyone to complain. This is because in a fat lazy western economy, importing everything means paying for it with a lower pound. (Balance of trade import / export) An export economy (exporting immediately to the towns i.e. agriculture and manufactured goods ) and then the surplus abroad requires a lower pound, and to achieve this type of economy you would require a lower pound.

To achieve that level of export you would need to organise your towns accordingly and the money supply would ensure local prices were low whilst wages and income (retail and wholesale) were higher. This then increases prosperity away from austerity. New markets (which require non GMO organic food and high quality manufactured products) and trade deals would produce a far higher profit  (Britain is negotiating trade deals with Japan, USA, New Zealand etc) This economy actually describes some wealthy Burgs and regions in Germany. In them, they  do not carry credit cards, just small amounts of cash to pay for cheap high quality food grown locally and goods and agriculture on a day to day basis, whilst regulating their currency internally. In a region this system does not impinge on exports of high cost goods which they produce themselves to export globally such as cars etc (Remember in Britain many people are buying food on credit cards to get through the week, at interest  ?)

If you achieve this level of successful organisation then you are going to have to make the goods to export. Rather than importing skilled labour you can then train apprentices to make goods by manufacturing them internally. Therefore you don't need an immigration policy just a policy which gives people (nationals) skilled trades and a future. (Localism)

This debate on money also includes credit and modern credit which also acts like coins and notes to increase prices. Credit which balloons without productivity raises prices also. Credit (which substitutes for coins and notes) for development should therefore manage inflation correctly in the MO – M4 money supply. This is the basics of a prosperous economy which took skilled finance and treasury experts to manage now and in King Alfred's day. Alfred also realized (but granted people the right to have real silver coins) that his recognized authority gave the money (with or without silver or gold value within them) value in exchange when circulating internally (but not for export payments obviously) and hence "money" may have qualities which requires authority over it and not the other way around.  

Prices low locally bring true prosperity in a manufacturing exporting economy and they encourage higher consumption of goods, which like water finds its own level before nationally exporting levels can be known. Money also then finds its own level. Some economists use this internal economy approach to then limit development but this artificial state of living is not sustainable for a societies needs. Already since Brexit it is suggested that fishing levels cannot rise as this could create ecological problems, yet other countries have fished (local waters) without restraint when importing those fish into the country ? Population levels in any nation effect how much money is required in a country. Those levels in any nation are its own decision and are not a source of statistical panic to reach required GDP projections in the future. This (description on King Alfred's changes) is largely not a description of the British economy now, which like the EU is deteriorating in many areas into a Stalinist malaise (Stalin the world's biggest mass murderer with the exception of Chairman Mao )

The paragraphs above which quotes chapter 2 (4 or 5 above) was also part of a basic survey on bonds (for local authorities and private use) and inflation and money circulation, which have historical precedent. Money circulation helps define local prices keeping them low and valuable for a thriving community.

To get an insight from a different angle into this type of basic but important foundation economy principle see the adjacent website and chapter 2 and "banking reform 1" and its 4 associated pdfs (dating from 2004 / 2005) The first one is here (1 )  (2,3, & 4 are in chapter 2 in the adjacent also which are within the first 10 paragraphs) They are designed to then also ask other questions leading to a conclusion which supports a healthy financial base in a exporting economy. They lead eventually into these questions on prices real money and credit. (even the price of electronic internet money and bitcoin etc effects prices as this money circulates) Essentially they asked 777 banks, building societies and commercial banks and construction companies (and NHS, Jersey treasury spokespeople etc) what they thought was a good idea in the economy of money, credit and interest.

Western economies and its real problems can only be solved from the basics upwards (stagnancy will only delay the inevitable changes which are required)

The pdf in the paragraph above (and all 4 pdfs on the adjacent website and with all who participated) from this survey (2nd line) was made available to all named within them whether they had participated or not. Whilst the survey questions are basic, they drew out other considerations and explained why the different types of money supply exist and why  they are important  and what their function is in a economy. What can be achieved in an economy etc. If any economy wants to thrive their obvious conclusion is to have cheap goods at home with higher wages in an exporting  economy. Changing western economies to this model would require beginning at  this level of consideration. These two websites cite many economists who have parallel ideas.

It is also important  as badly managed sovereign, federal and national debts are threatening the security of the west and therefore the Middle east. Obama and Clinton have doubled the national debts with no real plan in the future for them or their reduction (after threatening to cancel them in 2008) since 2008 and 2012. The deficit reduction (with increased national debt  slowing it monthly since 2008) plan has stalled and is now getting wider, thanks in part to the Iran oil deal. The instability increases the risk of collapse and damages exports. The last link shows reduction methods domestically within the USA but they are robbing Peter to pay Paul. National price and wage management (with low prices) with export plans will reduce the deficits over time if adhered to (and create jobs for the lower and middle class)

This essential element of an economy at its foundation is regarded as "nonsense" (or worse) by economists who admit to not understanding it how this aspect of the economy works ? and people who point out its necessity are derided or worse (by even the unemployed, and cash strapped public who do not understand the national or global financial system) but the following documentaries in the next paragraph (produced in 2011 / 2012) presents the matter in video professionally. Whilst the above four pdf's (out of which the 3 diagrams on the British  money are taken 11 paras or so above in blue) above were organised by questionnaire in 2005 to the same end, they point out its essential requirement (from the beginning of a daily trade at wholesale and retail, prices and wages are linked to the production of goods and agriculture. This money is (or should be) controlled by the public or its elected if it wishes. King Alfred simply  did it himself in his day for others. Pointing out historical figures who have pursued these question is also a marker for their validity. It provides security as international trade continues ) A solid base also supports a housing market and does not hinder it.

The chapter (2 on the adjacent  website) begins with this item. 'UK parliament to debate money creation  and also film and Video Documentary  called "97% Owned - Positive Money Cut" available on youtube follows its theme very closely. It is also an excellent documentary which relates how democracy & economic democracy is subverted, but also how full employment on high wages can produce stability. However King Alfred was the government and simply passed the system on through government and the nobles and workers, it is not a conspiracy (the money supply) as such it is simply forgotten and laid aside, and if King Alfred's money system for low prices is adhered to, bank money creation above this is fine (bank debt, mezzanine finance, venture, hybrid loans, bonds etc) if prices stay low for export with a lower pound.

From Greece and Aristophanes to Elizabeth the 1st and Thomas Gresham until today.

(30.07.2016 in Gold text paragraphs) It is incredible that society (nearly all on earth) forces itself into deeper trouble as it performs its daily buying and selling domestically. The more the daily commerce continues without adjusting the money supply the deeper the problems become. Of all the pdfs and graphics connected to this post above (from the paragraph which begins  "The Lost Science and art" downwards &  since the blue paragraphs began about 20 paragraphs up)  this one highlights the problem in one image (It Is also in the main document  here on page 20 and see pages 18 – 20) You note the divergence between the Money Stock ( MO – M4) and Total domestic debt (M4 lending) and then towards the bottom of the graph "Coins & Notes MO"  They correlate. Increasing this last branch or part of the money stock (pages 18 & 19) to even 1979 levels reduces inflation and therefore prices stabilise. Exports are then more competitive, wages increase but prices are affordable. The EU has lost this control over its fiscal policy (and many EU countries due to debt are expensive now as a result of problems in their economy which only increased inflation into bust can correct) but even in Britain which has retained control over fiscal policy (the pound) it lost this other control over as described in this paragraph and above.

The five types of Money supply ( MO TO M4 lending or here MO - M4 ) can carry different interest rates. In a export  led economy banks still make large profits as they do with different loans risk types.The MO is different however and can benefit the economy across the board if thought through correctly as a base to build an economy upon. The bank of England now has 0.25 interest rates at the base rate ( it is more important to create jobs and exports than to pander to savers only. Increased prosperity makes saving money easier and even low interest still matches inflation ) Low prices (food, clothes and goods) mean you can buy those goods without overly reducing savings.  MO could be zero interest  (and often is over centuries) and note it circulates and returns to source. In King Alfred's day it would not carry interest, but other loans abroad or for specific tasks could carry interest charges separately (even though the money originates from the same source) In America the federal reserve system did not exist when the founding fathers were alive (and who wrote or ensured the US constitution) yet a bank for the banks (a central bank of last resort) would have developed at some point anyway even by the founding fathers. The USA was built on low taxes and this is the system especially the Tea Party advocates fiscal conservatives want to return too. (Society will always  have ground swell people with or without help. Ask the jobless in the Rustbelt in the USA today ) In the post above dated 15.06.2016 and down 5 green sub - headings  to the sub heading "Jersey and Channel Islands" you will see an example of how one school was procured and constructed and the cost paid down by manageable agreed taxation in 2 or 3 years. (It is possible in a balanced system not to pay it down if accounted as an asset everyone owns balancing the books. Just as some Christian communities built barns for each other the cost was spread and written off in return for future labour on their barns. A simple explanation but effective)This would require a funding model from the above MO to M4 but decided upon in advance. MO would be needed for this model) 

The same problem exists in Quantitative Easing and the following diagrams from the BBC explaining Q E  points out inflation occurs despite low interest rates. The MO supply is not given a separate status to boost local prices and exports. (which is also why the quantitative easing and austerity debacle has not worked to full effect or created prosperity)

01.September. 2016 Straight after Brexit as mentioned above the pound fell in value boosting exports, but on the 1st September 2016, the Pound began to rise (or Jump as the article states) again in the export surge. Manufacturing surged rising the pounds value, and as mentioned this reduced pound (in value) meant imports were more expensive, including for firms who import parts and also manufactured goods. These products could have of course also be made within Britain and not be imported. Top avoid low wages you adjust the "MO" increased exports then pay good wages. They used to be made inside Britain once and this is how you get full employment and less imports in a export manufacturing economy. As this increases and it is difficult for any economy to go through but one which provides long lasting prosperity and employment. This is when a start up new business attitude matters and young people should be funded to start apprenticeships towards skilled labour not just service industries.It is one of the absurdities of a modern economy that people sit idle whilst importing everything. China is currently keeping its currency below the Dollar, pound and Euro whilst exporting everything and making its goods itself. That is the crux in any economy including in the USA. Keeping a currency lower for exports relies upon a "MO" money circulation to be higher than 4% and free in this area only up to at least 20 %in order to tip the scales to make an exporting economy work. China for instance allows Gold to be exchanged fro its currency and vice versa, but even without this a non inflationary circulation "MO" bouys the economy at ground level. China and Russia as mentioned are hoarding Gold for its own purposes hoping for an economic global collapse) 

Europe is going to have to change to this type of competitive economy and this is why it was mentioned as a factor of the EU break up (unless it is changed) European banks owe (so far in the stress tests) or need a $166 Billion bailout and Germany may nationalise some of its banks as occurred in the 2008 banking crisis. (although its economy is strongest) These problems come post Obama's threat on Brexit (April 2016 before Brexit) and again in the G20 in September 2016. Donald Trump has promised a front of the queue stance  and make a new trade deal with Britain, as Obama leaves office in 2 months time in November 2016. Obama threatened the UK and punish the UK for Brexit. Hillary Clinton supported Remain and was against Brexit. In other words do not have recognized borders and keep to the previous almost Stalinist EU doctrine which has led to the Wests decline and which  any change of direction from is counter threatened by eastern countries who want a weak West. Countries can build their own SME's, companies and  corporations from the ground up in any area. Export out or import and decline with large debt and heavy taxation.

The problem of taxation or rather building our needs in group funding finance is possible whilst keeping low taxation. Spending is therefore possible but it needs to be paid down at some point or the deficit actually eliminated and not just promised in future balance of payments spending.  Europe has higher taxation but it  is clean, efficient, well run and it introduces energy ideas (for home profit) into the grid to boost profits for domestic homeowners as a second income. Other ideas such as multi funded entities (which include charitable streams combined) companies are also possible and are discussed in the adjacent website. Whatever you decide (and Britain has decided to tax itself and not be  taxed by the EU in the same way as the Tea party has decided. Post Brexit Britain still has rising house prices, jobs and exports). The adjacent website cites DR Mathias Kroll, Irving Fisher Phd and  Nobel prise winner who made similar schemes work in reality. Whilst here we cite King Alfred and Sir Thomas Gresham. and others. Potentially they could all be in a Tea party and satisfied and conservative in the special relationship which is not effected by fiscal prudency. A combination of many  models would work but the central question is fiscal liberty. The federal reserve bank or any bank could work in this way also. Many stock market analysts and economic micro / macro professionals are saying that tipping point is approaching as a new crisis under the surface of the last 5 and 10 years, and something (else) needs to be done.

This "coin and notes MO" is produced without interest (pages 18 – 20) but still (like King Alfred) has seigniorage charges to the treasury or Crown. How the Queen or any nation spends that money (and their is a significant cost burden to the money distribution system) is subject to Gresham's law (bad money  drives out  good) which is reversed by "Theirs law"  (almost) This problem is also discussed by Aristophanes' in  the 5th century bc  Greece, but also by Queen Elizabeth 1st who had to correct her father's (Henry 8th & also Edward VI) oversight in this issue which Gresham later gave assistance upon to Elizabeth 1st   In good times it is the first item to be overlooked but with disastrous consequences.  80 % of any population work for wages or buy and sell as self-employed they do not trade on the stock market for instance, although they may be shareholders in a company. This is why however King Alfred was called the Great because he also achieved prosperity in this art as well succeeding in faith and warfare. Its correction creates solid conditions for a thriving export economy, (reducing imports and can add young local apprenticeships as real skills and trades as mentioned above) and of course it cannot be dented in the case of a downturn (and therefore protects jobs and wages and the workers) as it keeps its place in the money stock to revive an economy again.

At the other end of the market Jason Buruck predicts a European Bank collapse   the reason for this, is the hidden debt bubbles which Obama and Clinton have built up via international economic policies. Also the massive losses banks (100s of Billions) and hedge funds made betting on the Remain vote (in Brexit) has destabilised many funds and loans (see Jason's view in link above). Dun and Bradstreet give advice on Brexit  (but it does not mention the imports costs are also part of the negotiations on leaving, or the Billions, Britain pays into the EU which will be saved) over the coming months, the "Article 50" period and the two year period of withdrawal from the EU. Dun and Bradstreet corresponds to a few reports which show a negative impact, but in the context of the last 5 years these negatives were building silently but significantly (again see Jason above) All of the reports including Dun and Bradstreet show exports are soaring. If Jason is correct then Britain has escaped a problem, which is another reason the EU needs reform not collapse (whether it chooses a new EU superarmy or continues with Nato which would form its core anyway. Since each country would contribute to its budget then this new funding model also requires financial security reform).

All of this continues as Islamic state are causing civil war in France and Germany where they can behead a catholic Priest during morning  mass in France 

Turkey and the attempted coup within it would have been the best thing to happen to Turkey since it was a part of Greece. Turkey has been playing  Suad and Iran against each other (and who are in effect at war) but also allowing Turkey to become a conduit to allow the invasion of Europe to proceed (where 4 out of 5 'migrants' are not Syrian according to Eurostat) It is actually a threat to Greek and European security and Nato (and the EU super army) and it has in effect  declared war against the west.(illegal immigration used as a smokescreen against criticism) Ben Carson also points out a safe zone is required within the middle east.

2.8.2016   Jasons prediction on the European banking collapse seems accurate as the European bank stress tests   have revealed major problems in all the banks. It is hard to say if they will improve or remain the same over the short and medium term. The blame for the economic turmoil is firmly with Clinton and Obama, who are also to blame for the Islamic state Europe invasion as they are for the Christian genocide in the Middle East. The democrats and Clinton are now apologising to Bernie Sanders for illegally rigging the primary elections against him ? and (sanders supporters) have booed the democrats out of their own convention (the emails revealing all of this also reveal anti Latino "outreaches" to Latinos (as "taco bell" outreaches) from the democrats and that Hillary Clinton, who also wanted to build a wall between USA and  Mexico  in 2008 ? (without mentioning the drug smuggling reasons behind the topic which the USA and Mexico share see posts above) The democrats incited riots and demonstrations against Republican meetings based on their views of these matters all over America, yet they held those views and provoked the riots. 

Boris Johnsons (the foreign office secretary of state ) analogy on Hillary Clinton and the democrats is coming true as the election draws on.

The long Democrat Con is undermining the USA, culturally, economically, the military and middle and working class jobs and the constitution, it's incredible and America is watching hardly able to believe it. Wanting to protect jobs and create jobs at home is not a 'narrow economic outlook'

Most economists in the distraction of farcical politics (which Ben Carson described as disgusting as a non-politician shocked by the process of election hypocrisy in which Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than any other president whilst Clinton and Obama rant the traditional democrat line against Republicans. In Germany migrants store weapons in Mosques and kill Germans in several recent attacks, and in Greece mosques are forced upon the country in its financial and political malaise. Ben Carson would seal the borders like other countries do and allow legal immigration ) 

The news concentrates on the stockmarkets and global trade issues. The money supply issue is obscure and is made out to be irrelevant, yet major figures in history realized that over 5, 10 or 20 years without scrutinizing this part of an economy that it would lead to economic instability and then ruin. Ironically if corrected it strengthens everyday national economies and also the local banks who benefit from the increased activity from exports and also small business who can increase wages whilst margins increase also for greater profits. As an alternative to low wage or in third world countries the "sweat shop" economy, then its importance, albeit less exciting than other economic initiatives becomes clearer. 

Read from 07.06.2016 & 15.06.2016 (above) and this post dated 14.07.2016 down and especially the last 2 red sub - heading above, if you do not have this type of planning  and economy then the NAFTA, TTIP deals etc will work against you, this is why they are flawed. The West needs to re-organise from the ground up to export without unstable economics locally and nationally. The aim of the new trade deals is to strengthen the West by reducing tariffs across the EU and USA, and into the pacific, but it is based on a model of economics (in western national countries)  which will suit Russia and China, and not protect against them.

It needs to be stressed that this internal economy does not stifle or take away from external trade but it does need to be monitored. It does not interfere with the stock market and actually bolsters mortgages and bonds giving them a stronger base from Wall Street, the City to Germany etc. Creating a boom without a bust. This is the real regulation required (to let goods and manufacturing flourish) but it is not considered. Western economies instead go around in circles without grabbing the bull by the horns towards economic truth.

If your local councillors and MP's and chambers of commerce do not practice or realise these finance and economic policies ? then what use are they ?

It is interesting that Alfred's daughter (the Lady of the Mercian's) who was also a Christian stabilised the towns northwards into Tamworth (where she was buried) Chester and York (and others) with her brother Edward. When she died Edward struggled as he did not have the same mind as his sister. After Edward, Alfred's grandson Athelstan became King and he followed Alfred's way and once again restored the country. An extraordinary man, but who believed his faith was the real key and mystery.

Magna Carta. 200 years after Alfred his laws (the 'deemings') paved the way for the Magna Carta (1215 ad)  King John allowed the proclamation of the Magna Carta and the nobles (in this case) made sure it was proclaimed and spread throughout England. However once it was established he reversed his decision and began to retract his consent and began to persecute, imprison and kill the nobles (the first Barons war ) and anyone else who stood in his way. This is the difference in Spirit between King Alfred and King John. A stand against King John at Rochester Castle led to his downfall. (The Templar's were present at Rochester and splits in the Templar's and other orders arose before and after this period) The upheaval in England gave rise to the story of "Robin Hood" (not his actual name) who is first named circa 1390 from earlier sources. This first mention of Robin Hood is related in"Piers Ploughman"  by William Langland ( a poem of analogies and conscience) related here in original Saxon which surprises people when they hear it as it is not full Saxon as spoke in Germany but is a mixture of Scandinavian and Saxon (and French was also spoken in England at this time along with Welsh Gaelic) King Alfred stands out as he united everyone at all levels, whereas later monarchs and nobles lost the will of the people who rebelled. 

The Norman invasions overturned Alfred's deemings and later the Magna Carta restored them. War was expensive and Robin Hood lived at the time of the Crusades and fought in the Crusades before returning home to find martial law and injustice in the land which was against King Alfred's deemings and the Magna Carta. "Robin Hood" wanted Alfred's deemings to return as did the rebels in the land and apply also to the "peasants" again. The Magna Carta was a Royal charter which was also (mostly) admired by the Levellers in the English civil war   period.(1642) the following video briefly explains the different factions in the English Civil War  . The Levellers spirit (shown in this documentary, and which is not'socialism' as we understand today, and that was not what the Levellers fought for, see next chapter ) was also a part of the rockband of the same name. (or here) There is not much left wing debate on the national money supply and competitive exports which result from its sound management.

Common law (Deemings and Magna Carta  Runnymeade and Rochester) was to include all class levels (the Levellers tried to exclude some surfs as they suspected these bonded surfs would vote only as their masters wished. Socialism stifles all class levels and does not allow natural development. see chapter 4 and 5 in the adjacent website ) Many in the lowest class in soviet Russia for example post revolution (1917 - 1919) preferred to work for the non communist party as opposed to starving in the fields or  in a gulag and they voted Lenin out in the first real soviet election.  Prior and post the English revolution many freed slaves in the middle ages were freed from Islamic and Arab slave masters (1450 - 1650) who traded and enslaved millions of Europeans (and African slaves) If they won their freedom they were determined to vote as they saw fit back in England (if they made it back) or in the Colonies in the America's. The Magna Carta and King Alfred's Deemings were based upon Moses and New Testament law as common law and assumed people in all class levels should be just. Parliament could also become corrupted and ineffective and unjust.

Keeping people fighting internally in a nation keeps them distracted and focused on race. Hillary Clinton is a supporter of Margaret Sanger who (like Clinton) wants to exterminate  blacks (and anyone and everyone proving that no lives matter) To achieve that she would need to be in power for twenty years, but elections keep getting in the way. Dinesh D'Souza's new film Hillary's America shows the truth against Africans and Mexicans  ( or here) and as a racist generally. Beating Bernie Sanders in the primaries, Mussolini (ll Duce) would have been shamed. 

Tribal differences are one thing, Margaret Sanger type Genocide is another.

In the USA the democrats have whipped up riots and hatred ( for details see the paragraph which begins "2.8.2016   Jasons prediction" 10 paragraphs up) with the aim of disarming the people under Hillary Clinton and installing  martial law. (if it is allowed to fester and escalate) In Islamic countries this dictatorship takeover ploy from the inside is a feature of the Muslim Brotherhoods plan of operations, who are employed within the US government under Clinton and Obama (which includes control of the media which downplays Russia's bombing of hospitals in Syria in March 2016 and by Assad in August 2016 and by Turkey in August 2016 and China's supply of weapons to Assad and Russia)

The west under threat ) The farcical nature of western politics disguises the true problems (aside from debt and China's profiting of USA debt  and control of the war) European banks need $165 Billion as a bailout straight away, and this is just the beginning of the problem which is hidden in the west and globally. Britain in the Brexit has escaped this bank problem in the EU and this is further discussed by Nigel Farage and Donald Trump 24.08.2016 in relation to the US elections and who are acting in the Wests interests in face of the Eu's economic system which needs to change for all in the EU 

China and Russia according to Forbes 12.08.2016 (and the rest of the information seems to support that view, see also chapter 5 on the adjacent website on North Korea) are allies with North Korea in the new war amidst security concerns for South Korea. North Korea could go 'rouge' and China and Russia would or could have no knowledge of it officially. Iran is pre-paring for war. 29.08.2016 This is a disaster for the west and it has happened on the democrats watch. Islam is at war with the West, and defense against that war would take a larger force against them (i.e. Nato + others which is the reason Nato is being discussed ) 

A part of that war has been to undermine the USA over the last 10 years and under Clinton and Obama.

Islamic law is unjust and has no substance or universal weight, and the new administration in the USA since 2008 would supplant and undo Magna Carta and the USA constitution and British Parliament with it (by Sharia law and wider) by non democratic means which is an impeachment issue in the USA and a form of domestic terrorism. Slavery, torture, imprisonment and murder by Islamic countries ( towards non - Muslims and Muslims and towards Woman) which has been a feature of the suppressed Christian genocide, has shown which civilization has justice and which has none. (see David Starkey's documentary on Magna Carta below)

1. Magna Carta  2 Magna Carta 3. Magna Carta with a right to justice and a fair trial and taxation sense and the rule of law) paved the way for England's modern Parliament and was endowed with 'Liberties' for the people and shone on through the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and was very influential on the American revolution( circa  1765 to 1783) and Americas current constitution which is under attack over the last ten years.( longer documentary next )  

David Starkey's documentary on Magna Carta which outlines the development of one of the most influential documents in history.

Whether you have a King or a Parliament or Republic, (but not an Islamic state or a Communist state or a totalitarian regime) the quality and efficiency of the rule is only as good as the people making decisions, those who make just decisions are servants of the people, that is their role. Without this a nation goes into decay or rebellion or both. These problems exist in every nation, and since the earliest days of Sumeria, Egypt and Israel.



(08.10.2016) The War on Terror and the USA Presidential Elections 2016

Cultural Marxism  video entitled "what is critical theory" & version which is 7 minutes 36 seconds long, (or here by Breibart ) These videos can lead to broken links as they move or are removed on you tube and  which are named in the dialogue below. The theory has many aims but ultimately seeks to eradicate spirituality.

A list of political parties & candidates and states in the election 

A dramatic development in the War on Terror came when the US congress voted to overturn President Obama's veto on the relatives of the 9/11 victims pursuing a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia for its alleged involvement in 9/11. A previous lawsuit earlier in 2016 named Iran for its involvement in 9/11 and $10 Billion dollars was awarded to the families from Iran. It is hinted that the ISI Pakistan's intelligence guided payments to the United Arab Emirate hijackers (2 people) and hijackers from Lebanon and Egypt as well as the Saudi hijackers (19) Obama and Clinton so far have awarded Iran nearly $170 Billion dollars as part the Iran deal.  ($150 + Sweetner deals)

The law suits co-inside with the revelation that top secret hacking tools were stolen from the NSA in August 2016 leading to internal investigations to uncover the Russian moles and operatives who have infiltrated the NSA and high US government. The Pakistan bomber and a Clinton approved Somalia refugee are now charged with the Maryland attacks and the New York / New Jersey bombings and atrocities in September 2016.

On 9/11 and the families of 9/11, Obama had hinted before this ruling  on Iran's involvement in 9/11 (and after the ruling, see last link) that the secret pages of the 9/11 report suggested the Saudi's were to blame for 9/11. Michael Moore the filmmaker also said that the Saudi 's were to blame. However after the families received the Iran award, Obama suggested that the Saudi's or anyone should not be open to any more lawsuits. This is his current position (i.e. bowed over) the recent ruling by congress vetoed this position.

The historical Islamic family disagreement and the rivalry between the Wahhabbi (revolutionary death cult) Saud Royal family (Sunni) and Iran (Shia) which is geo –political but also stems back to religious disagreements surrounding aspects of the Kaaba Stone, in its design and also the prominence of the relatives of Mohammed who is the originator of Wahhabbi fervour. Many of these relatives are buried around the Kaaba stone. The Kaaba stone is full of sacred geometry, based on a system of nines, it is pagan (not Monotheistic) in origin and essentially encompasses the belief in the Sun (female) Moon (Male) and Venus (child) plus a host of other Hindi inspired lesser deities but which Hinduism does not recognise today. Even though Mohammed removed these lesser deities the origin and purpose of the some of the lesser deities and the planets (as mentioned above) is still encoded in the Kaaba and only a few, even within the Sufi are aware of this. All Islam from top to bottom believe in the Kaaba stone and its power. It is not therefore an Abrahamic religion and falls outside the Covenant of Abraham as sons of Abraham.

Whilst this rivalry between Saud and Iran is real they are in effect both allies against the 'infidels' which would include everybody else and especially the West.  The West in comparison entangled in Liberalism in preference is unsure what it believes although 2 generations ago this was not the case. Two world wars and western in - fighting having expunged many beliefs which ironically are also contrasted with modern 'scientific' liberalism and humanism which now are also seen as unreliable, unscientific and pseudo religions filled with error and dogma themselves. This includes cultural Marxism.  (Democracy does not mean older views are excluded) The west does not like to believe that a radical force is attempting to dominate it and erase it from history but that is exactly what is occurring whether you like it or believe it or not.

15 years after 9/11 and 9 years after 7/7 and all the events listed above are still not enough to convince people. It must be remembe